My Experience with the All on Four Procedure W/ Dr. Golpa, Las Vegas, Nevada

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I will not bore y'all with a long story as to why...

I will not bore y'all with a long story as to why I needed implants because my story is the same as everyone else writing reviews for this procedure on this site. The short version is... bad teeth, paralyzed with humiliation every time I spoke to someone, and mastering how to smile and laugh without showing my teeth at all costs and the gradual onset of social anxiety that has plagued me for years because of my teeth. I have always been an outgoing and social person but as the years passed, I watched myself withdrawing from so many aspects of my life. It was disheartening and depressing. I finally got sick (and angry) of my teeth controlling me like a puppet master so I finally decided to put on my big girl pants, get past my irrational fear of dentists, embarrassment, and dental chair anxiety and do something about it. My main reason for writing this review is for those of you still in the research phase of your dental journey. Once I heard about it, I knew without a doubt that the All on Four procedure was exactly what I was looking for to rid me of my dental woes. Not too long ago I was also in the researching phase, looking long and hard to find a worthy and capable dentist who was up to the task without breaking the bank (Okay, It's the all on four procedure...and at the VERY LEAST would cost as much as a new car so I knew going in that my bank was gonna be seriously BROKE, lol) Like most of you, I came across Dr. Mike Golpa's website (it was bound to happen). I was mesmerized by all the before and afters and spent countless hours oohing and aahing over these beautiful teeth. Then I found all the YouTube video testimonials. The first one I watched was Jarrett's and I was blown away by his honesty and sincerity (his teeth weren't too shabby either, lol) <---joking, his teeth were stunning. Like 95% of folks researching Dr. Golpa's site I said, "There's no friggin' way it's this easy. This is way too good to be true". Needless to say, after reading thoroughly about Dr' Golpa's procedural protocols and 437 testimonial videos later I was sold. I called, made my appt. for 8/24/16, paid my required deposit...then waited, freaked out a little, bit my nails, freaked out a little more, then finally hit the road for Vegas (we drove from south Texas due to my irrational fear of flying. It took 25 hrs. I don't recommend it) So, my fear of dentists is about as bad as it gets. Anxiety levels go through the roof. I'm sure most of y'all can relate. Heres the thing...I had done so much research and reading about exactly how Dr. Golpa does this procedure, over and over again that by the time I got there and was sitting in the consult chair, I had forgotten to be afraid. I'm not kidding. Knowledge is power. I think I was more embarrassed because I knew the inside of my mouth was about to be investigated, poked, and prodded and they would see the terrible state my teeth were in. That fell by the wayside fairly quickly once I began talking to the staff (yes, Carlos and Amanda are as nice as everyone says) Dr. Golpa came in for my consult and said "Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Mike". He was personable, genuine in his interest of my concerns and after going over some details like the shade and size of the teeth, etc. I knew immediately I had found the right dentist. His knowledge of the all on four procedure and process is second to none and I never second guessed him. I think that initial consult is where many of his patients fear subsides because he's Just. That. Likable. Anyway, my extractions (17 teeth) were uneventful. I don't remember any of it. In fact, I don't remember how I got back to the hotel, lol. I did start to swell and bruise almost immediately. I never had any real pain. Just discomfort. The next day, I waited for Carlos to call and went back in for the installation of the bridges. Not my finest hour, lol. I was swollen...and starving. I was finally finished and left the office at 10:00 pm after some minor adjustments. Dr. Golpa stayed with me to check...and re-check my bite to make sure it was perfect. I was really impressed by his focus and dedication to each patient. His staff as well. Carlos was waiting at the front desk to hand me my waterpik, electric toothbrush, and flossers on my way out, and as always with a grin spread across his face. I go back for my 6 month follow up in February.
There. That is my Golpa experience. So...See? The reviews are true. For me, it was just as easy as the patient testimonials say, Dr. Golpa is an artist in his field and this was worth every penny.
(if you're wondering why there aren't any "before" pics it's because friggin' way! Noone needs to see that hot mess)
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