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I'm not going t go through my "bad treath"...

I'm not going t go through my "bad treath" history, as I am pretty sure it's similar to most who seek this form of treatment. Needless to say, it was the only option left outside of wearing full dentures. I've been wearing partial upper dentures since 2004, and gum recession in both my upper and lower teeth have progressively gotten worse in the past few years. I HATE my smile, and always had to cover my mouth when laughing because my 2 canine teeth beside the partials almost show the whole root. UGLY! My bottom teeth looked ok, but are so crooked. And while they look "ok to me, the guns has recessed so much that they all look too love with half of the roots exposed. My whole intention is to just have the upper arch done as I was still skeptical about the success, do t thought process is to get half done and if it is really as good as everyone claims it to be, then I'll go for the lowers later. I'm paying cash, so 19.5 K as also what I was only prepared to spend.
So forward on to today....
My husband drove us to Las Vegas last night as we only live 3 hours away. We checked I to Treasure Island hotel, which was provided by Dr. Golpa's package. That wa convenient. the driver who was going to pick me up, James, ran 20 minutes late, so we just drove to the clinic since we had transportation. I personally met the staff who I 'be met on the phone. I was attended to by Carlos, really nice guy. He did my CT scams and answered some of my questions and pretty much reassured me about certain things. Cat did my x-rays and spent a long time explaining the whole procedure. I was then taken to the lab for more 3D scans and to see the place where they manufacture the teeth and bridges, etc. By this time, each one of them are trying to convince me, in a very POSITIVE way (not at all forcing. Me) to consider getting my whole mouth done by giving me all the pros and cons. By the time I finally met Dr. Golpa, my husband and I had no doubt that both arches ned to be done to achieve the best results, versus just doing the uppers. The primary reason I was hesitant was becaus wi had only prepared to pay cash for one arch only. Carlos resolved that by offering in-house financing that was very doable for me. And so we divided to go forward with the full mouth.
I was at the clinic for 6 hours. I had 15 extractions total. I met with the anesthesiologist, the Maxillofacial surgeon and the nurse/dental tech that assisted in the whole procedure (I will mention names later as I am still kind of foggy right now). One thing I must not forget to mention before anything else is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this clinic is so very nice, accommodating, non-judge mental and NOT in a rush. They take time to explain and reassure you.
So moving on to surgery...... I didn't feel a thing other than a poke from the IV line to deliver my anesthesia. I woke up 3 hours or so later and I was done. Hardly any pain, just numb and swollen. they gave me thorough instructions for aftercare and gave me a goody bag with ice and protein shakes.
I went back to hotel, a total of 6 hours later and just went to sleep :)
I just woke up, still with very minimal pain (1-2/10 pain level) . I am soooo hungry so I sent my hubby to get me some soup. Right now, my face is swollen so I'm icing. More to come later.

Day 2- Got my new smile... And I can't be any happier!

First of all, sorry for the typos at yesterday's post. I was posting on my phone and I was, well, quite groggy after the procedure.
Fast forward to this morning. I had a pretty restful night, but woke up with some throbbing at about 5 AM. I ate some ice chips, took some meds and I was fine. I literally had no pain, just some pressure from swelling and a very slight headache. I don't like taking meds, so I'm thinking my headaches could be from Vicodin. Anyway, on areas where I had no teeth, I felt sutures. in fact, I had sutures all throughout, making me think that they exposed my entire jawbone during surgery. That's what I think is causing all the swelling and pressure. Anyway, still no real pain. they called me to come into the office at 2 PM. Once there, everyone greeted me like it was Christmas! You just simply feel at home as they all call you by your first name! Everyone seems to be genuinely concerned about how I did overnight. I was taken in by Sophia, who assisted in surgery and proceeded to place the bridge on my abutments. No discomfort at all! I was so freaked out about pain when they screw in the bridge but all I felt was very sligjt pressure. NO part of the bridge rubbed or pushed in my gums at all. It fit like a glove! Dr. Torkaman (surgeon) did some adjustments prior to Dr. Golpa coming in. When Dr G walked in, he still made minor adjustments....., these guys are all PERFECTIONISTS!!! They took their time to make sure everything looks the way it should..., needless to say, I am happy, simply very happy to get a PERFECT smile! I LOVE MY NEW TEETH ... And so glad I did both upper and lower... There was just no doubt it was the better option. I love everyone in the office- Carlos, who made financing my lowers possible (since I did not come prepared for that), Amanda, Cat and Kathy..., and all the docs /DDS that worked on me! SO WORTH IT!!!! I will keep you all posted on my journey later. for now, I'm obe happy camper with a beautiful smile!!!

Day 3-Post Op

More swelling today when I woke up. I could barely open my eyes. BUT still not much pain, really. I iced my face and took a cold shower and swelling went down quite a bit. I'm hoping to return to work tomorrow, depending on how big my face looks like :)
I was informed that the worst swelling happens at about 72 hours, so I was expecting it. I'll post more updates as needed. For now, all I can think of is why I had not this procedure sooner!!!!
What I would like to hear for here are people who have had it for a year or so and how has it been.... Any complications, etc?

Day 4- Post op

Not much to report, other than I still have quite a bit of swelling. I also now see some bruising around my mouth. No real pain, just the feeling of a "full mouth". hahaha, I guess because I have more teeth now! I can pretty much eat anything I want, but I'm still too careful not to disturb any of the stitches. I've started using the waterpik to clean, but I'm also scared to put too much pressure on the stitches. Considering I had 18 extractions and stitches, I'm actually pretty amazed of the lack of severe pain. I have stopped using Vicodin by Day 3 and now just using Ibuprofen as needed. I'll continue to post my progress as needed to help anyone considering this treatment. Overall, I'm glad I got it done!

Day 9 Post

I still have some swelling, but much improved. My upper teeth feel like normal, like nothing happened. My lower jaw is still quite numb and still a little swollen. It's because I only had 5 extractions at the top and 13 at the bottom. So the lower jaw took more "trauma" from the procedure, Wuite frankly though, I never really had pain, just swelling. For the number of extractions, I was anticipating being in a LOT of pain... But thankfully was never really in pain. I have stopped taking pain meds by post op day 4 as I didn't need it. the stitches all started coming off 2 days ago, and I beliebe they're almost all gone. I can now brush my teeth comfortably and have learned to use the waterpik effectively. I still haven't started using the bridge floss for fear of tugging on the incisions. Doing very well, and recovering very nicely. above all, my smile is soooo awesome!

One month post op

Finally, no more swelling. I had some swelling all the way up until the 4th week, just mild, but annoying. Also, the numbness on my chin and bottom jaw is now almost gone. I can now say that it feels as normal as it could get. I love my smile, but I'm just posting more updates for those who arew seriously contemplating on doing this procedure but sitting on the fence for various reasons. So far, this is my experience the last month:
-swelling (really bad the first week, less by day 10 but still noticeable. Swelling slowly subsided over the following 2 weeks or so.
- no real pain at anytime- which is surprising, considering 18 extractions and 8 implants (I'm still puzzled by the lack of pain, which is good, I guess :)
- someone posted on here somewhere that it will take time to get used to a "fuller/different bite" and that you'll be accidentally biting your tongue, inner cheek and lip...and that's so true! I have sopres in my mouth now from accidentally biting my lip and inner cheek while eating.....but im starting to get used to it, now that the numbness is gone
-It took 4 weeks for the numbness in my bottom jaw/chin to go away. I still have it very slightly on the chin.
-The ONLY one thing I hate is food getting stuck between my gum and the I constantly floss and gargle every time i eat...something I need to get used to.
- My speech got affected by the feel of extra "surface" in my mouth, specifically at the bottom. My tongue is still getting used to learning how not to lisp...getting better though.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results! It's all worth it!

Will post updates as needed. So far, I have not had any adverse experience, all positive.

Took his time to answer my questions and re-assured me that my decision to move forward with this procedure will be worth it. He sat staring at me and my husband waiting to answer any more questions and concerns.... he has in NO RUSH at all and made sure he addressed everything I had questions or doubts about. Very personable... And real. I didn't feel like a "number" with $$ signs on my forehead. From the moment I walked in through the door of this beautiful clinic, I felt at ease. More info to come later.

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