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No matter how much I weigh, I have always been...

No matter how much I weigh, I have always been plagued with thunder thighs! Unfortunately both of my daughters also inherited this lovely gene! With the youngest being 5'2 and all of 98 pounds....yet her thighs still rub together causing rashes in the summer. I can fully empathize! I am a Registered Nurse so before I went for my procedure of course I researched the heck out of it! Mostly good reviews were given with about a 75-80% success rate that I found.
1 week ago today I arrived at 0730 for my coolsculpting experience. It was a little more awkward and painful than I expected and I have a high tolerance for pain. I had a total of four areas treated. Inner thighs and back of thighs. $1950.00 total time 5 hours. First inner thigh I had no clue what to expect other than what I read and heard from others. The suction was not bad at all and boy believe me when I say this thing sucks! You will understand what I am saying when the machine is first taken off and you are left with this disgusting red flab between your legs prior to them massaging it back into place! Ew! While the machine is sucking the life out of your fat little thighs (or other area) it freezes the targeted area as well. That is the painful part, not during but after. As the tissue starts to "thaw" IT HURTS! I found myself begging the medical professional to start the next area so I could concentrate on that instead. I had very minimal side effects up through today. So far the only three things I have noticed is numbness, tingling (especially when get out of the shower or pool), and just recently itching at night. Apparently these are all expected for up to two weeks post procedure. I will post something again next week to let you know if any of those have gone away.
I am excited to start seeing results in 4-12 weeks. Most people I have talked to told me they really did not notice the bigger improvements until the 12th week mark. Pre-procedure thigh measurements are 24" on both thighs. Cross your fingers!!!!

2 week update

Today marks the 2nd week post procedure. I am still experiencing the same symptoms but not as bad. My right inner thigh is more sensitive than the other area I had treated. It does not hurt, just feels more like a muscle ache if I palpate the area. The numbness is slowly going away, and even that was not much of a bother. I still feel the urge to scratch them at night.....word to the wise keep your fingernails short and dull! ????


Three weeks out today!

Still have numbness but it is slowly diminishing, the itching is still present too but that is getting better as well. I have not noticed any difference, but this early on I don't expect to. I am truly hoping for the best!

Great office team. Almost everyone there has had this procedure and LOVES the results given. I will wait to give stars on some of the ratings until later in the game. ;-)

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