36 Yrs, Breastfed 4 Children, 115 Lbs, 5'7" 325cc High Profile - Langley, BC

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I am 35 yrs old, 115 lbs, 5'7", and have a breast...

I am 35 yrs old, 115 lbs, 5'7", and have a breast width measurement of 11.5 cm. Before having children I was already small breasted which never bothered me and I never concidered having a breast augmentation. But after exclusively breast feeding each of my 4 children for just shy of a year, my breasts are now very deflated and lost their perkiness. I have always been lean and in great health so breast augmentation seems like a reasonable choice especially as I am finished having children and this will be a bonus for me and my husband!

I am from the lower mainland in British Columbia. I saw two surgeons for an initial consultation the first was in Abbotsford but I left with not the best impression and not knowing the size of implant he suggested, he only gave me a quote of the procedure on what looked like a dr prescription piece of paper. The second was with Dr Mathew Mosher in Langley who was very professional and had a beautiful surgery centre, I left feeling well informed and with a great first impression. I will write a review after I've seen more of a result of my procedure.

Dr Mosher had the vectra imaging which was awesome. He suggested I go with 275cc moderate cohesive or the 335cc high profile cohesive. I did not want to go too big as I'm an quite active and downhill mountain bike and ski and do not want the implants to get in the way. I also don't want to lose the look of my lean figure. But from my wish photos, most of the implants were high profiles so I knew that I wanted to go this route. After reading reviews of Dr Mosher, he prefers to not give his patients implants that are not proportional to their bodies so I felt that he knew best especially as he has been doing this for 20 years. But he did listen to my concern and offered a tiny bit smaller, 325cc high profile, which would still fit my breast width. So to rest my mind I agreed on this size, even though I'm positive I would have known no difference in the end :)

My husband and I decided that we did not want to let anyone know about me getting breast implants as we felt this was a personal choice between us. However, my very bony and deflated chest needed to be disguised to make the transition smooth! Being summer, it was a little tricky going to the beach in a bikini with the kids, family, and friends. I did end up buying these voluminous gelly inserts from Walmart. These worked fine except for my two year old, who loves to put her hands down my shirt, would feel them and say "that's funny" and at one point when grocery shopping pulled it out of my shirt with people all around!

I am writing this review to help people with similar stats see what 325cc high profiles would look like and also for myself to record my journey of this procedure.

Surgery Day

Haven't had time to update since my procedure. With four young children, isn't always the easiest. It seems every time I get the chance to sit, the kids find me. Hence, recovery hasn't been relaxing. I am just so thankful that I have a supporting husband who unfortunately returned to work today.

Surgery day: I arrived at the surgery centre (which is in the same building as Dr Mosher' office) at 9:30. Everyone that I met was so friendly, encouraging, and reassuring. This was my first surgery ever so this made the process so much easier. I did my pre-admin, took Tylenol and gravel for possible nausea, and the hubby signed a post surgery caregiver form. Said goodbye to the hubby and was led to a little room with a massage chair, put on a gown and robe. I first met my nurse (I wish I wasn't so horrible with names because she was awesome) who put in my iv, then I met the anaesthetist who was very kind and thorough. Then the surgeon came in and drew me up, he was very sympathetic and reassuring as I was having last minute panics about the size.

After he left I waited a little longer until another nurse came to tell me it was time. We walked over to the operating room and climbed up on to the table. We had a little chat as she attached the monitors on and then the anaesthetist hooked me up and the last I remember is him saying I would be feeling sleepy quick. I awoke to my nurse asking me what I was dreaming and told her it I had been picking beans with my kids... It felt so real and vivid. I didn't have much pain, a 3 out of 10. I felt quite warm and asked to have the slipper/socks removed. I felt no nausea just really groggy. For never having surgery, this was really a breeze. She soon wheeled me out to our car when my huaband came. I was in there from 9:30 to about 12:30.

I felt really good for the rest of the day taking it easy. I felt tight and pressure but not sore, I think the drugs hadn't worn out until the next day. I even made a simple dinner for the family ( I have a hard time asking for help). Before bed I took my prescribed pain medication even though I wasn't really in pain, I just thought it might help me have a restful night. That night I had no problem falling asleep even though I was upright 45 degrees, I slept great the whole night.

Post op day 1

Friday : i was given a very detailed and thorough booklet after my pre op appointment. In it there is a detailed part about the "recipe to recovery". I have been following it very closely and it seems to be helping a lot with recovery. I have been taking 2 extra strength ibuprofens with my meals. I didn't take any other pain medication as I was feeling pretty good, I kept busy most of the day doing light work... Unloading the dish washer, making beds, water flowers, collect the eggs. I felt muscle tightness throughout my breasts but with by doing shoulder rolls and arm lifts up to shoulder height, this really helps to relax and feel looser. My gel ice pack has been wonders too, best $11 spent so far!! Night time was fine again, slept great.

Post op day 2

Saturday : I felt a lot more sore today. I think all the drugs from surgery are out of my system and maybe I over did it yesterday. I decided I would take the recommended ibuprofens at meals and then extra strength Tylenol for pain in between. I am really swollen under my arms on the side of my breasts. I have a bruise under my left breast. This area is really painful and tender. I'm riding high and swollen but this is all relieved with the ice pack. Every hour I am doing my shoulder rolls and arm lifts which greatly help the tightness. My surgical bra is really tight. But I took it off for a bit and then when I put it back on again and undid the last couple of clasps.

Today my brother in law had his 30th birthday and invited all of us to a lake. However to get there we needed to take a logging road... Surprisingly these bumps were very painful... By then it was too far to turn around and go home. So for future reference, for your own sales best to avoid logging roads! Nights were fine again though, slept well. Sleeping on my back and upright seems to not bother me.

Post op day 3

Sunday: felt much better than yesterday. Trying to relax more after yesterday's busyness. Taking Tylenol In between ibuprofin is really helping. Lots of icing, shoulder rolls, and arm lifts. Hubby brought the kids to movies so I actually relaxed for once! My bruising around left breast is still there, achy and tender. Also noticed that I am swollen between breast where ribs meet. Icing there seems to help too. Starting to feel less hard and softening! Also received roses from dr Mosher and his staff yesterday so posting to show off!

Post op day 4

Monday : today is a holiday so fortunately my husband was able to take another day off to help with the kids. Today I woke up feeling so much better... Each day gets better. Still doing same with meds and stretches. I had to do a few groceries today so took advantage of being kid free and went to mall. Tried on a few shirts and a couple of sports bras but quickly felt the breast getting sore... Made me realize I'm still healing!

They are soften a little. Able to squeeze together a tad, it's start at least. My rotation is pretty good. Able to move fairly easy now without being stiff and very sore. Also not as high as past few days. Before bed I've been icing a lot more as I find that they do swell more after the busyness of the day. Still been sleeping great and have not woken up in the night once.

Post op day 5

Tuesday : woke up today with sore breasts, think I pushed myself too much yesterday. After taking ibuprofen, icing, and doing stretching felt a lot better. My bruising on my left side is still there and quite yellow, it's quite sensitive as well. Apparently the bruising is just from surgery and normal. Throughout the day I've been having tingling sensations don't know if it's those twinges that people talk about but most likely the nerves are healing themselves.

I also had my follow up visit today. Dr says everything is looking awesome. The nurse gave me the serial number for the implants, she also demonstrated how to do displacement exercises 5 times a day to help with the implant settling. It's amazing how they seems to soften already from these exercises. Also was told not to go swimming until 5-6 weeks post. This is unfortunate as we are going to whistler in 2 weeks and the kids will be begging me to go with them.

I also asked about lifting my 2 yrs old. Dr said to avoid as much as possible but realizes it's a reality of motherhood. He suggested to go low to their level and then pick them up and also holding them on your hip is better as the weight is transferred. Was happy to hear this as I have to care for my children but also don't want damage these very expensive babies !

Been having a hard time not having sex with the hubby too! I'm ovulating for one thing and feeling pretty sexy with the new body. The hubby keeps saying such lovely things to me too that makes me feel good. Anyone in the same boat? Is too soon ok? Trying not to go too hard. But any advice?

Two weeks post

Went to my two week post appointment today. All is going good. Got the tape removed and stitches are looking great. Was given some other tape I need to put on every 3-5 days with some scar ointment over top, this should help with the scar healing and being less visible. Have to do this at least until my 6 weeks post appointment.

Breasts still are a bit tight when I wake up but with some stretches this quickly goes away. Still visible bruising on left side, was an awful green/yellow color which is apparently a sign of healing! They haven't dropped too much from last week but are by far a lot softer and less swollen. Trying to do the displacement exercises at least 5 times a day are helping with this. The nurse yesterday also explained that the exercises are to help eliminate scar buildup in the cavity.

Day ten was a huge turnover. I woke up quite sore but through the day I felt my greatest. I stopped taking ibuprofen and Tylenol as I have full range of movement and not too stiff... Stretching seems to work best.

Everyday I feel better, back to normal self but just have to be aware of my activity, especially lifting. This whole experience has been so great compared to what I was expecting!

5+ weeks post

Over five weeks already. Kinda forget that have implants, feel a part of me. I must be used to the size cuz like many of you I sometimes think I should have gone bigger. But definitely happy with the size. Feeling more softer and squisher; I still can't however squish all the way together.

My left seems smaller and pulls to the side, guess still needs to drop and when I look at old pictures it seems that I naturally have my left nipple that pulls to the side. Hopefully this all straightens out, I know I'm just over a month in and apparently everyone says they change a lot in the first six months... Sometimes I wonder though. I'm really trying hard to stay on top of my displacement exercises but any advice ??

I haven't been sized yet, I'll wait a bit more. I bought some light weight sports bras and comfy Bralettes in sizes small and med. Great feeling to fill them out. :)

Been reading lot about if sports bras are good, some say that they push down too hard on the breasts and don't allow them to drop properly, but then some Bralettes feel like they don't have enough support. I find the surgery bra actually feels quite comfy and supports each breast for sleeping. What have you found with bras in the first couple months? What worked what didn't?? I dont want to jeopardize these babies for the price I paid for them! :)
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