435/370 HP Smooth Round Co-Gel Unders *10 months post*

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I'm a mom who nursed her son and now has what I...

I'm a mom who nursed her son and now has what I describe to be sad, droopy boobies. I've always wanted to have a breast augmentation but now, more than ever. I've finally got the OK from my fiance, so I'm booking myself a consultation tomorrow morning!

Now that I've been given the go-ahead, I'm kind of nervous! However, I feel that this is going to give me the confidence boost I need. I never had large boobs to begin with, but during breastfeeding, I was measured at a 36E, pre-pregnancy I was a 32C so unfortunately, I've lost any sort of volume I had before.

Here's to a new me!

It's happening!

I booked my consultation this afternoon which makes it that much more real. The PS I chose is booked for consults until July which I feel like is probably a good thing since that means he's obviously good at what he does. The nurse put me on a wait-list so I'm hoping I'll get in sooner than July because I'd like to have the surgery completed before I return to work from mat leave.

I'm a little nervous but mostly giddy. I keep talking my Fiance's ear off about what size I'd like to get. We both agreed that I think something like 350-375cc's would probably be good for my frame since I'm pretty thin. The nurse that I spoke to on the phone today told me that mostly everyone chooses to have cohesive gel which is what most girls have in my wish boobies. I wonder if I get have a choice about where the incision is made or will the PS decide that for me? The nurse also said because I likely lack fullness in my upper pole that round cohesive would probably be best for me.

Eeeee - I just want my consult now!


I've been doing some research as to what size I want, what kind etc...anyone out there close to my stats (will post below) that has gotten 375cc mod-mod plus round cohesive gel? I see all these great photos but everyone is like 5'4" and 120lbs.

Currently 32B/C depending on the store

Consults, consults, consults!

I'm concerned that I only have one consultation booked with one surgeon. I called Dr. Pugash's office today and he's booked for consults until NOVEMBER! I really wanted to have my surgery completed before I return to work from mat leave at the end of September. I've researched a lot of surgeon's in my area and I don't particularly care for their before and after photos. I had read that while researching surgeons from home, you should consider what their before and after photos look like so you can get a better feel for their skills and what you want. So far, I've really liked Dr. Mathew Mosher and Dr. Pugash. I'm booked to see Dr. Mosher on July 15 but what if he's not the Dr. for me? Ahhhh - feeling stressed! Anyone else have any other recommendations? My gf suggested Dr. Robert Thompson in Vancouver but his gallery on his website doesn't load.

I find some surgeons tend to make their patients look like they got bolt-on's and that's not exactly what I'm looking for. I know most of us want a "natural" look.

Suggestions welcome!

Feeling giddy!

So I spoke with a few people who I have gotten BA's and they both highly recommended Dr. Ward. They said he was all business and will make sure you are COMPLETELY aware of the risks involved however, he's been doing this for as long as I've been alive. So I called and booked a consult for July 9. A week before I go see Dr. Mosher. I have a feeling I'm going to be impressed by Dr. Ward. I was googling how to make rice sizers last night so I have better idea of what I want. Yeah I've picked out some numbers, but that's all they really are...numbers. Until I decide what size I'd like to be anyway.

Less than a month till my first consult. The lady I spoke with on the phone said that they confirm appointments, so if they have any cancellations, she would call me to come in sooner!


Medicard vs Crelogix?

So, I should have the money to pay for my BA when I schedule it as I'm coming into some money very soon. However, if I don't have the money in time, I'd like to make sure I have the financing set-up just up just in case. I would wait to get the BA done till I have the money but time is of the essence right now. I'd like to have this done before I return to work from mat leave which is in September and I'm getting married in May and I have my dress already, I just need to have it altered so I'd like to make sure I've fully dropped and fluffed by the time I send my dress in.

Which brings me to ask, the surgeon I think I'm probably going to book with offers financing through Crelogix and Medicard. I've read both don't have a prepayment penalty which is good because I'd probably only need to have it financed for a month, if that depending on when surgery and pre-op is. Does anyone have any experience with either of these companies? If so, I'd love to hear your feedback!!

Thanks ladies!

Its actually happening.

I've lined up my financing just in case things aren't happening like I thought they would financially.

I spoke with Dr ward's office and they moved up my consult to July 3rd...9 more days!!

Eeeeee I'm so excited and getting kind of nervous!!


Well....I called Dr. Mosher's office yesterday to see if I could move up my consult since I'm seeing Dr. Ward on July 3rd....sure enough the boob god's are working my favour....I'm going in tomorrow at 12:45pm!! Potential surgery date of July 16.......!!!!!!!!

I'm really nervous. My Fiance won't be able to come to my consult tomorrow as he's swamped at work so I have a girlfriend coming with me. He is coming to my consult on July 3rd but I feel like he should be at both to help me decide which surgeon I want to book with.

I can't believe only one more sleep till my first consultation. Everything is all happening so fast!!

I'll check in tomorrow afternoon to let you all know how it goes!! :D

One down, one to go!

I saw Dr. Mosher this afternoon for my consult....he's a really decent guy! He's a no nonsense sort of guy and if I was wanting something like 600cc HP, forget it. He says I'm too thin for me to be going too large. Which I actually liked. I appreciate that he realizes what my body can accomodate. He had this 3D imaging thing which shows me what implants will look like on MY body. How cool is that!

My left boob is lower and larger than my right so unfortunately, I'm not going to get "perfect" results. He says I *could* do a lift IF I wanted but he doesn't recommend it right now, he says perhaps later when I have the implants replaced in however many years.

He recommended "Full Projection" 335cc in my left and Full projection 370cc in my right. Which is some what close to what I was thinking I was going to get. I figured I could probably get away with 375cc mod plus so close enough. He also said if I wanted to go bigger, the biggest he would go on me would be Full projection 370cc in my left and 435cc in my right. So, in my opinion, I didn't see too much difference between the two but his patient coordinator said that she thinks the 435 is too big on my frame. I feel like if I were to go with him as my surgeon, I feel like I'd regret not going that smidgen bigger because I see it SO MUCH on here....

I guess we'll see what Dr. Ward says on Thursday!

So now I have to decide who to see.

I went and saw Dr. Ward this morning, he suggested the same size implants as Dr. Mosher, however, because of how much lower and large left areola sits, he recommended concentric mastopexy on my left breast.

I liked both surgeons for different reasons. I liked that Dr. Ward knows his s*&t and informed me very well. I also like that they both suggested similar sizes which is making this so much harder to pick.

I liked that Dr. Mosher has a more conservative approach in terms of the lift, he said it wouldn't be necessary until I have my impants replaced down the road. He is also about $600 cheaper than Dr. Ward but money isn't the issue.

ahhh Im so lost! Obviously, I want the best possible outcome but I'm having hard-time deciding who is going to give me that. I was told that apparently Dr. Mosher covers for Dr. Ward when he's on holidays and vice versa.

I have to decide like today because they are both going away soon and I want this done ASAP before I return to work. My potential surgery dates are July 22 or July 28.

7 sleeps till BOOBIE LAND!

Alright so after a very stressful day, I've decided to go with Dr. Mosher. My fiance feels that hes confident enough in his skills that he doesn't need to give me a lift. He hadn't even given me a quote for one.

I had called Dr. Ward's office to speak with the patient coordinator about it and I felt like she was trying to upsell me. She had said if I decided to just go with the augmentation without the lift and wanted the lift at a later date that it was going to cost me at least an additional $5000 best case scenario.

I'm certain I'll be happy with my results, regardless of who is doing my augmentation. So I called Dr. Mosher's office after speaking with Dr. Ward's office and I'm booked in for surgery NEXT FREAKING THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa. This all happened a lot faster than I had anticipated.

I go in tomorrow for my physical with my GP and pre-op tomorrow afternoon to try on sizers again and make sure everything is all in order.

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Pre-op complete

I saw my GP for my physical and Dr. Moshers office manager to go over all the contents, prescriptions, etc. I tried on sizers again and chose the larger of the two options I was given. I'm going with Natrelle Inspira Full Projection 370cc in my left and 435cc in right! I'm so excited!!!!

All my ducks are in a row and now I just have to wait till Thursday! I do need to go out and get one of these Danskin bras that you all talk about and some advil and Tylenol. Apparently I get scar gel once they remove the sutures so I don't need to worry about buying any of that stuff. Just focusing on being healthy!

A little stressed about size

So I'm sitting here to going through profiles of women who have had BA's in the same size range as me and some of them look HUGE (no offence, ladies). So I decided to make some rice sizers and got the hubby to take pictures of me with them...totally not as big as I thought! I knew there was a reason why I chose the size I did!

5 more sleeps. I can't believe this is really happening!!

Patience is a virtue I do not possess

Well the stress of having surgery is finally kicking in....I have cleaned the house, almost top to bottom. A few things left to do for tomorrow such as washing the sheets and such. I have everything ready, I just need to keep telling myself this. My mom is coming to stay with us to help me out with our little (or not so little I should say) guy. He's 9 months and 23lbs of bouncing fun. Yikes. She said she would stay as long as I needed her to. Let's hope I'm one of those lucky people who gets by without much pain medication.

Hubby declared last night that he's excited to play with them. Haha. Even though he's supported me through this from the first step, it's still nice to know that he's excited as well. I mean, they're going to be his boobies too!

Here's to hoping I can get a good night's rest these next couple days. Ha. Right.


Today's the big day. Aside from starving (and I did eat at 11:30pm) I'm feeling surprisingly calm. I had a pretty decent nights rest. My last night of sleeping on my stomach. Wah. I LOVE sleeping on my stomach. When I couldn't when I was pregnant, it was almost the worst thing ever. But anyway, I've got all my things ready, sheets washed, prescription in my purse, house is tidy, mom is here to look after my rugrat and help make meals. Hubby took a ginger ale and some crackers to work with him so he has them when he picks me up.

I've still had a few moments of stress about size and about whether or not I should even be doing this at all but I've wanted this for as long as I can remember so it's time to do something for me.

See you on the other side ladies! Hopefully I'm feeling well enough for a small update.


Waiting for surgery!

Home and feeling great!

Surgery was a breeze! My PS was a little behind but that's ok, I catnapped while I was waiting for him. Being put under was a lot more different than I had anticipated. I remember my last thoughts wondering when I was going to be able to eat because I was starving. I came to and I remember the nurses asking me how I was feeling and just like everyone says, it feels like lots of pressure. I remember touching them and the nurses laughed at me. Haha

I feel really good surprisingly. I have next to no pain, just pressure. I have to do some arm exercises every hour and make sure I stay on top of my pain medication. The nurse said, even if I'm feeling well that I should continue to take it because it's when I'm not taking it that I will begin to suffer. which makes sense.

Anyway, I'm going to rest for a bit right now.

Post-op day 2

As I'm sitting here reading some reviews on your post-op days...I'm feeling very fortunate. I have had pretty minimal pain and some swelling but seriously nothing I couldn't handle. I even managed to go out to the store today with my mom, hubs and baby. I've only been taking advil for the pain...800mg every 6 hours and it seems to be keeping my pain at bay. I'm icing every couple hours to minimize swelling and do my little arm exercises that I was instructed to do hourly by my recovery nurse.

I have so much range of motion, it's unbelieveable. I had absolutely zero nausea yesterday although I don't have much of an appetite today as I haven't had a BM since Wednesday (eek, TMI, sorry ladies). Feeling pretty bloated all around but that usually happens when I get an IV with the saline solution.

So I'll tell you how surgery day went...I arrived at the centre at noon, the nurse took all my information, I was ushered to the back and told to change into my gown and leave only my underwear on. She came back once I was changed, brought me a nice warm, fuzzy robe and took my vitals. She said I had some time to kill so I was welcome to continue using my phone. 30 minutes passed by and she came back to tell me Dr. Mosher was going to be in soon to mark me up. 15 minutes later, he came in, greeted me and drew all those wonderful lines on the top half of my torso. He said the anaesthesiologist was going to be in shortly. The anaesthesiologist came in and asked me some medical history questions, went over my consent and said I would be going into the OR shortly....well another half an hour went by and I was dosing in and out sleep because I was so flippin' hungry. The nurse came back and told me I should use the restroom and we'd be on our way to the OR.

I arrived in the OR, it was amazing. It was bright, clean and smelled like I imagine an operating room would smell like. They nurse had me get up on the table and I layed out my arms while the anaesthesiologist put in my IV. After I got my IV, they put these bag things on my legs to keep the blood circulating. Shortly thereafter, I was told that I should be falling asleep soon while they put the oxygen mask on my face. My last thoughts were of food of course. Haha. I'm one of those people that needs to eat every 2 hours or I get HANGRY and nobody wants witness that. Hahaha.

I woke up and the nurse asked me how I was feeling, I said I felt lots of pressure and put my hands on my boobs. The nurse giggled at me and asked if I wanted to see. Of course I wanted to see! I looked down and thought to myself that they were exactly like I had imagined them being. I was so excited! I laid there for a while longer while she got my homecare information ready for hubby. It was kinda hard to stay awake in the beginning but I knew if I forced myself to be awake, I would get to go home sooner. 30 minutes later, I was up, dressed and wheeled out to the car where I demanded to be fed food! Made a pitstop at booster juice and the rest has been a breeze!

Post-op day 3 & 4

Yesterday was probably the worst in terms of pain and swelling. I thought I was going to be ok so I headed out to the grocery store...not such a brilliant idea. Half way through our shop I started getting some sharp pains. Not so fun. I came home and relaxed and put some ice on the girls. I thought I could lower my pain meds but I don't think I'm ready for that yet so I'll still continue with my 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours.

Today I woke up pretty swollen and my back is kinda sore from sleeping on an incline but it's nothing I can't handle. Let's hope that from here on out it's going to get easier and easier. The girls are still pretty hard. Not quite as high as they were on day 1 or day 2 but at least that's some improvement, right? I have zero feeling in my right nipple which I hope comes back. And I'm eager to see what my incisions look like. I get my bandages off on Tuesday so I guess I'll find out then. Still super thrilled with my results. I'm so glad I chose not to have the donut lift on my left breast, I feel like Dr. Mosher knew what he was doing when he said I didn't need to have that right now. I think a little asymmetry is normal so no big deal.

Happy healing ladies xo - I'll try and upload some photos later.

Pictures from today

Post-op with the PS today

Had my post-op today, got my bandages off my incisions but still have tape over the stitches. Not too sure when those come out? He said everything is looking well and the sensitivity loss in my right nipple is normal and only time will tell if I will get some sensation back. I have to continue wearing my surgical bra for the next 10 days at least. The nurse did say that I could wear something similar if I wanted. So I think I may go out buy a couple comfy sports bras for the time being. They also showed me how to do the massaging to prevent CC. 5 reps, 5 times a day. Yay.

Not so much swelling today, Ive only iced the girls once and have lowered my dose of ibuprofen to 400mg when I feel it necessary. Yay. Still feeling kinda bloated. Yuck.

Now I have to patiently wait for them to drop. They have gotten a smidge softer but definitely won't be able to squish them together any time soon.

In other news, my momma goes home tomorrow and I feel pretty confident that I shoul be able to manage on my own. My little bubba has an ear infection right now and we're sweltering in this heat wave, its been 30+ every day here since surgery day. My house is ridiculously hot. Thank goodness for AC. We tried bringing little man in our room in his playpen but he sleeps so much better in his own room. Oh well. Windows and fans seem to do the trick.

Love but not in-love

Nothing much to update on...each day gets easier than the last in terms of mobility and comfort. I actually managed to sleep on my side last night hugging a pillow, felt amaze-balls! I hate sleeping on my back. The girls are getting somewhat softer each day. I'm making sure to stay on top of my stretches for my pec muscles and my massages for CC. No longer taking any sort of pills for pain, I stopped taking advil a couple days ago and no longer need to ice. I love my new girls but I'm not 100% sold on them yet. I guess I need to patiently wait for them to D&F. Hubs keeps telling me to be patient. I like how they look in clothes but naked...yuck. I took some photos today for comparison and you can see minor changes, but nothing too drastic yet.

Trying to be patient!

Sooo question...

Does anyone ever get "zingers" at the end of the day under their boobs? I do, near my incision. I got hubs to look and he says it looks fine. I don't know if it's nerves healing or my incision healing or if it's not normal? I go see my PS on Thursday for my 2 week post-op. I'll ask him about it then but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced it?

2 weeks

I had my two week post-op this morning. Andrea, Dr. Mosher's RN said everything is looking good. She said my left is still sitting higher than my right and gave me another massage to do to get that one in place. I'm free to wear whatever sort of bra I want and I can burn my surgical bra if I want (yay!) I probably won't buy anything yet because I know for a fact the girls still have a lot of changes to go through. I asked about my ribs feeling bruised, she said it's normal, your ribs go through a lot of trauma as well. I also asked about my incisions feeling raised at the end of the day, she said they will start to flatten out soon. Probably another 3 weeks before my sutures fully dissolve which is also adding to my incisions feeling raised. Another 2 weeks before I can start physical activity, thank goodness. I'm already doing some light walking and such so that makes me feel a little better. Hopefully they'll start to look somewhat better in the next few weeks. We're going camping, near a lake with a long canal that you can float down and I'd like to be able to wear a bikini without them looking suuuuper fake. I tried on some old bikinis a couple nights ago, that was a disaster and a half. I have a feeling I'm going to be needing some new bikinis. Of course, just after I searched for new ones for this summer, not really anticipating that I'd be having my surgery so soon. Oh well, it's all for the best :)

3 weeks post-op....already!!?

Well I'm three weeks post already and I must say time is flying by a lot faster than I thought it would. The girls still have so much dropping to do (at least I hope!) and I'm getting impatient for that to happen. I'm slowly recovering sensation my right nipple although I still get mega zingers. I think I may have Mondor's cord, when I lift my breasts up to look at my incisions, there's these hard lines that form. I'm not sure if it's from the stitches stretching the skin or truly Mondor's cord. They are much softer now and I can make them touch. I think I'm going to be one of those girls who doesn't have cleavage naturally because my pre-BA boobs were decently spaced. I'm able to sleep almost on my stomach but I can easily sleep on either side. I get morning boob every other morning it seems. I'm definitely happy I went with the bigger of the two sizes I was given as an option. I feel like now that the swelling has gone down, they are exactly the size I wanted. Still have off days where I'm not sure if I really even like them yet. I guess time will only tell. As I told Michele50 last night, patience is a virtue and I must keep telling myself this!


I had such a great, busy weekend. Most of it was spent in my one bikini that fits. We were out at the beach on Saturday and Sunday and I just felt like my boobs looked fake. I figured because I had a pretty easy time with recovery that maybe I would be one of the lucky ones who didn't take forever and a day to drop and fluff. Wrong. My patience is wearing thin. Sigh. It's still a big to-do to dress myself properly. I'm holding off on buying any bras till at least 6 weeks PO because I know I still have more changes to go through so I'm wearing mostly sports bras and my one wireless bra from when I was nursing. Thursday will be 4 weeks post-op and I was looking at some pictures and I really haven't seen much change since week 2. Wahhhhh. I don't have anyone else to bitch to because none of my friends that know understand and I chose to keep it private from my family. Hubs is tired of hearing me complain, I'm sure. I was looking on VS online for some new bikini tops, and most of their stock is due to ship in September....are you effing kidding me? Great. Not like I had intended to use them THIS SUMMER or anything....Sorry ladies. I don't mean to be such a debbie downer but no one else understands except someone else who's been through it!

Days go by....

4 weeks post-op flew by. I have ups and downs and some days that are blah and some days that are great. I've wanted to get my boobs done for as long as I can remember. I certainly don't regret it but I do wish I had more patience. It seems to be a word that is repeatedly popping up in my updates. If I could just get it through my head that my body needs time then perhaps I wouldn't be such an emotional rollercoaster.

I'm almost certain I can feel a little rippling on the sides of my implants. Hubby says I'm losing it and it's likely just muscle and tissue and crap. I beg to differ. I can't physically see any rippling, thank god but I'm sure I can feel it. Still a little tight feeling in the morning but goes away within 30 seconds of waking up. I'm still doing my massages as instructed. I checked out my incisions today too, they look OK as far as incisions go. The incision on my right side which got the bigger implant isn't exactly centered but oh well. They will at least be covered once I drop more and fluff. Other than that, not a whole lot to report on.

Happy healing ladies!

Different angles

I took some new photos this morning of different angles and they really do change daily.

Boobs and more boobs

I figured that once I got my BA I wouldn't be so obsessed about boobs. Ha. I still find myself parusing this website on the daily, looking at pictures of women who are close to my surgery day and seeing if they are dropping faster or slower than me. I still have wish boobs, Anna1989 has probably by far the best rack I've seen. I've come to terms that mine probably won't be perfect considering my asymmetries I had prior to my surgery. It certainly has been a rollercoaster of emotions and I definitely didn't anticipate so many ups and downs but I know that once everything is done healing and D&F'ing, I know I'll be happy. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember and I'm not going to change anything now!

Happy healing, dropping and fluffing and sending calming thoughts to those who are going in for surgery! xoxo


Went bikini shopping yesterday...well that wasn't quite as much fun as I had thought. I went to the states and made a quick stop at Target to check out what clearance they had left..none of those fit me properly so I went over to VS and found this super cute top out of the 6 that I tried on. I tried on a variety of different sizes, mind you they didnt have much selection, I tried a 34D and it was too small, I tried a 34DD which fit but it wasn't quite the style I wanted and felt like it made the girls look too fake still. I tried a 36D which fit good and a 36DD which was too big. I went to try them on and the girl told me all VS Swimwear was 40% off. SCORE! I already have lots of bottoms so I just needed some tops so I can mix and match for our trip to Penticton next week.

7 weeks post-op

So tomorrow marks 7 weeks since surgery day, time is seriously flying by! We were camping (like in a tent camping =| ) Wednesday through Sunday last week in Penticton. It rained more than we had expected but oh well such is life. Saturday was super hot and we floated down the canal. I got to show off the girls in my new bikini which seemed to fit different than when I had bought it - go figure!

I had my 6 week post-op appointment on Monday and the RN said everything is looking well. I asked about the popping noise and she said it was likely just internal sutures popping. I also asked about the rippling that I can feel and somewhat see when I bend forward and she said there isn't much that can be done about it however, I shouldn't worry about it happening while I'm sitting or standing. I no longer need to wear tape over my incisions and was given a tube of Scar Fade to use religiously day and night for the next 2-3 months. She also said I don't need to massage as much anymore, 2-3x/day but I should massage at least once a day for the life of my implants. I'm still massaging like an eager beaver though. I feel like the still need to settle more because I've got this snoopy boob going on and I DON'T LIKE IT =/

Other than that, not much else to report on.

8 weeks, and I'm still not in love.

So hubs is tired of hearing me complain about how my boobs look so I've decided to vent to you guys. I don't mind how the girls looked clothed but I'm certainly not a fan of how they look naked. I'm trying to have patience for them to change and I'm not sure that it's ever really going to happen. Can they really improve that much since it's already been 8 weeks? I realize I could be a lot worse off and still be deflated, droopy boobs but I figure I pay all this money and I'm still not satisfied. I think I have this stupid unrealistic picture of how they were supposed to look and they look nothing like it.

In boob news, the girls continue to get softer each day which is great. Not much in terms of dropping. Maybe I should have had that mastopexy on my left boob after all. I'm finding after a day of strenuous activity on the girls that they feel pretty hard and almost a little sore...sort of. Nothing a quick massage can't fix though. I haven't noticed any improvements in my scars. My scar on my left breast is actually darkening and I'm not sure if that's normal. I'll give it a while longer before I call the PS' office to discuss that since I don't see him till Oct. 17th. I have yet to go bra shopping. I'm trying to hold off on that as long as possible since I know there can still be some changes and I'd rather not drop a couple hundred on bras that won't fit properly. I'm thinking I'll go closer to end of September which would put me at 10-11 weeks. I hope everyone else is doing well, pre and post BA!


2 months

I was 2 months post yesterday and 9 weeks post today. I guess I've been taking the photos all wrong because I got hubs to take some photos tonight and I actually don't mind them. Funny how that works. Nothing new on the boob front. I'm in dire need of some new bras. I went into La Senza today and that place just doesn't cut it. The girl didn't bother to size me. I was a 32DD in one style, 34D in another and 34DD in another. I /hate/ how inconsistent that store is. Off to VS I go..! I think I may have slight boob greed. They don't look super big to me but looking at the bras in the store I was thinking there was no way I was going to fill them... Sure enough! Definitely helps to look at pre-BA photos.

In other news, my baby is almost a year and he's almost walking. Crazy how fast a year goes by. I'm not thrilled to be returning to work but what can ya do.


10 Weeks

I was 10 weeks yesterday. I would have never imagined the emotional rollercoaster it is to have surgery. I've never had surgery in my life...ever. Most days I love the girls but some days I down right hate them. I try and stay as optimistic as I can because I know no one likes a negative nancy.

I went to Victoria Secret Wednesday night and was sized at a 32DDD. Sad thing is the store I went to didn't have much in that size unless I wanted to wear a full coverage bra. No thanks! I did buy one bra which after wearing yesterday, I realized it digs into my ribs. Owie. I tried looking online and there isn't much there either so maybe I'll try a department store like The Bay or go across to the States.

I find that I do too much the girls tend to feel "tight" at the end of the day. I wonder how long that will last? Otherwise everything is fine!

3 months post today!

Well I haven't updated in a while. Been super busy lately, my little guy turned 1 on September 27th so I had a birthday party for him. It was a great sucess and he got spoiled rotten even though we asked for no gifts. Lol. I returned to work on September 29th which also happened to be my 26th birthday.It feels like I never left my office. It's like the revolving door of pregnant women at my office, since I went on mat leave last september there's been 6 women pregnant. I guess that's what happens when you work in an office of 30 women of child bearing age. Hahahaha.

Boob news....well I'm 3 months post-op today. Yay! I start to like my boobs more and more every day. Although I have been getting some weird zingers in them once in a while and I'm not sure that it's normal. I go see my PS next Friday so I'll bring that up. I don't really feel like there has been much change with the girls at all. I do feel like I may be getting mild CC in my right breast. It doesn't move as freely as the left and seems a little....harder...than the left. I don't feel any lumps or anything but I was just sick with the flu and the pain I felt in that breast was probably not a good thing. I still massage at least twice a day, some times more. What makes me wonder if it really truly is CC is that righty is soft in the morning, especially while I'm in the shower. Any ladies able to tell me if that's normal or if my suspicions of CC are correct? I know only my surgeon will be able to tell me but I'm curious.

The bra that I had bought from VS in my previous post got returned as the underwire jabbed my ribs far too much. I went back and tried a different line of bras with VS all together. I'm currently wearing the VS Fabulous Push Up. Super comfy and gives me just enough "oomph". Other than that, nothing really new to update on.

Happy Friday Ladies! xoxo

15 weeks!

So I was supposed to see Dr. Mosher on October 17th for my 3 month post-op but something came up so I saw him this past Wednesday, October 23. I asked about CC, he said it very could be but it could also be that because that breast was tighter to begin with and it's dominant hand AND it could be residual swelling. He said that appointment should have been my last post-op appointment ever unless of course I needed to see him again but they've tentatively scheduled me for 3 more months to see if things get worse or if they improve. They said if it drastically gets worse to call right away or if it improves to cancel my appointment. So I suppose we'll see what happens. I woke up last night to a pretty bad zinger. Dr. Mosher said that zingers are still normal up until the 6 month - 1 year mark. Every woman is different on how they heal. He's very pleased with my results and I am too. I'm curious to know if there will be any more change? His RN said that I could definitely still see some changes and I should probably expect to but I feel like they are so minuscule now that I probably wouldn't notice.

4 months!!

On the 10th I was 4 months post-op, it amazes me how fast time goes. Nothing really new to report boob wise. That tightness I was feeling in my right breast had almost all but subsided. I try and keep up with my massages although some days it's tough! I haven't done any comparison pictures recently but I think I will to see if there's any changes. I don't think there is much!

I can't get over how soon Christmas is approaching. We started our shopping early this year. We've got a few more people to buy for and then we're done. YAY!

Hope everyone is well xo

24 weeks tomorrow.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas and what's Christmas without some family drama? Sigh.

In other news, boobs are great. Still changing ever so slightly. I did a comparison picture from beginning of October and although the changes are very miniscule, you can still see them. I do have a question for you ladies, I'm 5.5 months post-op and I still get zingers. Is that normal? Sometimes they hurt so much that it almost takes my breath away. I have my 6 month follow-up in January which I'll ask about then but I was just curious if it happened to any of you ladies?

I have noticed some minor rippling on the outer edge of my implants when I bend over, particularly more so on my left side which received the smaller implant. Doesn't bother me any, at least not right now while I'm fully clothed.

Other than that, I no longer dislike my boobs, I'm so happy I got the procedure and would definitely do it over again. To those who are pre-op, just remember that patience is key because like all your research, it really can take 6 months + for your breasts to take their final shape.

Merry Christmas girls

Almost 10 months post op and 18 days till I say I do!

Well, I had to get off of here for a while since it's easy to find a pair that are perfect and depict every single flaw on your own body.

May 10th will be 10 months and I swear my boobs have gotten a lot softer in the last month. I have been taking 800mg of vitamin E regularly since I thought I had mild CC in my right breast. Everything appears normal and I'm thankful for that. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep my one year post op appointment as it was only needed if I felt my right breast was still much firmer than the left.

In other news, I'm getting married on the 23rd to my wonderful fiance and father of our son. As much as I'm excited, I can say that I will never plan another wedding again. It's stressful and takes the enjoyment out if everything.

Anyway, thought I would check in with a you beautiful RS'ers

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Right from the start, I had a feeling he was going to be 'the guy' for me. I saw another PS after him and decided Dr. Mosher was going to be my PS. He addressed my asymmetries and was confident in his skills without needing to do a mastopexy on my left breast. He was very warm and personable. His staff are just as equally fantastic! So very thrilled with my results and my experience!! Thank you Dr. Mosher!

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