19 Years Old, 310 Cc High Profile Silicone, BA Booked Sept 22,2016 - Langley, BC

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Hello! My name is Bri and I am 19 (20 in july) and...

Hello! My name is Bri and I am 19 (20 in july) and will be posting my journey of my BA.
Once upon a time at a very young age i realized i hated my tiny chest. I always, always, looked at beautiful women that had fantastic big chests. Since puberty, nothing really "happened"... i always told my mom that one day i was gonna have nice boobies! So I made myself a goal for 2015 (when I turned 19) to save up money to get a breast augmentation. Sadly- that dream was crushed as I could not afford surgery last year. Fast forward to February 2016- I booked my consultation for a doctor in Langley, British Columbia that I was recommended by a very good friend of mine. I went in and felt very comfortable and happy. The doctor I met with was fantastic and told me that there were three sizes that he thought was best for me. The first one was 310 cc's, then 345, then the very biggest-385! I personally love the way the 310's fit! I was so happy and so excited, the surgery Cordinator helped me try on Sizer's. I am happy with all three sizes but I personally really love the 310. They add fantastic volume to my chest!!! I was so thrilled and so happy with my doctor I felt ready enough to book surgery!!!! My BA is booked for September 22, 2016! I have my Pre-op August 26, 2016 where I will have my final sizing, post my final photos of my chest, and update my profile! I am super super excited and ready for this amazing journey!!!! as of right now Iam 32A/B and I am hoping to get a full C cup to a small DD. !!!:)

Less than 30 days!

Ahhh. Just had my pre op Aug 26 with a lovely lady at dr moshers office. I paid the rest, took final photos, went over consent forms and then got some final sizing done. My surgical coordinator then layed out 310cc,345cc,385cc,415cc. At first back in May I loved the 310 but trying them on and talking with the staff I realized the 310 were a bit flatter and not that round implant that the 385cc held, and 415cc. She let me know if I wanted 415cc, I would have to sign another consent form about putting a bigger implant in my body and basically results may vary. I chose the beautiful rounded 385cc, which I am happy about!! They fit my frame and size and I am also getting Under the muscle so they wont be as big as they look in holdable silicone try ons. My surgery is Sept 22 and Im feeling nervous but also very knowledgable about what im getting my self into/ what i am doing. I know im gonna be with whatever outcome, but I am also having a small fear if they turn out too big and it looks off. I told the staff that, and she let me know those 3 sizes wouldnt have been recommended by my amazing surgeon if they wouldnt fit me well/ uncomfortable. So my trust was restored. :) i just have to know the universe has this set for me and I know I am not gonna be disappointed. :) will post more updates closer / in september. If I keep updating this site Im just gonna get more nervous and freak out haha. I am feeling pretty chill. The only thing I kinda missed out on was asking If i need to go buy a sports bra (L-XL) before surgery and when I should get all my prescriptions. I can always call and get my answers which I am very happy about. i cant wait. A new journey awaits.

Today is the day!!!

Holy sh**! Today is the big day. Currently have just woke up and its 5:20 AM. I need to be by dr Moshers office by 7am. Im really looking forward to this, as I have been counting down since May! I have a feeling surgery is around 8/8:30 as they need to set me up for (im guessing) an hour? I am A little nervous- but I know that Mosher and his team are excellent at their work and I am going to go into this with complete peace of mind. I will update with before and after pics when I get back home. Wish me luck peeps!!!!

6 hours after surgery

Hello friends!! I did it!! Yahoo!! What a cool expierence. So basically, woke up, got changed into my shirt with buttons, sweatpants and my flats with socks. Got to the office by 6;45 had to be there by 7. Got inside about 7;10 as the doors were locked. Got inside and my dad came up with me as he was the liability/ care giver. We met a fantastic Nurse who got my dad to sign release forms and then she made me take 4 pills. Pretty sure she said a few were nausea pills and advil for swelling. Said goodbye to my dad and she led me into this small room where i changed into Surgery socks, gown, head cap, and leg warmers and she told me that Dr Mosher and his team are going to be hooking me up to a massager that keeps the blood flowin in my legs. I got changed and then my surgeon came in and said hi and drew sharpie marks on my chest. He left then the anathesiolgist came in and was very calm and told me each step i was goin to be going thru. She let me know that in a few moments another nurse is going to take me into the OR and they are going to hook me up to an IV where they will put me to sleep. She left the room. The my nurse janet came in and was soo great with me and acted like a second mom as she said she has kids my age !!! I walked with her into the OR where she layed me on the table and introduced me to 3 other nurses/doctors. I layed down and started to get a little nervous as they putt the pulse monitor on my finger and i could HEAR my heartbeat rising haha it was intense. They told me to relax and asked about my tattoos to make small talk and asked about my job. Dr Moody was excellent (anathesioligist) and put the IV near my thumb/wrist as my veins r so small in my hand , and then started the drip. After 2 mins of talking and being hooked up she put the oxygenmask on my face and told me to take deep breaths and i was gonna feel my body get heavy. After 3 breaths i said "holy shit" cause i could feel my body freezing ! It was so cool. Then i woke up after it felt like 10 minutes. I was pretty sleepy and tired when i woke up and got in the car. By the time i got home (45min drive) i felt super good. My dad is a beauty and made me eggs and toast and i took my tramacet and anti biotic and fell asleep from 12-130pm. Im up and awake and can walk and go to the bathroom great. I can even tie my hair! The pain is a good 3/10. Its just very sore like i did 900 pec flys in the gym and have intense muscle crampage but im used to muscle cramps from my period so this is bearable. I will post before and after pics now !! Before pics i had piercings but i took em out!! Will update more. Just eating dinner now and gonna take another pain killer.

3 days after surgery

Hello friends! Sorry I havent updated this in a few days as Ive been a little busy taking care of myself ;) I know i updated last on the actual day Of surgery where to be honest didnt feel much pain. I had my mom and dad help me out and take care of me the day of surgery, and my mom had to leave at night. I had one of my boys come over and stay over the night with me as i knew it was going to be a hard time falling asleep. After surgery they want you sleeping with a 45 degree angle on your back- so my pillows are at the head of my bed kinda slanted, so i have some back and neck support. Sleeping the first night was AWFUL. I took my painkillers 3-4 hours BEFORE I slept which probs didnt help and i didnt take any anti nausea meds like gravol becuz i thought i didnt need any. I almost woke up every single hour because of stomach pain and chest pain. I had to get my friend Brodie to wake up and run downstairs to get my Gravol. Thankfully after i popped that at 4am i finally had a few hours of sleep. When i woke up, the pain was nuts. Thats the first full day after anathesia wears off is truly the worst! I immediatley got up and started to eat and popped my pain meds and had a missed call from Dr Moshers office! I called back and spoke with my lovely surgery coordinator Allison and talked with her about pain, any questions, talked about healing and she let me know i could shower! Yay! She told me to have a friend or family member near the shower as the first shower may cause me to get dizzy and light headed. I thankfully set up lots of hangouts and sleepovers wit my friends so I had my best friend tat come over and watch me in the shower. All was good! No fainting or anything :). It was also weird holding my boobs in the shower because i have to be careful not to submerge the incisions with water- keep em dry as possible. I have my 1 week post op with Allison on sept 28 which is where they will take off my bandages and will start to give me creams for the scarring , and also talk about massage techniques. I have also been doing my stretches and i can totally raise my arms over my head and move around, open doors and such by yesterday (the second full day). I also avoided taking ang pain meds till 5pm yesterday! Go me! Here is some more pics... This is now the 3rd day of them. I will continue to post pics as I cannot wait for them to drop more!! I already started to feel tingly(when your foot is asleep) in my chest because that is your nerves reconnecting!!! And she also told me i may feel slight air bubbles under my breasts as air gets trapped in the skin when I was cut open! But it is totally normal and will fade.
I am so thankful and happy with the results already and I am so blessed to have all my friends by my side- some of my friends even bought me care packages! So nice. Dr Moshers office also sent me gorgeous roses which was so professional. So happy with the outcome already but will continue to update more !! Cheers:)

**also- the incisions are starting to hurt more and get itchy so hopefully thats a good thing !!

Feeling good!

Hello hello. It hasnt even been a full week yet and I feel good :) I have yet to take my painkillers today or any advil. Each day is fantastic as they feel more real and are continuing to drop :) here is a picture of them today...
Dr Moshers office called me and I am just about to contact the post op nurse to let her know how I have been feeling ! Still on my anti biotics till Wednesday which is my first post op as well so i finally get to have these bandages off. I think the most part is the pain under the bandage is quite uncomfortable as the compression bra is realllyyy tight on them- but its bearable!

Almost 3 weeks later

I know I havent updated this thing in a while but holy shit am I a happy person in life!!!! :)
I am very confident in everything I do and I am absolutely thrilled with how fast healing has been and how they have dropped so much. Pain has been very very minimal I still get sore boobs at the end of the night and I am still wearing my compression bra at night. I had my two weeks postop appointment and saw Dr. Mosher and his staff, they were very kind and happy to see how well I have been healing so everything is good on that end. They gave me tape to apply to my incisions every 3 to 5 days changing it, plus they gave me scar recovery gel to apply twice a day as well. Also let me know I could go bra shopping right after that appointment which i did!!!!!:)
I am out there in early November to have my six weeks post op for them to let me know my full size and I think I am going to take post op pics then... Unless pictures is my 3 month post op. But overall not much pain, very happy, more confident in everything i do and do not regret this one bit. I do for sure gotta say i felt a little bit of so called "boob greed" within the first 7-10 days because its when you look and feel huge (and you like it)when you are swollen and then the swelling goes down and youre not as huge as you were.. But what always kept me Up and happy was knowing i was a 32a and feel like a D!! and actually i bought 2 bras , got sized and ended up being/buying 32D/DD!!! So proud!! Always kick boob greeds ass by being thankful that you are much bigger than before. Here are 3 photos. The sexy body suit was 2 weeks post op and the other 2 i literally took today ;) feeling sexy and free!!!!!! And ME!!!

I hope my reviews have helped you beautiful ladies along your journeys as well :)

Happy healing to all :)
Will update more later :)
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