38yrs, 2 C Sections, Tummy Tuck. Langley BC

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I booked my tummy tuck with Dr Mosher for April...

I booked my tummy tuck with Dr Mosher for April 13th. I can't believe I've done it- was so nerve wracking making the phone call. I've felt better ever since I booked it though - the three years of doubting whether I would get one has taken its toll emotionally, so now I can just be prepared for getting it done!
I had my initial consult with dr Mosher last March 2015 and let myself just think about the procedure for the last year. Well, come 2016, I've decided that it's time. I feel like I've been putting my whole life on hold depending on whether I would get a tummy tuck or not, even stressed about when to book holidays in case I get a TT, not wanting to buy nice clothes because one day, I'll get a TT etc. It sounds silly, but I've thought about it every day since my youngest was born (11lbs, 3oz!). He was sideways in me for most of the pregnancy and hung so low down that my belly went past my groin. Even after my c section, the maternity nurse helping me said, you have what we call a "pendulous stomach". I gained 70lbs with each of my pregnancies but quickly lost all the weight and then some after birth (back down to 130lbs after three months with my first and after 6 months with my second). Now I am about 145lbs for the past two years. I weight train regularly 3-5 times a week, plus I just ran a half marathon in October. I feel the strongest and most in shape I've been in my life, but I torture myself with yo-yo dieting, none of which help the appearance of my stomach. I'm done with beating myself up about the last 10lbs, which will not get rid of the sagging skin and apron over my c section scar. I'm done with my jeans bulging out front and the "front bum" look. I'm tired of the big baggy sweaters and the zippers on my jeans going down from my bulge. I want to wear a dress without a corset, spanx and still looking five months preggers. I have my second consult on March 9th and I'm excited and nervous!

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