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I'm a mother of 2 boys, as mush as I love and...

I'm a mother of 2 boys, as mush as I love and adore my boys, they did a number on my body. I will be having a TT with lipo in July, I'm so excited!! I am divorced and single right now, so I figured it was about time for some "me time". I will try to keep this up to date after the procedure is done

So looking forward to clothed that fit

Let me just say, I can not wait until I don't have to pull my pants up 20 times throughout the day because my pants want to go below my stomach and my shirts want to go above it! I will hopefully get before pictures up soon.

A week away!

Well I am one week away from a new tummy! I can't wait, very excited. I have all my scripts filled, pillows ready, and my sister will be helping me out afterwards. I still need to get photos up, but I am being a wuss about it, lol, just hate showing people my stomach. But my sister says I have to take before pictures when I go up to her house the night before. I do have a tatoo on my lower stomach, that my doctor said will be completely removed with the surgery. I have had it since I was 19, so that will be very strange to look down and not see anymore!!

night before surgery!!

Well in the morning I check in at 9am, surgery is at 11am, and a new tummy by 3pm!! I've put my photos up, takes some courage to do. But I've found everyone on here to be very nice and there is no judging, so there they are. I will lose the tattoo on my stomach completely, but its ok. I will hopefully post how it went by tomorrow night!!

It's done!!

It went really well. I was wheeled into the OR room, then I was being woke up by a nurse in recovery. The pain last night was pretty intense, some of the worst I've even had. The first time getting up to go pee whopped my butt and hurt super bad. I had no clue how many times you use the abs!! Since about two this morning I have been getting up and going to the bathroom alone. I've found that the oxytocin just put me to sleep. For me, the flexirol (muscle relaxer) has been my saving grace. I'm hoping to be discharged at 11. I attached a picture of girdle. I was very happy to wake up.and.see this style instead of some others I've seen. Doc is suppose to come in at 830 to check in. :-)

day 2

So its my second day post opp. I'm still in a little pain but its at the ends of the incisions and and at sternum. I readjusted the garment today with my sisters help and it seems to be feeling better. I was told I can shower tomorrow so I will have post op pics. I've only peaked down the top, I can't really see anything. I can almost go without any pain meds, I'm already weening myself off of them. But the muscle relaxer has been a god sent. I can start to feel the muscles twitching where my abs were sewn back together, which is painful, so one of those and that's all gone.

Even though I still haven't seen myself, I'm pretty happy with it! And on a funny note....I never realized that trying to wipe after going pee ever used so many ab muscles!!! I've had to make some adjustment in that department!! :-)

To poo or not to poo

I was doing pretty good. Then the constipation kicked in, nothing was going in and nothing was coming out. I had been taking the colace that was prescribed, drinking prune juice and eating prunes with no luck. Then pain in my stomach was getting to the point of not being able to take a breath without wincing. So last night I resorted to the dreaded enema. It didn't work right away, I did at about 8pm. After that I became pretty nauseous and dizzy. I tried to lay down but couldn't get comfy. Then at about 2am things started moving. But along with that came.dry heaves and puking. I don't think I've felt pain like that before and I have two kids, one of which was a natural birth! It felt like my abs were gonna tear apart. So please please please don't let to much time go by before you do something about the constipation!! I'm doing better today, but I so tired. I'm very close to being off the pain meds now too. And the best part of day will be my first shower.since surgery!! Very excited for that!


Managed to take a shower, took these before. Still very swollen, but I can see the changes and I'm thrilled!!!!!! Super excited to see the swelling go down.

Stir Crazy

As you can see in the picture, I'm stuck on the bed with the leg compressors on. I'm starting to go a little stir crazy. I get up and do my walk around the house, but by the end of it, I'm exhausted so its back to the bed. I think this is the most I've laid still since I have my second son 7 years ago!! I can't wait to move freely again.

almost a week post op

I had my post op appointment today, doc said everything looked great! And I was able to have my drains removed!!! Super happy about that. I took this pic before my appointment today. So I will have to take another one without the drains. I was a little worried that the drains would hurt when they came out. There was a couple tugs but no real pain. I was told I can take the tape off this weekend and my next appointment isn't for two weeks. So happy with the outcome!

Drain free and happy as can be!!

I'm so happy to have the drains gone! I can move so much better without worrying about them. I'm still getting tired fast, I'm home now and back to taking care of my two boys but they are being very helpful!! I have not one regret about this surgery, even though I'm still swollen and have very little feeling on my stomach, I already feel my self confidence rising!! I hope anyone who wants to have this done is able to!

Reality check

Today was my first trip into town alone since the surgery. I discovered that none of my pants will fit over the binder. Luckily I have many jersey skirts with the fold down waist band that worked. I didn't expect my jeans or capris to fit, but in all honesty when they didn't, I had a slight depressed feeling. My mind said "flat stomach, clothes still don't fit right" even though I know that is not the case. I guess I'm really looking forward to getting the binder off and getting back to a normal life, so to speak. Everything is getting easier and I have a tiny bit of feeling back in some spots, but overall I'm still pretty numb. Honestly, I still can't believe I had the surgery, I look down and expect to see the huge roll but its gone. Still doesn't feel real yet I guess. Crazy day.

The big reveal

So the doc said I could take the tape off today. I was worried about the scar, but I'm pretty impressed with it!! Peeling the tape off in the shower was a little nerve wrecking though!
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