35 Yo, Mom of 3 Kids, and Have Been Waiting for This for 14 Years! - Lake Jackson, TX

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Hey y'all! I'm Kimberly and have been waiting for...

Hey y'all! I'm Kimberly and have been waiting for this opportunity for 14 years! My husband and I have been discussing this for a while and while he loves me how I am, he knows that I don't. It's hard to portray the awesomeness I have inside when I don't want anyone to see the outside. So, while we were discussing me possibly going back to work, he said, "then you need to have the surgery first so you don't have to take time off." That did it. I was on the phone the next day setting up a consultation for February 1st.
I went to the consultation alone (my husband said he was unsure how he'd react seeing "some dude feel you up". All I could do was laugh and tell him I understood). As I stood there in nothing but my socks, I knew this was the right decision and he was the right Doctor. He was sympathetic to my plight, listened carefully, and answered my questions before I even had the opportunity to ask. Plus, he made me laugh. Hard to do standing stark naked in front if a full length mirror with a handsome dr and his beautiful patient care coordinator staring at you. But, I pretended I was dressed and turned on the humor. Worked great. I paid my deposit and set my surgery date immediately! I saw no reason to sleep on it or interview anyone else. Surgery is for March 22nd at 7am. I can't thank my husband, my dr, and his staff for being totally awesome and making this such a great decision process! Stoked beyond belief...

Shopping for recliners and other ramblings...

Today my 14 year old daughter and I went around town looking at recliners. I don't like them, never have. Some of them don't even recline very much. After about two hours and 3 stores I was done. I did find a couple that I thought would work well for recovery (and then will be moved straight to the media room for my husband afterwards), but I'm having a hard time rationalizing spending the money on a chair that will barely get used but will be of great use when it IS used. We have a $3500 Tempurpedic that is fantastic but our bed is pretty high and I'm not quite sure how I'd get in and out of it. These are the things that keep me up at night. Along with thoughts of possible infections, necrosis (omg), and whether I'll be able to wipe my own butt. I love my husband so dearly but there are a couple of things I'd like to be independent and private about, know what I mean? He is being an absolute doll about it and says he'll do anything I need, no matter what. Aww thanks honey, but I think I'll get a stick and some cottonelle wipes and figure that part out on my own!

I'm 12 days from surgery day and I'm geeking out a bit. I'm the biggest wussy this side of the Mason-Dixon when it comes to pain. I've had 3 csections and thought that by the third one I had handled it pretty well... I was apparently delusional and was informed I was a big baby back then too. Hopefully my doc isn't conservative on the pain meds or I'm going to end up driving my family to the brink. I can see it now, I'll wake up one day and instead of my car being in the garage, I'll be. I wonder if I'll still get Netflix out there? Hmmm...

I have decided that I'm going to get my BL with implants (previously was just going to be a lift only) along with my TT and MR (I will post pics tonight or tomorrow- going to let y'all get seated, get a blanket, make sure your food is settled because my tummy is SCARY sauce!) because I've been seeing some lifts and I'm not impressed. Can we say torpedo boobies? Thats not the look in going for. I have good volume, just saggy... Like two Walmart bags with a little water in the bottom. And I just KNOW that if I only do the lift then I'll be disappointed and sad and ashamed of them. So let's put some stuff in there and make them awesome. Like, VS model awesome! Ha ha ha! Boob crush.
ALSO, I won't have a belly button anymore. I mean, who NEEDS one, right? One less place to get an infection, right? Somehow, I was lucky enough to have my belly button skin stretched so tight for so long that it is very thin. So thin that if I were to have my PS leave it, it would look like a dented place with an ugly skin graft (not to mention, the risk of infection due to it taking way longer to heal). So I told him to go ahead and take it out. I have no fear of someone judging me for it or "looking weird". Actually, I can't wait to scare the crap out of the kids and tell them I'm an alien. JUST KIDDING! Or am I... (Insert suspenseful music). Or I could be an angel... Yeah... ;)

On my way...

Well, y'all, we're on our way to the surgery center. It's the butt crack of dawn and I'm hongry lol. I feel as prepared to be unprepared as possible. On top of my pre-op anxiety, I started my period yesterday... Yea me, not. To everyone traveling to the flat side today- wishing you a FABULOUS surgery and speedy recovery! For all of y'all who are still researching (or waiting), I'll post what I've been doing up until surgery (food prep, cleaning, gathering) in a couple of days. But for now, here's some before pictures!


On the flat side! Still doesn't seem real but it hurts real enough! PS said he took off 5 lbs of skin! Crazy sauce!! Sooo sore, tight, and sleepy. Will update later.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic guy! Staff is so friendly. He made me feel like I was a friend of the family. He was honest and didn't try to add more procedures to better his bottom line. I will always recommend him.

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