34 Y/o 34DDD/E 115lbs. Tired of the Pain of Large Breasts - Laguna Hills, CA

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I have a small frame, so carrying around such...

I have a small frame, so carrying around such large breasts has been a huge burden. I'm pretty athletic, I love backpacking, running swimming ect. And having such large breasts has been a huge pain. I went to breastlink to get a small lump I found biopsyed. It ended up being non cancerous, but it was then that I decided to look into breast reduction. I had a consultation with Dr. Zelken and knew right away that he was the perfect surgeon to do my reduction.

Before + After (5 days post)

Getting this reduction has been one of the best choices I ever made. I feel like I'm living in a different body.

I felt very out of it leaving the hospital, and took some pain meds the second day. I didn't like how the pain meds made me feel so I stopped taking them and felt a lot better immediately. I'm lucky that my pain and bruising has been minimal. The only issue I've had so far is a rash, which I'm assuming is from the antibiotics because that is the only thing I'm taking. It's barely noticeable though, and not itchy.
This whole process has been a lot less painful then I thought it would be. I think the hardest part was adjusting to seeing the difference in size in the mirror. It can be shocking to go from such a big size (32DDD/E) to 32C.

I'm 5 days in and couldn't be happier. I feel taller and lighter and this is the best thing I've ever done for my back. I'm so happy I did this and happy to find such a great surgeon.

I'll try to post an update when the tape is off and I'm healed a bit more. But I'd encourage anyone whose considering this procedure to do it.

14 days

It feels like it's been a lot longer then 2 weeks. My healing has been going great so far. The first week I was tired a lot, which made it easier to be less active. After the first week, I started feeling a lot better, and went to the gym and did the stationary bike.
It looks like my scarring will be minimal. I'm really hoping the ones on my sides heal up well. I'm really loving the size.
I asked some of my ex boyfriends and guy friends what they thought about this whole thing, and they all seemed to think it was a great idea and were really unfazed by the whole surgery thing. That made feel more confident about the prospect of dating in the future.

5 weeks

Tomorrow is my 5 week mark. The swelling had gone down a lot in this past week and my boobs are feeling and looking more natural now. The shape along the bottom is still weird from the scars, but hopefully that will change with time. My left breast is still a little more swollen then the right, but that was was a lot bigger before and Also had a lump removed during surgery.
I started using biocornium scar serum this week. I don't like the way it work. I allied it in a very thin layer, but it never seems to dry. Even after a half hour of waiting. So I ordered the scar away silicone scar sheets. Those are great! I put them Ali g the scars under my arms, and where I have a small dog ear on the inner left breast, and along the front scars. After wearing them for a day that cleavage dog eat was way flatter! I think it will go away without needing a touch up down the road.
It's been a little hard coming to terms with how high my scars are on the sides. It shows when I wear sleeveless shirts and in any swimsuit. I guess I had a lot of breast tissue in the sides that needed to be removed. Hopefully the scars will fade a lot over time. I'm still really happy with how things came out. I'm so glad I ended up a lot smaller. Having small boobs is awesome, I love it.

5 weeks

Front view photo (I forgot to add)

Favorite recovery bra

This was my go-to recovery bra after I stopped wearing the medical one hospital had on me after surgery (which was also great).
It's the Victoria secret PINK tropical lace unlined bralette. It says unlined, but there's a nice soft cloth layer under the lace. And no underwire and adjustable straps. I have three of these now in different colors. I don't think I'll ever go back to underwire bras! Also, after your surgery, don't forget to step into the bra and pull it up. It's impossible to pull it over your head for the first week or 2.

10 week update (revision complete)

It feels like 6 months has gone by! Can't believe it's only been 10 weeks. I went in 2 weeks ago to get the little dog ear on my right side revised. Dr. Zelken also noticed that since the swelling was gone, my breasts settled a little too much in the middle (less on the sides) and asked if I wanted that revised as well. I was excited to hear that that was an option! I thought I would have to wait for a year to see if they rounded out. Of course I said yes. So he re cut the inner half of both breasts and took a little extra skin off. It really helped the shape a lot, and the scars where the cleavage are are really smooth now. I'm really excited, because I was happy before, but I had no idea this type of revision could even be done in office. I thought it was great that Dr. Zelken suggested it, because I think he's really trying to achieve a perfect result here, even though it meant more work for him. I'm telling you, he's great! The revision took some of the fullness out of the middle, so when I wear little triangle bralettes now the girls don't spill out the middle and the reduction is barely noticeable in the cleavage area. I went back twice since then (once a week for re-check) and everything is all healed up now. So I'm done with doctor visits. I'm just going to focus on using the scar strips now and waiting for the scars to fade. I'm totally used to my new boobs now. They look like the side and shape I should have been born with.

I'm greatful to have found such a great doctor. I'm also lucky to have been able to get this done while I was in between jobs. I start my next job next week. I'm also looking forward to getting back into dating again at some point. I feel more confident now about my body. I'll update the healing progress at 6 months.
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zelken is truly a masterful surgeon. I am beyond happy with the work he did on me (breast reduction). He is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but also a perfectionist and an artist. He listened to everything that I wanted, and I could not be happier with the results. I can't say enough good things about him. He's also probably the nicest Doctor I've ever met. I can't recommend him highly enough. I'm so glad that I chose him as my surgeon. his skill and attention to detail produced the most beautiful result, far beyond my expectations. I'm so happy!

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