350cc silicone gummies Hi prof (Mentor) 5ft 7, 120lbs. :)

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So after getting a new bra fitting at VS last...

So after getting a new bra fitting at VS last month and realizing I lost more volume I decided to take the plunge and go for a consult. I knew from researching here that I probably wanted silicone gummies, 300-350 cc with an under the boob insicion (term?? anyone?)

I'm 5ft 7in, 120 lb mom of 4 teenagers that escapes to the gym everyday for a few hours.

I set my appt with Dr Louis Mes after talking to several friends who have had it done here in town. According to my nurse friends the saying at the hospital is that "Mes is the best" lol. After meeting him and his staff I agree. He's spot on and very knowledgable. Older ~ been doing this for 39 years and blocks from my house. Easy to talk too and informative.

He actually showed me the different implants including one of the gummies that he had cut open as an example. He highly suggested I go with the moderate or high profile gummy silicone since I'm small and athletic. He suggested 325-350cc, under the muscle and only does the under the boob incision. Props to him bc I didn't even say what I was thinking ~ I let him talk first. He confirmed my thought that he's the one I'm going with.

I considered driving to Baton Rouge if it would be a little less, but it's not enough for me to drive. I'd only save about $500 and Mes gives a 3 percent discount if you pay in cash ~ whoop! Not much but I'll take it.
$85 consult fee btw. $6200 for everything.

I'll be saving thru the holidays and scheduling my surgery for Feb. when our calendar is a little slower and I have time to recover properly.

November update

Super excited ~ I feel good about my decision. I'm very comfortable with the dr I've chosen and his staff has been excellent.

I've paid half of the amount so far and should have the rest paid with in the next 5 weeks. Busy Busy! I'm leaning towards late January as date and should know soon. Still waiting for the Drs wife to get their travel schedule together for the next year.

Pictures for you all - before!!

Poor little boobies. They actually aren't a bad shape - they're just tiny. Barely filling out a 34A right now

Moving the date up

I just realized last night that I will have save all the $$ I need by the end of November!! Woohoo! Feels like forever all though it's only been a few short weeks :) I'm heading in today to pay off the last of the dr fees then all that keaves is the anesthesia and facility fees.

We'll be looking at his schedule to see if he can fit me in before the end of the year! Eeeeeek! Lol!


So these are the 300cc rice bags. Assuming that I would get 325cc and they lose 10 percent volume then I would assume this is what I'd end up with??? It's probably the biggest I'd want to be.

I paid off the last of the drs fees today's and only need to pay off the $1700 on anesthesia and facility fees! Woohoo!

While I was there I talked with them about moving the date to December!!!!! Ahhh!! She said the 15-19th is booked but if they get a cancellation it's all mine! Which she said does happen so you never know! If not my scheduled date is Decwmber 30th!! Less that 7 weeks!

Wish pics??

Thinking this is what I want.....???

I got a cancellation spot!!! HELP!

Ahhhh!!!! I'm down to 28 days! ????

My amazing PS's office called to say they got a cancellation for Decwmber 15th!!!!

So now.....what to do?? My pre-op is next week.....so many things to think of! Anyone suggestions girls??

Rice sizers again....

So these are the 325 rice sizers I a bra (34C) and they feel kinda BIg!! Just from the side - but i'm assuming since I'm having high profile they won't project as much?? Meaning they'll be higher up? And less out? I know the sizers aren't an exact fit and you lose a little volume so if I got 325 and lost 10% I'd be ok........sigh......

23 days to go

It's been a crazy 2 months since I decided I wanted this. I've read more profiles and boob job stories, looked at so many different boobs - more boobie stuff then I've EVER thought of BUT I am SOOOO excited! I mean - I'm spending my Saturday night surfing this site thinkin g about what I need to do!

Who would have guessed that in 8 weeks I would have hustled enough work to get this done?? Sigh. Paid in full with in the next week. It's a great accomplishment in and of itself to save that much in that short amount of time.

So anyway - I took a few pics in a sports bra I rmwear around the house......I never wear it to the gym. I have a shaped, slightly padded one I wear - but in 23 days (plus recovery) I can wear whatever bra I want!!! Did I mention I was excited....??! Lol!

Also - I've been thinking - leaning towards a 300-325 I think. My preop is this Tuesday and I've picked some more wish pics to bring :)

Pre Op with Dr Mes

Yay! Went in today and got all the info for the pre-op. He and I talked again about size, but I'm so at ease with him ~ I know that he's on the conservative side and I'm comfortable with letting him make the call on size. It'll be either a 350 mod plus or hi. What ever he decides fits in the pocket best. He knows that I run and dance so I don't want a lot of projection.

He gave me an RX for Demarol and Phenegran. He also gave me Ambien but I probably won't need to fill that one.

I got a gift from them ~ a bag full of goodies ~ scar cream, chocolates, cozy socks, chapstick and best of all a free micropeel to use whenever I would like! How fun!!

I'll be going to the surgery center next week to pre admit there and that's about it!

Soooooo ~ 19 more days!!

Gift bag goodies

Gift bag goodies from my dr!! Debating if I should save the chocolate or not.....????

My hubby also surprised me with a new tvfor our room so that I can have "something" to do besides go crazy for a few days - lol!!

Post op bra shopping

Suggestions girls? I need to pick up some today. He suggested the champions my am at the zip up front however when I went looking yesterday I couldn't find any...... assuming I can just buy any brand so what size do you suggest? I'm a 34A now and should be a C after. Wondering if I should buy a 36 D to have room for bandages and ice packs????

Pre admit today

Went today to the surgery center. It's a pretty building that was built last year. My admit nurse was awesome and we chit chatted the whole time. She asked who my PS was and when I said Dr. mes she was so excited and positive. She was telling me that he's an expert in the South and hands down the best PS in La :) she just raced about him. I'm beyond happy with my choice in drs.

OmGosh! Sick?!?

My children have all been sick! Like really bad cold almost flu sick and I'm starting to feel achy! I will KILL them if I get sick (just a saying - not realllyyyy.....maybe ????)

Any suggestions?? I'm hand washing and kicking back a to. If Emergen-C already ????????????????????????

So sick

I guess when it rains it pours? I've been so sick and so has everyone in my house. I'm on day 5 and on the road to recovery but just exhausted! I have a week to feel better.....I was told as long as I don't have a fever they'll still do the BA. Thank God! I'm not sure I can wait any longer!! I googled boobies the whole time I stayed in bed - lol!

On top of being sick my grandfather passed away - so tons of family to deal with this week....:.at least they'll keep my mind off it right??

Almost there.......and nervous!

Well Monday is the day! I'm so glad I paid ahead of time bc I might have talked myself out of it yesterday!!! I was naseous just thinking about what people will say ???? crazy I know but still.

Other than that I'm picking up some arnica tablets tomorrow. Filled my RX and have been rubbing my breasts with oil to help the skin relaxing.

I've taken it very easy in the gym this week. Letting my upper body muscles relax and not working them at all. Being out of the gym is hard, but after talking to several friends who exercise they all said they wish they would have not worked their arms and chest the week before. So being cautious about it and just taking time off.

Saturday I'll be grocery shopping to fill my house with food. Several of my amazing friends are going to make meals for me and Sunday I'm cleaning my house! Too to bottom!

So am I forgeting anything?? Any must dos before my big day??? Eeekkkk! It's almost here!

36 hours till surgery!

Yesterday and today have been interesting.....put on my sports bra yesterday and thought - wow - last time for you. Put on my padded VS bra today and thought the same thing. So slightly reflective but getting excited. Tomorrow I'll be throwing out a drawer full of bras in exchange for new boobies! Whoop!

Dane! Whoop!

Done and I feel awesome. Recovering easily from the anestiology thank goodness. I did get a patch to helps i's a little tight but that's really it.

Here's me chilling. I'll post more later :)


First pic! I'm in love.

Day 2

Today I feel good. No bruising and just a lingering pain at the bottom near the steri strips.

I've been eating food and haven't had any naseous feelings :) working myway out of the anestisia and I'm feeling good. Reminding myself to rest.....but I doubt I can stay in this bed to long - lol

Day 2 - photos

Day 3

All righty - I feel a little regret but not much. Concerned they night babe a tad bit on the big side ???? but I'm determined to give them time do drop and fluff.

Only worry - the extra skin in the bottom of the left one.....please tell me it'll fix itself too!

Day 4

I'm feeling great! I've been off all pain killers since yesterday am. I drive myself to get my hair washed and blow dried as a treat and today I'll drive to my post op appt. today he'll put me in my regular sports bra! Yay!

Pain wise it hasn't been bad at all. I think getting off the pain meds fast was a good idea. They've been a little itchy but I know its bc they're healing.

So new pic for you all today - they look pretty much the same. I'll post again after my appt

Day 4 -post op appt

Went great! He swapped me into a regular sports bra and told me I had no restrictions - just listen to my body. I'm still taking advil around the clock as needed but will probably head to the gym tomorrow to walk a bit. I'm going back on Tuesday to get the stiches removed :)

Day 5

Day 5 - whoop! The new bra was too tight so I swapped it for this new purple one that I picked up from WalMart for $10. It's actually way more comfy. I think the straps on that white UA one are to short for me. This one feels great.

I slept decently although not awesome last night. Got up this mornin feeing pretty good. Got dressed and headed to the gym! I took it really easy and just walked for 30 minutes. Little bit of tenderness in the upper on both sides both not bad. I came home and iced them for 20 minutes and now I feel great. If felt good to be back in a semi-routine :)

End of Day 5

Longest day yet! I hit the road running after the gym with visits to friends, chauffeuring teenagers and finally ending up at the mall for hours to complete my shopping. I took advil with me and did pretty good. There were moments though my boobies were like "we're tired! Find us some ice!" Lol!

Decided that I'm going to ask on Tuesday when I go to get my stiches out of I can swap to a regular sports bra at least for sleeping at night. I tried one in today and it's so much more comfortable. Just for fun I'm posting before and afters in the same bra side-by-side :)

1 week today!

One week today for my new girls :) they feel good although I need to go back and really look at the pics to see how much they've changed.

I've been walking 2 miles everyday and while it's taking forever it feels good. I'm taking advil in the morning and before bed. Other than that I feel completely normal. Little tightness here and there but not bad!

Tomorrow I get the steri strips off and the stiches out! Whoop!

Stitch removal

Today I went in and he removed the steri strips and stitches. I got a good look at my scars. Not too bad. I have a gel that I'll be putting on them morning and evening.

I'm feeling better and better every day. I'm walking 2 miles or so every morning although I do get a few muscle spasms from the walking. The nurse assured me nothing was wrong and keep going :)

Dr. Mes told me today my implants weigh about 1-1/2 lbs. I weighed myself today at the gym and it was 122. So bearing in mind the weight of the implants I seem to have finally lost all the fluid from surgery. Yay!

He said I looked great and I could do anything I was comfortable with - no restrictions. I think I'm going to hold off on sleeping on my tummy, running and upoer Jody weights until week 4 just as a precaution.

I feel like this surgery was so easy. I'm so grateful I picked a wonderful doctor. I'm sure he made a huge difference.

12 day update :)

12 days gone! I feel good still. They're dropping some and filling out nicely. They're a little hard to dress though! Some of my clothing just doesn't look as cute. So tomorrow I'll be on the hunt for a few cute pieces and that'll make me happy!

I'm posting side by side lrogression pics and new pics of my scars.

I had breakfast today with a friend who's a surgical nurse. She had her boobs done 3 years ago. She checked out my scars and was soooooo impressed. They look fabulous! I'm applying a cream to them 2-3xs a day and massaging them. i think they'll heal almost nonexistent - woohoo! Great job, Dr Mes!

Progression photos

Sorry! They didn't load!

One more try

Again.....progression pics

Day 15 :)

Still feeling great. I've been off the RX meds for a week and I'm sleeping decently. I still find they're a little sore in the morning. I'm still walking and cycling daily with a little lower body weight thrown in.

I will say - something I didn't think about. The surgery and probably the anesteshia has thrown my cycle all off. I usually start like clock work and go 4 days. I spotted for 3 days and "started" 4 days late.hoping this will fix itself as all the meds roll out of my system for good.

Since I'm visual I took a bunch of pics for y'all. :) I like the way my boobs aren't too big in clothes unless I want them to be. I'm adjusting to them well.

Oh! And I found this great bra at Walmart! $10 and its high impact. It's been perfect for the gym. :)

Stitches are a pain!

Hey yall! It's been almost a month! Eek!

I'm loving my new additions and they're adjusting well. I have had sever nipple sensitivity but since I think that means i' be getting feeling back in both nipes I'm not complaining!

I started running last week. Couple miles a day and it's feeling good.

My stitch though on one side is driving me crazy! Calling my PS tomorrow. I think a price of it may be trying to poke out. It's painful to touch Actually hurts a bit. Afraid that it could be infected so I put a warm compress and triple antibiotic ointment on it just to be safe.

Also - side note - I think my right side has dropped some but the left is still high! I'm like hurry up already! Lol!! So impatient :)

Happy ONE month!!

Today marks one month that I got my girls! :)

I am very happy with them. Somedays I think they might be a little big other days I love them. I think it's all a process. In the end I'm happy.

This has been such a good and positive experience for me. Great dr, good recovery from the anesteshia and from the surgery.

I'm still weak in my arms and doing very light weights but I'm back to almost everything else's. Lifting daily, running - enjoying life :)

I'll be so thrilled in a few months when they finish dropping!!
Lafayette Plastic Surgeon

So far I have been beyond impressed with Dr. Mes and his staff. He's very knowledgable and very well respected in the community - not only for his surgery skills but as a person. I haven't heard one bad word mentioned about him which puts me at ease. He's so relaxed and easy going - like he's done this forever - which he has! Looking forward to my surgery :)

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