Labiaplasty changed my life

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Throughout high school and university I was always self-conscious about my vagina because i had large labia minora that protruded past my outer lips. I also have a larger clitoris with an obvious clitoral hood. My vagina was my biggest insecurity and it was ruining my life because I was scared to have sexual relationships. I decided I needed to get this procedure done did a ton of research on what doctor to choose before deciding on Dr. Jugenburg. I think I paid over $4,000 CAN for this procedure with taxes and everything, but it was so worth every dollar spent. It is really expensive but if your vagina bothers you as much as it bothered me, trust me it's worth it. At my consultation Dr. Jugenburg and his nurse were super nice and knowledgeable. They took pictures of my vagina (which was uncomfortable because no one else has ever seen it before) and advised my that the "trim" method would be perfect. I always thought I would need a clitoral hood reduction too, but the doctor said I actually didn't, so I trusted his professional judgement and agreed to Labiaplasty surgery using the trim method. The procedure felt so surreal because I was in the operating room with Dr. Jugenburg and a nurse while classical music played in the background and a picture of my vagina was projected on a screen. The needles used to numb my vagina hurt tons, but aside from that I felt no pain at all through the procedure. Afterwards I looked at my vagina in a hand-held mirror and it looked AWFUL (a big puffy mess) but i knew this would look better over the next couple days. I had to take the GO bus home from downtown Toronto to my hometown which was a little uncomfortable when the effects of the numbing started to wear off. By the end of my trip I was in tons of pain and felt stinging. The only complication I had was a stitch popped during my recovery and there was a small gap and open wound on one of my labia. I was advised to let it heal on it's own so I just left it alone. It took a really long time for my labia to look normal because even when the swelling went down months later, the stitching line was still kinda obvious and felt lumpy. I thought that this would be the final result (which i was fine with because it was better than my vagina before) but 1 year later and my vagina looks AMAZING. I am so incredibly happy I had this procedure done. I'm so comfortable with my vagina now that I don't think twice about it anymore. All my insecurity about it is completely gone and I can't express how life changing that is. Thank you Dr. Jugenburg!!!!!!!!

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