Breast Implant Revision with Dr Pousti - La Mesa, CA

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In this review I want to answer all the questions...

In this review I want to answer all the questions that I normally get from girls wanting XL implants. I tend to obsess over details, I think we all do to a degree when it comes to altering our bodies. Dr. Pousti was extremely kind and patient, and always taking the time to reply to his emails. Bring him a goal photo and he will not only give you the look you are going for but also by doing it safely. Too many girls focus on size in cc's. When they should focus more on the look they want. Because different sizes look different on different people. Which is something Dr. Pousti knows more about than anyone. I have recommended a lot of girls who wants bigger implants to go to him and I will continue to do that. I am so happy with the results from my recent revision breast surgery in going bigger, with the over filled saline implants from Dr. Pousti. I want to say thank you to his staff, you are all so sweet and professional, thank you for helping me achieve my new look and confidence.

Choosing a Doctor for BA- Dr. Pousti

Recently I posted a review on Dr Pousti in regards to my most recent surgery and experience with him and the staff. Although what I wrote in regards to his knowledge, surgerical skills and patient's safety was a 100% true, I also left off any negative experiences I had experienced. 

In my first review I had left off a negative experience I had with Dr Pousti and his staff because at the time when I analysed the situation, I thought to myself maybe it was just a one time thing. What is this experience you may ask? During my surgery when I was sedated, in the middle of surgery one of the implants was not holding up/giving enough support. Dr Pousti did the right thing and went ahead by giving me internal sutures. My surgery went well and the results were great, because of this I deceded to leave out the detail that althougth he did what was right; how it was communicated to me after I found unprofessional. 

When he had completed the surgery, he did not relay the information about the additional surgical step to the nurse or to my partner. During the post op phone call from the staff at the office, this information was not mentioned as well. I was unaweare of this additional surgery until 3 days after when I had my post op visit in the office. One of the his assistants had taken me into the room and at that time explained it to me and told me that there was going to be extra charges that need to be paid at the end of my visit. I was shocked because that was the first time hearing it and questioned why wasnt this informtion given to me earlier. In this situation I thought they needed to work on their communication, but because at the end of the day my result turn out the way I wanted, I had decided to leave this negative experience off. 

Why am I writting to share this now? It was bought to my attention that because I let this slide and did not address my concern at the time with Dr Pousti or his staff, the way they communicated within the office stayed the same. Very recently an anonymous person had messaged me with a link to Dr Pousti before and after photos on his website. As I open the link, I was in shock to see all my before and after photos taken at the office up on the site. I did not consent to having those photos being posted, and was very strict and clear that they may only use photos that I sent in personally. This experience devastated and shattered me, I was beyond upset. Although these photos have been taken down now, there are copy of them up on the internet still. A experience that I once thought was the best experience any doctor could give me, leaves me feeling self-conscious and humiliated. 

I am writting this review not to say that Dr Pousti is not a good doctor but as a eye opener to the office of Dr Pousti that they need to work on communicating better between their staffs and between the staffs and pateints. Please note I was beyond upset when this happened and when I adressed both issues, his one answer was "I don't know, I can't remember..I won't even be able to rememeber a conversation we might have had yesterday" in regards to the internal stitches I had done during surgery and why I was not informed sooner after my surgery insteading of waiting until my post op day in his office. Dr Pousti had apologized in regards to the photos on his website but not in the same way or as the same doctor who reassured my saftey before going into surgery. 

Before you book your next appointment I ask that you do your research and consider going for a few consults with different doctors, asking yourself if this doctor is right for you. Sadly I used to think that Dr Pousit was the right doctor for me but seeing how a doctor's attitude can change so sudden, in a agressive tone and manner, makes me really disappointed to think that I thought he cared. I do believe that Dr Pousti is skilled with surgery but I also know that there are many of other doctors out there who can perform and achieve your goal results as well.

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2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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