46 Y/o Breast Revision 5'2" 127 # on June 9, 2015 by Dr. Pousti Before 385cc Mod Silicone After 565cc Hp Silicone - La Mesa, CA

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HISTORY: I had a breast augmentation in the...

I had a breast augmentation in the Seattle area one year ago and was unhappy with the results. I did not feel that the surgeon listened to what I wanted. I feel he had already decided what he thought I should look like and didn't deviate despite seeing my wish photos. He already chose the cc before surgery. In his defense, my starting point was very difficult as I have pectus excavatum and my breasts were far apart and I never had cleavage.

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18. In my teens and 20s, before I had children, I was completely flat with 12% body fat. Before my first BA, I was about 10-15 pounds overweight and breast fed 3 children so had a lot of breast tissue/skin even though my breasts were size 34 A. With my first BA at 45 years old, I had 385cc silicone moderate profile.

I understand my anatomy dictated how they would look post-op but I was really unhappy from day one (blues big time, I cried the first day knowing it was not what I wanted) with the lack of cleavage and my body seemed to engulf the 385cc. My surgeon made it clear that high profile looked too fake and that 385 was the max we could go for my width of my chest. I felt post-op he could not wait for me to leave the room and would open the door "shooing me out" as I asked more questions. Totally disgusted with his arrogance, I never even went back for revisits after the 3 month mark. I do not like to write negative reviews so I am leaving his name out of this post. I could not get cleavage with pushup bras and did not look how I wanted to in bathing suits. My breasts were in my armpits. Very uncomfortable. I think I cried for 3 months straight regretting ever having the surgery.

Luckily, I found Real Self and did a lot of research knowing that I wanted to have a revision done. I came across Dr. Pousti's name frequently for breast revisions. He has a wonderful reputation especially for breast revisions. I emailed him pictures because I am from out of state and he sent me a detailed email about the options for my situation. I flew in to see him (my choice) to see if I would be a good candidate because I felt my pectus excavatum was an issue and I wanted his opinion in person to see if he could help me and what were realistic expectations. He was amazing and spent 2-3 hours with us. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he answered in detail any questions that I had. He did not want me to leave until I felt my questions were answered. I was very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff.

Two months later, June 8, 2015, I had my pre-op visit and we spent another 1-1.5hrs discussing what I wanted and what was possible. Dr. Pousti is down to earth and honest. He is a very busy man but MAKES the time to answer your questions. I appreciate his kindness. I was terrified to have the procedure done...one reason because I am terrified of going under anesthesia and two, I am terrified that my results will not be what I expect. On the day of surgery, he reviewed my pictures again, what I wanted and what was possible for my anatomy. He explained in detail what he was going to do as he drew on my chest. I felt completely safe in his hands. He is an artist...I can tell. He could tell how frightened I was to go under and made me feel calm as the anesthesia kicked in.

Day of surgery of revision with capsulorrhaphy and one day post op

The surgery went well. All the recovery room staff was great. I was given Zofran so had no vomiting post-op! I was happy to wake up to no drains! I had no idea how many cc's I would end up with and came out with 565cc high profile. I am so excited. I told Dr. Pousti that I did not want anything more than 600cc if possible because I did not want the weight on my petite frame.

I have the best fiance who happens to also be a nurse practitioner so he has taken amazing care of me. I think having the proper help after surgery is the key to success. Overall, pain has been manageable but had some itching with percocet so had to switch to vicodin.
I have been doing much better. I did a short walk and continued to take deep breaths. I am recovering much easier than my first BA. I am so tempted to look inside my bra but am following directions and not touching anything.

2 days post op

Doing much better. I am from out of town so we are staying at the Homewood Suites Liberty Station in San Diego (highly recommended) and it is a great set-up because it is an open floor plan with a kitchen, living room and bedroom. There is also breakfast in the mornings and little dinners in the evening so my fiance does not have to leave me alone. We went to Trader Joes and stocked up on groceries. I have been walking and pain is much better today. My fiance washed my hair and blow dried it and I feel like a princess. Tomorrow is my post-op appointment with Dr. Pousti so I will know more then! I will post my pre- op WISH PICS soon.

Wish photos

Here are some of my wish pics....these were my dream pics but knew my limitations with my anatomy.

More wish photos...I felt the wish photos helped me during my Realself journey

Post-op Visit today...post-op day 3

Today I went for my post-op visit and all is well. I did not get to see the results but Dr. Pousti took a picture during surgery and gave it to me and I am posting it now. I am really happy with the results. My pain has much improved today and I have been walking more. I think I took 1 vicodin today and 1 Valium 5mg and tylenol 2000mg. I am still constipated and have been taking Miralax daily. The most important thing is to keep my arms to my sides for 6 weeks and I am determined to do that.

Day 5....post op

I was worried that 565cc would be too big for my frame but they feel like my breasts. I love that! I feel normal. I am so excited.
Emailed Dr. Pousti because I didn't want to bother him on a weekend about switching from narcotics to alleve and he called me back on a Sunday! Wow. The recovery has gone well. I have top notch help so I am not overdoing it. I am catching up on my "Orange is the New Black" episodes. I switched today to Alleve and it is almost as effective as Percocet for me. I have been very constipated so wanted to stop the Percocet. I have been keeping my arms to my side as recommended for 6 weeks due to the internal stitches. It is hard because I am active. I have been walking and trying to gently stay active and rest at the same time. I am having a lot of burning nerve pain under my left breast that radiates to my back (I had this with my first augmentation so I am not concerned and it lasted about 3 months.) It magically went away after eating a Dick's Burger Maple Nut Ice Cream cone so I am waiting to go back to Seattle to have an ice cream cone....ha ha ha. I don't have any photos to post...maybe on Tuesday at my last visit with Dr. Pousti.

8 days Post-op Flight home last night went well!

I am exhausted today. Probably overdid it yesterday. We flew home from San Diego to Seattle on a 750pm flight. I saw Dr. Pousti yesterday around 145pm before I headed home. I had a note from Dr. Pousti that helped a great deal because I did not have to lift my arms to go through security and also Alaska airlines is so awesome that they put me in the 6th row so I had a lot of leg room and could easily stand in front of my seat. I was a bit afraid of a blood clot as I have anticardiolipin antibodies which make a me higher risk for clots. SO, I have been definitely good about moving my legs.

Today on day 8, I feel pretty sore. I had to take a percocet 1/4 tablet..lol with Aleve. I am feeling a little teary in a selfish way, I cannot abduct my arms so I feel a bit helpless and I am a busy mother of 3 and have a busy private practice (I took time off but no one has time off with a private practice). My lovely fiance washed my hair and helped me get dressed but all I can think of is.....5 more weeks of this? (I am so good about keeping my arms to my side that today when my fiance cleaned my axilla, my skin was stuck together!
I went to the office and did some catch up phone calls and paperwork. Tired me out!
I am posting pics of my visit yesterday...day 7. I have to wear the bolster under the breasts to protect the internal sutures (which is why I cannot move my arms up or outward). The bolsters are pushing my breasts up. SO, over time from what I understand, the bottom of the breast will "fluff" out and I will have nice cleavage as the tops lower a bit. This was the first time I had looked under the bra so all the ink is still on my chest. I have to clean that off now.
I am hard on myself...I have to get rid of that belly. One thing at a time!
I am happy with the results so far.

Why teary?

I am so sensitive today. My teenager was acting like a teenager and I just started crying. SO emotional. I think part of it is not being able to do much and I am an active person (not exercising active but busy always doing something active). But really being teary is so weird. I haven't looked into why this happens. Is it normal post-op? I am still taking Valium 2.5mg a day but that is a tiny amount. Maybe it is that.
I'm not sad about my breasts..I just cry easily at least once daily since surgery.
I am sore when I wake up and have been more sore for the past 2 days. Probably because I am moving more now that I am home. I have had to take percocet 1/2 tablet for 2 days in a row. Tiny dose but still. I am continuing with twice daily Alleve.
Yesterday I had to rebolster the dressings because I had to wash my bra. Photos to follow.

2 weeks and 1 day

Took pics last night and was a little worried about my healing with the scabs. Emailed my doctor pictures and he reassured me that I was healing normally and I am very early in the healing process. I got a little anxious because some people heal so quickly.
I got my old scars injected with kenalog and they already look smoother under the crease of my breast. My doctor did a great job at placing the scar directly at the crease. I think the kenalog has contributed to my mood swings. I forgot I got that done and it makes sense to me.
I am doing more and tomorrow I go back to work half day and then full days fri, sat, sun and mon. Not sure how I am going to do this as I get tired and sore easily.i type a lot with my job and that makes my biceps even more sore holding my arms in that position. My arms are sore from keeping them to my side but I figured out it was my fault because i was contracting my biceps all the time. That hurts. So now i really try to relax my arms and release the muscle tension.
I am ordering a neck pillow tonight on amazon. My neck is killing me.
I started watching my food intake as my activity is way down. I lost some water weight thank goodness. Took a walk today but still not as active as I am used to. I am letting myslef sit when I need to.

3 week update

I am so excited to be at the 3 week mark

Feeling better each day average. I am back to work and busy. Still keeping my upper arms to my sides is hard. I am wearing the bolsters under my breasts but took them off for the photos above. I wear the bolsters and the ugly bra because I had internal sutures. Nights are the hardest for me. Sleeping on my back is difficult because it starts to ache and some nights I have to get out of bed due to the pain. I am taking Alleve and Tylenol for the pain.
My nipples still have scabs on them. I feel like I am healing slower than many of the Real Self members. I am still riding high.
I had a really rough night the other night with a racing heart and more back pain than usual and realized that my GERD was acting up....thank you prilosec.....

Feeling better...3 weeks and 2 days

Finally got the ok yesterday to take the bolsters off and the tape. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I think the tape was causing a lot of pain as my skin is sensitive and it was burning. I feel like a new woman. I also slept a little on my side and much more flat on my back and it was heaven. I feel so much better overall just with those two changes. I did not have to take any Alleve today. I worked a long day at work too.
I have cleavage for the first time in my life....I am so excited.
Happy 4th!!!!

Week 4

Feeling much better and I am healing nicely. Now that I am sleeping flat or on my sides my pain decreased significantly. Still have scabs on my nipples but they are healing.

Sports bra 4 weeks

6 week update

Overall doing well. Back to normal activities. Now I am allowed to reach with my arms. Boy do my muscles hurt from not using them! I drove for the first time today and worked all day so I am tired. My breasts still need to drop. My right breast still had a scab on it and I accidentally pulled it off and bled surprisingly alot until I realized what happened. As soon as I put pressure on it, the bleeding stopped and it looks fine. Hope you are all healthy and happy.

2 1/2 months update

Feeling fabulous. Moving around normally without pain. My nipples finally healed about the first week of Aug. i am finally sleeping on my sides. Overall, very happy I did the surgery.
I can't take selfies... How do you do it?
I have been so busy with work that I haven't shopped for bras so still wearing my exercise bras. The bras in the photos are old ones so I haven't gone to nordstroms to play around and shop.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Overall very impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff. Dr. Pousti cares about his clients and is an artist. He is a hard worker/perfectionist. The surgical center and staff were professional. The anesthesiologist was professional and thorough....I did not have emesis...!!!! I am only one day post-op so will continue to review on this site and could not fill out the aftercare part of the review. I feel like Dr. Pousti took his time and listened to me. I have my doctorate degree and am a nurse practitioner and I treat my clients very similarly with respect and I LISTEN to them and collaborate....crucial for success for treatment and healing. I love that about Dr. Pousti.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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