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My first BA was in 2004 when I was 20 years old. I...

My first BA was in 2004 when I was 20 years old. I received 325cc saline implants placed under the muscle via crease incision by a well known and highly credited surgeon on Park Ave in NYC. I wanted to go as big as possible and the surgeon claimed he could only fit 325cc overfilled to 375 on one breast and 345 on the other. I also had one breast higher than the other and one was a little bit bigger, so that offset in size was supposed to fix my issues.

I was initially happy with my surgery as I finally had the bigger breasts I had wanted for my modeling career, but soon realized there were some problems from the very beginning.

My motivation for Revision surgery were because of all of these issues I was dealing with. One of the problems I faced was that my nipples were way too high and would pop out of every bra and shirt. Turns out the surgeon had over dissected the pockets in my chest for the implants to sit and they were created too low from the start. My other issue was my right nipple had never fully regained feeling, and the little bit of feeling that did come back resulted in a painful numb burning feeling where my nipple could never even be touched without swelling and hurting. I later learned it was a Neuroma, possibly from severe bottoming out and stretching of a nerve.

Over the years the bottoming out became worse and worse and then I developed bilateral asymmetry; my implants would fall into my armpits while lying down which was causing an uncomfortable pulling sensation within my chest muscles and would interfere with my sleeping. My chest also had a huge gap, and I had no cleavage whatsoever,

After I had a baby and breastfed for 4 months, things really started to worsen between the stretching of my breasts to weight loss, I was left with gross, rippling “water bags”. Nerve pain became worse and I had definite self-consciousness which affected me in many ways.

In February of 2013, two months after I had my baby, I started looking for an incredible surgeon who specialized in revisionary breast surgery and XL implants and Dr. Pousti was the first surgeon who popped up. His website had tons of information and patient testimonials which were all positive as well as his photo gallery which spoke for itself. I emailed him my photos and described my concerns and he quickly responded with the suggestion of implant exchange and Capsulorrhaphy to fix the placement of my implants, nipples and bottoming out.

After reading more stories and and positive experiences from hundreds of women of Dr. Pousti, I was confident to book my surgery and finally get my boobs fixed! It didn’t matter that I was in New Jersey and he was in California, I wanted do this right the second time and didn’t care where I had to travel for an amazing surgeon and amazing results.

I flew in to San Diego with my Husband and stayed at a beautiful resort on Mission Beach. I met with Dr. Pousti for the first time a day before surgery and he was very warm and welcoming. He had just come out of a very long surgery but took his time with me. His confidence and understanding put me at ease, and I knew I was in good hands, as well as my Husband. His whole staff was so nice and accommodating, as well as Daisy who helped me decide on the size of implant I wanted to go and help me go over all of the recovery instructions.

Surgery started at 7am on February 21st. Dr. Pousti drew on my chest to get ready for surgery. The nurses were amazing and made me so comfortable, and right before I went to sleep Dr. Pousti and the nurse held my hand.

The first thing I remembered when I opened my eyes after surgery was how comfortable and peaceful I felt. The nurse asked me if I had any pain which I started to feel 15 minutes later and quickly gave me more medicine, and after an hour I was ready to go!

I have never had a more comfortable and positive experience with any other surgery, from the going to sleep to waking up, it has been great. Dr. Pousti’s staff called me twice a day for a week to make sure I was doing okay, as well as Dr. Pousti himself, and on a Sunday no less! I have never had that kind of caring experience before.

I saw Dr. Pousti 3 days after surgery and oh my god, my chest look amazing! I couldn’t be happier. I now have 695cc HP silicone and it’s such a night and day difference, I feel so proportionate now and they look and feel sooo great.

Recovery was pretty much the same as my first surgery for the first two days, except I didn’t feel like I had an elephant on my chest when I woke up. I was able to go out the next day and by day 3 things really started improving regarding the pain. I went from taking a Pain Killer every 4 hours to just a half in the morning and a half in the evening by day 4. Now I take a Tylenol when needed. By day 3 I experienced more of an itchy feeling underneath my breasts where the internal sutures were done, but I know that’s a good thing as things are healing nicely and as they should.

5 days later I am now on a plane and back to NJ and I feel great.

I completely recommend Dr. Pousti. I am so thankful I found him!

I will continue to update and post photos of my progress.

9 days post op photo

2 weeks post op

Feeling really good today. I had some swelling in my cleavage that had me a bit worried for the past few days but it's looking and feeling much better today. I took a photo while changing my surgical bra to a sports bra in the meantime while I wash it. I don't have any pain, just still sore under my breasts. I usually feel more sore in the morning when I wake up. I will try to get some side pics taken soon :)

3 weeks post op

Everything has felt great, especially this passed week. Last week my left breast was quite a bit higher than the right but they seem to be pretty much completely even now. I also had the tiniest spot of brown discharge that came from under my steri strip last week, but that was it, and no issues since.

After asking my Dr. over the phone (since I'm out of state) I had to change to a tighter sports bra last week as I didn't feel it was supporting me enough, maybe since the swelling went down. That helped a lot and made my nights sleeping a lot more comfortable. I am using an Under Armour high impact compression sports bra with a zip up front and my bolsters underneath and it makes everything snug and comfy. I'm usually a 32" band but with all the gauze underneath, a 34DD fits good.

At 3 weeks out I have no pain, no zingers or discomfort. I'm able to sleep on my side now which is nice. Hopefully by next week I can go without the bolstering so they can start to take shape and soften :)

Swelling is mostly gone!

I went back to my surgical bra this past week as I don't feel I need as much support as the prior week and they are taking shape nicely. I have less swelling/tenting in my cleavage. I put a rolled sock between them at night in case I wake up sleeping on my side which has helped. I don't have a weird sensation when I use my chest muscles and I almost feel 100%!

1 Month Boobie Anniversary

My cleavage is almost back to normal and all swelling seems to be gone. Only funny thing I can say right now is that when I'm topless for a few minutes my boobs feel so cool to the touch lol. Definitely a difference from the saline which keeps body temp.

Anyway they feel so much more real and not so foreign like the salines did, regardless of feeling cool to the touch at times :)

Feeling and looking great

Been busy with work the last couple of weeks but I've healed up very nicely and I have no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I was a little concerned after reading some women's recovery with the internal bra, but I feel as though I never had surgery at all. I started bio oil on my scars a few days ago
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

The best of the best! Great bed side manner for the long haul, awesome results, quick recovery. I will definitely go to Dr. Pousti for my future procedures.

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