Tummy Tuck After Liposuction and Fat Transfer That Left Me with a Botched Abdomen After Being Skinny and Fit.

I have been down a long plastic surgery road over...

I have been down a long plastic surgery road over the last year. I had to replace my breast implants do to them being older and one was capsulized. My past PS replaced 460cc saline with 700cc hp silicone. (he thought the old ones were bigger before the surgery) I wish he had at the time of surgery just put in smaller implants knowing that he was wrong about the size.
They were way to big for my 126 lb 5'5 frame. I had many problems with them. Rippling, indentations and they were very heavy on my neck. The PS said I needed to do a fat transfer to cover all the irregularities. This would be a much easier approach and "I would get used to them" I was hesitant, but at the time I trusted my doctor.
The fat transfer didn't take. The areas where the lipo fat transfer was taken from in my abdomen was left in horrible condition. I had lumps and bumps. A cobblestone effect.
I did not get use to them. The rippling and pulling in the center of my chest was horrible. Months later the PS replaced my implants with a more suitable size of 560cc uhp silicone. Three months after that he did a lipo revision of my abdomen.
Fast forward almost 5 months after that (now), my abdomen is in worse shape than ever.
I went back for a post op a month ago and he told me I would definitely need a tummy tuck now.
I was devastated! Having surgery after surgery, and countless amounts of surgery fees just to end up here.
I have had four children, 21 19 16 13. All with out any stretch marks, scars, or any loose skin. I prided myself on being fit, healthy and having a six pack at 40.
Now that I have been dealt these cards, I will have to deal with the outcome.
I have spoke to four board certified plastic surgeons all in which tell me that looking at my before pictures I did not need a tummy tuck, however I definitely do now. I have lack of support under my skin that should have never been taken away. I was to thin to have had a fat transfer or liposuction from my abdomen. Or any part of my body.
***I have found another doctor in La Jolla who I think is a wonderful doctor. I have done a lot of research on all the doctors I have seen. A tummy tuck at this point is my only option to ever have a nice looking abdomen again. I am nervous about the scar but confident in this new surgeons skills to do the best job possible in placement as well as in the whole process of the tummy tuck surgery and healing.
I am looking into the middle of October as my surgery date. I will take pics and document the process as I take this next step.
If you are thin I highly caution you to seek second options before doing any fat transfers or liposuction. It is not worth it to end up where am.

Before lipo/fat transfer I had a nice stomach. Pic of my disastrous abdomen after. Tummy tuck on Oct. 20th

Wish I would have never let the fat transfer or liposuction happen. It ruined my tummy! Now I need a tummy tuck. And all for nothing I ended up having to replace the implants and the transfer didn't take.

My Tummy tuck surgery is set.. Deposit made.. Count down to October 20th..

Time to hit the gym as much as possible and stay as healthy as possible.. Time to gather a list of things needed for pre and post surgery..
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