Tummy Tuck / Liposuction Revision

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I have been down a long plastic surgery road over...

I have been down a long plastic surgery road over the last year. I had to replace my breast implants do to them being older and one was capsulized. My past PS replaced 460cc saline with 700cc hp silicone. (he thought the old ones were bigger before the surgery) I wish he had at the time of surgery just put in smaller implants knowing that he was wrong about the size.
They were way to big for my 126 lb 5'5 frame. I had many problems with them. Rippling, indentations and they were very heavy on my neck. The PS said I needed to do a fat transfer to cover all the irregularities. This would be a much easier approach and "I would get used to them" I was hesitant, but at the time I trusted my doctor.
The fat transfer didn't take. The areas where the lipo fat transfer was taken from in my abdomen was left in horrible condition. I had lumps and bumps. A cobblestone effect.
I did not get use to them. The rippling and pulling in the center of my chest was horrible. Months later the PS replaced my implants with a more suitable size of 560cc uhp silicone. Three months after that he did a lipo revision of my abdomen.
Fast forward almost 5 months after that (now), my abdomen is in worse shape than ever.
I went back for a post op a month ago and he told me I would definitely need a tummy tuck now.
I was devastated! Having surgery after surgery, and countless amounts of surgery fees just to end up here.
I have had four children, 21 19 16 13. All with out any stretch marks, scars, or any loose skin. I prided myself on being fit, healthy and having a six pack at 40.
Now that I have been dealt these cards, I will have to deal with the outcome.
I have spoke to four board certified plastic surgeons all in which tell me that looking at my before pictures I did not need a tummy tuck, however I definitely do now. I have lack of support under my skin that should have never been taken away. I was to thin to have had a fat transfer or liposuction from my abdomen. Or any part of my body.
***I have found another doctor in La Jolla who I think is a wonderful doctor. I have done a lot of research on all the doctors I have seen. A tummy tuck at this point is my only option to ever have a nice looking abdomen again. I am nervous about the scar but confident in this new surgeons skills to do the best job possible in placement as well as in the whole process of the tummy tuck surgery and healing.
I am looking into the middle of October as my surgery date. I will take pics and document the process as I take this next step.
If you are thin I highly caution you to seek second options before doing any fat transfers or liposuction. It is not worth it to end up where am.

Before lipo/fat transfer I had a nice stomach. Pic of my disastrous abdomen after. Tummy tuck on Oct. 20th

Wish I would have never let the fat transfer or liposuction happen. It ruined my tummy! Now I need a tummy tuck. And all for nothing I ended up having to replace the implants and the transfer didn't take.

My Tummy tuck surgery is set.. Deposit made.. Count down to October 20th..

Time to hit the gym as much as possible and stay as healthy as possible.. Time to gather a list of things needed for pre and post surgery..

More before pictures. Very much looking forward to my liposuction revision. Pre Op is in one week! Surgery in 22 days :)

Tummy Tuck Surgery Preparation List. Anything and Everything you need for a tummy tuck

A list of most thing you may need for a tummy tuck:
Medications- Pain medication prescription from doctor , Antibiotics prescription, Motrin (anti-inflammatory) Nausea medication Prescription- Zofran
Get all Prescriptions filled in a timely manner!!! At least a week before or more.
Over the counter sleep medication or as Doctor for prescription
Cough drops- Halls
Fiber pills- Gummies are easy to get down
Peppermint- helps with nausea and heart burn
Vitamins- Oral vitamin C, Vitamin D, Multi Vitamin,
Pill case- weekly with breakfast, lunch, mid day and dinner compartments
Medication time chart- Pre make this or print one out on line.
Clock within view
Pad of paper and pen - Have Doctors number, Pharmacy Phone numbers as well as address on hand, Friends and Family phone numers in case someome else needs to make a call on your behalf ..
Dressing, bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment
Antibacterial soap- Hibiclens
hydrogen proxide
Q tips
cotton balls
Thermometer to check temperature
Mild Stool Softener- Colace or ask your surgeon
Scar Products- Bio Oil, Bio Corneum
Topical Arnica- Gel has less of a sent
Oral Arnica
Elastic Bandage- Ace bandage
Adhesive tape
Heating Pad- ONLY for lower back if no liposuction on the area
Lots of Ice Packs
Body lotion
Hand lotion
Deodorant, Body spray,
Chap stick
Whisp- Throw away one time use toothbrushes to keep next to your bed
Moist Towelettes- Baby wipes
Box of tissues
Disinfectant wipes or spray
Nice smelling candle
Camera to document progress
Game boy or play station- coloring book, Activity book
Book to read- Book light
List of movies- netflix, DVD's
Buck- available for nausea
I pod with charger - Music
Computer- I pad with charger
Charge everything!!!
Fresh batteries in remotes
Flash light- for late night trips to the restroom or if you need to find something in the dark
Extra set of clean sheets
Baby water proof pads- to lay on bed so fluid doesnt ruin sheets/bed
Lots of Pillows- Back support pillow, body pillow
Lots of clean towels
Oversize Pajamas - Large supply since you'll live in them for a while. Easy button front, easy to go over head, Big over sized shirts.
Comfortable underwear sports bras - Soft material
Robe- Towel wrap with velcro or button
Slippers- Comfy socks too
Hair ties
Hand mirror
Supply of famine needs on hand just in case
Raised toilet seat- You can buy one from a pharmacy like CVS
Extra toilet paper next to toilet within reach
Protein is important in the healing process. Even if your'e vegan you know how to get your protein.
Bottle water (you should try to drink a gallon a day), protein water, coconut water for electrolytes,
Frozen healthy dinners for convenience
Prepared meals
Pudding, jello
Chopped Fruit, vegetables
Protein Shakes
Protein Bars
Protein snacks
Crackers, cookies vanilla waffers for nausea
Ginger ale or7/up- flat is usually best
A small supply of chocolate- Its good for the soul
You should try to have the items you want and or need a week or so before surgery and your food items within days
I also recommend a good house cleaning before, as well as the area where you will be resting and healing.

I will post a video and or pictures of all this. I will post it this weekend or Monday so everyone can see the things above..

Preparing for my tummy tuck

I want to be fully prepared so I started checking off the list. I'm 14 days away. My resting space and some things to make me comfortable

Some comfy lounge/pj's for after surgery

I found some super comfortable lounge pj's. I know I'll be living in this stuff for a bit. Besides my sweat pants and T shirts here's a few things I found that has very soft material!

These are the bottoms I took to my pre op. My doctor is pretty confident he can hide my scar under them.

Here are a pair of my bathing suit bottoms. I'm so excited that my NEW Dr is confident he can hide my tummy tuck scar under them. I may have a little vertical scar above where my old belly button once was. However I'd rather have my scar as low as possible and have a micro vertical scar. We shall see... Stay tuned for after pics

Post op for tummy tuck 2 weeks to go! To stay in La Jolla over night for post op next day or make the 2 hour trip home?

Went for my post op. Paid and ready to go. I got all my instructions and prescriptions. They want me to stay in La Jolla over night do to the 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive home, possibly in traffic.. Ugh I go in at 10:30 they said I'd be leaving around 5:30. Not a good time to be stuck in traffic in SD headed north bound. I will have a post op the next day around noon. Not sure if I want to stay in La Jolla or go home where I'd be more comfortable!?! Has anyone had a long drive after a tummy tuck?
I have two weeks to get prepared. I just need to get my family situated and organized. So excited yet nervous!

I've hear that its not safe to have your animals (cats) around you after surgery (Tummy Tuck) Has anyone heard this

I have two black cats. They are my 10 year old fur babies. Unlike my other four kids these guys still sleep with me and my husband.. Should I be concerned after my tummy tuck? I've heard animals, especially cats can be dangerous for healing? Is this true, of myth? They are clean. I will not clean their litter boxes after surgery. I also change the sheets regularly. I only let them on the comforter, I do not let them on the sheets.

Hotel booked for surgery in 3 days..

I'm getting nervous but I also making sure to be prepared. Which helps a ton! My husband and I are booked for a two night stay just to be safe. We don't want to get stuck in traffic. I live a hour and 15 mins away no traffic and 2-2 1/2 with traffic. (Traffic has become sooo bad here headed north) My surgery will be done around 5:30-6pm and that could potentially be a disaster. I have to be back early afternoon as well to see the doc so we're staying close. (5 min away). Then we will drive home after post op when there's no traffic.. wow it's getting close!!

I did it. Surgery was today! Things are going well.

Surgery was a success! I feel strong but wow it is painful. Im sleepless right now. Im staying on top of the pain with pain pills (plus stools softeners) My doctor is absolutely amazing. Dr Marin La Jolla. I knew right away he was the doctor for me!! I couldn't be happier with the scar placement. (well, from my markings and what I can see so far )
Dr Vincent Marin, the Nurses and staff went above expectations in everything they did for me today.
Dr Marin originally thought I may not need muscle repair but was also leaving the option open, so there were no surprises and I was prepared..
Once he got in there, I did need repair too to bottom. He did not rush and took great care. He did not charge me "extra fees" for this. He only said he wanted me to have the very best outcome. That he would do everything to do so. It was hard for me to even tell if I needed tightening, as I had a six pack prior, however I've also had four babies. And with that in most cases you do. So he just tighten things up in there a bit to make for the best outcome possible!

Dr Marin and the nurses as well as the anesthesiologist was so caring. I fell asleep talking about my husband, family, the beach and walking on it in my new fit body. I couldn't have been more comfortable. I'm also grateful they recommend a hotel as well! Good call on their part. Thank you thank you!

5d post, Tomorrow I get drains out. I'm in so much pain. Questions about extreme bruising in the "V" area. Will my period stop?

Has anyone had swelling like this? Or pain? I think I'm doing alright, besides the dang pain! WOW! I underestimated how bad the pain would be! I'm taking 2 Percocet every 31/2 hours as prescribed. I was taking 7.5/325 and now I'm taking 10-/325. Along with a lorazepam sometimes. I'm also now done with antibiotics.
The pain pills still do not take away the pain. Not sure why? I haven't slept well since surgery either.
My post op appointment is tomorrow to remove drains, also to see what can be done for pain control., Im trying hard not to be big baby about this. I do the recommended walking and do the necessary things to better myself.
The Doctor did do a full tummy tuck and stitched me up from top to bottom.
***A couple strange things are going on??? One is that I had ended my period the day of surgery the 20th. I had been on it for 6 days, i started back on it again going on another 7 days. It doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon either. Very strange? My periods are always 5-6 days and very regular. Has this happened before to anyone? ?
***Second I am extremely bruised in my "V" area not sure if I should be concerned but I'll mention it at today's dr apt since I don't look like myself down there at all..
I will post pictures, it's embarrassing but I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this? Also so you can get a idea of what's going on.. not pretty. As a matter of fact, I don't even look like myself down there at all. Very frustrating, and kinda scary :( I had to spend a night in the ER because the pain was out of control. I hope the pain gets better or they can give me something that works better!!

Before and post op pictures 1 week tummy tuck

Here is a before picture and a 1 week post op tummy tuck picture.

Most loved during tummy tuck surgery

Here are a few things that I really found useful, needed or loved having at arms reach during my recovery!

Pre and post op tummy tuck pictures also past pictures from before botched liposuction/fat transfer

More pictures of my abdomen before any surgery to my abdomen.

Pictures after botched liposuction/fat transfer surgery and revision botched surgery from old doctor!

Updated pictures at 9 days post tummy tuck surgery.

Ive had less swelling, but at the end of the day, I'm very swollen again. Almost all my bruises are gone.
I have been taking my arnica, vitamins, bromelain and D3.. Water, Water, Water!!
I'm doing a juice cleanse for 3 days with salads and gluten free grains.
I've been doing a light paleo diet. I've been staying away from anything that can bloat me or cause constipation while taking the pain pills. I don't eat red meat, gluten or much dairy anyways.
I've just modified my diet a little by taking out the chicken meat is to hard for me to process while I'm down I've been doing protein shakes at 30g. I also added yoklate for probiotics. There is nothing worse than a swollen tummy after a tummy tuck.
I have only slightly dealt with this this past week. Miralax is helpful as well as prunes.

I have a love hate relationship with my pain pills and garment. I'm still having a great deal of pain.
I'm thinking this week I'll be off the pain meds. But I'm not rushing things. There's no reason to suffer. I'm healing a bit slower due to my autoimmune issues, also because I was on Remicade and Otezla prior to surgery. (Psoriatic, rheumatoid arthritis)
This is just causing more pain and a slower healing process. Not moving around much is hard for me.
Otherwise things seem to be moving along just fine!

The doc gave me a tordal shot when he removed the drain. I took another one today, (since I have them on hand for a migraine rescue medication) the doctor told me to take one..
As well the new pain meds seem to be working better then the old ones. I am sleeping a bit more :) sleeping more than 2 hours a time has been nice.
I'm extremely happy with my results so far!
I can't wait to be back to 100% and in the gym.
I know this will be long while, and I plan to take it very slow! I do not want to jeopardize my results by rushing things!
One thing I've learned on Real Self is to take things slow and easy.
Rushing means revision!
I have books, magazines and Netflix to keep me busy. My husband and kids are amazing and absolutely supportive!
I might as well enjoy the downtime as much as I can :) Minus the pain part!
For everything I've been through so far I'm so grateful for my outcome at this point! The support from family, friends and real self has be wonderful!

Everyday is a better day. When do most tummy tuck patients usually stop pain meds?.

Everyday is a better day :) I slept through most of the night first time since surgery.
I wanted to die when I woke up. The pain was awful.
I dove for my pain meds crying.
I've been spacing them out , but wow it still hurts bad, completely without them.
My husband called 4 hours later as well to remind me to take them again.
He told me not to suffer. That being tough is stupid. It's better to be comfortable than in pain. Especially bad pain.
However, I don't want to get addicted to them or feel guilty I'm not being "tough enough".. Is there a cut off date or is it day to day?
My lower back hurts as well but I also have sciatica issues, and well that's not helping. Ive been moving around throughout the day. Doing everything I'm supposed to do.. or I think I am .. Any advice?

Keeping the swelling down is a challenge... Eating the best I can I've noticed helps this. I did a 3 day juice cleanse, but added salad and gluten free grains (so there was no hunger). It helped me feel better from all the anesthesia and meds from surgery. Keeping the bowels moving is so important!! Low sodium!! Low sugar!! Lots of lean protein. Tons of water. On hand by the bed healthy snacks.
The hardest part is not moving around much for me.
I can't wait to go for a long walk. I know the gym is going to take a bit of time! When can you start walking? Walking far? Light exercising? It's a task for me to go from one level of my home to the next..

2 weeks 4 days update: A bit of cabin fever. A long drive tomorrow. Wondering when this tape comes off? Post op in 3 days.

Hi everyone. Well I'm just about 3 weeks but not there yet. On my 3 week mark I have my dr appointment in 3 days . I'm wondering if he will remove the tape on my incisions? It's starting to peel a bit.
On another note I had my first outing yesterday. My husband and two of my kids took me to the grocery store.
I know wow, lol but it was a big deal when I haven't left in almost 3 weeks except a day I hardly remember to the dr.
My husband told me I should ride the little scooter that they keep on hand haha.
I laughed.. The kids were ready for me to climb on with camera in hand for instant upload to Facebook. I said no way!!
I walked throughout the whole store just holding the cart. I felt like I was really normal!
I must say there was a few times I wished I was on that scooter.
I did well though with just a few sharp pains and a couple breaks. I did tell my husband to wrap things up once I felt I had enough walking. My daughter had a worried look twice but we got through it.
It was nice to get out. Everything seemed so beautiful. I thought I must have cabin fever lol.
Once I got home I was more sore than I thought. I laid down, eventually ended up taking a pain pill, Motrin and sleeping for several hours. I felt extremely exhausted. When does that go away?????
I was going to post a updated pic but they are much like the others just a little less swelling.
I will post some after my dr appointment on Thursday with the tape removed! :)
However I may post about my driving experience tomorrow. That sound be interesting. Not looking forward to driving a 1.5 hour drive by myself ugh

Post op 3 weeks! Re taped. Dr said I'm still to take it very easy. Walking is ok within reason. Next apt. 4 weeks.

Yesterday was my second day of driving and driving a long ways,down to SD. Tough drive at 1.5 hours. I think I'd be better off driving down to the grocery store.
But yesterday I was so excited because I was going to see Dr Marin for my post op.
I was thinking that the tape was coming off because most people here on real self get the tape off soon.
He re taped me and the tape will come off in another 4 weeks.
This will help the scar heal much better! I'm perfectly okay with that.
The scar is healing fantastic so far and I'm only 3 weeks.
I am so happy with my results. I am amazed at what he has done for me. I'm amazed at the issues I had from being botched when I first walked into his office and what I see now.
I cried I was so happy!
I would recommend him to my family, friends or anyone looking for the best doctor!
In my pictures I'm posting now it shows the new tape, as well it shows how swollen I am from driving yesterday.
I was wearing my binder and it sat right where that line is in my pelvic area.
I am still very swollen today. So I'm going to take it easy. Putting my feet up, watching movies just relaxing!!
The dr also said I can start wearing a garment as long as it gives me enough support. If I feel like I'm swelling or I don't feel as comfortable then go back to the binder!
So far everything is going great! I'm in less pain! Motrin is helping with pain pills still occasionally.
Already feeling more confident.

Nov 17th 1 month post op tummy tuck & it's my Birthday! I'm so happy with my results! Best birthday present ever!

I'm thrilled so far at 1 month today Thursday November 17.. I'm able to get around more. Im more independent, and more helpful! I'm driving a lot more. I'm walking more as well however I do get very swollen still and I do still have pain., especially at the end of the day. I went to the mall to get out of the house and walking long distance is a challenge. Today was my birthday so my older kids came in from college. I was up all day. Wow I am exhausted. But very happy and grateful!!
I'm eating well (except a piece of cake of course) lol and still loosing some weight. I'm at 123 - 124 now. Unfortunately it's muscle I'm loosing too. I'm just happy I haven't gained with laying around so much. I'm so excited to eventually get my butt back in the gym. I keep wondering when, and how that will go??
Overall healing is going well. I still have tape on until my 6 week check. This is to help with the scar! I'm okay with that, it is working very well.
I've been keeping it as dry as possible!! I do not get it wet ever! I put this white tape over the tan tape because I accidentally pulled some off. I did no damage thank god. I also got to see the scar. It's very low and it looks like a very fine tiny little line. I was shocked that it wasn't much of a scar at all :) I will post pics as soon as the tape comes off!!

Advice!! First night without the binder after tummy tuck. Only with shaper support! Am I not ready to ditch the binder?

Okay so maybe I'm not ready to loose the binder yet.
Last night the hubby took me out on the town (we went to a movie) you know to me that is out on the town lately :) ..
I decided I was going to look cute and that did not include the binder. The shaper I i bought from Target seemed to be a good idea. I believe it's a marina brand. Firm tummy control.
Half way walking in the theater (long walk from the parking structure) I get a little slower and slower. The hubby says you sure you want to do this?
Little miss determined keeps on going.. "yes babe of course I can and want to do this"
Long story short I didn't enjoy the movie and we left just before the ending. My husband said he felt bad. He made me leave.. I just felt stupid for not wearing the binder.
So I'm still uncomfortable even still this morning. Mainly in my pelvic area. The area that has been my pain problem area from the beginning.
Am I not ready to ditch the binder for even a few hours??
Do I need a better shaper?
Was it because I was sitting to long?
Can anyone give advice on this?
Do I just need to wait it out a bit longer??
I thought at about 4 weeks you could use a shaper??
Have I made my binder my whooby??.
All I know is I couldn't put it back on fast enough when I got home.. Also not what I had in mind as we have also not gone there yet either. When is that a green light??
Thank god I have a understanding husband. He feels bad but kinda chuckles at me too.. This whole thing has been an experience!

After not using the binder for a night I'm swollen and sore. When I move around I seem to swell more. Going to relax today!

So after moving around this morning I've decided to listen to my body and relax. My pelvic area is swollen. You can see it with my panties covering the area. Also to the side, the lines still from the shaper last night.
Im going to watch movies with the kids.
I guess it's going to be a chill day at home on a Saturday.
Hubby said he'd bar b q. (I don't eat meat anymore) but a yummy spinach salad sounds amazing! Maybe get some x mass shopping done.. ugh I'm very much looking forward to getting out of the house for a long day....
For now I think I'll stick to wearing the binder a while longer!! I need to find the right shaper. I have my computer ready to go.. I'm starting my search now..

Tummy tuck and belly button scar 1 month

So last night I got a glimpse of my tummy tuck scar.
I took a shower and noticed a little piece of tape had pulled away. It freaked me out but before placing it back down I snapped a pic to show everyone.
Needless to say I'm pretty impressed with what I see.
It's basically a fine little line. Besides the little scab that I do not dare touch. I just placed the tape back down and it stuck just fine. I also put a little white paper tape on top of that to secure it.
I've seen the doctor several times and he's very on top of the healing process.
He wants me to keep the tape on until I return for another post op on the 7th of December which will be just short of 8 weeks when the tape will be permanently removed.
I had thought it would be removed much sooner from all the pics I've seen here, however it's clearly working as I'm loving the results of my scar so far!!
My belly button seems to be moving along just fine. It so cute, I'm very happy.
I know I'm only 4 weeks and a couple days, and the doctor reminded me " you are still early in the stages of healing" "you need to take it very easy" "do not put tension on the scar! "Not to walk farther than I could get back". And so on. "No gym unless extremely easy walking".. so I'm listening!! I'm resting!! My husband told me he doesn't want me doing anything lol so I let him!! (I will thank him when I'm healed)
It's a long process!! A marathon not a sprint and I feel I'm doing fairly well in my own personal race. Slow and steady is what I tell myself everyday!!
I'm still sticking to my very healthy diet. High protein drinks and no heavy foods. I've stayed away from anything such as meat that is harder for my body to process or stays in my digestive system longer. I've tried not to bloat or get constipated. Lots of leafy greens. Water water water!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Coupon codes for embrace scar treatment and Marena garments. 5 weeks post op update..

Besides swelling after a long day, pain after sitting to long or walking to far, things are going really well!
Couple things-
I ordered the embrace scar therapy. Pricy but the reviews are great! I figure if you're going to invest about $8,000 or more into a tummy tuck you should invest into the scar.
I ordered from the company. The price is about $600 for the tummy tuck kit. 60 day supply (However you can make payments to your debit or credit, this might be useful for some)
I called the company after not finding a promo coupon code on line.
They were happy to provide one!
(if this doesn't work call them)
it work for me at $100 off :)
Now if I could just get this tape off that would be awesome!! I'll start the therapy as soon as the doc clears me. I'm very optimistic as it seems my scar is already doing great!
I also ordered my compression garments from Marena group.
It was kinda hard to gage what size to get. So I did some research.
Some say they fit small, while others say they are perfectly sized from the chart.
They can also be on the pricey side depending on how many you buy. I bought 1 in stage 1 as well as a couple stage 2. (In beige and black).
I purchased what the size chart recommended.
If they don't fit the company has a easy return policy. I've heard buying on Amazon (and I love Amazon) sometimes it's not a true "Marena" product however very similar, so the sizing is off.
Also the return is not so easy on Amazon as some places consider it a undergarment. With all my research I personally decided to order straight from the company.
With the coupon code it ended up the same price or less expensive than Amazon.
The code I used was
It was 30.00 off $120. I recommend using the coupon twice on orders over 240 (separate transactions)
I can't wait to get rid of this bulky binder.
So now for how I'm feeling emotionally-
I feel like I'm at this awkward stage. I'm not hurting like I was, but I'm not feel good either. I guess you could say I'm having good days and bad days depending on how much I do.
I have to constantly remind myself to slow down, or my body does the reminding.
A few days this past week I had to take long drives. That term swell hell is a true statement!

6 weeks post op tummy tuck.

My scar seems to be doing well. I got a few sneak peaks and it looks like a little fine tiny line. But I still have this tape on. Can't wait till it's off.
I'm ready to start using my embrace scar therapy.
I've had the roughest week so far.
My husband fell from our roof putting up our Christmas lights. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance where I sat and slept in a wooden chair for 5 days straight literally. I was so swollen and uncomfortable I needed to taking a couple pain pills.
We came home yesterday where I was never so happy to sleep in our bed. I needed all my vitamins, arnica, and so on.
My poor tummy had been so scrunched up but I had no room to complain watching my husband go through all he was. 5 broken ribs to start with.
All is going well now and he is healing up. Thank god. I'm so extremely grateful he's okay.
I think I had a little set back as I've noticed I've been very sore. More sore than the prior week.
I'm looking forward to getting the tape off next week on the 7th at my post op appointment.
Overall everything is still going well with my outcome and I'm very happy with my results. :)

Post op tummy tuck 7 weeks tape is removed from my scar :) I love the placement!

I finally got my tape off. I'm very happy with the placement of my scar!! It's looking good so far. I'm extremely swollen from driving all day and not wearing my binder. I only wore a compression garment. I definitely need a more firm control. The Marena ones I bought were to small so I'm returning for a bigger size.
Doc said I no longer need the binder or have restrictions, only to listen to my body! If I have pain stop!
I plan to start back to the gym tomorrow :) slow but I'm going!

My definition is coming back!

I have not started doing ab workouts and I've only gone to the gym a couple times however my swelling is going down and my definition is coming back! :)

I do need to have where my old my belly button ring was stitched (that is that little hole). Not a big deal as it's just a couple little stitches.

Scar treatments for tummy tuck scar. V Beam , Bio Corneum First V Beam treatment today. Plus what I've tried. Doing abs again!!

Okay so here's the real deal. First your doctors technique is the foundation for the perfect or not so perfect scar.
I am very lucky to start off with a great looking scar, however there is of course still a scar.
The best way to treat a scar is time.
In time your scar will improve and will get lighter and flatter and so on. They say a good year!
I think the best topical is bio cornium. It's a tiny bit pricy but works. I noticed a difference within a couple weeks. Easy to use and convenient!
I was using bio oil and it makes your skin soft but didn't notice a change in my scar until I started using the bio corneum . I still put the bio oil on old scars like on my breast as it doesn't hurt not to. :)
The embrace scar therapy did not work for me. Super disappointed after the $1,100 to me I thought that was expensive, however I have heard good things.
If you have a low scar like mine I wouldn't recommend the embrace.
If you really want to move thing along like I do, (I'm getting ready for a tropical vacation in a month) bikini time!! , then I suggest the V Beam laser treatment. It runs around 200-500 I pain 250 and bought another bottle of bio corneum.
I did research, I went to two different doctors and nurses who specialize in laser treatments, BEFORE I decided on it.
I originally went for IPL laser. I heard that was the way to go. BUT,
V Beam is in fact the best for a "tummy tuck" scar. The redness and scaring the V Beam targets just that. I was so happy to find out all about this and wanted to share this with all of you!
So if you would like to see how it goes keep watching for updates!! I got my treatment today. I will continue to post up dates.
On your first day it looks worse! It looks "angry". That is normal and to be expected. It hurts just a tiny bit. Actually it really doesn't hurt at all. Especially after a tummy tuck it is nothing!! It's more like a sore feeling after like a little sun burn on the scar.
As the next several days go by it should get lighter and lighter. I will post progress pics. I'm very excited to see how this goes. Please pray and keep your fingers crossed that this will give high hopes to those in need of scar treatment as well.
V Beam is a bit harder to find than IPL. However you can find one. I drove 45 min to a very beautiful office to get it. No problem.
Oh I almost forgot to mention, Dr Marin fixed where my belly button piercing was and did a face lift revision 4 weeks ago that went amazing! He is so fantastic!!! I was back in the gym within 10 days and I'm now doing Abs again.

Scar healing after tummy tuck. Update things are going great! V Beam worked a little.

I'm extremely happy with my results! The v Beam worked a "little" but did work. I am tanning however I am extremely cautious and I put 100 spf (yes they make that) on my scars and wear bottoms that cover my scar at all times! I am thinking of adding a self tanning lotion to the parts I can't tan. Advice on that would be helpful? So it evens things out. I'm going on vacation where I'll be in the sun for 10 days next week so I needed to "prep" my skin so I don't burn. Otherwise I wouldn't be tanning.
Overall working out everyday and just started to really get good ab workouts in over the last couple weeks.
At this point I am extremely grateful to my Doctor who has changed my life. I wouldn't even be going on my annual vacation with my husband. Having 4 kids it's much needed!

Update tummy tuck

Vacation was amazing. I wore a bikini everyday! I will try to update some pics of my tummy soon. I couldn't be happier with my results!
I had to take some down time. When we got home! I was in the hospital for a few weeks when we returned. I had a cold with a fever when I returned.
I went to urgent care for antibiotics however they sent me to ER for more test, to include a spinal tap. (They said just to be safe) The spinal tap gave me a horrible migraine (spinal headache) I had to go back for a blood patch (reverse spinal tap) That didn't work and I was admitted. I had a total of 3 blood patches none of which worked. I had a couple MRI's that showed I had a hematoma pressing on my spinal cord and a tear leaking fluid. All this from the spinal tap. I was transferred to the San Bernardino icu where I was there for another week. I was unable to use my right leg do to the issue. I just started walking again.
I have been home on in home nurse care and physical therapy. I'm doing much better. I have not been able to do any physical activity or workout at all. I've had to lay flat do to the headache. I'm so grateful for my husband who was there for me and our kids every second of all of this. He has been the glue to our family through all these ups and downs. I'm so happy we got a vacation in!!
The tummy tuck is doing fantastic! The scar is healing wonderful. I couldn't be more happy! I just had another little speed bump to over come and now I'll be back at it! I'll be back to walking and working out this next week! I did gain 4 lbs being down for the month. I'll be eating a super clean diet to catch back up and maybe a couple extra.
The cold I went in for originally went away within a few days. They said it was just bronchitis and if I did not have the spinal tap I wouldn't have had any problems.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Marin and his staff has been outstanding. They have been excellent throughout my initial consultation, surgery and post op. I can not express how grateful I am to Dr Marin. His surgical skills have changed my life. I'm 2 weeks post op, already my results are incredible. I had severe deformities in my abdomen due to a bothched surgery from another doctor. I now look amazing and feel confident. I cried because I was so happy with my results. I will now once again wear a bikini. His staff has been very supportive! They keep in touch with me. Listen to me. They have been there for me helping me through the pain everyday, every step of the way. I couldn't ask for a better surgical team!! I was extremely scared and they made me feel calm. I was in pain yet they helped me through it. I only remember good things from my surgery day! This whole experience has been less scary with Dr Marin and his staff by my side.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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