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I am so glad I found Dr. Kearney for my BA. Both...

I am so glad I found Dr. Kearney for my BA. Both he and his staff bent over backwards for me. Everyone in his office is fantastic. They guided me every step of the way and most importantly listened to my concerns. Dr. Kearney even gave his private phone number to call should we have any questions after my surgery and when we did at 9pm he picked up the phone. He also called me before and after the surgery. They got me into the office within 30 minutes of calling.

Dr. Kearney does what's best for you and the results you want. He will let you know if you are about to pick an implant that isn't right for your body size and are risking distortion. I am very happy with the look and feel of my breasts. I can't tell they aren't natural neither can my husband. I did decide after a few months the I wanted a higher profile higher volume implant. This is normal you get comfortable with your size and go "my gosh I should have gone bigger". I was afraid to go into Dr. Kearney's office and say "these are beautiful but can you do them again". He acted like this was the most normal thing in the world when I did and I immediately felt safe and comfortable. We met for over an hour and explained EVERYTHING! He is unbelievable. I honestly wouldn't trust anyone else as much as him. This doctor really cares about his patients and I can't thank him enough.

Need post op bras quick and my pre op shopping list

I wave a decent number of wire free bras from my first surgery but I really wanted a zip front bra for the first few days after surgery. I found this 4 pack for $27 that should be arriving Monday. It isn't pretty but fit my criteria of being prime eligible zip front and padded (pics included).


I ordered a Large since they come from China and reviews said they run small even though I'm only a 32. Does anyone else have a good zip front wire free bra that doesn't show nipples? I may have to wear this to work depending on how quickly I bounce back.

I need to get everything for my surgery tomorrow since I will have to pack a full week of work into 3 days and usually end up working 12 hour days in a normal week and am taking a night class on Wednesdays.

1) hydrogen peroxide
2) neosporin
3) nexcare waterproof dressing
4) nexcare sterile adhesive gauze
5) stool softener
6) oyster crackers in case of nausea after surgery and some ginger ale
7) already have ice packs may look at breast feeding ice packs

Am I missing an critical items? Any and all suggestions are welcome :)

Adding a few more pics for 250 cc

Adding some 250 cc pics. Hope this helps ladies with size choice. I started as a 32A and with 250 cc was a full B to small C. Implants were round submuscular silicone moderate plus profile. Just finished my revision this week to 425 cc high profile silicone.

Sizing charts

Adding the charts used to size implants.

425 cc Revision - Day 7

Posting pics of my revision for those that are following this review. I love my revised boobs. Had my stitches out today and pain is greatly reduced. This is the size I wanted all along!

1 month post revision 250 cc to 425 cc

Wanted to add some 4 week pics to this review incase anyone hasn't been able to find my revision review. I am so unbelievably happy with my revision. I got exactly what I wanted!! It is such a huge relief to be happy and not the have my day dominated by regretful thoughts.

I have to say they aren't really that big. You think you will be huge going with an implant nearly twice the size but you aren't. This isn't boob greed it's just me trying to say don't be scared by a number. Even though I'm 5 foot 2 and 100 lbs 425 doesn't look in unnatural on my frame. I now wear a 32 D.

Advice for BA and 425 cc 6 weeks PO

BWD: 11.3 cm
Weight: 100 lbs
Implant: Allergan natrelle style 20 round silicone
Inscision: under breast
Cup size: Started with 32 A with 250 cc I was initially measured at a 34 C or 32 D but I'm guessing this was due to swelling even though I waited until 2 months to by bras. By month 6 bras were gaping badly and I was likely a full B to a small C. Now I wear the 32 Ds I bought after my first surgery comfortably. Can wear 32 D or DD from VS depending on bra. The wirefree t shirt bras I need a 32 DD but I think this style runs small.
Incision length: 2.25 inches about 6 cm
Scar treatment: mederma PM gel twice daily massage till absorbed. Scar away silicone strips during the day over scar cream. Breast massage ten minutes 3 times per week with coconut oil (spectrum unrefined from whole foods body section, $9) and bio oil (small bottle $9).
Breast feel: they are soft and squishy and move easily. Am able to sleep comfortably on my tummy now (this wasn't the case with my first surgery).
Total cost: with the cost of two surgeries I've now spent close to $10K. Do I think it's worth it? Absolutely! Am I annoyed I had to spend an extra $3K to get the size I wanted. Absolutely!

I wanted to collect all my advice for pre and post surgery in case I've missed any new reviews on RS and for those who don't feel comfortable posting a review.

1) try on sizers. Add 25-50 cc to what size looks best. This is because the implant will be smaller under the muscles.
2) Question your doctor on why he advises selecting a certain size. Remember if a doctor tells you a max volume it is likely for an implant profile.
3) Ask for written measurements and copies of implant sizing chart.
4) Ensure that you select the correct profile and realize that not every implant style will give cleavage without a push up bra.
5) Let your doctor decide the incision site and type that's best for you. This is one thing I'd go into the office flexible about.
6) Remember to discuss your doctors implant revision policy and clearly discuss what your doctor will do should you be unhappy with your results.
7) Ask for a copy of your doctors post op instructions and written summary of what to expect and do after BA. Study this before surgery.
8) Ask your doctor to demonstrate the breast massage recommended after surgery. I did not for my first surgery and when they told me to massage was like ... ??? .... *pokes boob a few times*.
9) Be patient. Your breasts will be firm and high for the first 3 months.
10) Buy a real post surgical bra. My doctor didn't recommend one for the first surgery and told me to wear whatever. When I had my revision I bought the carefix Anna and Alice from Amazon ($40 each). These greatly reduced recovery pain. The front closure made putting the bras on very easy and painless.
11) schedule a hair cut, blow out, or wash 3 days after surgery. You will be able to shower but washing your hair may be difficult. It's best to have someone else do it. Having your partner help with bathing the first time is a good idea to make it easier.
12) be aware of the boobie Blues. About day 2 or 3 many women feel depressed. This happened to me after both surgeries. I'm not sure why this happens it might be from the drugs used for anesthesia, maybe being in pain, could be from lack of sleep as well. Anyway it's helpful to speak to a partner or friend who is supportive and have a good cry. Just remember it is normal and happens to everyone.
13) you are going to feel huge after surgery. Your implants will swell and be very tight for the first 5 days. It looked to me like I had big fake balloons on my chest both times. Don't worry this will go away and you can get an idea of your true size about 1 week after surgery.
14) Stretch!!!!!! The majority of pain is caused by muscle spasms after surgery. Ask your doctor to demonstrate how you should stretch. Holding a towel behind your back roll your shoulders back and try to pull your shoulder blades together. This will help the implants settle and will relax the muscles. This helps more than muscle relaxers. See pictures.
15) walk for at least 15 min every 2 hours. This will prevent blood clots and help your medicine work better.
16) request easy off caps from the pharmacy when getting your prescriptions. Standard bottles can be hard to open. Keep out of reach of children!
17) silicone scar sheets. Start these at 2 weeks post op or when your doctor tells you that you can. These will flatten and fade your scars. They can be washed with warm water and soap and be reused. Don't throw away when they lose their stick just wash them.
18) when sleeping on your back put pillows under your knees. This will help with discomfort and align your hips and back. A bath towel can be placed underneath from bottom to feet to provide grip and prevent sliding.

I sincerely hope this helps!

He is a confident skilled surgeon and a kind gentle man. I wouldn't see another plastic surgeon until he retires which hopefully isn't for a very long time.

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