Cellulite Be Gone! My Journey to Become Cellulite Free at 30 - La Jolla, CA

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In order to give an accurate count of my journey,...

In order to give an accurate count of my journey, I'll have to start from the beginning. I've been seeking a cellulite-free life since I was 15. At that age was when I started to notice little bumps on my legs and started to avoid wearing shorts. I was a dancer, played all kinds of sports but I could never get rid of either my cellulite and my ever growing sattlebags, as my mom would call them. I knew that exercising and working out would not change the structure of my body, since this was hereditary, so I would have to do something more.

In 2012 at age 28, I finally decided that I needed to make a change. I started to shop around for doctors. I decided to go with Dr. Brown, as he was the one to stand out the most. His bedside manner was great. He took his time to explain everything to me and made me feel safe. He made his suggestions and we went from there. We started with the standard liposuction procedure to reduce volume. Then a year later, another small lipo procedure to reduce a bit more since I was rather large in those areas. And it's said that going from big to small right away may produce bad results. The third procedure, 8 months later, was using smart lipo and Cellulaze. And I'm back again for my fourth providers to fix a couple of lumps that remains with just Cellulaze.

I'd like to share my process for the next couple of weeks with you and hope to help others that are considering this procedure.
Here are my before pictures and I'll post the after procedure pics tomorrow.
Sitting at the doctor's office now a bit nervous and hoping that this will finally work!

Day of procedure

Since this is my fourth procedure, I pretty much had this down. Make sure to leave your house clean so you don't have to worry about it for the next couple of days, have healthy food on hand, make sure to take arnica two to three days prior to the procedure and have two undergarments ready. I ordered two from comtourmd.com a beige and black. My suggestion is to wear the black on on the day of the procedure because you may bleed and the markings that the doc makes on your body will stain the garment.

Procedure went great, I'm the so-called "participatory" kind of patient. I like to see everything that's happening from beginning to end. The only part that felt uncomfortable was when he was numbing me, after that, I ddint really feel much. I appreciated my doc telling me everything he was doing and why. His staff were also great at chatting and making me feel comfortable. I was in and out of the procedure in 45 minutes. He patched me up and sent me on my way home to start doing my part. Rest and recover.

I'll have pics soon.

Day 2...so bruised

Super swollen and bruised, and hard to tell I there are any improvements but I'm well aware that this will be a long process and it may take a couple of weeks to see anything.

Day 2 pics

Day 3...off my meds!

Surprisingly enough, my discomfort is minimum and I've stopped taking my meds. Only thing I'm still taking is arnica for the swelling. My legs are still swollen and will remain that way probably for another week or two. Will post more pics in a couple of days!

1 Week and 1 day

It's been a week since my procedure and so far I feel good. Still sore and swollen and definitely bruised, but I can already feel the swelling going down and when I run my hands through my sides, I can feel them smoother. I've transitioned from wearing the garment to the spandex because I feel like I need something tighter to really compress everything. I've been massaging with a roller every day and go on 1-2 mile walks. Walking helps the healing. I've also tried to cut down on carbs and salt so to not retain too much water. And have refrained from drinking alcohol until I can start working out. I drink lots and lots of water making sure to pee at least 5-6 times a day. Post recovery is probably more important than the actual procedure. That's something that I didn't do a good job of last time and I'm making sure not to make that same mistake. Here are a couple of pics. It's still hard to tell results since I'm so bruised and still swollen. But I'm staying optimistic and hoping that this time around it will be better.

It's been 6 months!

Wow time flies and I've been really bad about updating my results, sorry! Everything so far has been good...I still have this one side that kinda sags...my left. It's noticeable mainly for me, but I of course think that everyone sees it. Plus I'm still bruised. It seems that the time of recovery to seeing positive results take such a long time that it's hard to distinguish whether it was the procedure that's helping or the lifestyle change that I've made. I've been working out A LOT since my procedure and I've noticed changes as well doing that and eating right. I feel that I may need a skin tightening procedure to just get everything tighter and not have a few saggy spots. Anyone else encountered that problem?

Quick update

It's been a year since my procedure. My thoughts? I'm still not 100% happy with the results. Cellulite never went away, in fact I think now it's worse because not only do I have cellulite but a combination of that and a bit of sagging skin. One thing I didn't think about when wanting this procedure was how my skin/body would react. I thought my legs would look smooth...wrong! If you're big on your thighs chances are that there will be contour inconsistencies. For example, my left side has a bump/lump that does not go away and it's due to the skin sagging a bit. In all honesty, I think working out and eating right has helped me more than the procedure. So if you think you have made your mind to go through this, make sure that you have a plan for how you will maintain your look and that absolutely includes a workout and a healthy eating plan. It's a lifestyle change.
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

He's AMAZING! He will not be happy until YOU'RE happy. He is great at telling you what he thinks needs to be done and does a great job. Answers questions or concerns and is very patient. I have been going to Dr. Brown for the last 2 years and I think he will be the only one I'll continue to go to. Thank you Dr Brown!

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