Dr. Mark Mofid is THE BEST! So in love with my new curvy behind! Implantech - round, 275cc. San Diego, CA

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My gluteal augmentation with Dr. Mark Mofid is...

My gluteal augmentation with Dr. Mark Mofid is just 2 days away. I was researching different brands of gluteal implants when I came across the instructional video that Dr. Mofid did for Implantech. After seeing the video, there is NO WAY I can have any other surgeon perform this surgery on me. I was blown away by his expertise on the topic and his attention to details during the procedure. He was trained in this procedure in Brazil, and did a case study involving 1,000+ butt implant surgeries. You just have to see the videos for yourself to understand why I am adamant about having him work on me. I need a surgeon with an extensive background in this procedure, and after careful research, I’m positive that Dr. Mofid is the right surgeon for me.

I went into the consultation already knowing that he was the one, and meeting him just validated my decision even more. He spent plenty of time getting to know me and my goals for the outcome of this surgery. The plan that he’d proposed for me was very individualized based on my desires, anatomy and body frame. He didn’t treat me like I was just another number or statistic. I feel like a patient that he sincerely cares about.

Some info on me:

Age: 24
Height & Weight: 5’2’’ and 114 lbs
Measurements: 34-25-35 (Chest, waist, & hips)

Scheduled Surgery: Buttock Augmentation w/out Lipo/Fat Grafting
Implant Type: Contour Flex TM Implantech – Round, Natural Contour, 275 cc’s
Placement: Intramuscular

I chose the round, natural contour implants instead of oval because I do a lot of weight lifting at the gym and don’t want to deal with the oval implants rotating. I know it’s only a small chance, but I still don’t want to take it. I also don’t like the original round implants because they tend to look very pointy on thinner patients. The new round, natural contour (designed by Dr. Mofid) by Implantech was designed to fix that problem.

I know 275 cc’s sounds like a small size, but I’m perfectly fine with that because I already have a curvy behind to add on to. Keep in mind that your initial buttock size will affect your post surgery size. It’s similar to breast augmentation. My friend and I both got the same size breast implants (425 cc’s), and her final result was noticeably smaller than mine because I started with a 34B and she was a 34A.

Dr. Mofid is highly skilled at making sure that the implants are imperceptible to others, impalpable, and well hidden within the gluteus muscles. It’s all about having the surgical skills to dissect a pocket with adequate tissue coverage on top of the implant and not so deep to avoid having sciatic nerve problems. Not many surgeons can do this successfully because it’s a much more difficult technique for the surgeon to ensure such a delicate balance.

Anyway, I will update and post more after surgery. I’m sort of using this review page as my journal also. I hope this review was helpful and informative. I highly recommend Dr. Mofid for all your surgery needs. Please have a consultation with him about your prospective surgery. It will be well worth your time.

Dr. Mofid is THE BEST! So in love with my results!

Yep, I was right about choosing Dr. Mofid for my surgery. Sorry for the late post ladies. I have been sleeping and resting a lot since my surgery. These pictures are from the day after surgery. I hired Dr. Mofid's nurse to stay with me overnight. I was able to shower on my own by the next day. The first 48 hours were the toughest. I was walking like a penguin, waddling and walking slow. Lol

Dr. Mofid called twice to check up on me. His nurse even gave me the doctor's cell number if I have any questions or problems. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met. He asked his nurse to drive me the next morning to see him and then asked her to drive me home after too. The nurse even picked up some groceries for me. I honestly cannot say enough great things about his entire surgical team. The anesthesiologist was also a great doctor. He tried making me laugh because I was nervous that morning. My post op checkup was on day 2, and then I have to see him again in 1 week.

Dr. Mofid said I don't have any swelling, which means my size right now will pretty much be the final result. If anything, it will improve overtime as I start working out again. He didn't use any drains because he said I was not bleeding much at all. I don't even have to wear a compression garment because I'm not swollen. Yay!!

My butt looks so much fuller and curvier than before. I am extremely satisfied with my results and the implant size that he picked for me. Are you guys ready for the best part?? I CANNOT FEEL MY IMPLANTS! My butt feels amazingly soft and toned like my real gluteal muscle. They were placed intramuscular so when I grab my butt all I feel is my muscle concealing the implants. The implants just blend in with my butt and does not feel like I have implants there at all. It feels super natural, yet I still got the amount of volume that I wanted! I am so impressed with Dr. Mofid.

Before & After

275 cc's were perfect for my small frame. My goal was to enhance what I already had instead of going too big.

Almost 3 Weeks Post Op

My sx was almost 3 weeks ago, and I can finally start sitting in just a few days. I lost some weight too, I guess from the recovery period and not being able to work out. I'm one of those who works out to gain weight instead of lose it so when I don't exercise, I get skinny in an unhealthy way. But even with my weight lost, I still can't feel or see the edges of my implants. Whether I'm bending over or not, my implants are so well hidden and blended in with my gluteus muscles. That's what I'm happiest about. = )

Anyway, just wanted to keep my realself users up to date with my post op progress. By day 8, my soreness was minimal to almost nonexistence. I mean, I've been more sore than that from the gym so it's definitely bearable.

I still feel the same great way about my surgeon. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. Dr. Mofid is most certainly my chosen doctor for any future plastic surgeries that I get. Love love love him and his entire surgical team!

Before & After Photos

Last one, sorry.

I found another old before picture. So as you can see, I have a very petite frame. The implant size that he picked for me was PERFECT. Implantech comes in small (1), medium (2), and large (3).

I got size medium (2), which is 275cc. I'm just so happy he didn't make me go with the size small. I am very satisfied with the medium size. I'm pretty sure size Large wouldn't have fitted inside my muscles, and I definitely did not want the implants on top or underneath the muscles.

Side by side comparison of the back view.

Happy Labor Day! 4 Weeks Post Op

I'm trying to be very proactive with my updates so that people can see my great experience with gluteal implants. I have never been this satisfied with my body before. I firmly believe that choosing the right surgeon has everything to do it. My recovery has been extremely smooth and complication-free because my doctor did everything perfectly from day 1. After sx, I didn't have to deal with any messy drains, ointments, bandages, wound dressing, or compression garment. I ended up with ONE small round bruise on my left side and that is it.

All of my size small undies from Victoria's Secret feel tight around my waist and hips now after my surgery. I had to order size medium recently and I can't wait for the shipment to come in. I didn't think I'd have to buy bigger panties. I thought I would be the same size, but just fuller. I was wrong, they're very tight and uncomfortable now.

I was leaning over in my picture to show how my implants look when I'm bent over. I keep reading bad reviews about how the implants show when you're too thin or when you bend over. I don't seem to have that problem and I asked my surgeon about that. He said most likely those were placed on top of the muscles or the implants are not an appropriate size for the patients. That's why I told him I'm more concerned about having a nice round shape instead of a big size. I think we had the same taste and vision for how I wanted to look.

Nothing much has changed. I'm still just patiently waiting until I can work out again to gain some muscles back and to improve my buttock shape even more. I'm not in a rush because I want my implants to last a lifetime. I'll post more after my follow up visit with my surgeon.

Two thumbs way up from hubby. =D

Surprisingly, a few members asked me about my pictures after I took them down so I decided to put them back up. Didn't think anyone was really paying attention. I initially wrote the review to reassure future patients that butt implants can look & feel great when done by the right surgeon. I also wrote it to show gratitude to Dr. Mofid for taking perfect care of me from day 1. I will be back in a few months for him to do my breast reduction & implant exchange. I really want the new gummy bear breast implants. I currently have the silicone gel and I'm ready to upgrade. = )

Anyway, I finally let my husband examined my butt implants after 6 weeks. He wasn't allowed to do anything while I was healing and I was strict because I wanted to avoid complications. So, he was "examining" my new behind and his 1st reaction was, "Wow babe, he did your scar so thin you can barely see it!" My breast augmentation scars from a different PS are nowhere near this pretty. His suturing technique creates less tension on the incision and that's why it heals better. Then hubby started massaging my entire butt to feel for the implants and...let's just say he is beyond pleased with the results to say the least. He said there's no way he would've known I had implants if I never told him. I was confident he would have zero complaints because I am harder on my body than he is, and even I am impressed with my new curves. Seriously, not all surgeons are created equal.

I'm still taking a break from the gym because I'm only 6 weeks post op. My husband thinks now that I have a nice toned butt I don't have to work out anymore. He's actually wrong because if your legs and thighs are toned then it will match your curvy behind even more. So, I will update once I start doing butt exercises again.

Before & After

I started working out again after 6 weeks, but I'm only using my bodyweight for now. I'm being extra careful because I want my implants to last a lifetime. I'm in no hurry to do anything intense yet.

I found 2 more photos from before sx. I guess I wasn't completely flat, but I still wanted more of an enhancement. My PS said I had a nice size butt to begin with, but of course, I'm always my own worst critic. I really appreciate his honesty and how he doesn't persuade me into thinking I need to fix my body. I have been told by other doctors that I would benefit from a tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. Imagine if I had a low self esteem, I would have easily fallen for that. = l

Nothing unusual to report. I've gotten a few e-mails from RS users asking me about the softness of my implants and whether you can see them when I bend over. In my opinion, you absolutely cannot tell whatsoever that I have implants by feel or appearance. I'm only speaking for myself because you have to consider the implant size, how much tissue coverage you have enveloping the implants, the placement, the implant brand, and of course, how skilled your surgeon is. All of those factors will affect how the implants look and feel. The brand I have is Implantech and it's a very soft and flexible silicone material. My doctor also made sure there's adequate thick tissue coverage (muscle, fat, & fascia) on top of my implants when he dissected my pocket. So yes, I am a very happy & satisfied patient. If something were to happen to my implants, I would go right back to him and do it all over again. = )

Officially walking normal again! = D

I just noticed today that I am walking normal again finally. I've been walking like a pregnant woman for nearly 2 months now, lol. Idk why it took me so long to feel flexible again since sx. Oh well, better late than never. That was the highlight of my day. = )

Just a quick update...

I went for a light jog this morning and liked how my butt looked in my sweatpants so I took a couple of pictures. I love that even when I'm not wearing tight fitting pants, I still have projection back there. The implants accentuated my hips more and made it much wider compared to my waist, which I also LOVE. I slept on my back for the 1st time last night too, and I didn't feel the edges of my implants out toward my hips like I've read about on this site. They are definitely enveloped in my gluteus muscles. So no matter what position I'm in at the gym, I don't feel subconscious about whether people can see my implants because of a weird distorted shape. I'm trying to gain 8-10 more lbs because my legs are too slim right now. I want it more muscular like before my surgery. This recovery and resting for 2 months made me lose my muscle tone. That's my only complaint about this surgery so far. So hopefully in 3-4 more months of working out, I will see even more improvement in my lower body. So that's my short-term fitness goal for now. Overall, I'm still over the moon happy about my new butt shape and size.

My new and improved body. = )

This before picture is the best one I found to show how Dr. Mofid completely transformed my body. I feel so grateful and amazed that my doctor created such a lovely shape for me. I honestly don't know how he did it, but he's a genius. I actually didn't realize how much nicer my shape has gotten after surgery until I found this before photo. The before picture shows how square and boxy looking my hips & buttocks were. My surgeon placed the implants in the perfect position that really accentuated my hips and butt more. My hips are wider now, which makes my waist looks smaller. The way he positioned my implants really rounded everything out and I'm SO thankful that he was able to do that for me.

I'm not sure if my implants have more dropping to do as my muscles relax, but I guess I'll know in a few more months. I can't tell if my implants are too high because it looks normal to me. I was told that it starts up higher after surgery and will slowly drop within 4-6 months. I was also warned ahead of time that it's normal to have a square shaped butt right after surgery, but thank goodness that didn't happen to me. I was very lucky to see great results immediately after surgery.

Half way to the 6 month mark! = )

Hi ladies! Just wanted to add a few more post op pictures before I get too busy to take new ones. I can't wait to see the final result of my surgery at 6 months. I'm halfway there and it feels like forever. I was stretching today before my workout session and I noticed my gluteal muscles felt VERY tight and constricted. Not in a bad or painful way, but I can feel that my muscles still have a lot more relaxing and stretching to do. Now I know what the doctors mean when they say your butt muscles will stretch out and get bigger overtime to accommodate the new implants. Oh well, at least it's good to know that my implants are safely secured inside my muscles.

Not a twerking video.

I'm almost 4 months post op now and still happier than ever about my surgery. So just to be clear, this is not a twerking video. I actually don't know how to twerk whatsoever, it's sad. Lol Anyway, I just want to show you guys how my healing progress is going. In the videos, you can see me grabbing and squeezing my butt pretty roughly and it doesn't hurt anymore. I am loving my results thus far. = )

I got a few messages recently asking if my butt jiggles. My butt actually jiggles more now than it did before because I was so flat before. There was no meat to even jiggle before my enhancement. So yes, it jiggles but not in a flabby out of shape way. My butt looks very toned and in shape now.

4 months later - still loving EVERYTHING about my new booty. ; D

I finally took a picture of my incision for those who asked me for it. I was hesitant to post the picture because it's a one line incision in the middle of my butt crack close to the anal opening. It's really hard to see and this is the closest I can get the camera. I can only see it when I use my hands to spread my butt cheeks open. I can't see it if I'm just bending or leaning over.

Anyway, I'm almost back to lifting as much weight as I did before the surgery. I also got my flexibility back and can squat low again. Lunges are easier again too. I didn't get this surgery to draw guys' attention, but it naturally comes with the territory. Let me tell you, my husband asked me to stop wearing leggings and also no gym unless he's with me. Some guy at the gym took a picture of me on the leg press machine and shared it on FB. My husband found out because they have mutual FB friends. Long story short, hubby bought new workout equipments for me to work out at home now. Lol

New Pictures = )

I feel like my results are looking better and better each time I take a picture to compare my progress. My hourglass shape is also improving. My butt seems to get fuller & rounder as my implants drop more. Ideally, I want it just a tad bit lower than where they're sitting now, but that's just me being nit-picky. I have 2 more months until I see the final results.

As for the size & shape, I'm extremely satisfied with where I'm at. I absolutely love how form-fitting dresses look on me now (as shown in the picture =D). I wore that dress to my cousin's bachelorette party last weekend and she said, "Damn, look at your boobs and ass in that dress! You should have left that sh!t at home!" SMH, that was too hilarious. I mean, just being able to fill out a dress when I go out at night is an amazing feeling! This surgery was the best cosmetic investment ever for me. Even more so than my breast augmentation. = )
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