45 years old and 2 breastfed children - Full anchor lift with 400 cc mentor moderate plus silicone under muscle -La Jolla, CA

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My surgery is scheduled in 2 days and I'm still...

My surgery is scheduled in 2 days and I'm still freaking out about size. Getting full anchor lift with implants - mentor moderate plus silicone under muscle - and still debating between 350, 375, and 400 cc.
I am 5'5" and 115 pounds. Swam competitively so have a broad chest and back and don't want to look too heavy.
I did 2 sizing appointments and the doctor has ordered the 400cc implant as per our last appointment. But am having last minute doubts that I've gone too big.

Decided on 400 cc!!!

Surgery is tomorrow at 12:30 !!! So nervous and excited. Talked to the nurse on the phone and she was really helpful. Both sizing appointments I picked the 400cc which will apparently look like 375 under the muscle. I feel good about my decision.
Tried to take my own photos rather than yesterday's having my husband do it. I am past the selfie generation which is clear in my awkward poses :)

Photos pre op

Arrrgh uploading photos

Surgery done!

Yay! I made it :) we got to surgery center at 12; met with anesthesiologist for a few minutes ( he also called me last night at home !$ ; then dr umansky came in and did my markings. Surgery took almost 4 hours ! He is super meticulous which I love. I literally cannot say enough how great he is and his whole office staff.

Feeling really tight And hard to take a big deep breath - but otherwise doing great

The hardest part by far was not eating and drinking all day !!!

So glad it's over and can start on road to recovery.

Post op tomorrow at 1:15.

Yay boobs !

Post-op day 1

I had an appointment with dr umansky today at 1:15. He changed the steri-strips and instructed me on massage and stretches. The boobs look massive ! Very swollen and tight but he says they look great. By the time I got home I was completely exhausted so I'm now back in bed. I took the second Percocet of the day which is kicking in... thank goodness. Hope all of you are doing well x

Day 2 post op

Ay yi yi - the swelling is really uncomfortable. I took my first shower which felt awesome. I wish I could speed up time a bit to get through these early days. Can't sleep and feeling tired and blue. I hope you all have a happy Friday and a great weekend x

Post op day 3

Massaging and stretching as per Dr umansky. Stopped taking Percocet as the nausea caused by it outweighed the pain relief it might have provided. Icing feels amazing as does hot shower. Feeling semi - miserable but when I look at pre op photos the misery seems worth it

Pod 6 - blisters :(

Still hard, high, tight and swollen :( - lovely addition has been blisters at stress point where the steri-strips were pulling too tight as the breast tissue swelled. I see Dr Umansky tomorrow for one week post-op

No pain at all and driving, getting around at 100 percent. Just discomfort and still feel like two massive balloons are attached to my chest wall

Will update more after tomorrow's appointment and have husband take some better photos since my selfie technique continue to suck

Hope you're all doing well xx

Post -op day 11

Wow - compared to the agony I was in last Sunday I'm in absolute heaven at this time. Swelling has gone down, sleeping great and feeling really positive with my progress. I am happy with the size - they look massive to me when I'm naked - but no one can tell when I'm dressed in every day clothes. As my ps said - I can dress them up or down. Blisters that occurred from Steri strips and subsequent swelling are scanning over. They look worse than the incisions do !!! The skin on breast looks dry and red and I'm looking forward to being able to use bio-oil. I hope all of you are doing well xo

One more

Heading to grocery

Wearing surgical bra and compression strap - and you'd never know I had 400cc put in 11 days ago. I love that !!!

My first collage!

So I was feeling down today after my 2 week post op... Dr umansky had me hold a mirror to show me the scars/incisions before he put on new Steri strips. It was my first time seeing them , and honestly, it kind of horrified and freaked me out. I know they'll fade but seeing my breasts cut up like that was a lot to take in. Now the Steri strips are back on for another week so I'm okay.
But to cheer myself up further - and to remind myself of why I did this - I made my FIRST EVER collage of before and after pics (thank you ms itty bitty for telling me about the app!!)...
Hope you're all well xxxx

18 days post op

I am amazed at how different my breasts look and feel throughout the day. To demonstrate, I walked around my house and took photos in different rooms, different light, and different poses. (Yes - it's been a boring Sunday !!)... Sometimes they look huge and feel jiggly; at others - tight, firm and high.

Overall I think they seem to have dropped some and I'm still very happy with my progress. They're occasionally red underneath both breasts, especially when I'm on my feet for awhile... and I've noticed some broken capillaries. My doctor said this is because my skin was pretty tight and it's having to adjust and stretch to accomodate the (relatively) large implant. He said this will resolve in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating :) xx

Sunday night

Started biocorneum as well as silicone tape on incisions over the last few days. I love the shape and size but am really finding it hard to look at the scars :( I know they'll fade - but I'm not a patient person ! Ah well - overall life is great and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend xo

I ?? Collages

Silicone tape from Amazon

The best !!! So easy to put on. Cut to size. Stays on until you want to take it off. Very gentle.

I put biocorneum cream on and then put tape on top of it.

Right now I am changing tape every 2 days but it could definitely be less frequent.

Mepitac soft silicone tape

Sorry for the picture overload but...

Just made this before and after!!!! And wow!!! So happy with my lift :) yowzer !!!!

Boobs in (old) bras!

So, it's a rainy Sunday in San Diego... What to do ? What. To. Do. ? I know ! Take pics of my boobs !
I tried on an old sports bra as all my post op bras were being washed.... And let me tell you- my yoga practice never looked like this before :)
Otherwise - not much has changed over the past week. They do seem softer and less swollen. More a part of me and not like two foreign objects. I'm a very happy camper ! And in love with my new boobs
Hope you're all healing well xoxo

My new favorite collage ;)

Day of operation with markings and today !!!!!

7 weeks :)

Love my boobs ! Scars are doing well and the boobs are getting nice and squishy. I don't think about them constantly which is probably the biggest change for me!!! I hope all of you are fantastic and healing well xoxo

Almost 10 weeks

Not much new to report - I just felt like posting a few new photos since it had been awhile. For anyone on the fence about doing this procedure - my experience makes me say: go for it!!! The scars aren't nearly as bad as I'd thought they would be - and the boost in my confidence has been immeasurable. Definitely the positives of the procedure have outweighed the negatives (scars, post op pain and lifestyle restrictions). Anyway - I hope all of you are well and am sending good healing vibes to all the real self ladies xxx

Sitting in school pick up line...

Bored so decided to do some collages. I need to update with new pics of my boobs too. Hope you're all well xxx

It's been awhile !!'

Hi to all of the beautiful real self ladies ! I hope you are all well and enjoying summer!! Life is great with my new girls although struggling more in summer to keep them undercover if the situation calls for it (eg youth soccer tournaments). Went on a beach holiday with the family and it's sooooo different being in a bikini with big breasts versus what I had before. I definitely notice more eyes looking at my chest which isn't necessarily a bad thing- just different. No regrets at all and just hoping the scars continue to fade - namely the vertical incision I'm a bit self conscious about but it doesn't seem to bother anyone else!! :). Best to all of you xxxx

Just a couple of more close ups

11 month update

I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. I feel so happy with my decision and las if I've always had these large breasts !!! The scars continue to get lighter and with powder or tinted moisturizer they're essentially invisible. I've started doing sculpt yoga and can do push ups and weights without any issues. I still don't like to jump around too much in class/jogging as I'm so afraid of sagging. I love the size and am glad I went with 400 cc. I hope you are all doing well and please feel free to ask me anything - hope I can be of help to others during their journey. Happy Valentine's Day !!! Xo
Ps I took photos tonight in 3 different rooms but could never get the greatest lighting. Still haven't mastered the art of the selfie

Scars and size and clothes

Hi everyone ! Just wanted to post a few close ups to show the vertical scar from the full breast lift. I'm now at about 15 months post op and the scars are really light. I'm super pleased with this

Size - I love them when I'm undressed... but sometimes find myself missing my previous small size. I struggle to find clothes in the summer that fit well and aren't too revealing. And in a bikini they're very obvious. I read so many reviews stating always go bigger so I guess I'm in the minority wishing I'd gone smaller - maybe 300 cc versus 400cc

Anyway - I hope you're all doing well !!!
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Dr umansky is amazing. I couldn't be happier so far :)

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