Almost 53 and Getting a Facelift and Browlift. Very Excited and Nervous Too - La Jolla, CA

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Hello All, I have been wanting a FL for some time,...

Hello All,
I have been wanting a FL for some time, but my bad habits were holding me back. Quit smoking in January and I am good to go.

Getting a Face lift and Brow lift. PS says I am a perfect candidate for a Brow lift.
I had an upper bleph and submental liposuction done by same DR in June 2012 and he didn't recommend any eye work at this time.

Of course, everyone says I look great and I don't need it. Blah. I feel that I do.

It is going to be a 5 hour surgery. I have a borderline bleeding disorder, but all lab results were normal. Dr. will start with brow lift and if there are issues, he will not do face lift.

Will post pics after surgery.

Anxiety is escalating.

I have one night to go and then is the big day. I have the wedge pillow, arnica montana, button down shirt, bacitracin, ice packs and soft foods to eat. I am still very anxious and hoping I am doing the right thing. I totally trust my DR, so that helps, but I am not sure I trust my healing ability. Here are some before pics.

Here is another before pic.

Want to make sure that everyone saw the good, bad and ugly.

Post Op--Day 1

Yesterday after the surgery was tough. My eyes were swollen shut and they felt scratchy. I couldn't walk and could hardly balance. My BF and the nurses had to help me. The drive home was a nightmare in the traffic, as my eyes hurt and I couldn't fit sunglasses over the head wrap. I am very sensitive to sun light so this was a killer and I had to cover my eyes with my hands. I took some pain killers. I was cursing myself for doing this....

Today, is much better. Had the drains removed and he re-wrapped me. Told me there was minimal bruising so far, and I am in the clear for hematomas right now, but he has seen them come after the first 24 hours. Still need to sleep with my head elevated and take it easy.I am taking Prednisone and Arnica. My forehead is numb and the stitches feel tight. I am dozing on and off throughout the day.

After he took the wrap off, I saw the magic he had performed. My face is swollen, but my jaw line has returned and I am excited. I don't look weird---like someone with botched plastic surgery.

I have to wear the wrap until Sunday, when I can take off and gently wash my hair.

Now, here is to healing:)

Post Op, Day 2

The bruising has started. My forehead is completely numb. I think the stitches itch a little bit. No major pain, just some discomfort. Healing is going to be boring. I am excited to take the wrap off tomorrow and wash my hair.

Post Op, Day 3

Got to wash my hair today--YAY! Boyfriend helped me in the shower, had to shampoo a couple of times to get the dried blood out. I was still a little off balance, so it was helpful having him there for balance. I had tufts of hair coming out, but he didn't shave any of my scalp, and there are no bald areas as I have thick hair.

OMG--I have staples running from the crown of my head to my ears. Then there are stitches in front and behind the ears, and again more staples down the back of my neck. These are industrial staples. He must have used a staple gun. There must be at least 40 staples! Who would have thunk?

My forehead and scalp are completely numb, although I can feel myself raising my eyebrows. I am still very swollen, and everything feels pretty tight, so I can't tell what my jawline will look like.
My neck and chest are very bruised. Under eyes very swollen and bruised.

Overall though, I feel pretty good, and could definitely go out if I looked more presentable, but I am supposed to take it easy. Gonna wait till evening and take the dogs for a walk.

Post Op, Day 4

Not to put anyone off, but keep in mind that anaesthesia affects your bowel movements. I took a total of 3 pain pills, after Surgery and Day One post op. This morning I woke up not feeling good at all. BF ran to CVS to get Milk of Magnesia. That helped.

Today, I am much more swollen, and neck and jawline feel much tighter. I have zinging pains to various places where the staples are, so I am guessing that is the nerves healing. Still have significant bruising under eyes, and on face and neck. I am definitely worse than yesterday.

Post Op, Day 4, pics

I feel like the Bride of Frankenstein with all of these staples in me.

Post Op, Day 5

Hello Ladies!
I look about the same as I did yesterday. Bruised and swollen. I can't feel my head, its weird. Using Arnica and Arnica gel; not sure it is helping. Drinking lots of water.

I am getting super bored around the house and ready to get these staples and stitches out of my head! I will see the DR on Thursday, but he is only taking some of the staples and stitches out, the rest come out next week. Went to Ulta and the girl used Dermablend--WOW--that works.

Post Op, Day 6

Hello All....
I removed my pics. I started to feel weird that I was posting facelift pictures for the whole world to view. Not that they care.....but what if someone from my work looks me up?

If you private message me, I will send pics.

Today was another very boring day. I can only play so much Words with Friends. I am still very swollen and can't feel my forehead and scalp. It is really weird and I hope it resolves. Boyfriend looked at the staples and stitches and all looks well. They feel really super tight and I cant wait for some of them to come off tomorrow.

I am still very swollen, so I cannot tell how the jawline will come out, but it definitely looks better than pre-op. OMG....aging is so demanding.

Post Op, Day 7

Dr. took some stitches out and said healing was fine. Guess it takes a month to get feeling back. I did get a chin strap to wear at night, and I should continue to sleep upright. Hopefully, the rest of the stitches and staples will come out on Tuesday.

Very swollen today--worse than a few days ago. Apparently, prednisone reduces the swelling, but once your are off it, swelling comes back.

Post Op, Day 9

Still very swollen. I woke up this morning and my eye was black and blue again. I thought that had healed. Mornings are worse and the swelling seems to go down as they day passes. Still sleeping upright. Feel random pangs and pings at the sites of the staples in the back of my neck.

Post Op, Day 23

Still swollen, but things are improving gradually. I am getting itchiness in my scalp and some feeling is coming back to my forehead. YAY. Neck is still swollen, but improving. This week at work, someone I have worked with a long time, said "you look very good and pretty and something is different. I just can't tell what it is." She might have been fishing, because I am not sure if this has slipped out in the office or not. Since her and I know each other for over a decade, I would think she might have asked me directly, so I am guessing she does not know. I told her I lost weight and that my skin is better since I quit smoking in January.

So far, so good. The incisions are healing well. I believe that so far my success rate is really because I chose a great surgeon with lots of experience and skill.

5 months

I am very pleased. Initially I was not sure of results. I had a prior lipo on my chin/neck (same DR) and that caused delayed healing. I still get some swelling in the mornings, but not much. Scars have healed well. LOVE LOVE my doctor.

I have felt critical about the results, but I think this was unfounded, as I am constantly scrutinizing myself in the mirror. Magnifying mirror---I hate you! I love you!

I have had numerous experiences that suggest that I look better. I went to the seamstress and she had not seen me in several months. She told me that she loved my haircut and it made me look much younger. In the same week, I went to a restaurant I used to frequent (but have not been to in several months) and the waitress said...."you look great---your haircut makes you look much younger." I have the SAME haircut.

I went on a dating site, and was messaged by a guy and we were chatting and he asked if I was really 53. Was he flattering me? Maybe. But I do have a nice picture.

The surgeon is so key in how this turns out. I have a borderline bleeding disorder....and my DR was very concerned and took all precautions. I hardly had any bleeding or bruising. Very skilled.

I feel more confident and I am so glad I got this done. I am not so tight that my face does not work or I look weird. Thumbs up!

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