Botched revision lip lift and tip plasty, liposuction and earlobe surgery by Dr. Randal Haworth -Los Angeles, CA

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While I was having other surgery performed I asked...

While I was having other surgery performed I asked Dr. Haworth about slightly reducing the size of my earlobes. I'd never had a facelift or earlobe surgery and my ears were normal looking but I felt that they looked rather large and that the lobes had stretched a bit from years of wearing heavy earrings. He assured me that this was a very simple, easy procedure and would not be a problem. After the surgery I immediately noticed that they looked off. He promised me that they would look fine after everything had healed but my fears proved correct. Not only is the shape very unnatural, they are two totally different shapes. From the front, they're drastically uneven and when viewed separately, they look very surgical. I have not worn my hair back since this surgery and have given up on wearing earrings which only draw more attention to this area. I have slowly but surely been having every procedure that he performed revised (at my own time and expense) and hope that this review can spare someone else that most difficult emotionally and financially draining task.

Earlobe pics

Larger pic of scar

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