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As a divorced. FT working mom of two young...

As a divorced. FT working mom of two young children, I'm jumping into explantation because I'm scared I'll never do it, if I don't take a small window of opportunity I've gotten. My implants seem to be leaking within the capsule or beyond and are 25-year-old "meme" textured silicone implants. The meme (french for "same" because they're supposed to feel soft and the same as natural breasts) implants were covered with polyurethane texture to minimize contracture which it did but my OBGYN and other docs say that when memes are removed, they're smooth implants so the polyurethane came off and is somewhere in our bodies-yuck. I was young and naive 22-year old when I wound up with these implants after complaining that my breasts were too droopy for my age and too asymmetrical. The docs explained to me that the lift I was seeking would leave me scarred and that small implants would create a natural lift with minimal scarring--and I could put a larger implant into the side with the smaller natural breast. After two decades of being unable to sleep on my stomach and feeling so depressed when my milk production was too low for breastfeeding, I'm excited to get these things out of my body.

Thank you so much to those who've written here about their experiences that have been such a boost to my motivation to go through with this.

Questions: Does anyone have any suggestions for how to explain (without having to disclose that I had implants) my suddenly smaller bustline to co-workers, moms at school or others who ask post op? Or how to explain bandages and later scars to young children without going into detail about implants? Do you have any general advice for an anxious pre-explant and lift patient who doesn't want scars but thinks scars are better than having old possibly leaky implants and later having to explain that to my kids or having to explain to my daughter one day when she's a tween how my breasts are C cup while hers are A---but that BA surgery is an awful idea for young women? Yikes! I'
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Will let you know post op :-) fingers crossed

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