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Ok so I thought I'd write this and some how post...

Ok so I thought I'd write this and some how post it or pass it on to anyone who was researching breast augmentation and attach some pictures because I have re searched this since I was 16 and honestly felt like I want to know a story from start to end yet couldn't find one anywhere for the surgeon I wanted and he deserves the credit and publicity so here I am blethering on..... If your serious I know you'll read on whether its 1 or 10 pages.

I first met Dr Taimour Shoaib through a La belle Forme open event. I straight away ran home telling my partner he seems so lovely and that's who I want to do my operation. It's sounds silly but you expect surgeons with that amount of qualifications and skills to be a step above the rest but he was so kind and down to earth.

My consultation - I was nervous, I had never taken my top of in front of anyone before even my partner use to say to me I'm your husband to be why do you always turn around or hide, I have always had "pointy boobs and all tissue seemed the gather at the lower half with large nipples" I was a 32a but still couldn't fill the bra at the upper half. Again straight away Dr Shoaib made me feel comfortable he kept eye contact the full time and spoke me through everything, explaining I had a mild condition called tuberous breast. my terms "pointy boobs" Research it you'll know what I'm on about. This made complete sense because when I researched boobs, implants etc nobody's boobs looked like mine. "Very confused" He told me that he could place implants but there not going to look round and perfectly shaped because of this but he was 90% positive he could rectify most of it without having to do another form of surgery. I walked away from the consultation with the biggest smile, an appointment for my operation and an empty bank balance but I'v never felt so satisfied.

Straight away I received a letter from Dr Shoaib to give to my GP which I thought was fantastic, detailing every little point that we had discussed. Followed by a letter giving me a date for my pre op at Ross hall hospital the Monday before my operation.

Patient journey was second to none from La Belle Forme and there staff, claire especially she was kind caring and made you feel like you were talking to a friend. I had phone calls checking up how I was feeling before my procedure and asking if I had any questions. i mentioned I was feeling nervous and the exact words I got were don't hesitate to call us everyday if you need to, if it helps settle you feel free to do so. I loved that. I felt like the only patient they had it was a very personal touch.

Ok So it's the day of my operation. Im a bag of mixed emotions.... Scared I'm going to be too small or have a set of balls stuck on top of my chest with a huge gap! I kept reading a copy of the Gp letter making sure Dr Shoaib understood what I had requested and kept searching boobs on Google thinking what's the worst case scenario I end up with 2 balls? At least they would be better than I have at the moment right? No that won't happen? Will it?

I was checked into a room at Ross hall and soon followed the nursing staff, anaesthetist and finally the main man Dr Shoaib. He confirmed what he thought I wanted, spoke me through consent and began to draw on me which settled me straight away because the minute he left the room I ran to the bathroom to eye up his drawings skills in the bathroom which gave me so much confidence.

If he can make me look good with a marker pen he surely knows what he's doing. Yes? No? Hmm...

Post op! I woke up in agony.... I'm going to be honest here Iv Never felt pain like it but the nurses in recovery gave me I.v pain killers straight away and I felt instant relief. The recovery nurse allowed me to have a look and I was over the moon I couldn't believe it they looked brilliant. I laid back with a huge smile and thought nice one! High five that!

Back to the ward i seen my fiancé and I had a good cry, after all these years of feeling embarrassed about my figure I had finally sorted it. I'm a size 10 but a curvy one at that. I have a bum and hips yet never any boobs. So I felt incomplete and very un-feminine and very very unattractive.

The next 24 hours after was uncomfortable but nothing that I had hyped myself up for. I was more upset not being able to sleep on my side and lying on my back was making me very grumpy. So it was a restless night to say the least.

48hours after. I have a strange gurgling coming from them and a burning sensation under my right arm Im assuming it muscle related because there are no cuts or grazes there. I'm in a fair bit of pain when i move or try to sit up. Visually they look swollen at the sides I don't have "perfect" cleavage but was told I wouldn't get much because of my natural structure before the op so I'm hoping a good bra will sort that out other than that I'm over the moon with the look and size of them. Dr Shoaib set a good and realistic expectation for me from day one and thanks to that Iv got what I expected and feel fantastic.

1 week post op.... Iv started to swell quite a bit the past couple of days I'm putting It down to me being back to work and may be moving more than I should be but I'm using ice and relaxing when I'm home and it's working a treat.

I'm going to sum my experience up now because I could go on forever. La belle form from start to finish are just phenomenal, very caring! Never once did I feel forced, concerned or uncomfortable. I was there because I wanted to be and they are thankful for that. The feeling of being in la belle is lovely it is so welcoming and just a brilliant experience.

Dr Shoaib is brilliant, I'd recommend him every time. I'm only 25 so I doubt il need anything else corrected but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go back to him if I did. I will be shouting his name from the roof tops. He deserves every credit.

6 months on I'd like to say Thanks to Dr Shoaib Iv gained the confidence every 25 year old should have.
Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shoaib is brilliant, I'd recommend him every time. I'm only 25 so I doubt il need anything else corrected but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to go back to him if I did. I will be shouting his name from the roof tops. He deserves every credit.

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