31 Year Old Mother of Two, 32aa to 275cc textured high profile

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I decided to do this procedure several years ago...

I decided to do this procedure several years ago but was waiting until the right time. Now in 2016 with two kids and financial stability I am ready...I think. I'm very nervous and have been researching and reading probably more than I should. I am hoping to have 250cc silicone moderate plus profile smooth round. I am looking for a smaller more natural augmentation. My biggest fear is capsular contracture and of course complications with any surgical procedure. Also the pain during recovery. I have had my consultation with Dr. Kramer out of meridian and was impressed with his knowledge and honest answers. During the consultation I was measured and tried on sizers. My pre op is February 25th and my surgery is scheduled for March 16th. I'll keep updating my progress as I move forward with this thrilling yet scary experience. If I get brave enough I'll post some before pictures.

My stats

I forgot to add my stats, I'm 5'4" 105 lbs. very petite and small frame and chest area.

Pre op today!

So I finally had my pre op (the suspense has been killing me lol). It went well. I signed all my paper work and paid the full balance at PS office and the surgical center. I tried on sizers again but only one size and profile and wish I had tried the high profile as well. I decided on 275 round textured moderate plus. But now I'm second guessing my decision and wondering if high profile might be better on my tiny frame. Any ladies out there with high profile feel free to comment and give me your input. Moderate plus ladies as well. Would love to hear the pros and cons. My surgery is set for March 16th and I am to arrive at 6:30 a.m and surgery is at 7:30. I think my nerves have calmed and I'm more excited now than scared. The doctor took my before pictures today and also some more measuring. My doctor also places drains...not looking forward to that but I've seen his results and they all look great so I trust his opinions and techniques. So about 20 days to go! Oh and anyone with textured implants I would love to hear from you as well.

So many choices!!

I really didn't realize when I started this that it would be so hard to pick the profile size shape and texture! I think I've narrowed down to 275 moderate plus but I'm just reaching out to all you ladies in terms of the texture. I am thinking textured but would like to know what you all think. Any ladies with smooth or textured I would love to hear from you!

Switching to high profile.

So I went in to try on sizers again. I met with Kimmie (who is absolutely awesome, by the way, for anyone going to see Dr. Kramer) and she pulled out some sizes that fit what I wanted and in the end I decided 275 cc high profile textured. I'm much more confident in my choice and feel like I can finally lay all this size, profile, texture business to rest and move forward. Here is a pic with th sizers in.

Before pictures.

Just thought I would add a few more before pictures to give anyone reading my profile what I had to start with.

Sizers in office

Here is a set of pics I put together. When it comes to the 250 and 275 HP the size difference is so minimal that you can't really tell but only really see the different angle of the pictures. You can see how the moderate had a lot less projection. Part of the reason I went with HP is to have that projection after seeing my old nursing photos. My nursing boobs naturally projected out quite a bit to my surprise so am confident in my choice as far as profile.

Bathing suit tops befores

Brave enough to post a close up.

So here is a close up of my itty bittys. They are not the same at all. I'm ok with that. My nipples also sag (due to breastfeeding two little ones) so hoping those will perk back up with the augmentation but if they don't I'm ok with that too. My PS will be lowering the fold on both breasts. Hoping that will help with the unevenness under my nipples. But again they won't ever look identical and I understand that. I'm not doing this to have twin boobies. I'm doing it to HAVE boobies. :)

Freaking out

Anyone have crazy anxiety and want to cancel right before their surgery. I'm starting to feel like I'm making a mistake. Like what if I don't like them, what if they hinder my lifestyle, the time away from my kids while I recover, constant worry of complications afterwards. Feeling self conscience because they aren't real! Ahhh!

Another hard decision.

So now I'm ready for the surgery and I found out a few days ago my dad has leukemia and he isn't responding well to the chemo. (Lung transplant a year ago and also pneumonia in his lungs) He lives 5 hours away so I'm torn between rescheduling or just doing it and possibly having to travel shortly after. As of this morning he is doing better than yesterday and they are addressing the pneumonia first and then we will know more. I've been in contact with my surgeons office and they have been wonderful. I'll keep you ladies updated on what happens. Thank you all for your support!

Decision made

Well I decided to postpone. Dr. Kramer and his staff, dawn and Kimmie especially, were nice and understanding and worked me in for May 11th. I am so thankful I was able to make this all work. My dad is still doing about the same and we are going to leave Friday morning to be there with him.

Coming up quick (again)

Hey everyone. So my surgery is may 11th. I'm suppose to be there at 10:30 for check in. I'm definantly still really nervous about the whole thing. My biggest worry is the implants hindering my way of life. Have any of you noticed there are things you can't do now or pretty much the same. I'll post more updates after my surgery and let you all know how my recovery goes.

Other thoughts I've had

I've got another question. Are any of you ladies married? Or with a partner? How do your husbands or partners feel about them? Is it weird to feel them or have them be touched during intimacy? Does it ever bother any of you that they are not real? Ok, that was more than one question. Lol. Thanks in advance for any input!

Today is the day!

Alright well today it is. ill do my best to post updates today. wish me luck!

All done!

The surgery is all done. I am home resting and feeling pretty good. Might be a different story tomorrow but as of now I feel so much better than I expected. I'll post more details about the process later.

More details

So I arrived at the surgery center at 10:30. They had me do the pregnancy test and then got me settled in with my IV and changed into surgical gown. The nurse (who was awesome btw) went over some basic home instructions and explained the drain tubes. Then the doc came in and did his marking. After that the anesthesiologist came in and explained a few things and they wheeled me into the surgery area. The next thing I knew I was waking up with my surgical bra on and drains in place. I laid there in and out of it but I honestly can say I didn't feel any pain. Some slight pressure and it was a little hard to breath for about an hour but that went away. I was very thirsty so th nurse helped me with some water and soon I was on my way home. We got home around 4:00 and I got comfy on my couch. My husband has been so great taking care of me. I actually have a really good appetite and at some salmon and a sweet potato with soup. The only time I feel nauseous is if I walk around for too long. I don't feel any pain right now. I've taken a half a Valium since I've been home and half a hydrocodone. Due for more around 10. My sternum is sore as I've seen other women mention this but deep breaths helps to ease it and it's seriously not bad at all. So today has been great and I hope tomorrow isn't too bad. I've heard the second day is rough so I'm mentally prepared for it but hope it's a breeze. Thanks guys again and I'll keep posting with more updates.

Over night and day 2 update.

Well I woke up at 12:30 in a fair amount of pain cuz the local anesthetic had worn off but I got up out of bed on my own and went to the bathroom did a few stretches and passed out. My wonderful husband came in at 4 am and gave me my meds and I was in more pain then but same thing went potty did stretches and passed out again. Woke up a little before 7:00 excited about coffee (cuz I didn't get to have any yesterday before my surgery) and I feel really good. A a little sore and hard to reach for things and my coffe cup feels like 20 lbs but overall I'm doing really really well. I slept great and feel good. I've heard day 2 is the hardest and if that's the case I am very happy with how I feel. I would totally do this again without a doubt. For you ladies who are nervous, don't be! Just follow your doctors orders and take your meds and you'll do great. I was so worried as you all know and it was for no reason. My doctor did an excellent job and I am very happy!

I'll post better pics once th drains are out and I've got the okay to take a look.

Finally a nudy shot.

So I went to my post op appt today. I didn't get to have the drains out but I'm ok with that. They really aren't that bad and Kimmie said I could take a bath just to take great care to keep it shallow and don't get anything above my belly button wet. I actually don't feel that dirty so that really surprised me. I'm the shower every single day type of person too. Kimmie said my incisions look great and there is hardly any swelling and the tiniest little bruise but you can't even see it unless you look really hard. My pain is seriously maybe a 1 or 2 and the highest it's ever been was a 5 and that was the first night and really not bad at all. Here is a picture of me in the office while Kimmie assessed my breasts and how they are doing. She put a compression wrap on my to help the drainage come out more in hopes they might come out tomorrow. Well I think that's it for now. I'll keep doing updates as things change. Oh and since they are textured Kimmie said they will change a little bit but for most part they are sitting about where they should stay. And just to reiterate I got 275 high profile textured mentor.

Day 3

Slept great again last night. Didn't set an alarm for for pain meds the last two nights and just let my body wake me up. Both times it was 4:00. Took my meds and went right back to sleep. Woke up stiff but that goes away quick. This dang compression wrap is a whole different story. Will be happy to burn this when its all over. My chest doesn't feel hard (where I can actually touch it and I don't think I've lost any feeling anywhere that I can tell. Overall I've just been very very tired. I'm eating good tho. But I haven't gone #2 yet. Hoping that with the laxatives and stool softeners that will come soon. I don't feel bloated so guess we will see. My biggest advice is get lots of rest, take your meds and you have to buy a neck pillow (like the kind they give you on planes) it seriously is the only reason I'm able to sleep so well. I don't wake up with any neck or back pain and sleeping on my back hasn't been a problem at all. Wishing all you ladies luck out there and happy healing!

Day 3

Has to let them out and breath and took a few quick incision shots. My left beast seems to hurt more and is sitting higher. I am loving my results so far. Also a before and after shot.

Just shows how little changed make big differences.

This is a progression pic. They look great and I'm very happy overall. Will be glad when I can return to life as normal again. I am still very tired all the time but I did finally have a bowel movement yesterday yay! My left breast is still giving me pains and is a lot more sore but it's all tolerable. Hope they stay this size after all the settling. Don't want to get boob greed. Haha!

Feeling good.

So I'm 6 days post op. Almost a week! Sure has flown by. Unfortunatly I still have my drains in which is a bummer because I have never ever ever ever gone this long without a proper shower. It's going to be heaven when the time comes. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the day. I don't think they have changed too much. Pain is very minimal except for this compression wrap but hopefully I won't need to wear it much longer. spent the day with my girls which has been wonderful! I missed them so much! still glad I did it and looking forward to getting fully back to myself.

Progression with a before shot for comparison.

One week!

Ok ladies. Made it to one week. I can honestly say it has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'm very thankful and lucky my mom was able to take my girls and care for them because with the medication combined with how tired I was there is no way I could have cared for them the way I would have wanted to. I finally got my drains out today yay! Took a fantastic shower and feel human again. It was very strange to see my breasts completely out and gave me a different perspective on them. They have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do, they are plenty big (no boob greed here at all) and my right is bigger than my left. Which it was before but was hard to tell since they were so different and small to begin with. I'm very pleased with my results and couldn't be happier with this whole experience. My advice to anyone reading this wohld be to get a neck pillow before you buy anything else. Buy plenty of button down shirts that are lightweight and comfy. Take your medication. Keep a positive attitude through it all and be patient with everything. Ignore those people (cuz there is always one) who have something negative to say about your decision. It's your choice and they don't get to have an opinion. And even though they are "fake boobs"...own them! Make them yours! I tell people I just added some volume to them. :-) here are a few pics after my shower today. Oh and the bra that I am currently wearing that my doctor sent me home in is a size 34C and it fits well for any of you wondering what size I am as of today. That may change down the road as they settle.

9 days.

So things are going well. Having my girls home makes me happy but does make things harder. I can't do all the things I wohld like to do and not being able to pick up my 2 year old has been rough. But we are managing. My mom took the girls for a few hours so I can rest up some. Love my mom! Showers are getting easier but I can't wait to get them put back snug in my bra. Here are a couple pics. One body shot for proportion. I'm very happy with the size. I was able to wear a regular t shirt today and loved how modest they are still but I can flaunt them if I want to.

I hate to say it...

I hate to say it but I want them out. I have thought very seriously about this and in the last week I have decided I'm not fit for them. I don't like how they feel. How heavy they are. How uncomfortable I am and I don't want to wear bras. I thot I could handle all that and enjoy actually wearing bras but I don't. They are uncomfortable and I just want to be free of these nuisances. My PS did an excellent job mind you. They look amazing but they don't feel amazing. They feel unnatural and I have learned a valuable lesson. So I sent an email to their office asking about price and when it can be done. Hoping to hear back soon. I wanted to cal but I get emotional when I talk about it. I know women get boobie blues and I understand I may very well just have that but it doesn't change my mind. I want to be able to return to my life and have these things out. I don't care about the scars and it will just be a reminder that I should just love myself for who I am. Hope all you ladies are doing wonderful and thanks for listening. I'll post updates about my possible explant. Hoping I can have them out before the capsule forms (so in the next 4 weeks) so that he doesn't have to remove that too and possibly have it done locally.

Boobie Blues.

I just want to explain a little better for you all, especially for those of you who are waiting for your surgery to get implants. I am suffering from depression I believe from the anesthesia and probably the whole body altering thing lol. I am ok and I will make it through. Whether I get them removed or not. And please don't let my experience sway you or scare you. Just prepare yourself for be possibility of depression and be ready to take it head on. Make sure you have a good support system and don't be afraid to talk to your PS office if you do indeed have be same issues. My PS office had been amazing helping me through this and they are absolutely wonderful and Kimmie is such a sweet lady with a big heart to listen to me complain and talk me through all this. My boobs still feel annoying and I still can't sleep on my side. I still feel like they are in my way but there have been times I actually forget about them (fleeting moments) and in those moments I find peace and realize maybe it will be ok. I made this decision on my own and I accept that. I don't blame anyone for it. I don't even blame myself. Some days are better than others and I'm thankful for the good days. I'm trying to keep busy and love my girls (I can hug and squeeze them now without pain) and that is amazing in itself!!


Got all the glue off. Amazed at how well the look. My PS did such an awesome job. Wish I could love them the way I thot I would. Damnit!!! The right incision needs some more healing but the left looks incredible!

Updated pics

So each day brings ups and downs but I can honestly say I'm starting to feel better about them. I don't notice them nearly as often and the pain is very minimal. Kind of like a dull ache that I've adjusted to. The pressure behind my nipples is the worst but even that is fading. They still aren't very soft but I think with time that will change too. Here are a couple updates pics.

6 days vs 22 days.

Doing well.

So I've slept in my side the last two nights in a row. It is slightly uncomfortable in certain positions but I've adjusted and I'm so glad to be off my back finally. I don't feel them at all inside unless I actually move them (which they are still pretty hard so they don't move much). They don't feel as much in the way and I am so close to being back to my regular every day activities without struggle. They don't seem as big and don't stick out as far to me anymore. Had a bbq with some friends last night and they didn't even notice! So things are getting better and I'm so glad for that. I'm still undecided about whether I made the right choice in getting them but instead of wanting them out right now I'm more content to let them hang out and see how it all goes. They look great and I still can't say enough about the amazing job my ps did. Thanks again ladies for all your AMAZING support. I'll post some pictures today after my shower. Want to do a before and after with a bathing suit so I'll have that picture up as well. Good luck to you all who are healing and hope you all had a great weekend.

A few pics.

Bathing suit shopping

Bought this bathing suit today. Looks good I think. Don't really fit in any of my old ones. Kind of a bummer. Was hoping I had gone small enough to still wear them. Some days I feel huge and some days I feel ok. Trying to embrace my new boobies. It's hard. Found a few stretch marks last night. Could be old ones from nursing boobs but just can see them now that my skin is stretched. hopefully no more pop up.

Just a little update.

So I am happy to say I am feeling so much better about them. I hardly notice them anymore as far as pain or being uncomfortable. I'm able to sleep on my side just fine and basically doing everything I did before just not picking up anything super heavy. Went and visited family this wknd and went horse riding and spent some much needed time in the hot tub (kept incisions dry) and my family was so supportive. My sister in law and my younger sister were both totally surprised how great they looked and said they would never have thought that I had had anything done. Was a nice relaxing wknd and good to get away for awhile. They are settling nicely and softening little by little. The emotional roller coaster is nearly over. I may feel regretful or panicky once or twice in a 24 hour period but just remind myself how great they look and flash myself in the mirror and see that it was totally worth it. I've attached a few pics from different angles. Thanks everyone on here for all your support and hope your all doing fantastic!

Bra size

Almost 7 weeks post op.

Hi ladies. Just wanted to post a short update. Things are going well. Boobs look and feel fantastic. Getting softer each day but still more firm than I would prefer but with textured I may not get that soft squishy feel. I'm ok with that. I had my 6 week post op last wed and it went well. PS didn't seem to have any concerns and neither do I. I don't have any rippling so to speak yet so that's good but may change over time. No more stretch marks and incisions are healing nicely. The feeling under my nipples is still minimal but slowly waking up. My nipples never really became to sensitive so I'm glad for that. I find that if I do to much in a day the sides of my breasts and under my arms get sore (like rubbed raw sore) but I can handle it and it goes away by morning. Wearing a bra is nice now and I fill out my 36B bra pretty well. They are exactly what I was hoping for and again I want to say my PS did an excellent job. I'm very happy with them and I am also happy the post op depression is gone. It was a rough couple of weeks and I have never experienced anything quite like that. I think I have a better understanding of people with depression now. It's a hard hill to get over but with patience and a support system I managed. There is some slight animation deformity on my left breast but not too bad so I'm glad for that. I hope they continue to heal this well as I move forward and hoping no complications later down the road. Anyway hope all you ladies are doing well and loving your new additions.

Sore boobie day...

Hey ladies I've got a question. So I'm now 8 weeks post op and my boobs are really sore today. When I feel along the sides I feel a hard strip on both sides almost all the way around. I honestly can't tell if it's the implants, scar tissue or maybe even just my ribs and I'm imagining things.Haha! I'm just wondering if it's normal to feel sore sort of out of the blue. I still had minimal pain but this is slightly more than any given day. I just got over my period so I don't think it's that?? But idk. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'll prolly give my PS office a call tomorrow just to check. Thanks in advance.

10 weeks ladies!

So I've made it to 10 weeks and I'm feeling amazing. I am completely in love with my new boobs! They don't hurt at all anymore except the occasional twinges here and there but nothing to complain about. My scars look incredible and from the looks of them will keep fading nicely. I can almost squeeze them completely together. They are still pretty firm. They do jiggle tho hehe. I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday because my husband got me a gift card there back in February after I scheduled my appointment. I didn't realize until after I left that I wasn't intimidated at all by the bras. I never went in that store because they didn't even carry my size since I was less than an A cup before if we want to talk cup sizes. I went in and grabbed whichever type of bra caught my attention and tried a few on. I got a nice comfy pink one and a green bralette. Love them both! I sleep on my side stomach and back with no issues. I'm still numb under but I can tell the feeling is starting to come back into them. It's so fun and crazy to feel sexy in bras and lingerie. I always felt silly wearing bras before because I never filled them out. Always was a hollow spot between me and the bra. Now I fill them out and then some. :-)


Look at the difference! Doesn't even look like the same girl! I feel incredible and I also feel like I am and was so brave to actually have had this surgery! I did it and I am so glad I did. Worth every penny and even the pain that came along. What a way to put things in perspective for myself. Before and afters!

Sizers compared after surgery.

For Michigan22. Hope this helps. 275 high profile under muscle mentor textured.

Bras bras and more bras!

So I bought my first bra with an underwire. I'm am very surprised and thrilled to report that IT IS actually comfortable. Before I had my surgery underwire was a joke to me. I had no use for it. Shortly after surgery I felt the same way because the implants felt glued on my chest. They feel like a part of me now and it's so awesome! Thanks to peaceloveandtanning bringing up some interesting views on bras and sizing I decided to keep an open mind to it all and try out underwire so thanks for that! Still haven't been professionally sized but I'll make my way to it. This bra is a 34B. Not only is it sexy but it's comfy and supportive. :-)

6 months

Hi ladies. It's been awhile. Just busy with kids, school and chaos lol. So I just wanted to say things are going well. My breasts have settled nicely and I still like them. I still have some zingers of pain here and there especially if I lay on them for too long. But even real boobs don't like to be smashed :-). I'm glad I went with textured. They may be more firm but I don't mind that. I just feel peace of mind knowing they stay in place. I do have rippling at the bottom of my breasts when I bend over but I don't mind. It's very minor and you can only feel it not see it. I'll admit sometimes I feel like a fraud when I think about the fact my boobs aren't real but my husband assures me they are my boobs, my nipples my areolas my skin just added volume. It does help to think in those terms. My husband loves them but he says he is cautious because he wants me to know he loved them before as well just they are different now, not necessarily better. I can wear whatever I want. Swim suits are fun. Bras are awesome and lengerie is sexy! My scars are healing nicely, still applying mederma every day. I can't think of much else to update. I do enjoy them and I'm glad I did it and I'm glad I kept them. :-) oh and I can squish them together or up or whatever I want now too. And they wiggle and jiggle which is fun cuz they didn't do that much before (didn't have enough to squeeze together or jiggle lol).

how my textured implants lay in awkward postitions :-)

I just wanted to share real quick how MY textured implants lay while I'm in different (and yes awkward) positions. Cuz no one really sees them like this except for you and maybe your partner. But it can give you ladies an idea. I know it was something I was curious about when choosing between smooth and textured. I explained positions in the captions of the pictures. And I say MY because yours may not do the same depending on your own anatomy.

Just some pics for my records.

I'm just posting these so I can get a lot of these boobie pics off my phone. Haha! Most of them are progressive scar pics.


Video of animation distortion.

Explicit - Click to view

Hey so I took a few pics and quick video so you can see the animation distortion. . It's kind of hard to see but also hard to record lol. I'm just flexing my pec muscles which makes my boobs sort of jump. It feels weird sometimes but I've gotten used to it and it's not nearly as jumpy as it was in the beginning. If you have enough breast tissue than maybe over is right for you but under has so many benefits as well. Good luck and I hope this helps! I really only feel it on my left breast (right to you) but I think my right does it a little bit too.

My typical bra. Love it!

Bittytittybangbang, this is just a quick pic of my favorite bra. I have it in 3 colors lol. I couldn't get myself to do a bathing suit as there are 3 inches of snow outside lol. Just would make me wish for summer even more. I'll post some bikini pics soon tho. It's not a push up btw. No padding!

One year.

Well I made to the one year mark. Not much to report really. More softening and better shape overall. Everything has settled nicely into place. I still have some funny twinges and pains here and there. I can sleep on my stomach most of the time but some nights it can be more uncomfortable than others. I'm still very happy with them. I'm super happy with the size and shape too. It has definitely taken some adjusting to get used to having them but it was well worth it. :-)
Meridian Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough about Dr. Kramer and his staff. They have all done an excellent job. Kimmie is just wonderful and helped me along the way and went above and beyond for me. Dr. Kramer is an excellent surgeon and I would tell anyone who is interested to go directly to him! He knows exactly what he is doing. I could go on and on about them all but I'll end it by saying I am very very happy with my results. Thank you all Dr. Kramer and staff and all of the ladies at the surgery center!

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