My Accutane Journey

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So I wanted to go ahead and start my blog with...

So I wanted to go ahead and start my blog with this drug. I am sincerely hoping I can help someone else out by sharing my experience with it and would also like to hear some experiences from other people who are willing to share/comment. So here it goes...
I am a 26 year-old Aesthetician who has struggled with acne before even hitting puberty. I was 10 years old when I started getting acne and since then it has just gotten worse. So yes, 16 years of suffering from deep, red, painful, cystic acne. Since going through Aesthetician school and learning about products and the importance of a skincare regimen, I have been able to keep it at bay with products and acid peels. However, I have still been left with scarring and no remedy for prevention. I know my acne isn't nearly as bad as some people who start taking Accutane, but I have tried 3 different kinds of creams (Differin, Tazorac, & Clindagel) and 1 round of Clindamycin. Nothing prevents them from popping up and scarring my face. I have heard so many horror stories about deformed babies, depression, IBS, Chron's disease, etc, but my husband took Accutane in high school and he turned out okay. Starting my treatment in 2 days and hoping for the best!

Day 1

I took my first pill today (40mg) and let me tell you, I was freaking out. The package has all of the warnings on it as well as DO NOT GET PREGNANT all over it. And the pills were so hard to remove from the packaging. I was thinking "Wow, I am having a little bit of regret right now. What if all of these terrible side effects happen to me!" But I feel fine so far. I had a headache before I took them and it seems to be a little worse now, but as ironic as it is, I don't like taking medicine.

Day 6

I have taken 6 pills and so far have experienced a few things..
1. A little dryness on my face, but is manageable with coconut oil applied every night before bed.
2. Headaches
3. Today my lips feel numb, I but have not experienced dryness yet. I have been liberally applying lip balms all day every day since I have started this medicine as well as an overnight treatment.
4. Dandruff has gotten a little worse
5. Acne has improved! I still have some pigmentation, but no pimples at the moment.
6. My face is a little red all over, probably because I have sensitive skin. However, it is easily covered up with makeup.

Hopefully I have helped someone. Thanks for reading!

Day 6

I have already experienced the hair loss people have been talking about. I was scrubbing my scalp with dandruff shampoo to get rid of the itch I have been feeling on my scalp all day, combed in the conditioner, and I got a little chunk of hair. I have experienced postpartum hair loss before and this amount seems to be similar to the amount I lost after having my baby, but I hope it doesn't get worse. Maybe I just won't brush my hair or wash it every day?? Lol!

Dry Scalp & hair loss

my scalp has been itching like crazy. I have tried the dandruff shampoo with 3% salicylic acid and it has helped with the flakes, but I still have a very itchy scalp. Still have a little bit of hair loss too, but still consider it to be similar to postpartum hair loss. I have a few new breakouts, but nothing cystic, thank goodness!

Day 9

Today I noticed the dry lips. They are starting to peel a little and never seem to keep the moisture from the lip balm. The main lip balm I am using is Arbonne. It has shea butter and grapeseed oil as main ingredients. The other one I am using is the eos. Another side effect I experienced today is the muscle soreness. I was on my feet for 4 hours today, shopping, and I could not believe how exhausted my body felt. It was like I was pregnant again. I had lower back and hip pain just after walking around for a few hours. My face is really red and tight. I would compare it to the results I had after doing an acid peel. After you have an acid peel, your skin gets really red and starts to peel because it has been exfoliated. Your pores are tight and your skin feels tighter overall. You also have sensitivity while you are waiting for your skin cells to renew themselves. So yeah, I would compare my skin on day 9 of accutane as being similar to day 1 post peel. Hopefully my results on accutane will be just as good as a peel, maybe even better?! ????

Skin is looking better

Day 10 and my skin is looking much better! I still have redness and it feels like my skin has been overly exfoliated, but my pigmentation and scarring are disappearing!
My lips feel dehydrated more than physically dry if that makes sense. They aren't peeling too bad, but chapstick/lip balm seems to be wearing off faster than normal. I have been exfoliating with a sugar lip scrub to keep them from peeling too bad though. I have been washing with Alchime Forever cream cleanser and using coconut oil as a moisturizer. I highly recommend both of those! I was having a few flakes on my face, but those products took care of it real quick. They moisturize really well!

Day 15

Today I was able to get out of the house without makeup and without being embarrassed about my acne! My skin has gotten drier and my scalp continues to itch and flake. The corners of my lips have cracked, but the rest of my lips aren't dry. I guess I just need to apply more moisture in the corners. I started using a new moisturizer from Arbonne called re9 night repair creme and it has done wonders for my dry skin! Lately, I have had a lot of muscle soreness in my hips, but I think if I slept on my back instead of sides, that would help tremendously.

Feel like a granny

This week I have experienced terrible muscle soreness in my hips!! Every time I get up off the couch, I hunch over because they hurt so much. Lol. My acne and pigmentation has improved, but I am still experiencing breakouts every few days. I also see all of the comedones on my cheeks and nose. Feels disgusting because they were there before accutane, just were too deep to extract. They are still a little too deep to extract so I will wait a few weeks on that. My whole face is still very red...other than that nothing new. My headaches are gone. Still have a dry, itchy scalp. I put a hair mask on my scalp and left it on overnight. That has helped more than the dandruff shampoo! Oh and I have been sleeping on my back so I don't wake up with terrible hip pain that seems to last all day. My lips started cracking in the corners, but a few nights of lip balm (all natural, but has a vaseline-like consistency) left on overnight has remedied that. I hope someone out there finds my reviews helpful. Thanks for reading!

Switched to another brand

My hips were killing me!! I was in 40 mg of Amnesteen and I could barely get around. If I sat in the car for more than an hour, my hips were in some major pain. Like I was 8 months pregnant. My doctor switched me to 40 mg of Amnesteen. She said this one has less side effects. I have been on Zenatane for 2 weeks now and it is soooo much better in regards to all of my side effects. So far no cracking of lips, less dandruff, and much less hip pain. However, my pimples have come back. On Amnesteen My skin was starting to clear up, but now that I have switched I wonder if I am going through that purging stage? Anyways, love you guys and your constant support. Thanks for following!

Switched to Another Brand

not sure why my pic didnt load, but here is my breakout photo after being on Zenatane for 2 weeks
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