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I do not have the pics uploaded on this pc but...

I do not have the pics uploaded on this pc but will try to post later. I had rhinoplasty 8 mos ago to reduce a very large nose for my face (I have a very long & thin face anyway): remove hump, narrow base slightly, reduce/refine tip, and reduce septum, etc. to bring the nose closer to the face.

Results: The angle is good, hump gone, base looks better slightly narrowed, nose is closer to my face and overall better & much more proportionate. I no longer am the "girl with the big nose" :)

There are 3 cons: 1 physical, 2 functional. At first I though it was swelling but, he did not refine & remove enough from my tip so, it is still definitively a bit large for the rest of my nose/face both from the top and side, as well as being a bit crooked. Not OMG but, not the kind of crooked you have to stare at & analyze before noticing. Instead of narrowing it bulges back out toward the end/tip. In pictures & at almost any front angle there is a definitive line or shadow where the tip meets the bridge due to this, resembling a pig nose for example - not quite that extreme but, still very very distinct.

Functionality: After 8 mos I still do not have full breathing functionality restored at all times. Sometimes I can breathe fine, others (such as upon lying down every night for bed) I cannot. This was not a problem existing before surgery; I am not sure why this is because I have not received any real answer to the question. The part 2 that adds on to that is that there is an extremely pronounced piece of cartilage on the inside of my nose on one side that was moved during surgery but, not "tacked back up" so to speak. Keep in mind that from day of to this day it protrudes so far that it touches the septum from the other side.

Post-op & recovery: I had a horrible/unprofessional experience upon waking up in the surgery center. Aside from the fact that the woman who handled me directly before & after having had too much Botox or work done, she did nothing she described to me when I asked beforehand about post-op procedure. I was told after surgery I would be in a certain area until I was awake enough to feel comfortable to leave, etc. I was rudely woken up Not in the area she stated, unable to open my eyes & focus yet, to her shaking & telling me it was time to go the same moment my parents were brought in & were asked to help me dress. They also couldn't have done that, or brought only my mother in first...? It's not about modesty; it is unprofessional & they led me dad in just for him to walk off again out of respect.

The woman frantically rushes me, practically dragging me this is not exaggerated - from that moment to the moment I hit the door. Throughout this I am throwing up 2-3 times, telling her I am too nauseous, repetitively telling her I am going to pass out as well as have to use the restroom all at the same time. She is just as consistently pulling me by my arm, telling me I'll be alright, & refusing to let me stop or go in the bathroom (which was on the way) to the point I literally had to jerk myself away from her twice - once to drop to my knees to keep from passing out, the other to dart in the restroom. Both my parents & I were appalled at the manner in which I was almost literally shoved out of the door from a medical facility.

After this, I had a very rough first week, but was back to work at week 2 & 1/2. I was also one with a massive acne problem months following, before finally fading back to normal (my face was so shiny even directly after washing that I had a 24/7 gloss).

Here you have it to date!

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

I spent months researching beforehand & more on surgeons than the surgery because, any word of mouth recommendations & actual reviews were nonexistent for surgeons in Knoxville & Nashville: I researched & consulted with a total of 14. I have mixed feelings about the surgeon because he did some things seemingly well, & I would still be more satisfied even if nothing further was done today than having never done it. But, at the same time there are the things stated above as well as a bedside manner change before surgery vs. after. Pre he was great all the way around; post he is very aloof & does not have much to say.

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