28 Year Old Mother of Four with a Previous Lift 7 Years Ago - Kitchener, ON

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So I had a lift seven years ago and then had 2...

So I had a lift seven years ago and then had 2 more children after the procedure, which basically brought my girls back to where they were before my first surgery.

I am currently a 36 c

I will be getting a lollipop lift, uhp silicones overs and thinking between 400-500cc.

I had my consult and sizing appt and put my deposit down and booked for May 24th 2016

So far away because that's the first vacation week hubs has this year and I need him to help with the little ones

I will take some before pics in the near future :)

500 cc UHP sizers

Too big? I don't want to look too heavy and have been thinking maybe I should decide on 400s instead

Shy shy shy but here are my befores

I'm shy to show but I know befores and afters are important for other ladies going through with a BA/BL.
Also added some close ups of my previous lifts scars :) hope my new ones end up looking this amazing

17 days to go!

my pre-op is monday! i would love some tv show/movie suggestions to download! wow time has flown! cant believe its happening so soon now! I am feeling like i am going to go with 400s instead of 500s because i keep reading that there are more risks over 400? i will do a quick update onn monday after pre op!!! im getting nervous about leaving my kids! I know i should be fine and all but still it feels like such a huge choice im making! I have been under a couple times before so i haveno clue why im so worried? i guess with age you get wiser lol

Pre-Op is done and 15 days to go :)

I got to try sizers on again and I think i am sticking to the 500s there is barley a difference in projection but the 500s def have a wider diameter which I want the round look so it makes most sense to stick with the 500s

Excited to just have it over with so the anxiety can just go away

I am a paranoid mess lol

I am ridiculously paranoid of getting sick now! somehow i managed to not get some crazy flu my kids and husband had, but then today at walmart some lady COUGHS on me! doesnt even cover her mouth! I almost died and went and bathed in sanatizer lol I lterally refuse to go to any public places now til after the surgery not that it matters as i have a bunch of school aged children lol for the last month I have been taking a multi vitamin and 1000mg of vit c, and at least 10 glasses of water to try and stay healthy... but I feel with my luck I will catch something last min Ive gotten some of my post op needs ... anything else i should get? gauze Vaseline (no idea what for but its on his list) arm rest pillow some large zip sweaters case of water for beside the bed (because i am locking myself away lol ) I plan on having a variety of fruit and protien bars for some light snacking as well. well that's my ramble of the day

Just a few post op bras I ordered

I know I should have waited to see what size I am but I tried to make an educated guess lol Will be making a trip to VS for one of their high impact front zips after the new boobs arrive :) Eeeek 6 more days

48 hours to go!!!

Almost forgot to do some bathing suit befores! (Excuse my winter fluff lol) Also starting my anti bruising today :)

Omg surgery starts at nine

Currently spending my last 20 mins enjoying some morning fresh air :)

I took some Ativan to calm my nerves and it appears to work like a charm and I have no shame about that :)

They are here :)

Feeling pretty good The lipo areas for the fat graft are burning tho

Just a couple more pics

Bruising is happening
Still feeling okay... Pretty sore but nothing crazy

24 hours

Super swollen, high and crazy tight

Feeling "morning boob"

Omg! It's horrible... Not sure if it's due to the size I got but wow! Getting up from bed sure is something special... A mix of pain and pressure... I have to hold my chest when getting up... Post op is in a couple hours so I'm sure I will be updating again later :)

post op went well

post op was super fast, she took all the bandages off and says they look "ahhhhmazing" but very bruised. I gimped into a new bikini top i ordered last week...im pretty happy with how they are looking! very much looking forward to swelling going down

Still super tight

But there's been a tiny bit of dropping it looks? Bruising is clearly still very bad Top is may 25th and bottom today

so happy I did this!

for months i worried non stop about actually going through with this surgery! maybei felt guilty for spending all this money solely on myself. For months I constantly stressed about size, i always gravitated towards the 500cc sizers but "are they going to look ridiculous when they are in?" I was going to go smaller just because of that fear... and here i am with 525s and I LOVE them i think they suit my frame well and even tho they are all tight and oddly shaped still I love them and i regret stressing for four months about everything... so my word of advice would be dont over think it which is hard cause its obviously a huge life changing event. The zingers have officially started today which is annoying but at the same time a good thing! maybe some of the numbness will start to subside I took a really good look at my incisions today and wow he is amazing! they are going to heal beautifully i think. I am now thinking I am going to give coolsculpting on my inner thighs a go! the thought of lipo isnt sitting well lol seeing how the little bit i did last week gave me bruises bigger then a basket ball. i have struggled with my thigh fat for years... it seems to be the most difficult spot for me to lose from. well thats my late night ramble of the evening :)

Happy 1 week boobies!

Still feeling crazy tight. I would explain it as some crazy engorgment lol Feeling pretty good aside from some initial soreness when I wake up ... I'm still sleeping on my back sitting up basically :( My next post op is tomorrow where I may be getting the "strap" No clue why these pics are upside down lol o well They look pretty killer in a bikini top! There has been a bit of shoe change but clearly they are still high and have lots of settling to do

Rocking the "strap" :(

I guess it's not as terrible as I've heard... But it's not comfortable at All...

All incisions are great :) just need to get them dropping

12 days

Friday my dr rushed me in thinking I had a hematoma from looking at the pic the nurse too on Wednesday... Thankfully I didn't :)

They are finally starting to drop I think? I know I have to be patient ... I just really hope they start rounding out!

They are quite large lol which I was scared of going to big but must say I'm loving the size

I'm waiting a few months before I do the cool sculpting ... I want to make sure my boobs settle and heal good first ... I did however get my quote for the inner thighs and they would be doing a stacked treatment so 2 on each side the same day... They gave me 15 percent off so it's 2800 ... Hopefully the boobs don't need any revision so I can go ahead and maybe see my thigh gap again lmao

Dropping at different rates

I know it's part of the whole deal... Can't wait for dropping to complete and I really hope they round out... Not particularly loving the shape of them naked... On the other hand they look awesome while dressed!

It's been a while!

Life has been crazy busy!

anyways I need a revision... The lift has to be redone... Not sure if it's because initially he didn't take enough off but clearly they look horrible naked...

Still happy that I did this tho and I know it will be resolved shortly :) and I they still look fab dressed.

Revision is booked for August 17th

Not much to update other than having my dates confirmed:) unfortunately this will disrupt my bday plans a bit but will be worth it. Will be requesting Percocets this time forsure since the t3 kept me from sleeping

Revision is tomorrow

Still not happy about having to go through it again so soon :/ I have three special needs boys so even the first time was difficult for me and them

Revision done

Can't wait to see them tomorrow!
Feeling pretty good, way less pain than when the implants and lift happened.

They are sooooo small

I wasn't expecting such a big difference in size! And they are obviously swollen... I feel fine today pain wise...

2 months post revision

Top picS are now. I don't feel too happy with my results at this point.

Couple months out from revision

Over a year post op and 10 months post revision

Overall very happy aside from my scars not healing as fast as I would like... love my cleavage


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