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Well where to start...I am a 26 year old stay at...

Well where to start...I am a 26 year old stay at home mom to my three kids, and wife to my high school sweetheart. My two oldest kids are both 3 currently (my son turns 4 in a month, so yes they are only 11 months apart), and my baby is 4 months old. I have been busy having babies since November 2007.

With my first baby I gained 45 pounds and then got diagnosed with these things called PUPPS (a weird and rare pregnancy rash, super horrible!!), and then I go pregnant with my second and never lost all the baby weight. With my third I didn't gain as much but it didn't matter because my stomach was already a gonner. I had fairly good size babies at 9 pounds and my stomach and boobs just never did recover.

I've known since after I had my first child that I would have to get a tummy tuck if I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes again. My husband and I talked about plastic surgery for awhile before we came to the decision and I am so grateful that he is supportive about the whole process. I feel 26 most days, but I defintely don't look like it.

So on September 13th I had my consult, and really liked the doctor. He explained everything really well and was very confident in what he was doing, which made me feel great! I have decided to do a tummy tuck with some lipo (just for conturing my shape), and a breast lift with augmentation (saline implants). I am so excited and it still seems so surreal!

As guilty as I feel about getting the surgery (all the time, money, and help I will need), I feel like it will payoff in the end. I want to be in a bikini again and not worry that if I lift my arms above my head my stomach might show. I want the insecurities to go away!

I am so excited I found this site, and that I can share my experiences along the way with others, and others can share their experiences with me. Photos-Coming soon!

Certain situations reconfirm why I am getting this...

Certain situations reconfirm why I am getting this procedure... It's starting to get cold in my neck of the woods, and "jeans" season is here. I cannot wait until my jeans can fit good and if my shirt is tight it doesn't show my extra skin around the top of my jeans, ugh.... Most disgusting thing ever!!! Tired of covering up my body with a big sweatshirt. My insecurity that everyone is staring at my stomach and wondering if they are going to ask me if I am pregnant is overwhelming... It's the worst feeling in the world when someone asks you if you are pregnant when you not!! Well my venting is over for now, mostly likely won't be the last time. 7 weeks and counting, woohoo!!

So I had my first dream about my surgery last...

So I had my first dream about my surgery last night!!! It made me feel more excited, anxious, and nervous than ever. The child in me has come out in me lately..."I want it NOW". Lol
I am such a procrastinator too. I haven't gotten any recovery supplies yet, or even decided exactly what I need. Well I'll write soon!

This waiting is killing me!!!! Tomorrow it will be...

This waiting is killing me!!!! Tomorrow it will be 5 weeks til surgery day. I also can't wait to go shopping and get some new clothes I feel comfortable in and look good on me!! I still haven't bought any recovery supplies yet....I'm such a procrastinator. I was the same way when I was pregnant, didn't pack my hospital bag and came back and bit me in the butt (my husband had to do it twice).... Maybe it's psychological, maybe I don't want to get too excited too early? Anyone else like that?! So i haven't had blood work done, is that weird? Or does that get taken care of at your pre-op?? Probably should call the ps office tomorrow and figure it out.
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