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Hello. I must say that I can't help to cry while...

Hello. I must say that I can't help to cry while creating this review. I had my first child at the age of 21 and I am now 30 years old with 3 children. I am done having children and now that my husband supports my decision I have decided to do something about my body. Recently I lost over 60 pounds, after battling with post partum depression. I basically used my last pregnancy (youngest is 18 months old) to eat anything and everything until I reached 216 lbs (previously 140lb). After I gave birth I was diagnosed with post-partum depression and gained a lot of weight. One day I woke up and decided to change my lifestyle and lose the weight. I began researching surgeons and I found Doctor Min. in Kirkland WA. After intense research I felt he could help me and although I have yet to meet him something tells me I can trust him. I have been in contact with this office since February via email and phone. I am flying to WA next week to have my first consultation and my surgery has already been scheduled for next month. Considering that I am an out of state client they have been super helpful and accommodating. I plan on staying with my parents during my stay in WA. I have been exercising a lot (3-5days /week), and I truly enjoy it.
I honestly hate my body and I cannot wait to get ride of the extra skin. I now weight 148lbs and I am hoping to be at 140 before surgery. I want a mommy makeover, but depending on the price I may have to settle for just a tummy tuck.

Getting ready for WA

Bags are ready and I cannot wait to land there. My appointment is next week and I'm ezcited and nervous at the same time. I writing down my questions for the doctor as I don't want to forget any.

Consultation on Thursday !

I think I'll probably cry during my appoinment. I have never let anyone see my stomach, to include my husband :(
What to ask?!

1st consultation done

Everything went well and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Min. I also discovered my body shpe is slightly different than the ideal I guess. Upper body is wide.
We have scheduled for the 21st of June and have a few appinments before that.
I almost cried, but I stayed strong.
Doctor Min seemed very informative and honest about what would work best for me. So far the stuff has been nice, specially their patient manager, Anabbelle. She has been extremely helpful and replies quickly.

19 days left!!!!!

As the day of surgery approaches I can't help to feel nervous and anxious.
I haven't purchased anything yet, as far as things I may need, I am waiting until my pre-surgery Appoinment.

List - supplies

Does anyone have a list they can share or is this something I shoud expect from surgeon ? Supplies needed during recovery

17 days

My anxiety is kicking in!
I should post more pictures, I think it will help me compRe since I refuse to keep these pictures on my phone :(

Weight loss ?

Did anyone lose weight during the recovery process ? I'm currently at 147 lbs and hoping to reach 143lbs by the 21st. I'm just curious to know if I should count on losing a few extra pounds ...

15 days to go

Well, roughly two weeks away. I will be spending my birthday in pain, but I could not gave chosen a better birthday present.
I cannot wait for the extra skin to be GONE!
Honestly I've been feeling sad, I miss my husband and I wish he was here. On the other hand I also miss the exercise group classes, those ladies motivated me a lot!
I've been finding difficult t workout without my 18 month old so my long runs are now short walks. It's been super hot here, I wish my mom didn't have to work so much to watch the little one while I run

12 days to go! Pre/opr appointment done

Today I made the payment and it honestly felt good because I am now one step closer to my goal. We went over all paperwork and the doctor answered all the questions I had at the moment. I honestly appreciate his honestly. We seem to be on the same page as far as what is best for me and my body type. I cannot wait to see the results

Lab Work? When to shower ?

10 days until surgery, my doctor did not request any lab work, is that common? I do not have a history if any complications with anesthesia or of any kind. I plan on calling them Mondat just to double check. Also, how long after surgery did you shower ?

6 days until surgery

I'm still working on some things I need , but I did get all my medication. As the date approaches I can't help to feel nervous. I thought I had some cold symptoms, but it may just be my nerves going crazy. I did, however, start taking some Tylenol Cold and Flu, and the symptoms seem to be going away. The last thing I want is to have to reschedule surgery because I'm sick :/ .

4 days to go

I cannot wait until I no longer have to hide my stomach

Tomorrow is the day

So many mixed emotions. I am truly freaking out, I spent most of yesterday eating fried rice and ice cream :( I'm hopeful that I have everything that I need and that everything will be ok

Made it to the flat side

Surgery was yesterday and the pain is unbearable, but I'm doing ok. My biggest fear is hurting the incision. I don't remember much after I was put to sleep. I got there around 6am, apparently their nurse was sick and no one was there. Around 6:15 am Lola, a different nurse let us in. She's very nice and she makes me feel calm. Shortly after I was taken to a different room and asked to undress. I also met the anatesiologyst, a very nice man who also made me feel good. He was was informative and funny. Doctor Min in shorty after to mark me and answer any question I may have. He seemed confident and that made me feel good. Once in the OR the anatesiologyst and the nurse walked me thru the initial steps and all I remember is my eyes feeling heavy. I don't remember who woke me up or how I got home. So far I am happy with my boobs and I have not taken a look at my stomach because I am scared to and I rather wait until the doctor takes my garment off at my one week appointment. I had told doctor Min I did not want big boobs, I only wanted to get them filled and he did just that. My boobs don't get much, but my stomach .... Gosh!!!!! It hurts pretty bad. I am staying on top of my meds but I still feel this horrible pain. I have been eating soup and jello. My mom also made me papaya and orange juice. I'm feeling drowsy so I better stop writing. Well ladies I really hope things get better from now on, because the pain is PRETTY BAD. My whole body is swollen :(

Day 3

Not much has change. I did wake up with a stomachache, is that a sign of constipation ? It hurts pretty bad, and it comes and goes.

Day 3 update

I saw my doctor this morning and he expressed my garment may have been too small causing inflammation around the belly button (extremely sensitive and painful) or that it could also be a hematoma. He wants to watch it until tomorrow so he took my garment off until then. If it is not a hematoma we will try a bigger size garment. So far, I like my boobs size. They not too big and fit my body shape. My stomach looks 100 times better, but it's so swollen specially around the belly button it makes me a bit sad. I still have some stretch marks, the ones I expected to have, but I can deal w those . So far so good, I just hope it is not a hematoma.

Day 4

I ese my doctor again today. He interred a needle in my belly button area and nothing came out. Good news! He said. He think the swelling and hardnest around that area was due to the wrong size garment. I am wearing a bigger size now and it feels much comfortable.
Also, I had a bowl movement this morning!! Yay!!!!! Greatest feeling ever :)
Doctor Min thinks I'm healing well and everything looks good. I have zero complains about my breast, I really like them.
My only concern was the belly button area, but it looks better than yesterday and it is not as painful now.
The pain is not as bad as yesterday, my back however, still hurts like hell!

Day 5

Not much has changed. The pain on my incision is better, but my back?! Again! Like hell!!! I have been able to have a bowl movement since yesterday, you never know how bad your body needs something until you can't do it anymore.
My mom and sister have been amazing, they set up their own Alarms to make sure I take my meds on time and I'm never alone. My childhood friend who had the procedure done last year has also been great help. They literally do everything for me and I feel so thankful for having them. I miss my kids, they will be visiting me this weekend. This journey is not easy and I can see how we can easily get emotional. There are times that I break into tears because,.... Honestly,... For no reason.
Thank you ladies for your feedback and encouragement.
I showed my husband pictures of my progress. He had no idea my stomach was "that bad", I did a good job hiding it for 8 years lol
Oh! When I love my left arm I can hear something, if I had to guess ,my implant? I think I read somewhere that the first couple weeks it's normal. Has anyone felt this? It's like the sound of something rubbing on something else .

Day 7

Appointment with doctor is tomorrow. I hope they take out the drains, they hurt! I can walk better, I am not as huntched over, but my back still hurts. I don't feel the need for pain meds unless I want to sleep. The pain is slowly improving. I cannot wait to takea full shower. I am very happy with my results to far.

Day 8 Drains came out!

I'm so happy not to have those drains anymore. My Doctor says everything looks like it's healing well and he gave me the ok to start showers as of tomorrow . I was able to go to the pharmacy today with a friend to get some things I needed. It felt good to walk for a longer period of time. I can stand better too, and last night I slept on the couch (no recliner) with a bunch of pillows. I cannot wait to shower tomorrow. Doctor Min seemed happy with results so far and so am I!

Day 10 and Itching

The itching is super crazy, strange thing is it is only bellow my stomach. Benadryl definitely helps. My friend got me this garment from Brazil it has 3 pads inside( one for stomach and 2 for sides) it built a a walls and provides me the support to walk straight.
The pain is tolerable at this point, it is mainly discomfort and me being scared of hurting anything.
Does anyone else feel soreness, tightness, lots of discomfort with your breast?
I understand now the recovery for going under the muscle is not as easy and it takes more time to recover.
Anyway, I walked for 30 minutes around the block yesterday. I showered by myself today and got dressed. I am feeling more optimistic. I cannot wait until the marks from the garments are gone. At times it's difficult to know what is a remaining stretch mark and what is not.

11 days post Op / incision

Well from looking around at other pictures, I think I'm pretty content with my incision shape so far. It's a daily straight line and very low. I tried on a low bikini today and it covered everything. I felt asleep on my back today, well it was hard to get back up, lol
Other than that I am doing great so far. No infections or concerning spots.

2 weeks update

Well, it's been two weeks and although I feel so much better I still can't walk 100% straight. On the negative note I have developed a few new stretch marks. That was expected, but I honestly think I can live with them lol
I cannot wait to get back in the gym; I am still swollen and my tummy still feels hard.
My boobs, the left one hurts and gives me discomfort. The right boob feels good. I have been taking Tylenol and Benadryl. Benadryl helps with the itching. My goodness, the itching is horrible!
It is still hard for me to see the huge difference because of the stretch marks, but I keep reminding myself how much I had before and what an improvement it is now.
Also, since I can't workout I have been cheating is n my diet. I am at 149 lbs (+3) and I have been munching a lot.
Today I start watching my calories again.
Well, so far I haven't had any discharge or signs of infection. I clean my incisions daily while I shower.

2 weeks

Forgot picture

3 weeks

It's been exactly 3 weeks since my surgery. So far I am happy with my results, I just wish the discomfort was gone already.
My tummy tuck incision is a little irritated from the tape, but it's getting better. Also, it is dark (as expected) since I have a darker skin complexion. My surgeon told me with time it will get better, but it is normal in lighter skin people to show lighter/reddish scars early, not my case though.
I don't have any signs of discharge or infection. I am not sure that at this point I could develop an infection, but again, anything is possible.
My belly has been super swollen right above my incision for the last 4 days. I am wearing my compression garment and the itching is getting better. I do love my belly button. The area around it hurts though, but it's better than 3 weeks ago. Anyone experienced pain in the belly button area ?
My boobs: the right boob has always felt good and it has dropped a bit. My left one continues to give me discomfort and it is still hard, but slowly getting softer. At times I think I can feel the implants move, or maybe is just me. It is hard to tell as I am still getting use to them. I also have two stitches on my right boob incision that won't come out yet.
I feel much better and I am able to drive, clean and showers on my own. However, by the end of the day I find myself very tired and the area around my belly button seems harder, making difficult to walk straight.
I have an appointment tomorrow, I'll post an update after talking to my surgeon.
I must say again, I am happy with my results so far and glad I chose Dr. Min.

1 month post

I feel great, and I am able to go to places without any difficulties. By the end of the day though, my belly button area is sore and swollen. The left side of my left boob still hurts, but not as much as it did a week ago. I am able to sleep on my side and stomach; but at times it is uncomfortable so I have to switch positions.
The remaining stretch marks are mainly visible under a lot of light.
I went to a BBQ last night and danced a few songs. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up feeling any different than I had before so that's good news.
The areas marked by my garment are still there, but it's lighter. Hopefully they will go away with time
2 more week and I can start running. 3 more weeks and I'll be home in Kentucky.


So, I'm 35 days post and I wanted to share some picture with cloth on.
I visited my doctor yesterday because the eight end of my incision was turning purple and got a lot. It turns out it's a stitch (he said its common) and it should get better with time. Nothing to be concerned about, he gave me some silicon tape to cover the incision.
I took the tape off this morning to shower and my incision looks so flat!!!! I was extremely surprise. I had heard silicon tape does wonders, but I honestly never paid much attention to it.
Also, I mentioned to my doctor that the pain on my left boob was getting worse and he put pressure on it, until we heard it pop. By the end of the day I realized the pain was gone.
I am feeling good, but still too careful with my incisions so, I am still wearing lose clothes .

5 weeks 2 days

I have been trying to keep up with the updates because I know how helpful everyone else's updates were to me.
I find though, that less and less ladies are updating after surgery :(
Anyway, the sharp pain I have above my belly button is not as bad, but it is there.

What I can do:
-Sleep on my belly and sides
-Walk for long period of time
-Jump with a good sports bra
-Shower on my own
-I don't need pillows to sit on the recliner anymore
- Dance a few songs
- walk straight

What I can't do
- wear tight clothes (too scared)
- run (want to wait a bit longer)
- feel my belly button area and below it

I am up 5 pounds post surgery and it's mainly because I didn't care to diet. Honestly, I hit a point of depression around 2-4 weeks and it was no fun.
Also, I'm in the middle of a class and it's stressful.

I haven't had any complications. No discharge or signs of open wounds, but I am concerned about the belly button area.

Do any of you guys feel a weird tightness around it, it is hard and swollen. The pain I experienced a few days ago freaked me out too. It hurt to laugh and that was no fun.
I find that wearing a compression garment that closes in the front is better for me. It gives me more support and keep that area tight, which is the area I hurt the most.

My boobs are slowly changing and one dropping faster than the other.

So, far I am still happy with my results. I just hope my concerns are nothing to worry about and in a few weeks I can look back and say " oh! Yeah that was part of the process "


Hi ladies!
I wanted to give an update on my tummy tuck scars 5 1/2 weeks post. For those of you with my skin tone, it does get better !
The pictures don't do justice,l; they are much lighter in real life and the silicon tape helped make them flatter. When I wear a dress now I don't have a bump around my incision. It feel flat.

The belly button area still feel the same. I have been looking for a maternity store to buy an after birth binder. My compression garments make make me sweat a lot; it is too hot!
Ps. I just got back from the park, and about to shower (dirty hands).

Hope you are all doing great and hanging in there :)

6 weeks & 3days

Hello ladies,

No much has changed. I leave the state of WA in 8 days and I am pretty excited to get back into my old routine.
I shopped at VS the other day and I felt super excited. I actually went a little crazy and spent too much lol, but it was needed
I played volleyball last Tuesday and went dancing with some friends last night. I feel good, I didn't wake up in pain or swollen.
I am starting to feel comfortable in my clothes.
I have gained about 5 lbs, but right now I am enjoying my last few days here and I know I can lose that in no time once I home.

I can sleep on my stomach and sides comfortably. I am still wearing my compression garment over night and my binder during the day. Because of the pain I had previously (above belly button) I hasn't started running yet. Although my doctor recommended I waited until week 6 to walk long distance and full running not until week 8.
Oh! The pain above the belly button that I had mentioned previously is better.

9 weeks Post

So it's been 9 weeks since my surgery and I feel very good. I am still concerned about what feels like a small lump above my belly button. My doctor explained to me it will resolve and it is because of the technique he uses to make the belly button.
You will see in one of the pictures what I'm talking about. It's very small and feels hard.
I run 4 miles this morning at 9mn:mile no problem.
I feel great, I can sleep without any problems. I am exercising more but I am not lifting weights yet.
My left boob has dropped, my left one is still high.
Other than my concern with the area above my belly button I feel good.
My scar is good, healing well and I have started scar treatment.

10 week update

Things I'm happy with:
I don't swell much at night
I am back with my regular workout routines, no push-ups or sit ups yet though.
I love my results
Scar continues to improve
I can fit everything now
I feel comfortable in jeans
I am losing weight and eating healthy
I can run at the same speed I did before surgery

Things I'm not so happy with
The mark from the super tight garment is still there. It has improved but i want it gone already.
I still have a small judge above belly button. I does feel softer, but I think the tight garment irritated the tissues and created that. So, I have been massaging it daily and it is helping.

Any tips on how to get ride of the garment marks ?

Other than this I feel 100% normal :)


So, I've been asked several times what size of implants I got. Honestly, I couldn't tell you. But I did finally find my card. I just don't know how to read it plop! :/

3 months

Well not much has changed as far as my activities. I work out 4-6 days per week, run an average of 12 miles per week and I am still eating healthy with one cheating day.
My scar has improved, the bulge above belly button is smaller, but still there.
There are nights I am super swollen, but for the most part it's unnoticeable. The marks from the tight garment are still there but continue to improve.
Oh! I can do sit-ups now, but I'm taking it easy on those.
I am currently weighting 146lbs, my weight before surgery, and I only plan on losing 6 more pounds.
Lots of coconut oil, and I'm in the process of using the tape scar treatment.
I must say it takes a very good sports bra to exercise comfortably. I found the bras from Victoria secret and Nordstrom to work the best for me.

More pictures 3 months

4 months ????

It's been 4 months since surgery.
I am still very active and exercise 4-6 per week, a minimum of 2 hours every time. I can do push ups and sit ups now. I feel normal for the most part, still a little numbness in the belly area and the area above the belly button still feels hard and at times it sticks out, at least that it what it feels like.
My doctor says it's too soon to tell, but he doesn't see anything concerning so far. If my month 7-9 the area feels the same we will create a plan to resolve it. I am going to schedule an X-ray with my primary doctor, to get an idea of what is going on.
The mark across my belly, left by the tight garment is resolving very slowly.

I feel normal but I am still cautious with anything touching my belly, such as my child wanting to jump on me lol

I am down to 142 lbs now and the goal is 138.

My only concern at this his point in the area above belly button.

7 months update

So I realized it's been a while since I last updated.
I recently flew to WA to see my doctor and I feel much better about everything. Before my visit I was wondering if I had a muscle separation and/or scar tissue which I was sad to consider, but it turns out I don't . My body is healing well, just seems to want to heal in a unique way, lol . The bulge I used to notice is much smaller and shows significantly when I feel bloated,like right before my menstrual cycle. Other than that my stomach seems normal.

I have been working out a lot and have lost 6 pounds since surgery, I weight around 140lbs and I'm 5'2". I have notice more definition. I think I lost more way and gained some muscle weight. My doctor said there's just enough fat in my stomach h and maybe I shouldn't lose any more weight.
Also, the swelling hardly comes, maybe once per week if that .

I can do things now I never thought I could do before and I can wear just about anything. I am very happy with my results .
My scar is also healing well.
I lost all the fat on my own with lots of exercise I have since maintained my weight and continued to exercise.

8 months

So, it's been 8 months and when I look at old pictures of myself I can't help to cry.
I workout a lot, I am trying no to run as much , although I love running, and I am mainly focusing on building muscle.
Last night I noticed my lower muscles ????????, I was shocked and excited .

Please know that a tummy tuck isn't going to give you the "6pack" , but it will motivate you to work for one.
I exercise a lot and I am proud of what I've been able to accomplished so far as well as pleased with the surgery.
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon

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