STOP and Use Caution with Juvederm! 58 Yr Old Very Displeased. - King of Prussia, PA

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The cost of $595 was for Juviderm only... On...

The cost of $595 was for Juviderm only...

On November 13 I had botox and juvederm. Usually a thoughtful person, I trusted the vein doctor whose office I have used before for vein issues. Basically, he offered me these services when I went in for some vein work, and I boldly jumped when I should have run away. His nurses assured me of his competence and he has always seemed a very cautious and thorough type. He did a good job on my forehead with botox and some juvederm; first time for me - I guess normal maintenance stuff. But the injection above the bridge of my nose thickened that area. That is nothing compared to my cheecks. He injected at the cheekbone which has resulted in a puffy looking face with a depression under the pillow at my cheeks. My eyes are sunk into this puff when I smile, and marionette lines appear deeper than they were before. What a mess. I still have some discoloration (blue) under my right eye. What was I thinking!! I went from a relatively attractive 58 year old with aging issues to looking a bit deformed and afraid to smile. Please don't let this happen to you.

I emailed the doctor reporting my issues and have a follow up appointment next week. I am afraid to go back to this doctor for a correction, especially after everything I have read (a little too late!!) on these posts.

If anyone has a referral to someone EXCELLENT I can see in SE PA please share. Holidays are coming; wish I hadn't done this.

A little later

Thank you for the outreach and the support. The swelling has gone down and I no longer look like I had an accident. It is still unattractive and puffy, but better. In hindsight I should have taken much more control over what was being done, instead of trusting blindly. If something is injected into your cheeks, than when you smile and the cheek draws up your eyes look hidden in this new puff on your cheek! Watch out it doesn't happen to you. Think it through.

Reversal yesterday

My original doctor (whose name I have not yet shared) was unwilling to use hylauranaise to reverse the juvederm, which forced me to go find someone else. I went to Jefferson in Philadelphia and Dr. Heffelfinger was excellent. He reassured me about the safety, took the time to take pictures of my face from every angle and discuss things he thought I might want to address. He administered the shots, with a vibrator blocking the sensation so they didn't hurt, and I AM LOOKING MUCH BETTER ALREADY. He did say full effect would be in two weeks. The annoying ugly puffiness has greatly subsided. When I woke up this morning it didn't look like somebody hit me :) I am so glad I found this site to guide me, when my original doctor obviously would not.
Dr. Anonymous

Not right now, but I will do so after this mess is resolved. If it isn't resolved, I will plaster the information all over the net and do my best to help anyone else from having these problems. I will also report to licensing boards.

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