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Ok, I have been talking about getting my stomach...

Ok, I have been talking about getting my stomach area done for a a couple of years now. I wanted the liposuction and tummy tuck but I am afraid of the invasive surgery and recovery time. So I heard about SmartLipo and thought, ok, this I can do. I am scheduled for the 26th of this month. I started ready reviews and so many people are saying it was a waste. Can someone hear telling me differently.

I will have my procedure on just two days. I am...

I will have my procedure on just two days. I am getting a little anxious and nervous. I went to post op last Saturday, and there was a woman there who just had the procedure done around July. She was not happy, be wise she needed to get a tummy tuck afterwards. Is this common, or does it matter now much of that sag you have. .

So yesterday was the procedure. The procedure...

So yesterday was the procedure. The procedure itself was just as everyone said mild to little discomfort. The doc and nurse was very nice and talked to me entire tie whether I was coherent or not.. I had a couple of laughing moments and a couple of ouch moments. The overall experience was ok...after I got home, well tat was an entirely different story. Wow, pain settle in fast. My hubby tried changing my padding and well that did not work to well.. He is a perfectionist and I was standing too long and passed out for a couple of moments. That freaked him out more than me.. E was done for the day... However, all on all he was supportive (even though he left the house for air a coupe of ties). He couldn't take me being laid up.

So tha is the day after and while the pain has subsided a little, there is like a tinged of pain on,h side. I am hoping that the ice packs will help that.. I have not seen self after the surgery yet. I'm too nervous, Ill wait until the drainage has stopped, which should be today. So I'll try to purchase photos tomorrow. Fee.omg a little drowsy so I think is nap time again

Ok here are my post-op day 3.. i see a bit of...

ok here are my post-op day 3.. i see a bit of difference but not much.. hopefully that'll change in a couple of weeks.

Ok, today was my first post op visit. It's been a...

Ok, today was my first post op visit. It's been a week and while I do see a small difference, I know it's time and only been seven days. However, I just need to say that the swelling is driving me crzy. I just kept saying oh my gosh, wth.. I not feeling this feeling. Then it dawned on my yesterday, it feels like the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, I feel like I am caring around something other than me.. I know it's the swelling and I am healing fine and I don't regret getting this done, but ughhh, if I can skip the swelling part, I would be happy as a lark. Next week I am getting the lymphatic massage, I ask the doc about it today, I I heard many of you speak highly of it. My doc said it is highly recommended if you can do it. It will take care of some of the swelling by releasing some of that fluid and assist with the healing process as well. So I already found my person a coup,e of days ago and after I had my appt this morning, I called her immediately. Not ready to show any more pics yet, but I tell you what, my meals will now consist of yogurt and honey nut cereal. I am trying to stay away from salt, I figure that would be my best bet... Maybe that will also eliminate the swelling. I am drinking a lot of water, but apparently not enough... So I am going to increase my intake on that. As y'all can see, I don't like being in comfy or in pain.. Shoot, the procedure was better than this. Ok, I am going to bed guys.. I was on a call for six hours straight today (I work from home) and I am truly exhausted and tender....

17 days post op and the change that I saw this...

17 days post op and the change that I saw this week (following daisy advice and staying away from the mirror) was my hanging fat was gone. That was exciting to me. I can wait on the other change, but seeing that go away made this procedure worth it more than any other part. I didn't think that would go away because the doc said I had loose skin.. well it is gone for now (praying its not a fluke and returns) and happy to say good-bye. I am however, very swollen still and need to get a massage. I have been travelling for the past two and was not able to. that will be the first thing on my list this week. Happy healings to everyone.

Wow, I am one month post-op today. I can proudly...

Wow, I am one month post-op today. I can proudly say that this was worth it. I am seeing a difference that is noticeable. I have also started to have the lymphatic massages. I have had two so far and I can say that I am seeing improvements with just the two, but think I will go for at least 2 more sessions. I know that it takes time to see the ultimate result and I am ready and waiting for them. I also started back on my elliptical machine. I am looking better in my clothing. I am still have swelling so I am still in dresses and jogging clothes. Hopefully, by next week and I resume to my dress pants, it is getting cold outside. To everyone, I would like to thank you for sharing your stories. Without you, a lot of us would not have been able to get through these critical weeks. Thanks again everyone. I will post pics periodically. Happy healing to everyone.

I'm back again...

So I had my laser liposuction in 2012, and well my last photos are where I'm at now. I want to be flat!!! I have flap still.. I excerise my butt off and no flat tummy... Soooo, I'm getting a tummy tuck.. Don't get me wrong, my lipo did get some of the tummy down, but there is still a nice size bulge.. I go for a consultantation this month.. Wish me luck!!
Venice Plastic Surgeon

He answered all my silly questions during the procedure ad he was very entertaining.. He also called me later in the evening after the procedure

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