39 Four Kids Later - Key West, FL

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Mommy makeover with Dr Scott Loessin, scheduled...

Mommy makeover with Dr Scott Loessin, scheduled for June 6th. Paid in full today so it's on now for real. I will be replacing my 12 year old implants and getting a lift at the same time. Going down from a DD to a D- CIRCULAR implants. They are the new gummy bears lol. I am also getting a full tummy tuck with lipo. I am so excited.


Smooth round high profile gel/ silicone implants going smaller in sz this time. DD to D- or C +++ lol and a lift possible realignment of nippples I have 6 days to quit smoking....

ordered a new front snapping bra

Any feedback on a full body support garment.?

pushed back surgery date by a week

My doctor requires 6 weeks smoke free...that includes and nicotine products. So now I am scheduled for Friday the 13Th.....lol and that will put me at 6 weeks 3 days. I am working out for two hours every day to get ready for my surgery, also to be as fit as I can be prior to going under.

tanning and toning

The next 5 weeks fitness and fun...getting ready for my mommy makeover.

Count down June 11th 2014

Blood work and swabs complete. I have purchased everything I need for post op care. Super excited.

had my pre-op

Going with smooth round high profile gummy bear 295cc silicone. Remove the old implants, moderate lift and implant replacement. Light liposuction and tummy tuck in 10 days.

hungry all the time

Maybe because I quit smoking or after I spent this money I won't be indulging nearly as much on treats. Idk but I am a mess. My period came two almost three weeks early.. 8 days and counting

Three more nights

I am getting everything ready for Wednesday morning. Started washing with hibiscus soap and packing my items I will need the morning of surgery. I even have my pain pills and antibiotics ready in separate pill boxes. I am super excited.

surgery is complete. ..

It's about twelve hours post-op and yes I am hurting, not my breasts but my tummy. It hurts when I have to get up and move around. It's fine while sitting. I am already thrilled at the result. Dr Scott Loessin is an amazing surgeon and very personable man.

3rd day post -op

Swelling swelling bilateral the lift is amazing and the tummy tuck amazing as well.

Day. 5 post-op

Tired, hurting and I have slow healing on my right breast.

4 days post op pictures

Swelling. ..rash blister and just plain old miserable day today. This to shall pass.

Rash Blister etc under breast incision areas

No rash on belly button or to incision. The only difference is I am using gauze pads and ointment on breasts. Can it be the gauze? I already switched to bacterium ointment.

Day 6 post-operative

Rash Blister around incision '

Day 9 post op

This is harder than I thought it would be, I am tired and swollen. The rash is going away but it didn't help how I feel. I am looking forward to getting my stitches out and last drain. Hopefully today.

Day 9 post op thank god

My drains are gone and I have the go ahead to walk straight. ..I could not take another day. New pictures below.

12 days post-operative

Feeling much better. Itchy all over still.

almost at two weeks post operative

Healing poorly. ..having skin reaction. Feeling frustrated. Tt lines still has tape and sutures. Still bleeding and looks goopy. Went to family doctor to get referral to dermatologist per PS doctor. FAMILY doc said just get sutures and tape off and you will clear up. He saw this a few months ago with another patient. Even though it's rare some font do well to tape and sutures period. Two more days and they will be gone.

16 days post-operative

Amazing results. ..I do have a slow healing belly button, but that's ok. I have sensitive skin and expected a few skin problems. It will heal and scab in a few weeks. Patience. .....lol I know my doctor is first class and if I just have patience and follow his post-operative instructions everything will be ok. This was way more an emotional recovery for me than physical.

4 weeks post operative

Still swelling. .minor healing complications. But all is well.

Dr Scott Loessin

After surgery. .. Dr loessin sitting and playing video games!!!!# just joking hahaha

5 weeks post operative

Still swelling late in the day...feeling much better.

39 Year Old and Four Children Later!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy Makeover

It was the best decision I ever have made for myself! He is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I wanted to share these before and after pictures with everyone. Dr. Loessin is our new plastic surgeon here in Key West and he is amazing. He transformed me completely! He is giving a 10% discount through Christmas. He is offering a free consultation valued at $500.00. So call him now and treat yourself to the best Christmas present ever. He has financing available and gift certificates. Reference this Facebook site when you book your appointment. Go to the photo's tab to see my before and after pictures. I had the mommy makeover!

8 months later and so happy with my results!!!

I was so impressed with my outcome that I had a facelift and liposuction on my neck two months ago!
Key West Plastic Surgeon

He is charming and very helpful. He answers all your questions. I am excited and confident in his ability as a surgeon. He is stricter than others, I actually like that about him. I guess you would say cautious. ;-)

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