35 Year Old Waited Forever to Get my Nose Done, Very Excited - Ketonah, NY

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I have always had a very large nose but didn't...

I have always had a very large nose but didn't really want to change it until in my 30s. I did a lot of research and chose Dr. Losquadro for his expertise in nose surgeries- a large portion of his practice is noses. I had the surgery 2 days ago and so far I am happy, although clearly I won't be able to fully evaluate until the cast is off. Here is what I can say so far... The procedures itself was easy, the nurses and doctors were just lovely and settled my nerves and explain what to expect, and I only had about 30 seconds in the operating room after they got me settled on the table to look around before they put me to sleep. Next thing I woke up, very groggy and a tiny bit dizzy, but not really in pain. My face felt full. After resting for a bit I was able to get into the wheelchair and get in the care to go home. I slept most of that day and just felt some throbbing soreness, nothing severe. 1st day after surgery I woke up feeling a little more congested and swollen, it is just tight over the bridge of my nose and my cheeks. I took tylenol and bromelain (supplement from pineapple) and my bruising so far has been minimal, just a little wisp of purple under each eye. I used hydrogen peroxide to loosen up some of the dried blood in my nose and then used the Neil Med saline rinse 2 times during the day (instructions from my doc). It seemed to help loosen all the dried goop a lot, I was actually able to breathe through both nostrils to some small extent. 1st day post op was mostly just lazy, I felt tired and my face was definitely tight, like a bit of a pressure headache. Tylenol was plenty strong to fix it, although I took a percocet last night to help me sleep. As I look in the mirror now on the 2nd day post surgery, I can already see that the underside of my nose is much less droopy and the bump on top is obviously gone- although I can't tell how that part looks yet since the cast is on. Overall it has been a smooth process, I can't believe its over and I'm just patiently waiting for the bandages come off for the big reveal. I will have to add pics from my phone separately because I can't do it from my computer.

2 days post-op

Today I thought I would have more energy, but I have quite a bit of pressure, congestion and discomfort (not pain) but it makes it unpleasant to move around too much. Smoothies are my favorite thing in the world right now!

3 days post-op, breathing no problem

The most surprising thing was that last night, after doing my NeilMed, I could breath clearly with ease out of both nostrils! Amazing- after all the horrific reviews I read concerning congestion, I breathed delightfully last night. Also, bruising gave way to yellow this morning. I'm still puffy but I can see the swelling on the bridge has come down, starting to look a little more flat. My biggest complaints right now is the pressure I feel around my eyes , making it hard to read or concentrate on anything. I also have somewhat low energy still. But I'm being very kind to my body, resting when I feel like it, eating only when I feel like it (soft stuff still), and I'm diligently taking Bromelain (which I attribute to my minimal swelling), arnica, and Tylenol, which is doing enough for my pain. The incision under my nose is minimal, I love that the columella is less pronounced now, and I just can't wait until tues when the cast comes off! Also, someone from Dr Losquadros office has contacted me every day to check up on me, which has been great.

4 days post op- return to normal

Today I feel human and not exhausted! I made the mistake of eating some salty crackers and it gave me a horrible headache, not surprising since I haven't had hardly any salt for days. Face only slightly yellowed under eyes, got myself cleaned up. Having some annoying congestion but otherwise feeling pretty good.

Cast off! Day 6

Yesterday was a good day and I had energy to do lots of errands and things. Today I got the cast off and it felt so good to get all that plaster off my face and scratch my nose! When the cast came off it was obvious to me there is still a lot of swelling. The bridge is swollen where the bump was and it still looks like I have a bump- but the doc explained this is just because he used extra tissue in that area to cover up jagged cartilage and it is swelling a disproportionate amount. The tip has been squeezed by the tape and cast for the last week so the end of my nose looks especially long and swollen- but I expect this, too, will settle down. I definitely am aware that my nose looks long, puffy and still has a bump, but it's such a huge improvement from before! I'm thrilled. I can't wait to see the swelling go down so I can see how my final shape looks- but for the moment I am very happy and not feeling concerned! Dr Losquadro was great and really didn't seem to have a lot of restrictions postoperative which was great- I feel very confident in him.

2 days after cast removal

It's definitely premature to see final results, but so far I am experiencing all the ups and downs with swelling EVERYONE writes about! The top of my bridge is a tiny bit less swollen today- and even the tip is not as bulbous as it was yesterday- all these microscopic changes make my heart go flitter flutter with excitement about the weeks to come. I will probably wait a little bit for more pics- but here his just one to show the before and after again... What a dramatic change for me.

Pics from 2 days after cast removal

Big difference from my pre-surgery dorsal hump! And it's only the beginning...

2.5 weeks post op

As of now I am petty thrilled with the bridge of my nose, which is totally straight, exactly what I wanted! I was nervous for a little while after surgery because I still had a little bit of a bump where the humo WAS, but swelling ha come down and the skin is tightening back up. The tip of my nose and the underneath still feel rock hard, and I kinda feel like the part under my nose is hanging just as much as it did pre-surgery, although my doc said he definitely tucked it up. Since it feels super hard (and still tender) I am hoping that is all swelling and eventually I will see a little more refinement in the tip and hanging bit. I have to give Dr Losquadro credit- it looks so natural I almost feel like I had nothing done... Until I look sideways in the mirror. Here are the recent pics, along with one old one for comparison. It's hard to be patient, I want to see all swelling gone! If anyone can share how long before they saw pretty significant tip normalcy and also when tenderness disappeared, I would love that.

1 month post-op

There has been a lot of change over this month. As of now- the tenderness on the tip of my nose is starting to come down, but still have some numbness. The tip and underneath still feel rock hard to the touch, which I am assuming is swelling. I am still waiting hopefully for the columella to become less swollen, but overall I'm happy with the results. Also hopefully that the scar will fade more, it appears more red, maybe because I'm super pale lol.
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Dr. Losquadro is attentive, patient, and realistic. I felt that he was very focused on what would be realistic for my face. I appreciated him for being no frills, just gave me all the factual information I needed and was very kind in person with a heck of a lot of experience in rhinoplasty.

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