5ft 1, 180lbs Tummy Tuck and Flankplasty (Extended TT) Kentucky, KY

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I'm currently 5'1" and 180lbs. I wear a size 14...

I'm currently 5'1" and 180lbs. I wear a size 14 pants and xl to 1x in tops. I had a consultation last year in St Louis (was at 196 then) and was told I need to lose more weight, at least to 165lbs. I exercise regularly and track my calories and exercise with my fitness pal app. In a year I've only lost 16lbs and barely any of that was around my middle! It's very discouraging. I carry most of my weight in my tummy and it is UGLY! I have basically the same shape if I'm 196lbs or 106lbs so losing the weight does not help my proportions and that what I'm dissatisfied with more than the # on the scale.
I have two kids but I did not get very big with either of them- my chub is from food, my heaviest weight was 205, but at 25lbs heavier I only went up to a size 16, so losing weight isn't addecting my belly size that much.
I had my second consult this past Thursday with a doc a little closer to home. He suggested a tummy tuck with a Flankplasty and lipo of my back and booty ( my butt is flat and wide) with fat transfer to the lower section of my booty to round it up. He will not do the lipo at the same time as the TT, so I'll have to do two separate operations :(. Doing TT first, with an estimated cost of $8900 just for the TT. Depending in how horrible the whole process of the first operation, I may not do the second. I'm a wimp!

Another before pic

Schedule TT this afternoon!

Now the deposit check is mailed and the date is set for May 26, 2015. Not too far off, kinda makes me nervous!

Two more weeks!!

Two weeks until day of surgery!! I went for the pre op instructions and blood work yesterday, and of course PAY! I am totally excited, nervous, and terrified!

3 more days

Surgery is only 3 days away (Tuesday morning) and I am totally nervous!! Almost to the point of being physically sick! I guess I'm a big chicken after all and am more worried about croking during surgery than the pain lol.
Went today and fill my scripts for the antibiotic and a patch to go behind my ear to help with the nausea. No green tea, no wine, aspirin, etc. any other advice? I'll be staying overnight in the hospital since I'll be under General anastesia for so long - about 6 hrs.

Less than 24 hrs to go!

My nerves have really kicked in today!!! I started taking the antibiotic and the stool softener as directed by my Dr. I didn't do very well on losing any weight! I'm a nervous eater and I have started my period so I am up 6 lbs instead :(. Sucks to be bloated 1 day before surgery!!


I made through surgery!! My incisions twing a bit and my muscles are tight/sore, but over all not as bad as I thought it would me. Might be the fact that I am doped up on anesthesia that it's not as painful. Went in at 7:30 for the mark up and pics, took about 30 minutes then bye bye land! Out of surgery about 2pm. I've gotten up and walks a few minutes, my lower half feels like it weighed 500 lbs when I was trying to walk lol! I post after shots soon as I'm able.

Couple of shot this morning while I was still at the hospital

2 days post op

Boy are my tummy and back sore!!! walking hunched over is hard on the back. Drainage has slowed down and I feel fine most of the time. I think the hardest is getting in and out of a sitting position

Day 5

Got out of the house to go eat with my dad. Moved around and felt ok. Still lots of swelling and drainage. Had a shower last night and it wasn't too bad. Main thing is the drain incisions burning. That's the most uncomfortable part. First post op visit is Monday.

5 day pic

First post op visit

Went to my PS for the first post op visit today, go my left drain removed. They took it out before even looking at the output is recorded for the week, but that may have been because it was leaking from the insertion area. Either way, I'm glad it's gone :). Also took all my tape off which was a relief. I kinda feel naked without it and my binder rubs. I think the scar is looking good, it's very low and thin and I hope it stays that way. Without the tape I'm afraid it will open up and it freaks me out. My belly button looks 2 inches deep because of the puffiness and end of the day swelling. I'll post some pics. He thought my belly button looked red, now I worried the skin may start to die!! That would totally gag me! Has anyone else had any necrosis of the scar area or belly button??

Updated pics day 8

New pics, still pretty swollen and hunched over since I've been out all day!

Side by side

I wasn't as swollen this morning as compared to most of this week so I took some more pics. I can't wait til all of the swelling subsides to see the final result, but as of right now I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I look a lot better even with the swelling than I did with the rolls!!

2wks Post Op!!

Yay!!! Last drain was removed today and I am soooo glad that dude is gone!!! Still considerably swollen , but that's to be expected at this point. The removal of the drains did not hurt at all, just felt really funny since you can feel the suction as they are pulled out. Belly button is looking really good, my PS doesn't think I have to worry about losing it. My next visit is on 4 weeks, by that time I should be able to lose the binder as well. I am so excited for my final results!!

Swell swell go away!!

Swollen and uncomfortable for the past two days :(. Not a really big deal, and I know this part last FOREVER but I am feeling better and getting around a lot better this week. I have taken any prescription pain meds since Monday- just ibuprofen. So far, swelling and not being able to pick up things have been the he worst part so far, aside from coughing or sneezing lol!

Pic update

At the end of the- swelled of course- but feeling good with my results so far. I swell vertically down the midline of my belly/ I guess from the muscle repair??

4 weeks tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks post op and I'm doing great! My incisions are almost completely healed on the outside, just one or two places still have a bit of a scab. I cam pretty much move and do as I please, within reason. Only the SWELLING!!!!!!!! Area around my belly button seems to want to stay swollen and tight. area right under my belly button is the worse!!
That's the only complaint I have! I'm thinking about getting lipo on my bra roll and lower back to do more for contours and get rid of the fat there I can get to go away with exercise. I'm going to talk with Dr. Tkach on the 6th when I go back

Wound opened- YUCK!

5 weeks tomorrow and noticed an opening in my incision about the size of a pencil eraser :(. It's on my left hipbone area- it wasn't there the night before. Putting gauze over the area since there is a little bit of clear drainage coming out. Others than that, just the usual swelling, nothing else to report.

6 weeks tomorrow!

Had my 6wk post of visit today. I no longer have to wear the binder!!! Yay!!! Still swelling in the lower part of my ab, but not uncomfortable at all. The area that opened up he "burned' the inside to make it heal faster. It was very shallow and I didn't feel it at all. Scheduled back lipo for the 17th of July ;)

Backside view

Here is a pic of the scars on the back from the Flankplasty. I'm scheduled with Dr. Tkach to get lipo on my rear and back fat.

Lipo at 7:30am Tomorrow!

Going to have lipo on my back bra roll and butt tomorrow. I've been taking Arnica tables to hopefully help with bruising and swelling. Also got my garment. I'll start a new review under liposuction for this.

8 weeks

All incisions are completely healed now. The only problem is, of course, the continued swelling!!! Some days I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! But, no pain and no rolls on my belly!!

Before and 8wks PO

Yep, still swell by the end of every day, but still happy with my results!

After lipo of my back

Paducah Plastic Surgeon

Really nice guy, went over lots of options, and very down to earth about expectations. His staff are fun and helped me relax the day of surgery. I feel like I am in good hands with these folks! Post op visits have been great! Always see the doc and Ingrid. They are exceptionally nice and helpful.. I don't think I would ever consider going anywhere else!

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