Anatomical 425cc polytec implants 34b to a hopeful 34dd

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Hello, The realself site has been invaluable to me...

The realself site has been invaluable to me to help me make the decision to go ahead and have implants. It is something I have a thought of but never thought I would do.
I breast fed my boys and really enjoyed the feeling of larger breasts at that time and also felt my most confident. I have done lots of research, I also saw four consultants before choosing my lovely lady consultant who I have every faith and confidence in. She has always welcomed me and been very patient with all my questions and worries and has been nothing but understanding and kind. I am at present an empty 34b cup and hope to be a 34dd at the end of my procedure. I have had my pre op and am set for admission on the 11th at 11.20 . I have bought just about everything I need with advice taken from the lovely ladies reviews I have read on this site.
I have left it to the surgeon for the final size. She has ordered 380 ultra high profile and also 425 ultra high profile polytec polyurethane anatomical implants for me and depending on what looks better on the day and fits well I will have. I have a 33" rib cage and a bwd of 11.5 so I don't have much to play with size wise, hence going with the uhp to get the size I wish. I am having them dual plane , inserted under the breast crease.
I have to say today I feel very calm but I have moments of sheer panic and fear. I have been in contact with a few ladies on here in regards to their ba and they have been so incredibly brave and strong and have inspired me to go on and follow my dreams and to hopefully feel happy and confident once more.
My husband is quietly supportive, he loves me as I am and can't understand why I am doing this but is by my side if I go ahead and has booked two weeks of work to look after me.
Feel incredibly guilty for taking our savings and spending them on me, and therefore no holiday etc this year for any of us.

Change of operating time!

Heard from the hospital that I am first on the list for surgery on the 11th. Feel happy about that, I did ask if there is no real order or preference could I go first to get it over with and they have now confirmed that for me.
Feel incredibly calm at the moment thinking this time next week it will be all over.

My list for surgery and preparation.

I've read some amazing lists of items bought before surgery so have listed mine and my own personal preparation for surgery.
Firstly I have given up alcohol since Christmas. I am an avid wine drinker and would drink probably a bottle a night with a meal so have knocked that on the head and to be honest feel much better for it.
I have been oiling and moisturising my boobs morning and evening.
I am having my hair cut on Saturday, just to make me mentally feel good and I will wash it the morning of surgery.
I have tried to be healthy with my diet all mainly because I am an asthmatic and am on a lot of drugs for this so just trying to support my body as much as possible.
My bag is packed!,in it I have
Bras, a Macom anatomical bra, a couple of sports bras and some bra extenders
Dressing gown,
Flannel, wipes, toothpaste etc
Eye mask,
A couple of drinks and straws (lucozade recovery types to rebalance your body)
A box of chocolates to keep in the nurses good books,
Button up nightie,
Loose track suit bottoms to come home in
Slip on shoes
Morenga balm (my desert island must gave)
Track suit zip up top,
I will also take my own pillow, (good for when travelling home)
Phone, I pad,
Paracetamol and codine
Think that's it, it looks like I'm going on holiday!
Anyone think I've forgot anything?

My god, didn't realise I looked so awful!

Took photos this morning, beyond depressed, never thought I looked that empty and flat, that's what ten years of breast feeding did plus age. Now happy I made the decision to go ahead with the ba.

Well beyond depressed,

What's that saying, "you can't make a silk blouse out of a pigs ear!", well I think my consultant is going to have her job with making me look good. Bye the way, I'm not lop sided like the picture shows my left is slightly bigger but I am at an angle trying to hold the iPad at the same time.

Going for 425 ultra high profile anatomical implant dual plane

Strangely I am amazingly calm, surgery is two days away and I am better and more at ease than I was a month ago thinking about it. I'm sure it's because I have done my homework and the ladies and their honesty about their journeys and their ba's on this site have helped me greatly.
Good luck to all the February ladies, thinking of you all xxx

All done and home

Hello lovely ladies,
Home, yes in pain, two rock hard boobs and here's my story of the op to help all the other ladies approaching their surgery and to help them prepare as best as possible.
Well slept ok the night before, got to the hospital for 7.30, was seen by the nurse, the anethatist and my consultant who then took photos and marked me up. I was ok till laying on the bed ready for the ga when I began to panic, got very scared and the staff were brilliant, didn't even feel the cold go down my arm when the anasetic went in, I was gone. I woke up with someone calling my name, no pain, not great pressure either, in fact better than I expected. Fell back to sleep again and found myself now in my room with my husband. I'd been gone a lot longer than expected, I was first for the ops at 8.30 and didn't get back to my room till about 12.15. I know they were keeping an extra eye on me as I am asthmatic and they had some concerns over recovery. Back in my room felt better than expected, constantly checked by nurses, legs in stockings and these horrendous leg inflators (strap on leggings to help prevent dvt) they kept blowing up deflating blowing up again and to be honest there for a reason but a total pain, every time the air was released they went pop, just like someone popping a crisp bag so couldn't really sleep well they actually was making me jump every time I dosed off to sleep. I was given a drink, no sore throat in fact like I said felt a lot better than expected and I just wanted to dose. The staff were fantastic couldn't fault them, I thank them all. I hadn't had a wee since before surgery and it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon and I still didn't want to go but I had drunk loads and thought I must go this is ridiculous so with help got up and weed for England. Back to bed was visited by the vicar, a little frightening, the anethatist, and the consultant with a nurse who undid my corset which I had strapped on me, she asked me to look at my breasts (couldn't see much)and said she would be back in the morning to check me. I had drains in, they weren't a problem at this time, was only on paracetamol which was fine and just dosed on and off through the evening. I was desperate to sleep, the blasted leggings were terrible they were so noisy and kept waking me up with a fright. I was told I could have some liquid morphine if I wanted it, I didn't need it for pain but they said it might knock me out a bit and it could help me sleep. I took the morphine and sadly it didn't do what I hoped for to send me asleep. I wasn't uncomfortable wasn't in pain just so beyond tired. Dosed on and off through the pops and crackling and machine blowing up and down and at about 6pm rang the buzzer for some help to go to the logo. Every time I got up the leggings had to be taken off and the bottles carried for me and hallelujah the nurse said from 6am the leggings could stay off. I had another wee went back to bed and slept wonderfully till about 7.45. Got up myself, cleaned my teeth, had a wee and waited for breakfast. I still at this stage felt pretty good, far better than expected. After breakfast the consultant checked me over and said to try to move around a little bit and the nurse will take out the drains at 11.30 and I could go home after lunch.
I did worry about the drains coming out, and was nervous and scared yet again. There was also a stitch in each side which had to be cut open and she asked me to take a deep breath and when I breathed out she would pull the drain out one at a time. Yes it did hurt a bit but got it over with, she put dressings over the holes and put my Macom anatomical bra on which felt lovely. My husband helped me dress after lunch and we made our way home. Since the drains were removed I seemed to go to a different pain level. I have to say I was now in pain very swollen, rock hard and sore. My husband made a bed up on the sofa and I thought I would be happy with this but by 8pm I'd had enough and got into bed. Had my wedge pillow, quilt, electric over blanket and tried to sleep propped up. Dosed on and off, took paracetamol every four hours and one thing which was lovely and really helped was to sit up on the bed, take my bra off and my husband massaged my back gently with som cream it was heaven, it just got all the blood flowing and was so soothing. Re dressed and went back to sleep till this morning.
The real self site and the amazing ladies and their honest reviews has been the best thing to prepare me for this surgery. I will take some photos when I can but from what I can see I am very happy.
My breasts are very hard and sore, both pretty much the same re swelling and I am just sitting propped up watching tv. I have to wear my support socks for a couple of weeks which is fine and I see my consultant again on Thursday and can call the hospital for anything I may be worried about.
Thinking of all the other ladies who had their surgery on the 11th (I hope your ok) and to all the other ladies recovering or those about to have surgery good luck thinking of you x

Day 3 very sore and swollen.

Hello ladies,
Sorry this is all I can manage, x

Day four

Hello ladies,
Another day gone by, again not in real pain just uncomfortable. Boobs very hard, sleeping upright is hard even with the wedge pillow and loads of other pillows but did get some sleep. Bras are interesting, I bought a variety of post surgery bras and now have my favourite two and they are the cheepest out of all of them. I tjink comfort is so important at this stage, every little bit helps at the moment. I did buy a Macom anatomical which I wore on day one and I thought that was lovely but the one I put on today is like heaven, pure cotton and so gentle yet supporting. Take care girls, photos attached with new comfy bra I just put on x

Anatomical implants

Surgery was on the 11th February, very early days but so pleased so far.

Five days on.

I have to say I am incredibly happy with my ba so far. The only pain relief I've had is paracetamol and the last ones I took were yesterday lunch time. My boobs are still very hard and my sorest areas are where the drains were and areas under my arms. I'm not showering, my consultant said I could as long as I dried the incision areas with a cool hairdryer afterwards but instead my husband runs a shallow bath about 6" deep he helps me in and I just gently wash all over with a flannel going no where near the incision sites. I am gently creaming the top of my boobs day and night and am wearing a strong support bra in the day and a softer sleep bra at night as my boobs so swell through the night/early hours of the morning. Sleeping for me is very hard, I cannot get comfy propped up with no matter how many pillows etc, sleep deprivation for me is hard, I'm a side, belly sleeper and can't wait for a good sleep. The incision sites are covered and no blood or seepage is showing and the drain sites are good also. The drain site area is sore more so than I thought it would be.
To me all this has been very worth it. I love my new boobs and keep undressing and looking at them, something I have never done before. I am even happy to walk around naked for the first time in front of my husband, something that within 16 years of marriage have never done.

Post op

Off for my first post op this afternoon, not really looking forward to it as I think they will be taking the tape off ouch!,
I have just taken a couple of photos although not brilliant so takes have no blood on the I think some of the change in colour in them is fluff from cloths etc. I had my op on the 11th Feb and am more than happy and delighted with the results so far even if it is early days.

Post op done

Well as you read from my previous post I was not looking forward to the tapes coming off but I was silly to think it would hurt as she just peeled them off and the Tagaderm patches over the holes where the drains were and it didn't hurt or sting one bit. Such a baby but thrilled to get that over with. As I lay on the bed with the tapes off I did not see my scars but she asked if my husband could come over and see. He came over and she said they are doing well and all I need to do now is apply two layers of micro pore tape over the hole incision area and go about 3 cm past the scars don't pull the tape just lay over the scars softly and leave. She showed my husband how to do this and said I need to still keep this dry and either weds or Thursday next week take the tapes off have a shower and let the water run and wash over the scars then pat dry, lay on the bed or chair and just let the air to them for 15 minutes then tape again as before for one more week then do the same shower routine but start scar care treatment ie massage area etc. She watery happy with everything and thought they looked really good and said I didn't look like a lady who had surgery last week. Feel very happy so far I have sailed through my only problem is the normal morning boob and lack of sleep where I usually lay on my belly so find it hard not to and also I am also frightened of moving awkwardly and doing something to make healing worst. Have never been bloated and can't work out why I have put no weight on especially as i am doing so much less than my normal routine. I have never worked out or exercised in my life but I do have four horses and five dogs, the horses I muck out everyday, pretty physical stuff and walk the dogs for an hour a day plus work so I thought stopping this plus the weight of my boobs and excess fluid I would be a fat lump but surprisingly no.
Last night I got undressed and had a look under the boobs and was surprised the drain sites had not been covered, I called my husband and looked at these two tiny marks just like freckles and said is that we're the drains were and he said yes so very please with that also. The bras I am wearing at the moment are all 34E which is what I asked for, I never bought any bigger rib size bras I just bought bra extenders and havn't used them now for about 4 days so I think most of the swelling around that area has gone.
I will keep you all up to date, and happy healing to you all xxx


Just a comment on bras, I have bought many in preparation for my post surgery and have wasted my money as they are so uncomfortable. I have been asked what bra I have and have found it so very comfy, it has a lovely wide rib band and shoulder straps and gives plenty of support and is still so comfy in bed at night.
You can find these bras on the "Curvissa" website and they have a page for un-wired bras. The bra I have is on this page made by "petite fleur" and is £35 for a pack of two.

Cold boobs

Hello ladies,
Nothing much to report on my progress really which I suppose is good. I'm not in any pain at all, only occasionally get the dreaded zingers which I don't mind as I think that's my nerves coming back to life so that's good and boobs look good but I don't notice any difference in how they look.
One thing for sure is they are greatly sensitive even to the extent that they feel sore and they get cold very quickly. I know this is because they are a foreign object but God do I notice it. I went to the chemist for a few bits today and noticed a box of breast feeding shaped pads so bought them. Am now walking round as if I'm about to feed a baby, bulging boobs with pads on but don't care the pads are lovely and soft and warm.
Boobs do feel a little softer but I have no feeling just great sensitivity/soreness in the lower half of them. As they say early days, not complaining at all as so far I have been very lucky with the whole procedure having no bleeding or problems.
Will do some more photos soon, I don't see any difference but maybe everyone else can.
Happy healing ladies xxx

Four weeks today

Hello lovely ladies,
Well I'm four weeks to day and very happy. I have been really lucky all through my recovery and am grateful. As regards progress.
SLEEP. I'm sleeping well, I wear a bra all the time and can sleep on my sides no problem, I do still have morning boob but no where as bad as earlier in recovery.
BRAS. I wear total support bras all the time except of course for showering and have my favourite few which I tend to keep washing and re wearing.
SCAR CARE. I have silicone strips which I wear all the time again take of for showering, rub vit e in and also polysporin alternatively and massage the scars twice a day which I hate doing. There are in total I think three layers of stitches, muscle, epidermis and skin. My skin has healed well other than still visable scar but I can feel the other stitches underneath so I keep massaging and they will eventually soften.
IMPLANTS. Can't feel them or see any signs of edges etc which I'm thrilled about.
As they are anatomical they don't need to drop and fluff they just over time soften.
SIZE. Previously as said before surgery I was a small 34b cup. I had 425cc anatomical placed dual plane under the crease.
The bras I am presently wearing are either 34E or 34F cup which is exactly what I hoped for. I really would not of wished to go any larger.
Overall I am extremely happy, I have no pain whatsoever, am sensible but I am back at work and doing all I used o do before my surgery
I am back with my consultant next Friday for a check up and also she said my first set of after photos. I will update again after my consult.
Wishing all you lovely ladies speedy recoveries and happy content thoughts xxxx

Five weeks and another post op check

Hello lovely ladies,
I was looking forward to seeing my consultant and having this check up.
Things have been good, boobs at times incredibly sensitive to the extent that they feel sore although there not just more sensitive than I ever thought they could be. I can do more or less anything although I am being sensible, I sleep well either on my side or I did semi lay on my stomach the other day and it felt fine. Have been rubbing my scars and the other day I noticed my right boob the scar towards my arm pit was slightly red so had a good look in the magnifying mirror and it had opened a little bit so I have left it alone. When I saw the surgeon she instantly spotted it and said its quite common and not to worry but to be more gentle and leave that spot alone for at least a week to heal. She said I'd been trying too hard and to be a little less paranoid over them, there fine not raised or anything and to be a bit softer with them. I keep buying bras, I now have another favourite which I have attached a photo of.
Life is good with boobs, the surgeon even said I walk differently now, she said to me go back out the door and come back in, I couldn't work out why so did as she said and she said I even walk differently now, she said I used to walk sort of haunched up and today she said you walked in shoulders back and full of confidence which is so true.
I am happy and I have been very lucky. Once my little bit of open scar has totally healed and can gave a soak in the bath which will be mega.
Wishing you all happy healing and much happiness xxx


Well yes I have gone bra crazy!
Scars are healing well and I am now having baths which is so nice.
Bras are a problem, how strange life is one minute I can't find a good bra to fit because of my small size, now I'm having trouble because of my small back and larger cup size.
All through post op I have been wearing stretchy soft bras in a 34E I also still wear these to bed just because I do feel supported and comfortable in them. Moving onto other bras I have several sports bras and also support bras in a 34 F which fit lovely. Last night for the first time in my life I felt a million dollars. Just wore a skirt and a roll neck top as in the picture and I felt so happy, I never thought I would have this confidence. It's crazy to think that boobs can make me smile, feel womanly and attractive and give me the confidence to walk tall and proud. The bra I have on is a full cup 34F which fit lovely and was very comfortable.
Today again being in bra mode I went into town to a big department store ready to buy a couple more pretty bras, must of tried on 20, all full cup I was trying all different sizes from 34F, 34 E to 32 F, everything I tried on either was too loose at the back, I was bulging over the top or it didn't sit right. The 32 band seemed good in one bra but the F cup was too small so I got the 32G bra, tried it on and it fit lovely. The fitting lady was with another young lady and I just grabbed her attention as she passed and said could you tell me if this fits me well please and she agreed it was a good bra on me.
I am now aware that depending on make etc etc I am either a 34F or in some makes the 32G. It was hillarious some of the bras were £30 or more and none of them fitted me like I said and I wasn't looking at that time at the prices on the ticket I was just trying them one after the other and the lovely one I ended up with was the cheapest of all, crazy.
I am really enjoying what these boobs are doing for me, my confidence is over the roof. My boobs actually feel alive, similar to before a period which I like, I have no pain and can do all I did before surgery and my scars are flat though still dark. I gave at no point ever thought of them being a foreign object they feel very much part of me and I am so happy.
Take care all you lovely ladies xxx


Just watched a bra measuring video for bare necessities and got loads of advice and tips.
I always go for a 34 band even when I was measured for my ba it came out at a 33" rib cage.
Watched this video and she said lift your breast up and measure securely, not really tight but firm under your boobs on doing this I am an easy 31-32" cage. Thick as I am therefore when I wear my 34" bras there on the tightest fitting I feel the bra rides up at the back. I have two bras now exactly the same style and make, I've waisted so much money on blasted bras well I have a 34F and a 32F, the 34 one I have on the tightest fitting and I still feel I need to pull it down but the cup size is good, the 32" bra I wear on the loosest fitting but the cup is too small so I think I need either the 32FF or the G in this one. I'm more than happy with the un wired ones at the moment but will need to find a brand which suits the shape of my boobs in a wired bra later on. Trying these wired bras on I think it's the shape of my boobs that is the problem. I have ultra high projection and I also have side boob to sort out aswell. Don't get me wrong I am delighted with my results I just need to find some pretty bras that fit well and support me well.

Yet more bras!

Hello Ladies,
Well I'm happy!, after many days of trying bras, hours on the internet I have finally found some bras that fit me and my new boobs.
Mostly I am still wearing my old faithful un wired bras but occasionally when we go out I wanted to wear something special so have been searching for some pretty under wired ones.
I have finally found some brands that seem to suit my shape and boobs so at this moment much to my husbands relief I have given up the endless hours on the internet looking at bras etc etc.
The main make of bras I have found are Panache and fig leaves and I also have two m@s ones.
Life with boobs is good. Still can't believe I have them and every morning when I wake up I grab them to check them, crazy I know.
I can more or less do everything I was before, I even sleep on my belly and there fine. Coming up to three calendar months now so will do some pictures later.
Nothing else to report really, I must confess like some other ladies have said I have even thought about a bit later going bigger. I do have moments when I think I wish they were bigger then I think no there just right. I'm now 55 years old and I don't in a couple of years time want boobs so big they fall flat or be weighty and get saggy so I should be grateful. It's crazy thoughts really, I've gone from a small deflated b cup to a 32G cup and I'm moaning. I said at the time I'd be happy with a DD/E cup so these are a bonus already so I need to shut up and be sensible especially as I have been incredibly lucky health wise and sailed through this ba with no problems.
In another happy boob moment this morning I gave attached some photos of some new bras. These bras seem to suit anatomical implants and feel really good x


Hello Ladies,
A quick update as I havn't been on for quite a while.
Life is really good with boobs. I can't say how much my life and confidence has changed since my op. I am so happy with the outcome, I was previously a 34 small b cup, I have been wearing the wrong band size for years but probably wasn't bothered as I had so little self confidence no one was going to see me anyway, I now wear a 32G bra and I had 425 ultra high textured anatomical implants and couldn't be happier. I have been one of the lucky ones, I only had paracetamol pain relief when I remembered for the first three days then stopped. I had no bruising or any problems so I consider myself very lucky.
I can do anything I did now pre op, only occasionally have a little nerve tingle but that's it. The scars are doing well, for me the best thing after trying loads of lotions and creams and tapes and strips is "sudocream". It's marvellous.
Nothing really else to say,I love going out dressed up now and am bra crazy. Sadly I will no longer put any topless photos up due to the ones that were found on a porn site which is so sad as we are here to help each other, but I just feel happier not doing that.
Take care ladies, X
Anita Hazari

I cannot praise or thank Anita Hazari enough for her endless patience, her true professionalism and expertise. She is an expert in her field guiding you with her knowledge and experience. From our first meeting I cannot fault the truly first class service and care I have been given by Anita and her team. She is an amazing surgeon, meticulous and a true perfectionist and I am beyond delighted with my surgery results. Thank you to a truly amazing lady.

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