26 y/o, 5'5", 140 lbs, Tuberous Breast Correction - 385/450ccs Allergan Silicone Unders w/ Areola Reduction

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I've been interested in in having breast...

I've been interested in in having breast augmentation surgery for quite some time now. I've always been unhappy with my breasts since I was a teenager. My left breast was smaller than my right, and I hated the way they appeared in t-shirts. I would look in mirrors and the first area of my body that would stand out would be my chest - it looked weird to me, although no one else probably noticed.
I would talk to my mom about it, and like all mothers, she would encourage me and tell me to just have patience and that they would eventually even out and grow. Negative. To this day I remain a 34A, and now that I'm in a solid position where I can afford it, I'm going for it!
I met with Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron after a disappointing consultation with another plastic surgeon, and I could not have had a better consultation experience! She was very knowledgeable as well as kind and helpful!
Upon making it to her office, within 10 minutes, I was placed in a holding area. She entered the room, and I immediately felt a sense of comfort. We discussed why I was there and what I've experienced with my breasts. We also discussed what my expectations were and her suggestions. She explained the information very well, and it was definitely more like a conversation.
After that I was placed in a room where I undressed and she took pictures of my chest area from different angles. She also took some measurements and explained to me that I had tuberous breast deformity in my left breast. I had heard of the condition, but didn't think it was what I had... So it was good to hear that from someone professional. She also explained what it was and how she could help to correct it. Dr. Baron also helped me try on the bra and sizers so that we could determine a good, natural-looking size for my implants. We settled on 350cc that could increase since my breasts are two different sizes. I'm thinking about going up to 400, but I'm not sure yet.
After the fun part of trying on the sizers, I proceeded to speak with someone about pricing for all implant options. As of right now, Allergan Smooth Round is my choice, and I'm so excited!
The entire experience with Dr. McKnight-Baron from beginning to end was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable, was sincere, compassionate, professional and extremely helpful in my decision. My surgery date is the day before Thanksgiving, and I can't wait!

What I Look Like Now & Wish Pics - Hoping For Full C after Surgery

So, here is what I look like now at 34A. I'm so excited about this surgery. I would love to be a full C after surgery, although I know it's not totally guaranteed after they drop and fluff.

That left breast has been and eyesore to me since high school. Padded bras have been my best friends for the longest time. I've read several posts here of successful surgery of tuberous breast deformity, so I'm looking forward to seeing my breasts be a little bit more even.

Here are my wish pics! I just love Kelly Rowland's size after her augmentation! Dr. Baron and I discussed 350cc which may increase depending on how much she wants to use in the left breast. I want a very natural look, but I'm thinking about going up to 400cc. I keep hearing that the implants will look smaller when placed under the muscle, so I'm thinking bigger may be better in this case... But I don't want it to look like "BAM! In your face!" Decisions... Decisions.

29 days until surgery! Question for all of you into Fitness...

I can finally say that I'm under a month away from surgery. The week of Thanksgiving cannot get here quick enough! This website has been so great in the meantime; I've read many reviews and tips here, so I have a pretty good understanding of what to expect. I'm so excited for the day to come.

Now I'm still stuck on the size. I know the title mentioned 350ccs, but I'm thinking that may be too small. I have a 140lb small frame with broad shoulders, so I'm thinking going up to 375 in the right and 400 in the left (since it's smaller) wouldn't hurt. My pre-op appt is on Nov. 10th, so hopefully after trying the sizers on again I'll feel better about those numbers. We shall see.

So for all of you ladies that are into fitness, train heavily, teach aerobics classes or even compete professionally... Were you definitely back in the gym at or around 3 weeks post-op? I workout heavily 4-5 days a week, and although it'll be tough not working out for that long, I know it's best to rest. I know any heavy lifting of the chest and maybe the shoulder muscles will be out of the question for a while, but how soon were you able to do cardio aerobics classes, teach a class or get back into heavy lifting?

Pre-Op Appointment is tomorrow! So excited!

One of the days I've been looking forward to has finally come. Can't believe it's already November, and I'm 16 days away from surgery. Hopefully all goes well and nothing changes so that I can still have my surgery on the 25th.

At the consultation Dr. McKnight-Baron and I decided upon 350ccs Allergan Silicone implants, but now I'm thinking about increasing that size. After doing quite a bit of reading and researching here on RS, I'm thinking going larger rather than smaller may be better. I definitely don't want in-your-face size boobs, but something that's natural looking and suits my frame. I'm 140lbs (athletic), broad shoulders, 5'5"... Any advice?? Will 375cc be too big for my frame? I'm so excited to sit with the PS again... The time has finally come.. right around the corner!

Pre-Op Appointment Success!

So I had my pre-op appointment today, and it went so smoothly that I'm actually even more excited now than nervous!
Before meeting with Dr. Baron I went over and signed paperwork, and I met with Allison, the billing coordinator, to pay my balance and to get sized for my garments. She kindly explained what the full balance was comprised of (surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, etc.) and at what cost. She also sized me for my garments that I would receive after surgery and also mentioned that if I needed anything at all, how to reach out to her. She was very sweet!

Allison took me to a holding room to meet, and Dr. Baron entered minutes later. We went over just about everything in my pre-surgery packet: prescriptions, consent forms, patient instructions, medication information and those to avoid, etc.
We went over a few details of how she feels the surgery would go, the type of incision she would like to make and what she feels would be best to correct my tuberous breast deformity. As far as sizing, I decided to go up to 375ccs, which Dr. Baron figured I would do anyway :-) She mentioned that I could probably get away with 400ccs and be happy with that size. So she that she would probably order sizes between 375 and 450ccs... Never thought I would go up that high, haha, but being that one of my breasts is smaller than the other, I'm probably going to end up with two different sized implants anyway.

I definitely left feeling so excited about surgery! I'm paid in full, and have everything that I need, minus my post op goodies and medicine, which I'll get filled soon. The countdown is on... nothing to it but to do it now!

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140lbs
Surgery Date: 11/25/15
Implants: Possibly 375ccs Allergan Smooth Round Silicone
Including pics of what I currently look like now... Definitely ready for some cleavage up top!

4 days until "B" day!

I can't believe I'm in the single digits counting down until surgery day! I got the last of my recovery supplies today, and I hope I'm not missing anything:
- Laxative/Stool Softener
- Prune Juice
- Baby/Face Wipes
- Pineapples
- Meds
- Champion Front Zip Bras (On sale at Kohl's!)
- Crackers
- Ginger Ale (not pictured)
- Bottled Water & bendy straws (not pictured)
- Comfy button up shirts

I was worried about not being able to find those Champion bras, but Kohl's had those bad boys on sale today, so I grabbed two. Wish they had other colors, but white will do. I got two Mediums, but kept the receipt in case I need to exchange for a large. Surgery day I'm really hoping for 380cc/400cc... so I'm hoping the Mediums will work. We'll see.

I've been eating pineapples for a few days now... maybe about a cup a night, so I'm REALLY hoping I won't have to deal with too much swelling or bruising. I think the swelling will be inevitable, but if it wards off bruising, that would be great. I bought two tubs of them to eat both before and after surgery... good thing my local Kroger has them on sale right now, because I may stock up again lol

Victoria's Secret had a good deal going last week on their button down pajamas, so I grabbed two! Can't wait to wear them!

Did I forget anything ladies??
My husband asked me today if I will continue to walk around braless underneath my VS PINK tees after surgery :-) I think he's pretty excited, too. He's all geared up to help me recover.

I've never been under before, so I'm a little terrified about the anesthesia. I'm trying to keep myself calm about it and not worry so much.... Hopefully I can work out all of these nerves and jitters before next Wednesday. Oh well... home stretch!

Surgery day... I made it!

Hello from the other side! My surgery was this morning at 8:30 AM, and I'm now home with my husband with my food in front of me. Talk about HUNGRY! Whew!

No nausea or shortness of breath going on... Thank goodness. Just some tightness/soreness and pain is about a 5 out of 10. I hear the second and/or third day is terrible when it comes to pain, so I'm bracing myself for that.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good right. Felt every twist and turn on the way home, and that was pretty uncomfortable, but I managed.

Ended up going under the muscle with 385 in the right breast and 450 in the left. I know I was dealing with some asymmetry, but wow! Hubs said they looked very even and proportionate based on the photos Dr. Baron showed him and you pretty much can't tell they're two different sizes. We'll see what happens when the dropping and fluffing starts, though haha Can't wait to see what they look like!

Post Op Days 1-3... Feeling good!

I meant to post this update days ago, but better late than never, right?? :-)

So my surgery was scheduled for 8:30 AM on Nov. 25th, and my husband and I arrived at 6:30. Check in was pretty much a breeze, although they didn't have a room setup for me... That was pretty nerve-racking. It didn't take long for them to get me situated, though... Within 10 minutes I was in the back changing into hospital attire. I met with several nurses and anesthesiologists, who were all very sweet. I got my IV after 3 tries and met Dr. Baron once more. We talked sizing, incision sites and Thanksgiving food as she made her markings on my chest. She explained how she would go about the procedure and what changes she may have to make if it came down to it. I knew I was in great hands :-) Closer to 8:30 I was being wheeled to the operating room. I remember kissing my husband goodbye and being asked to scoot myself into the operating table. I vaguely remember an oxygen mask and then I woke up.... For someone who was terrified of the anesthesia, I can say that it wasn't so bad. I had an extreme case of the shakes upon waking up, though. So the nurse covered me with blankets and continued to check my vitals. Overall, my hospital experience was great!

I have not had any major pain since returning home. I've been taking my antibiotics as instructed. I was prescribed hydrocodon, but have only had to take two of those since being home. I've pretty much only dealt with soreness... An extreme soreness as if I did an intense chest day in the gym lol

Sitting up after lying down for a while is pretty painful, but it's getting better each time that I try. My husband as been so great with helping me recover :-)

I've been walking around the house pretty well and even took a short walk outside with hubs and the dog on day 2. That fresh air was definitely much needed.

I had my first post op shower today, and it felt GREAT! The boobs aren't the prettiest things to look at right now, but the size looks amazing. Definitely what I wanted! The garment I came home in is starting to cut under my armpits, though. I had hubs put some gauze between the garment and my skin, and it seems to be helping. I'll be calling my PS on Monday to see when I can start wearing a normal sports bra.
I got 385ccs in the right breast and 450 in the right breast - both Allergan silicone implants. I had some assymetry and tuberous breast deformity going on, so I knew I would end up with two different sizes. Dr. Baron also ended up having to make the periareolar incision, which she did mention she may have to do, instead of in the crease of the breast. With this type of incision, I'm really worried about the puffiness and healing of the areola... Hopefully I'll have a good report on Tuesday at my 1 week post op follow up.

Overall, though, I'm doing pretty good! I'm not totally independent as of yet, but getting there. I'm scared to start massaging them because of the type of incisions I had to get... I definitely don't want to mess anything up. Posting some pics from today (day 3).

Post Op Days 4-10... 1 week post follow up, massages & new bras!

Hello ladies! So I'm almost a week and a half post op, and I'm just about back to my normal self. I figured today was a good day to post an update as several things have happened since surgery...

- Day 4 was kind of rough. I was nauseous all dang day. Hubs and I had a nice breakfast in front of us, and I couldn't even eat it. My stomach didn't say no, but hell no lol I couldn't even nap because of it. Every time I closed my eyes, my head would spin... I was miserable. I think it was because I took thr antibiotic without any food on my stomach before actually eating breakfast. I didn't eat anything until the meds kind of wore off later that evening. From then on I made sure to take my med with some type of food... Word to the wise!
- I had my first post op BM on Day 5, but had been trying since Day 4 lol I drank coffee AND prune juice, ate an apple and took peri-colace... Nothing happened. It wasn't until the next morning where I had more coffee that it actually happened. Such a relief, because the struggle was very real!
- My post op follow up appointment with Dr. Baron was on Day 6, and it went well! She told me that I could start massaging them, as my left breast was still much higher than my right. I think it has dropped a great deal since I started the massages. She also said that I could start driving as long as I was no longer on meds and it was comfortable. She said the steri strips should fall off on their on and that I could shower forward facing now. Also that I could wear any bra that I wanted as long as I wore the garment provided during surgery at night. I'll see her again at the beginning of January for another appointment. So sweet and professional!
- I drove for the first time after my follow up on Day 6. It wasn't totally bad, but it did start to get a little uncomfortable the closer I got home. Turning the steering wheel was definitely difficult lol But I made it work. The only way to get used to it again is to keep driving, so I've been driving since then as I went back to my full time job on Day 8, and it wasn't so bad. I have a desk job, so it was a pretty painless day. No one noticed my new additions... And I'm quite alright with that haha
- I bought some new bras from VS today (Day 10). I know that my bra size will probably change over the next couple of months, but I really needed something that would be comfortable going to work and outings in, because that sports bra wasn't going to get it. I measured myself at home and came out to be a 32D. I was measured again at VS and it was confirmed 32DD or 32D. They were having "2 for $$" sale on a specific type of bra, and it looked very nice so I got it in black and nude. I'll be going back for their Demi bra in a couple of months, though. Can't wait to get my hands on that little number!

So the past couple of days have been quite alright. I'm reaching, pushing and pulling a little bit more every day. My husband will come in the bathroom to check me out and see how I'm healing... Lol I think he can't wait to actually fondle them haha They're still not the prettiest to look at because of the scarring... There are steri strips around my areola still, and they don't look like they'll be falling off any time soon. I hope they do, though, because I really want to see what those scars look like.
Counting down until the day I can get back into the gym! I'm so ready! Trying to be patient, though.... Ready to start side-sleeping also. This sleeping on my back is killing my tailbone and butt.
Posting a few pics from the past couple of days, also :-)

Post Op Days 11-20... Air pockets, driving, steri strip woes and bra crazy

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! I was a little hesitant to post a new photo being that not much has changed in their appearance and I still think my areola area is looking a little puffy/weird. I'm still waiting so patiently for these steri strips to fall off. You would think they were put on with super glue lol They are starting to peel away, though, so that gives me some hope. I'm just hoping to being applying something for the scars soon... Has anyone's steri strips stayed on for this long post op? I'll be 3 weeks post tomorrow, and they are starting to stick to my sports bra.

Week 2 going into 3 has been very... Interesting. I've been dealing with some serious air pockets that make a weird noise whenever I lift my arm. It's a noise they only I can hear and feel, but it's a little agitating.
I had some weird pains shooting through my left breast also. That's the breast with the larger implant, and it seemed that every time I walked and took steps forward, there was a tugging sensation. It was most painful whenever I walked, and it happened sometimes while sitting. I'm not sure what was going on, but it wasn't terrible enough for me to call my doc. I'm going to assume that it's just the implant settling... Luckily, I haven't had that type of pain for a few days now.

I feel pretty much back to normal! They definitely starting to drop and soften. I'm getting so used to them that it feels like I've had them all of my life lol Daily activities such as driving, reaching, pushing, pulling have gotten much easier to do. I'm still being mindful to not overdo it, though, as I know I'm still healing. 1 more week after tomorrow and I'm free to get back in the gym... Hallelujah! Because I'm SO ready to get back to strength training.
I can't seem to stay off of the Victoria's Secret website lol I ordered two wireless bras and one front close sports bra in 32D. Hopefully their sports bras have good support; it'll be my first sports bra of theirs.

Posting a new pic from today. My left boob is still sitting a little high, but I feel it's dropped a great deal and is catching up to the right. Overall, they're just the right size for me and I LOVE them!

1 Month Post-Op... Side-sleeping and exercise

Hey hey! I can't believe that it's been 1 month already. The funny thing is that I feel like I've had these new additions all my life lol

Not much has changed since the last update. They're still settling nicely with no pain and little discomfort. Steri strips are almost gone, thank goodness. I've been so impatient waiting on them to peel off completely. I'm still wearing a 32D/34C bra. I was FINALLY able to put my hand on the Calvin Klein bralette! (Thanks Addels6!) Definitely the most comfortable bra that I own now. I'm hoping to stop wearing those surgical bras that I came home with to bed and start wearing this one.
Speaking of bed, did anyone start side sleeping comfortably at the 1 month mark? I'm trying to ease my way into sleeping on my side, but it still feels kind of... Weird... With the new girls. Any tips??

I've been cleared to begin exercising, teaching and light lifting! Yeeessss! A big chunk of my life is back haha I'm going to start off light and gradually ease my way back into heavy lifting. I know shoulder, some back and chest workouts are out of the question for a while. Any tips for exercising/strength training post surgery?? I'm all ears!

6 weeks post-op... Strength training, cardio and a bra-less night out

Happy New Year everyone! I just left my 6 week post op appt with Dr. Baron, and all went well! She took some pictures of my progress and also said that I can move freely with no restrictions... So teaching cardio classes, high intensity cardio, pushing myself up, etc are all free for me to do. Whoop! So I guess I'm pretty much back to normal as far as movement is concerned :)
- I started lifting weights again at week 5, focusing mostly on lower body movements. No pain or discomfort at all. I'm going to try to ease my way back into upper body movements. I've read horror stories of ladies doing too much too soon as far as upper body work is concerned and implants moving out of the pocket, so I'm definitely going to take it easy with that.
- At 5 1/2 weeks post, I taught my first aerobics class since having "the girls," and man did I enjoy it! Again, very little discomfort... Nike Dri-Fit bras have definitely been my lifesavers for holding them in place.
- I'm still wearing 34C/32D bras and M/L in sports bras, depending on the brand. My bras are mostly wireless with no padding as I don't really need the extra lol I've been cleared to stop wearing the surgical bra with the death strap at night lol Dr. Baron does want me to start wearing a T bra, though, to stay ahead of a possible uniboob forming. So I'll be wearing that soon.
- I went braless for NYE and boy was I nervous lol Going out to a party braless 5 weeks after surgery made me a little scared, but I just HAD to wear this sexy backless dress. Needless to say, I had nothing to worry about. The girls were nice and perky in the dress and I even had a little side boob for the first time ever :-) I'll include a pic, but I felt so sexy that night. Even with all of the moving around, walking and dancing, I had no discomfort during and after the party.

Dr. Baron also peeled off what was left of the steri strips, thank goodness! My scars really don't look bad! I'm going to begin massaging them with vitamin e oil 1-3 times daily after showering to minimize their appearance. Other than that, I am so in love with their size. I think they are just perfect. Dr. Baron has been so great, and I HIGHLY recommend her if you're looking for a PS in the Atlanta area!
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