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Hello everyone!!!!!! I will be writing about my...

Hello everyone!!!!!! I will be writing about my story soon and everything counting down to my surgery. Please feel free to write and ask questions... Will be adding pics as well. Please bear with me. I wanna make sure I have enough time to but everything together and not have it out of order lol. Once I start posting I will try to get this blog updated as much as I can. Everything comes right to my phone.

little about me!!

Hello everyone!! I have been on here reading lots of peoples journeys and I'm finally gonna write mine.. I'm 24 years of age no kids and a 48J.. My boobs have always been big all my life. My boobs were a full C by the time I made 8 years old. Just think of my pain :-(.. I would always find myself wearing a bra with two sports bras to try and cover them up.. I would have horrible headaches and back pain. As I started to get older it just got worst.. I have lost weight and everything my boobs never go anywhere. By the time I made it to high school I was way past a DD.. They just still kept growing. I have seen doctors about my pain and skin problems because of my boobs. Nothing seems to have helped. Now things r looking up.

my first consult ever

I have been to about 3 PS to seek about a BR.. The first two I went to was in Texas. I was 23 at the time and having lots of problems. I went to find out what could be done and how much.. One doctor told me it would take about 6 hours for my surgery and he gave me a price of $12,000.. I didn't have that kind of me and was scared with the fact he told me 6 hours. The other doctor was a little bothered with my viens in my boobs. So I let it go and I figured I could deal with it. I been having boobs all my life. My pain was getting worst. Just buying advil ,Tylenol ,ibuprofen and stuff like that wasn't helping. I had to get my PCP to prescribe me something for the pain. That can only get u so far... I waited a whole year before I went to see a new PS in kenner LA about having a BR.. Back and neck was killing me . I started to get shooting pains in my back to where I couldn't move or do anything. I really needed help, sleeping At night was getting worst for me. Headaches all the time and back pain. Something had to be done.

consultation with new plastic surgeon..

So I was looking online at new Orleans PS and ran across Dr. Christopher R. Babycos MD.. I read a couple of his reviews and decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment with him. it took about a week from the date I made the call for my appointment. once I got their staff was friendly waited about 30 minutes before I was called to the back to visit with PS. once in the back everything was going well we discussed my options and we talked about besides that he could possibly get me to. we also discuss some of my past history with my breasts. once he finished the exam he had informed me that he was going to submit my paperwork to my insurance and at that point it was a waiting. I believe about 4 to 6 weeks. about weeks after my appointment I received a call from the plastic surgeons office informing me that my insurance denied my breast reduction. I was very upset and heartbroken. I figured at that point I was just going to leave it be and try to lose some weight exercise because everybody was saying if you lose weight your boobs will go down. so once I was denied I decided to start working on me. I started making some life changes by changing the things I ate how often I worked out overall things to kind of help to deal with my pain. I actually windup going back to my primary care physician to actually let her know I need a refill on my prescription because I still couldn't deal with the pain and things were getting Worst. at this point it had been about 10 months since I had seen the plastic surgeon about my breast reduction. once I got to her office she had asked me about some things that I changed what got worse and was getting better and she informed me that I actually needed to do something about my boobs to help with my pain. she then wrote me a referral to go and see the plastic surgeon. at this point I said hey couldn't hurt any so I go ahead and give it a try since I already did it before maybe it will go through this time since I was preferred. scheduled my appointment to go back and see the plastic surgeon and that was about 4 days after seeing my PCP. once I got to my appointment to see the plastic surgeon about the second consultation with him we had discussed my weight loss and how my boobs we're actually pulling on my chest. and actually started to improve everything I made my life changes that needed to be made but nothing was working. he didn't really understand why I was denied the first time as I am a perfect candidate for the surgery we discuss those things. as always he was very professional informative and supportive. always made me feel welcomed in the office and any questions I have had answered for me and if I needed any additional information I was always able to call is fast or email him to find out anything that I need to know. once we finish discussing but possible sizing of my boobs and things like that in the options I had he wants to get them for me to take me a little while he was going to submit the claim to my insurance and we would go from there. so at this point it was a waiting game.

before I went back ..

Before I got my referral to plastic surgeon the second time I begin my weight loss journey. My boobs was a 38J 10 months later I'm a 42H. But once I started my weight lost things didn't get better. I started to feel worst. My boobs really started to pull down on my chest back and neck started to hurt even more. My weight lost was good but not all the way. By the time I went back to doctor I lost a good amount of weight.

I was approved!!!

I wanna say about a week after my appointment iwas approved. I have got the call from plastic surgeons office letting me know that I was approved and which date I wanted to have my surgery. April 27 2015 was my day and now I am waiting for big day to get here!!!! I'm super happy its finally gonna happen for me.. I took some pics this morning of my boobs with out a bra since my weight lost that I will post. Keep in mind I always sleep with a bra on. Very hard for me not too.

my boobs now :-(

This is what I'm dealing with now.

new boobs

Had surgery yesterday. I absolutely loved my ps. Pic will be posted soon. Am a lil tired right now.

old boobs

Just gonna post a little not too much I'm still tired and sore

3 days since the surgery

I'm in a little pain I try and stay on top of it. I'm ready for the drains to come out lol. They are in the way all the time. I'm not sure what my new boob size is but I love them. I don't feel that pressure on my chest or shoulders and more.

new boobs

I'll write more soon as I feel a lil better

drains ugh

So I must day the only thing I hate is the drains. They are so much pain, they hurt if I move around to much. I haven't seen my scars yet or nipples. I'll see them when I go to doctor for my week followup. Im so happy I went through with this. They are awesome so for!!!

almost a week!

Ok so my left drain has been leaking a lot. Not juts the drain the site has been leaking too. Couple days ago I had to go to er because I had a high fever and a headache that wouldn't leave. I been monitoring my temp making sure it doesn't go up. the last two days I've been feeling my boobs and light switches in my left and right more so on the right then the left. I do notice that my incision site for my right drain was bleeding that is stopped. my temp has been fine until I feel fine right now but I just took it is 99.3. I'm hoping that it does not go back up and it goes back into the normal range I've been taking my antibiotics and drinking lots of water. I do have a slight headache right now hope it goes away.

almost at 2 weeks

So its been two days since I got my drains out. I'm not having any pain just some weird little twitches every now and then in each side.I didn't get a free nipple graph so my nipples were not removed. I have noticed that my right nipple gets hard and I have a little more feeling there then the left. the left nipple is what is trying to perk up but not totally. I must say I love my new boobs my scar isn't too bad.I had some bruising on my left side underneath the boob but it looks like it's clearing up I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. I am now in a sports bra it doesn't have a size its just large. soon as I find out what size I meant I'll let you all know I did go to victorias secret to get measured and she measured me at a 44 C. but I did go to my doctor the day after and I was told not to go off of her measurement because they will still go down because I'm a little swollen. but I am in love with my boobs plastic surgeon did a great job. the only thing I want to know about if when should I start sleeping on my stomach again I'm kind of scared to just start sleeping on my stomach because I feel like I'm going to pop something.


Just some pics to show..

loving my boobs

Hey ladies I'm loving my boobs. Sorry so late with the reply been busy. Ok so my right nipple is like always hard lol. It get hard asap. My left one takes time to get hard but it gets there. I haven't got any scar cream yet but I go to doctor on the 10th and this will be my follow up appointment that clears me to do everything hopefully lol. I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping. Oh I forgot my left breast just always feel so heavy. Idk y ilk ask when I go on the 10th.
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

Let me start by saying he is a great Doctor!!! very friendly and welcoming. he answered all my questions and made sure to make me feel comfortable whenever i met with him. I wouldn't have went to any other doctor for this but him. I love my results ..

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