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7 Days and counting!! I just had my pre-op...

7 Days and counting!! I just had my pre-op appointment a couple of days ago, went and picked up two post-surgery sports bras and now I am back to the size dilemma. Originally, at my first consult 6 months ago, I chose a 400/450 cc implant (larger on right side to balance the girls). My goal was about a D cup, small D to large C. At my pre-op I re-sized and decided to go with a 450/500cc implant. Now I am once again having second thoughts. Maybe 500/550cc? This is a never ending dilemma. Currently I am an A cup and would like to end up a full D or DD. I don't want to regret going to small, but I don't want to go too big that I cant conceal them at work (I have to wear scrubs). I've taken the new sports bra and stuffed it to the size I'd like, now I am thinking of going in and using the sizers in comparison to make sure I am getting the size I want.... Decisions, decisions, decisions... I will keep updating!! Cannot wait until the 18th!
I've also attached my pre-op pictures... going from nothing to something


I leave for the clinic in about 45 minutes!! Nervous, yes! But even more then that, I am really excited!!! I am still unsure about the final size as I am concerned what my surgeon will be able to fit in. So I am going to leave the final decision up to him but I'd like to be between 450/500cc or 500/550cc. There isn't a huge difference when I went and re sized.
I also picked up another post-op bra. Its the Lululemon TaTa Tamer, there's 4 different hook options which leaves room for swelling but it has the support I will need which is nice :) I am so looking forward to waking up from my nap with boobs!!

I will update again as soon as I am able!!

Successful surgery!! :)

So do to my lack of symmetry, uneven breast size and difference in nipple placement, it's unrealistic for me to expect perfect results from my BA. I am so grateful for my surgeon today!! He went well above and beyond for me today. He lowered my right crease to accommodate a larger implant, also did some lipo on my right breast to bring the size difference closer as well as to make the pocket up a little higher in hopes of adjusting my symmetry. I ended up with 475/500cc implants. My surgery took 2 hours, it was only supposed to be 45 minutes, but he did a lot of extra work :) I am so grateful for the size change and now I will be able to buy a proper bikini without worrying about the size difference being obvious. My post op bra is a 34DD which is loosened quite a bit and really snug. So my end size should be a 34DD :) the pain is managable today, hoping it doesn't get bad tomorrow. I can feel they are already softening a bit in comparison to when I first came out :) the pic attached is me 2 hours post op. I will take more tomorrow.

Day 3 Post Op

Where do I begin... The implants themselves are looking amazing!! One thing I've learned is that they will cycle, basically immediately after surgery, they will look SMALL!! But they cycle, and after a few days become true to size, then bigger then the size then back to the size they were supposed to be. I am just gaining to my true to size point now. I am glad I found this out as I was really disappointed how small they were initially! Right now I am measuring around a 32F or 34DDD, I know some of that is swelling but realistically I should be at a 34DD when dropping and fluffing is over.
The pain is bearable, yesterday I took 4 Advil, and none of my Tramacet. Today I didn't have my fiancé home to help me out of bed this morning. It was a painful experience trying to get out of my pile of pillows without help. So I've taken one pain killer today as getting out of bed felt like my stitches were being ripped out.

Dr. Valnicek is amazing. He takes the time needed to answer all of my questions, and address all of my concerns. Also, he is the type of surgeon who would rather do as little as possible in order to obtain natural results.

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