{ got my hourglass! } pre-op 32a/small b, *425cc HP, silicone, round, unders, crease*

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I feel as though this has been a long time coming,...

I feel as though this has been a long time coming, although I have met other personal goals along the way this has always remained at the back of my mind as something I would eventually treat myself to.

I have wanted a breast augmentation for roughly 6 years. I have a tall, somewhat curvy/hourglass build minus the boobs obviously. I have tried to make peace with my body the way it is, but in my heart I know that with this change will come more confidence and personal satisfaction. I have always worn bras a cup size larger than they should be and filled them with pushup pads and gel inserts, even in high school. Very few people in my life have actually known my "real" size.

At the age of 25 I have struggled with the decision to do this now, or wait until after children. After a lot of discussion with my other half I have decided to do it now. I want to feel sexy in my own skin in my wedding photos, I want to enjoy my body before children come along, and truthfully I don't want to have children any time soon, so why wait?

I had my consultation in July this past summer and decided on surgery in December because it suited my school schedule the best. I will take three weeks off of work because my job is fairly active, my PS said that should be a reasonable amount of time to heal somewhat.

During consultation I stressed the fact that I want a very natural look. Unfortunately with having such a small ribcage that doesn't leave me with a whole lot of options. I do not like the look of HP implants personally, and I feel like with the way my ribs stick out (upper chest) they would look ridiculous. My PS feels 350cc is my limit in the mod+ range and I am trying to push for 375cc. The final decision will be made at my pre-op on dec 2. He feels that with 375 I will be able to feel the sides of the implants. I would like to be a full d or maybe even a dd. My PS said that because of my shapely hips and good shoulders I can carry it no problem and it would look proportionate, however, we have to stick within the limits my small ribcage allows.

I feel so awkward in the pear shape that I am right now! With boobs I will finally have the hourglass shape I have been "faking" for so long. I have known from the start of this journey that I wanted cohesive silicone gel and that I want my incision to be under the breast fold and implant placed under the muscle. My PS agreed with all of these decisions thankfully!

I am SO looking forward to my pre-op where the final size decision will be made and hope this next month goes by fast! I am an avid list-maker and have been slowly trying to organize all of my pre-op and post-op thoughts/needs by writing everything down in a journal. Hopefully this way nothing will be forgotten!

I decided to share my story here as well so that maybe I can inspire others in the same way that so many of the stories on this site have inspired me. It is a common experience that brings us together and I draw a lot of strength from that :)

(pardon the toothbrush in my photos! and poor photo quality )

wish boobs

The look I would like to have is similar to Bar Rafaeli, January Jones and Lara Stone.
I think it would require more than 375cc to get this but a girl can dream...
I'm struggling with whether I should look at HP implants as an option, but I am completely horrified at the possibility of them looking "stuck on" given my shape.

(I do not own any of the photos for this post )

need your help !

I am facing the same problem that almost everyone on here has at one time or another. Looking at my pictures you can see that I have large hips, good shoulders and am quite tall at 5'9". Keeping this in mind, do you think mod plus 350/375 is going to look like anything on me? Or is it a better idea to go with HP so that I can fit more cc's into my small breast width? Keeping in mind my wish boobs, which option do you think will give me the results I desire? I am having such a tough time with this and post-op is on the 2nd. I just hate the thought of going through all of this and still being unhappy about the size. Thank you in advance for any input or comments! Anything is helpful at this point !

pre op ... check!

I went to my pre op yesterday and I feel completely at ease now besides some jitters and anticipation for b day! all of the staff were completely wonderful and the nurse spent a lot of time answering my MANY questions. she said she was happy to see I put a lot of thought into everything and spend the time researching thoroughly. I spoke to my PS about HP and showed him some pictures of what I would like to look like. he said HP is definitely my best choice for the amount of volume I want on my frame and we decided on either 400 or 425 cc HP mentor silicone implants. I feel very confident about this choice. he said that even at the size we chose it appears conservative on my frame because of my height, shape, etc. He also said that on the rare occasions that I want to wear a special dress and wish I had gone bigger to just wear a pushup bra because those instances will be few and far between. and also the fact that I have not had children yet, he wants to leave some skin stretching room left for pregnancy, etc down the road (and perhaps save me some stretch marks as I am prone to them... thank you puberty! ahem... hips!). Also at this size he says it wont prohibit me from doing anything athletic, going on vigorous hikes, etc as I like to do.

As far as prescriptions and supplementation I have been given a scrip for Traumacet and 5 days worth of antibiotics. He says I may not even need the narcotic for pain, but better to have it just in case. He recommends 800mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours for pain management as needed. I am to start my supplement regimen now (2 weeks pre) of 1000mg vit c, 100mg zinc, and 1000 IU v it d, all twice daily with food. I have also been approved (at my suggestion) to take a b complex, acidophilus, selenium, vitamin a and magnesium. I researched all of these and their affects on surgery and feel it would be a benefit to take. I am not a doctor or health care professional of any kind, but my PS has said it is okay for me to supplement with these in addition to what he has recommended.

Also, I am not allowed to have green tea anymore :( which is going to be hard as I drink multiple cups a day. Now I just have to prepare everything and check the items off my list. Will update soon with a complete pre op list of everything I have compiled once shopping is done!

Thank you to everyone for your advice and support, it has made a world of difference so far and I have been able to make my decisions with confidence!

done & done - so pleased !

Just posting a quick update - Im feeling fantastic! Absolutely no nausea or narcotics needed yet, we will see what tomorrow brings. I've been under twice before in life so I knew what to expect where that's concerned. I was extremely relaxed and chilled out about the whole thing, kept telling myself it's no big deal !!!
Went into OR at 4:15, they were running way behind from a previous surgery and I was starving! Stopped drinking water at 9 am and stopped eating at midnight before. This was tough on me OMG! I have a super fast metabolism and susceptible to low blood sugar... Yikes. But I made it!

Woke up having intense muscle spasms and shakes all over my body, miss lovely nurse piled me with blankets and it soon subsided. After that I wouldn't say I felt any pain, just felt like I did a really intense chest workout! Tightness and pressure, like I coulnt really breathe deeply, but was totally okay. I told the nurse I was thirsty and hungry!!! Lol

I am now almost 7 hrs post op and feeling great !!! Way better than expected, my goodness! For all the ladies who are waiting patiently, it is not nearly as bad as you think ;)

Gonna get back to relaxing after working my a$$ off for past 3 weeks !

Thank you for all of your well wishes and love! Keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow isn't too rough

PS - forgot to mention

The boyfriend keeps unzipping my hoodie to take a peek and is allllll smiles ;) BUT more importantly my smile was bigger at first look !!!

Will update with more details of the day when I'm a lil more rested :)

the story of my amazing bowels

Okay... So I think I mayhave broken a record here on RS. And totally forgot to mention this in last post : I have already pooped 3 times since my op! Yay for me! I have never been this proud of a bathroom moment in my life lol. First BM was only 4-5 hours post op.

FYI i have anywhere from 1-3 BM in a day! I know, I know, I'm a weirdo! Like I said before my metabolism is crazy fast. I have to eat every two hours or I get major hangries. Oh the hangriness! My poor bf always knows when it's too long since I last ate!

Here are my BM tips for anyone worried about it post op:
-3-4 days preop start eating a few dried organic prunes and drastically up your water intake. I was chugging water like a mo fo
- eat fibre rich foods such as chia seeds, rye bread, fresh fruit and veggies (except potatoes and bananas)
- foods to avoid: chocolate, caffeine, red meat, refined white flour ( no pasta or bread!), starchy veggies and bananas
- day before I only ate eggs, smoked salmon, mango smoothies with lots of chia seeds and homemade veggie lentil soup, all very easy digestible foods

Hope this helps anyone out there who may be worried about constipation post surgery. Having experienced it after my wisdom teeth were taken I did not want to again!

On a more politically correct front, I am definately feeling more stuff today. Managed to get about 6.5 hrs sleep last night altogether. Still taking ibuprofen and arnica when needed and no narcotics!
My lovely nurse Lorraine called to check up on me around noon and said I am amazing so Im definitely feelin the love :)
The bf has been a rockstar. I do need his help taking off and putting back on pants for bathroom but everything else I can manage such as wiping, flushing, washing hands, etc. I've been icing like a saint and chilling on the couch watching daytime tv which has happened never! I get up for easy little walks every now and then for circulation. A lot of tightness around my ribs and upper abs, armpits, around incisions, etc, but nothing I can't handle. Overall having a pleasant experience and I promise to post a photo soon!!

day 1 post op photos

Sitting very high and tight and swollen. But they're kinda awesome, hey? Or maybe I just think so :p everyone should be in love with their boobs!

Ended up going with 425cc hp mentor silicone cohesive gel.
Post op bra I'm wearing is a 34d
Pre op size 32a/b

small improvements

Hello lovely ladies!

Woke up today feeling less stiff than yesterday, didn't demand ibuprofen upon waking and still haven't needed any so I'll take that as a good sign! Was able to slowly pull down pants for morning pee and also brush my own teeth! It's the little things...

I feel like swelling is still about the same, experiencing lots of swelling at breast bone/ sternum area which is a tad uncomfortable. Armpits are feeling less stiff today and a bit more range of motion in my arms which I am enjoying while still being extremely cautious.

I had to call my mom over to French braid my hair cause the bf's skills are not up to par lol. He can barely put it in a ponytail, but I do love him dearly for trying! At least I was able to teach him how to use a bobby pin to keep hair out of my face! At this point I just feel greasy and yuck but also feel a bit bittersweet about the whole shower thing. I look forward to it but I also fear taking these puppies out of their harness and seeing incisions for the first time, etc. I'm considering taking a gravol before the whole shower ordeal gets underway just in case I start to feel queasy. My PS doesn't allow showers until after 72 hours post op, so I still have to wait until tomorrow early evening!

I feel a bit itchy at times and also feel the zingers people talk about it they arenot terrible at all. I think it's just the nerves repairing fri the trauma. There is definitely a lot of numbness going on, can't feel a thing on my right nipple for example, but I'm trying not to get worried about it at this point!

Sorry for the long winded post! Just hoping the info here will help other ladies in mentally preparing for this. All and all I'm still feeling optimistic :)

post op day 3 photos & shower

I finally was allowed to shower today! Hallelujah!

BF washed my hair and removed bandages for me, hurt a little as they were super sticky! Felt so much better after that whole ordeal was over. First time applying deodorant after 4 days= heaven!
I feel refreshed and renewed!
Went out for lunch today and managed okay aside from the cold weather.
Shivering and laughing are the most painful things in my life right now.
I had a random cold spell last night before bed and had a full out panic attack, that wasn't so fun. First time being a cold temp since surgery and I was shaking which put me into extreme pain. I burst into tears and couldn't speak, when my bf realized what was happening he put me to bed and smothered me in blankets. I was able to stop convulsing and calm down but woke up a few hours later sweating like a pig, oh well... At least I wasn't shaking anymore!
Anyone else experience this?

In the pics I'm still quite swollen as you can see. My right is more so than left, but I have also been using that arm far more.
The implants seem to be softening already up top as they do have some give now when pressed which is a relief. Still a long way to go, but it's just a process like anything else ;)
I'm up and doing simple things now without getting as easily tired as previous.
Able to get things from the fridge, etc, but still only wearing button up or zip up tops.
Tried to change into my danskin front zip sport bra after shower but no beno. Can't even do it up and its 36d, go figure. Hoping it's just a small fit as my other bra is 34d and fits fine.

day 5 post op & back pain

Not much has changed last couple days except I started feeling tiny bubbles going up and down the implant on my right side. Feels like it's in between my breast tissue and the implant... So strange but my paperwork says its normal.

Tummy bloating finally going down a bit. It's as if the swelling shifted downwards. I started drinking two tbsp Apple cider vinegar with herbal tea to help, seems to be working so far!

I'm on my last day of antibiotics thank goodness!! Not a fan of those, just don't love the adverse health affects of taking them but I know it's for good reason.
I'm feeling happy with my results though I feel they will take quite a while to drop.
Was able to wiggle into a tshirt yesterday!

The back pain is so so much worse than any pain I experienced in my breasts. Im counting down the days for this inclined sleeping torture to be over. I've been using heating pad and arnica gel but I think it's gonna take a deep tissue massage to correct the damage!

I have been liberally applying organic rosehip oil and coconut oil to my chest to help the skin repair from the stretching. It almost feels like the skin has stretched all the way from under my chin, it's got a yucky almost itchy course texture right now so I'm trying to remedy that with an avene cream I had on hand.

Looking forward to one week post so I can resume heavenly FLAT sleeping once again!


Swelling has gone way down, thank goodness!
Is it just me or do they look like they've dropped some? Even just a little? ;)

So happy with my surgeon's work so far!
Absolutely no bruising.

day 10 & boob greed ... damn it!

Hi ladies!
I hope everyone had some relaxing holidays :)
I am now at day 10 and feeling mostly back to normal, although the muscles on my left side are still sore and right side is not. Strange.

Been really taking it easy the past two days - the holidays took a lot out of me, all of the socializing and "trying" to help with things left me exhausted and i have needed a nap almost every day.
Starting to get quite bored and desperately want to work out but alas, not allowed til week 6 :(
Still uncertain if I will be returning to work after week 3 or 4, but too early to tell,
Looking forward to my post op appointment on the 30th, have a few questions to ask and will be nice to get some feedback from my PS on how things are progressing. He does not believe in massage or the strap and is very laid back, but I really like him!

I was so afraid of going too big when I decided 425cc, but now Im worried I won't reach my goal look with these puppies.
I feel like you really can't notice in clothing, but I suppose in a way that is a good thing. I used to wear double push-ups in sizes way too big for me so no one really knew my true size. I also need to remember that I have been wearing baggy tshirts and sweaters since surgery, maybe trying to get into some tighter clothing will put things in perspective. The fact that I'm so tall doesn't help much. I swallow up cc's like its nothing! I know anything bigger than 425 would have been a real stretch for my surgeon so I'm trying to stay positive and remember that they will look bigger once I get some dropping & fluffing action.

I feel like the progress has slowed down a bit and changes are becoming more subtle than the first few days. I do really love them and am so excited for the final result! I haven't regretted this decision for a second. I figure after I have babies and my breasts change, I'll be ready for a revision ( 10 yrs or so ) and may be able to fit more cc's then.

Can any one offer advice on transitioning into side sleeping? I would really like to but am scared to try. It's been so nice getting rid of the incline and back pain is pretty much gone now thank heavens!

old bikinis

thought this would help in cheering me up a wee bit - it's working for now!
some of these cant even be worn in public anymore lol, too booby!

two weeks! two weeks!

hello ladies :)

yesterday was my two week post op mark, how exciting!
I would say things have improved a great deal, except for the softness factor- totally lacking in that department - any tips?

range of motion - much better than week one obvs, I still cannot reach completely above my head or twist around. I have been cleared to start doing stretches, so will be attempting later today.

sleeping - have started sleeping on my side a little bit each night. a couple nights ago I actually slept through the entire night and was singing hallelujah in the morning! since the surgery I have been waking up 2-3 times a night like clockwork :s recently it has just been once a night in most cases, which is still okay by me! sleeping on my side still feels a little awkward at first, and I find that hugging a soft down pillow in front of my helps big time. I always need to adjust myself a bit until I find comfort, and make sure my arms are not resting or pushing on my breasts in any way. it is such a relief to not have to sleep on my back all the time even though I was starting to get used to it! tummy sleeping is ill advised by my PS until after the six week mark, I am more of a side sleeper anyhow so this is no problem.

exercise - I am desperately wanting to go to the gym, so at my post op appt on Tuesday I brought it up. I love how my PS is so laid back! he says I am allowed to do the bike with back rest and very light cardio, a soft jog on the treadmill for example providing I where a very heavy support bra. I am also allowed to do very gently arm exercises with a little bit of weight to prepare myself for returning to work. leg exercises such as squats (yay! how I have missed my squats!) are okay too. only restrictions are not to put any pressure on my chest and no resistance or supporting my body weight with those muscles.

scars - I am not good with looking at stitches. period. at my appointment the nurse took off my steri strips for the first time, which I was NOT looking forward to, but it didn't hurt like I thought it would. just a mild sting for a second. I didn't dare look at them so I still have no idea what they look like - I know, silly. My surgeon came in and took a look, trimmed off some excess pieces from the sides of the stitches and then put new strips on. he gave my two extra sets and told me to change them once a week. I go back to see him in 4 weeks for my 6 week appointment.

post op appointment - other than what I have already mentioned, he said surgery went really well. says I have very healthy tissue and skin, and will have no problem healing up beautifully. I asked if it was a tight fit to get those 425's into my tiny chest and he said it was snug! LOL I told him I find peace in the fact I definitely couldn't have gone any bigger. he wanted to make sure I was happy with the size though and I said yes, it is perfect for this time in my life. will I want to try and go a bit bigger after kids, probably, but for now I am in love! my PS did request that I take an extra week off work, so it will be 4 weeks off total. I called to let my boss know and am not sure how he felt about it, but I am a fantastic employee and refuse to feel guilty. as the nurse said, better to err on the side of caution then have to get another surgery to fix anything that goes awry from pushing myself too far too soon. since my job is very physical I tend to agree. an extra week is a smart call, even if I am going a little stir crazy! just so happy I can return to the gym at least!

supplements - I have resumed taking all of my normal supplements except vitamin e, only because I forgot to ask if I can. I sent an email to find out, so should hear back soon.

breasts in a nutshell - definitely dropping a little bit, still sitting higher than I would like however. still quite hard but they are starting to have a little bit of give. my PS doesn't believe in massage but the nurse said it wouldn't hurt if I wanted to try. I feel like it might help with them getting soft quicker. they still feel quite stiff and don't move around all that much - is this normal? about half feeling in my nipples some of the time, haven't had any crazy sensitivity like some of you gals talk about. the bottom half of my breasts are still pretty much numb, but it doesn't concern me, still lots of time to heal. I have had little pains once and a while around the incision sites but I think this is normal?

sorry for the long winded update once again!

happy new year to everyone! and a more curvaceous one at that ;)

happy healing to you all and best of luck to those undergoing surgery soon!

two week photos

so thrilled about my new proportions!


I'm posting this photo out of pure joy.
I finally have an hourglass shape! Something I have been dreaming of since a teen, and I no longer feel like a twelve year old boy when stepping out of the shower.
This is by far the best decision I have ever made for just me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

My stats for anyone joining in:
Pre op 32 a/b, dress size 4
140 lbs, 5'9", 26 y/o, no kids
425cc mentor high profile round smooth silicone gel implants thru crease incision
Post op non underwire bra size 34d

one month already? really?

I cannot believe I have already reached the one month mark!

There isn't a whole lot to update on but here goes:
As you will see in the photos they are dropping beautifully = YAY! And this week I noticed my right side is slowly starting to catch up. I have been doing more vigorous massaging on that side and pushing it down often.
Sleeping on my side is comfortable now, but I still prefer to hug a pillow in front of me so as not to malposition the ladies! Not cleared for tummy sleeping yet.
Being back at the gym has been a beautiful thing! I tried to do a bouncy workout yesterday and that was definitely a no go. Felt awful on my incisions, I even wore two sport bras! Just sticking to the stationary bike and leg/hip/ab workouts for now with arm stretches. Been feeling great!

Absolutely no more morning boob, tho I never had it very bad. I find my breasts are softer in the morning than they are when I massage after work later at night.

Been back at work for one week now, everything is going good so far. Sometimes reaching for things feels a little awkward but not painful.
All of the ladies at work know and have asked to touch them !!! I'm ok with this, I'm a very open person and have been working with a lot of them for a number of years. They all say I picked the perfect size for my body and they look really natural, awesome!

My bf and I started being intimate again around week 3. All has gone well ;) and I can tell he is really enjoying his new play things !! As long as he doesn't lay on top of me we are fine. Sometimes I keep the bra on, sometimes not. He fights me on it every time!

My incisions look great so far, healing up nicely. I feel like my surgeon did a phenomenal job, I'm a very happy girl!
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

I have been nothing but thoroughly impressed by Dr. Valnicek and his lovely staff. They were so patient and understanding with my many questions throughout the entire process. Very accommodating with the scheduling of surgery and appointments to fit my crazy schedule. Pre op instructions were very clear and concise. Dr. Valnicek has excellent "bedside manner", is very personable and comforting. He exhibits professionalism in all that he does and offers amazing advice - especially in regards to concerns about size! He is a true advocate for natural results and proportions, which I really appreciate. My post op nurse, Lorraine, was so sweet and endearing. She made me feel completely at ease during recovery and always made sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Valnicek and all of the staff at Okanagan Health Surgical Centre.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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