47 Year Old with 5 Children Need my Boobs Back - Keller, TX

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I researched 5 doctors, dr rumalla was the 3rd...

I researched 5 doctors, dr rumalla was the 3rd Doctor I meet and right away I knew it was him that i clicked with .i still went to see the other doctors just to rule them out and not have any doubts in my mind. My surgery went great with no real pain only discomfort as long I I take my medications that doesn't bother me much either. I did come home with drains which the dr says hardly happens but I was a bleeder he had me go home with them as a precaution. I still haven't seen my boobs. But I am very excited to get to see them tomorrow.(the day after surgery when I went to have the gauze removed I didn't look)

2nd post op appoinmrt

I went back today and was pleased when dr Ramualla took the drains out, pain level has been about 2-3, but getting the stitches righted was by far the most painful thing so far. I go back on Monday for another check up. The dr is the best he has so much information to share that helps with recovery.

Before surgeru

This is my photo before surgery

Day after surgery

I did have to have drains because I would lose fluid (blood) during the surgery nothing over the top just enough for the dr to want to keep an eye out

Saturday August 13th

I couldn't resist I had to take a look. It looks so good, I love them. I think I would have wanted them just a lil bigger but my husband says he likes them the way the are. Because my breast were uneven I got
450cc on the right and 425cc on the left
Silicone along with a bilateral crest lift
I'm so happy I went with dr. Rumalla, there is definelty a reason he comes highly recommend. Pain level there is been very very little. I would call it more of a discomfort but it no real pain. I have already stopped the pain meds and only take the antibiotic

2nd Follow Up

I went to see the doctor yesterday and he says everything was looking good. So I can try and move my arms about 5 degrees up and down a day. Ace bandage is off. But he still doesn't want me driving for another week. I will go back for another checkup on Monday . I enjoy our appointments because even though they are quick I still get a lot of information and the girls at the office are wonderful

Post op appointment

I went to see Dr. Rumalla today, I'm ok to go back to work. Still no pain but now I itch a lot. Also I'm not to fond of the bra they give us to wear, but the dr did say I could wear like a sports bra, I'm not sure which is the best maybe someone on this site has some suggestions. I go back next week, he wants to see me every week for now which is great.

19 days out

Feeling good even though I have mondors cord, I was very worried this weekend but I called Dr Rumalla and he let me know that this happens to some people but that I will be ok. I had my weekly appointment, and he took the steri-strips off from my areola
Now I can start applying the scar treatment. I still have my stitches under my breast those will come out next week.
A little sore from the mondors cord but over all I have had a great experience and a great Dr.

3 weeks 1 day post op

So far everything has been good, I've been back at work a week already and I still go home a little worn out I do have a desk job but I move around quite a bit, papers,filing and moving from filing cabinet to cabinet looking for things. Still have morning boob especially when I bend over. But getting better. Next week I get my stitches out. My dr did not do dissolvable because with our Texas heat he didn't want them to dissolve before they needed to. I love the way they look except the last two days I have noticed my left breast looks flat on the bottom instead of round like the right. Prob gonna call the dr on that. I still have mortons cord which stay sore especially at work. But I can't take Advil and my dr doesn't want me to massage or apply heat he says it will go away with time. It's not constant so I will survive. Here's my today pic

Flat at the bottom of my breast

So yesterday I was still a little worried about my right breast looking flat at the bottom instead of round like the right breast. So I called the dr office and they told me the dr was in so just to come by the office and he will look at it. Wow talk about service, the office staff is awesome.
The dr came in and looked at my breast and said they are still dropping and not to be so critical of myself I need to give it some more time and it will change from one day to then next. He looked over my stitches and looked at my breast. He said everything still looks good and i was so relieved. I was suppose to see him on Monday to have the stitches removed but his office will be closed because of the holiday. So I don't see him till Thursday, so seeing him yesterday and getting a "everything looks" from him was good to last me till my appointment lol
On the photos it is the right breast, but that is really my left breast.

4 weeks today

I am so happy I got my breast done, they look so good and are healing so well. Tomorrow I go to Dr. Rumalla to have my stitches removed (not sure about this, I'm a little scared of the pain) the scar treatment I'm using for the nipple incisions really looks good I have only been using it for about 1 1/2 weeks.
The only problem I am having is still the soreness in my stomach because of the mondors cord. As a matter of fact I feel like it's bigger this week. I will be asking the dr tomorrow about it. I still don't like that one of my breast is not as round as the other but Doctor says to give it time. I'm still sleeping with pillow helping to prop me up some when I sleep at night. I am a stomach sleeper so this has been very hard. We will see what the dr says about sleeping on my side, even though I think to myself it might make my boobs be lopsided so I haven't even attempted lol. I forgot to take pics of my cord will submit it later

1 day after stitches come out

So yesterday my dr removed my stitches from right under my breast, taking those out didn't hurt to bad but the ones where the drains were, did hurt. Just a lil sore in the evening, but over all it's all good. The itching has eased up tremendously since I got them out. I don't know if it was the tape or what, but I felt like I was always scratching my breast. I have a love hate relationship with this site. I love to see everyone's great results, but I hate the pics of infected wounds, with pus and yellow stuff, it really freaks me out. I hate my fellow friends are going thru that, and I constantly worry this will happen to me. I can't wait till my wound heals more. I get to start putting my scar cream on tomorrow. So hopefully all of it heal quickly and safely. Praying for that!
I don't get to see the dr. For two weeks so in hoping they are looking even better then. I still wish the left breast would get rounder at the bottom. Dr says to stay patient. And I still have the Morton cord, it still is sore, but he says this is common and it will resolve itself.

4 weeks 2 days

So I forgot to update on Wednesday, but I saw dr. Rumalla yesterday and we are both pleased with where we are in my recovery. I was a little worried after my last appointment because of the flatness in one of my breast along with the muscle spasms I was having. But he put a lot of that at ease yesterday. He showed me my before pics that show where we started and where we are now and how much magic he did. He also gave me a message exercise that will help. Every time I meet with dr Rumalla I am so happy I picked him as my dr. But it never fails he always give me so much information and insight as to why and how things are they way they are. I always seem to forget to ask him certain questions. Oh well I may have to call the office to get his email to send them to him.
If anyone is considering Dr Rumalla, you will not regret your. He is the best
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor with a lot of information that he provides to you from the very first consult, to when you bring your husband, to the day of surgery

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