Doing This for Myself! 27 Years Old, no kids, 230cc, LOW Profile, Under the Muscle

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I am 4 days pre-op and really looking forward to...

I am 4 days pre-op and really looking forward to this being done. All the BA-research and thoughts about pros and cons take up so much space in my head. The reason for me to do this is that I would love to be able to just throw on a non-patted bra and wear t-shirts without thinking my breasts look too small or getting a gap in between my bra and my slightly sagging breasts. I gained quite some weight when I was on the pill in high school and my breasts went up from small b to large d cup. I also got super emotional by the pill and so I stopped taking them and therefore also lost a lot of breast volume. Now I am 27 and have sagging breasts like I breastfed a child and would love to enjoy some fuller breasts before I actually am going to have three kids and be all mommy-like. I have been in a lot of doubt about this though. I wanted this three years ago as well and actually got so far as to take the painkiller drugs just before surgery. Then I saw an unconcious girl being driven into the operation-room where I sat, and I got so freaked out about what I was about to do to my body for vanity and insecurity that I just decided not to do it anyway. Now I have worked with my self-worth and really love myself and my body - so I know that it does not come from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem that I want bigger breast. Quite the opposite actually. I don't give a f... about other people judging me for getting fake boobs and I want to do this for my self and be able to just play around with clothes more and loose the tight, padded, underwire bras. So thats the background story. My boyfriend is the best in the world - he is just so supportive and have been listening to all my many thoughts on the issue. I found a doctor in Lithuania which is really experienced and half the price as in scandinavia where I am from. I wanted a VERY natural look and have always really liked the after pics with low profile implants. I have been advised - twice - to get 330-350 cc moderate profile. But that just looks WAY to big for me when I compare pictures and try seizers. So after long deliberation with my doctor I persuaded him to go with low profile (fits with my quite large breast width of 13 cm) with 270 cc. The doc also wanted me to get anatomical implants. But I have read about rotation and that there really isn't much of a difference btw round and anatomical when they are in. I also have enough breast tissue in the lower pole of breast to make up for the roundness of the implant. So anyway. That's enough for now. Hope you are on a good place in your breast-journey!

Day 4 post-op - feeling better!

So I am now on day four. And it has been kind of a roller coaster for me both pain wise and emotionally. I have regretted the whole thing and even though explant and I have felt intense joy when seeing them for the first time when I took a shower yesterday. Morally I have a hard time completely accepting this vanity-side of my self perpetuating an un-natural body-image culture. And at the same time I have to love and respect that side of my self as much as I do the other sides of my personality. Sorry about this pocket-philosophy stuff. These thoughts just take up a lot of space in my head and would like to share if anybody is thinking about these issues as well. Pain wise I have been surprised about sleeping so relatively comfortably in an up-right position and with minimal pain already night 2 and 3. I am not completely a back sleeper, but I always lie on my back for some parts of the night. So I guess the back-sleeping thing has been less tough for me than for all you belly-sleepers out there ;) I did not take any pain killers the entire day yesterday, but then I think I over did it as I twice ate at a restaurant with a really heavy door - and the second time around I opened it, it hurt quite a lot. I also went for a relatively long walk yesterday, day 3, for 20-30 min. in really slow motion! Looked like an old lady sneaking around the streets LOL. I think it all was a bit too much and I really had a lot of pain and tightness in my chest muscles, incisions and shoulders in the evening. So I took a strong pain killer and muscle relaxer and luckily slept like a baby after that. Just took my last antibiotic pill, so I'm happy with that. Also the bloating from the anesthesia has gone almost completely down. Some advise: - As everybody says; don't overdo it. Apparently it's harder than you think. So just do 20% less thank what you think is possible. - Have somebody around to help you getting up and getting clothed and showering. I am here in Lithuania alone, and I have to do all this even though I almost can't. If you are alone, use your feet and legs to pick up stuff. And go straight down in you knees in stead of bending forward if you have to pick something up. - Be ready to regret the whole thing. Write a letter to yourself the day before surgery explaining why this is a good idea and why you have to hang in there. Be kind to yourself when you knock yourself in the head for doing this to your own incredible body. It is sort of an investment that you will really enjoy once you have healed up completely - if you are doing this for your self and no one else, then write that down to read post-op. - Remember that it takes three days for your wounds to close up. That's not a long time that you have to be extra careful :) You muscle tissue is tough and good at regenerating. So don't worry about that. It WILL however take quite some time before you are back to normal - three months I hear (like jeez!). - when you sleep in an upright position place two pillows next to each other standing up against the wall with a little space in btw then and then a blanket folded over these to create some support for your lower back. That way you can place your head btw the two pillows so you don't strain you neck downwards all night. That's all for me now. Will post before/afters soon.


My breast muscle is huge!!

So my left breast muscle is freaking out! I found some swollen lumps on the side of my left breast and I fiddled a little bit too much with it I think and now it has become so so swollen and thight. Have any of you guys that this swollen muscles on day four?

So swollen - nurvous

Okay hermatoma it was :(

So I am sorry to tell you that I effing got a hermatoma yesterday!! My left breast pocket filled up with apparently 100cc of blood! The doctors and staff was amazing though - they gathered 5-6 people Sunday evening to re-operate. They had to re-open, take out the implant and was all the blood out with antibiotic fluid! I was freaking scared and sad that I was one of the unlucky ones - but ironically I realised in that moment when I could have just gotten an explant that I actually really wanted these small, nice implants and that I would like them to stay despite all the hassle! Quite an epiphany for me! Ask any questions ladies! And remember that it's better to call you doctor one time too much than one time to little.

pictures of incisions after hematoma

After the re-opening of my left incision due to a hematoma (blood leak) me left breast is bruised and the incision looks way worse than before. My surgeon tells me that a lot of the stuff around the incision is surgical glue which will come off eventually. Really hope this is so.

Pictures - hopefully!

Back home and feeling better day by day

So I am back in business! I got back from Lithuania a week ago. It was a really challenging trip home only three days after my second surgery for hematoma. But I managed and drove straight to my mums house to get nursed. And boy did i need it. Felt so bummed and tired and achy in body and mind. I was so happy to be home and healing but also was really taken aback by how difficult the healing process is. I think the trip to a foreign country on my own with no help the first week, the fear connected to the hematoma and the physical set back due to the re-operation really made things much more difficult than they could have been had I been home and had I had help and care. So don't do what I did ;)

Pictures from day 12

This is NOT easy sailing

So I could just write how relatively easy it is to move around and take care of yourself, which is the truth. But I have to stress the bad stuff as well, so you guys know how this experience is all in all. Morning boob BIG TIME today. I had to pee in the middle of the night and it was a chore getting up from lying down flat. Breast muscles hurting and feeling tight and sore. Neck stiff and tension in shoulders and btw shoulder blades. This morning I had to ask my boyfriend to pull me up by supporting my back so that I did not have to do that weird side bend/roll out of bed to try to avoid pain.

I tried to go to work yesterday and had to go straight back home as I was so so tired from the trip. My sweet sweet boyfriend actually insisted on following me to work because I had to bring my computer which is a bit too heavy combined with my purse to carry on my own. I usually bike to and from work which takes me 10 min. but I cannot now with my new breasts. I have to take the bus which takes me half an hour. I cannot cook/cut food, carry groceries, empty the dishwasher, I have a hard time taking my shoes and coat on etc. I cannot go out with my friends and dance, have sex with my boyfriend and give big hugs to people as I normally do.

This is all just to say: be prepared for being handicapped and impaired for quite some time! It is two weeks post-op for righty and 10 days for lefty. It would be a lot easier for me just to post positive stuff a la "we can do this" and "it's all worth is", but that is only half the truth.

Some advice:
- Don't do this if you are just semi-unsatisfied with your breasts. It sounds quite easy when doctors explain recovery time and it for sure can be for some people, but it can also really set you back for many months. And not just you - your relations are definitely affected by this as you are not your normal mobile, happy and healthy self.
- You will probably get very tense in your shoulders from being stressed out and compensating for loss of pec-power and hunching over a lot (the larger the implants, the more hunching). Get your loved ones to give your shoulder and neck rubs - it is a great relief. Had headaches from only lying on my back which disappeared after a good massage.
- Take time off work! prepare for being away at least 10 days. I am going for two weeks as I just couldn't manage to go back when I planned. This is okay. Your body has been cut and impaired and foreign objects have been placed in you. Think of it as the equivalent of a c-section operation. It is a big interference in your delicate body balances.
- When all this is said, stay positive!! Your mind-frame can change the world! So if you have done this already or cannot go without; it helps to wake up with a smile (maybe after morning boob is over ;) and think about how lucky you are to be alive and having this amazing body that is able to heal and adapt. Think about other people and their suffering and help them - that helps you getting your mind off your own problems and setting them in perspective.
- Eat healthy, do gentle stretches and small walks to get your body going again.

Happy healing ladies - much love and support to you from me! Ask any questions

Funny how perspective change so quickly!

I am feeling much better today! Tried on a lot of nice brallets yesterday and my small breasts look just how I wanted them to! My goal was to be able to loose the underwire bra and I have!! I'm beginning to fall in love with my new, small, sexy breasts!

Almost back to normal - with some exceptions

Today has been really good breast-wise :) We had a big family gathering and I almost did not think about the girls. We were out for a walk and after 10 min. I realized that I did not even feel pain and tightness in my breasts as I have been doing when going for a walk up until now! That was great! All went well except for the goodbye hugs! My boyfriends cousin is a very tight hugger and he squeezed me so tight that my breasts hurt and was throbbing all the way home and I was a little worried.

Still tire more easily than normal, sleep on my back, need help with getting tops off, do not exercise and don't carry heavy stuff. My range of motion has improved a lot but still cannot and are not allowed to take my elbows above my shoulders. Morning boob has improved as well :D

The surgical glue is still not coming off - doc says 3 weeks. So I'm patiently waiting for that. I am really anxious to see the scars - especially the one that was reopened from the hematoma! The incisions do sit perfectly in the crease of my breasts tough, so no matter what it will not be a big deal for me.

Bear hug causing pain

Okay so that stupid bear hug yesterday is causing me pain. Woke up at 2 this night with pain in my left breast muscle in the place that hurt after the big hug from yesterday. This morning the pain was still there as soon as I woke up. I have read that a big hug/pressure could cause the capsule around the implant to tear - but is should not be a big problem. So did my PS say when I called him. Wait and see. If there is no swelling, bruising and asymmetry there is nothing to be done other than waiting it out. I am just so frustrated. I was just feeling almost back to normal and now I feel like I have been set back a week pain and movement wise. Maybe I am overreacting as I had the hematoma and fear another trauma will happen. But it is just so so annoying to be worried and have pain again. I am going back to work tomorrow and would have been so ready for it had this not happened.

I really need to be patient and take it easy. I think it is no big deal as I am also so early in the healing process i.e. the capsule cannot be very thick yet and will hopefully just re-form quickly. Or my breast muscle has just been stretched by the pressure and spasm from that. It will hopefully be better tomorrow and I will be able to go to work. I need to be positive and optimistic about this - no reason for doing otherwise now that it is done.

Progress :)

So I went to work today and yesterday and everything went well! :) I have a desk job and have been using public transportation in stead of biking, so not a lot of movement. I have been more tired than usually for sure, but I am very happy to be back to my normal life. Also went to dinner last night after work and still was not bothered by the girls. I am approaching 3 weeks and my PS have given me the green light to sleep on my side after that. So I will maybe try it out if it's not too uncomfortable. Morning boob it still there and my chest feels so heavy when I just wake up. I still stay in bed for a couple of minutes after I wake up to prepare my self to get up. Bruising and surgical glue on the scars are still there.

I so can't wait to enjoy having these bad girls made soon!

Pics from day 19

They are beginning to get softer and the muscles have relaxed down. I can reach my elbows above my shoulders a bit now. I still have to hold my breasts when bending forward. Now I just need to wait for the bruises to go away and the glue to go off. Then exercise!!! Miss yoga and running so much! Especially now that it is Spring. I do love my cute tits though! Can't wait to be able to just roll around in bed without being careful. This is definitely a learning experience! Patience and optimism are essential!

Pics - hopefully ;)


I was able to cook a meal for my flatmates today cutting a lot of veggies which i wouldn't have been able to do only yesterday! So a lot happens day by day. I am feeling much better! I do not think about having my breast done for most of the day and they already feel a part of me. I guess because they are so small and low profiles which matches the breasts I had when I was heavier, so I don't have to get used to the seize at all. I am loving just wearing a comfortable and light sports bra to work under a fancy dress and then having nice, natural looking tits under without the need for a padded, tight bra. I am actually thrilled about this! I always have had sensitive skin and hating anything tight on my body - so for me this hard healing process was definitely an investment in feeling more comfortable in the long run. Still haven't tried lying on my belly, flexing the pecs shifting the implant or seeing my scars - so I feel like there is a lot of draw backs that I still need to discover and accept ahead. But right now I feel great about my decision.

Current situation: still really heavy chested in the morning but can now use my arms to get up which is great and easy. Breasts are hard on the sides - I guess because I do have some real breast gland in the front which is obviously soft. Nips are getting sensitive. Still numb from my nips down to the incisions though. Half of my left nipple is still not contracting when it is cold - which looks weird. Hopefully this will come back soon! Almost zero pain. Can reach my arms over head but still not stretch them out completely. Waiting for that darn scar glue to come off already! But my PS did say wait till three weeks which is tomorrow so I'm just being impatient.

Happy healing ladies - how are you all doing at this stage? Xoxo

More before pics

Before pics

No morning boob!

Today was the first day for me with no morning boob! :D I woke up completely happy and felt light and mobile. It's not that it is back to before the boobs, but it's getting better. It definitely took longer than what I had expected and took a much greater toll on my mood as well, but I am beginning to really see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am every single day very happy to just live in a sports bra and look and feel natural - I often forget that I am not because they really look like my own breasts before I lost weight ;)

I am beginning to do a few yoga poses just for the legs and am itching to do more! I luckily think that it wont be a problem with almost all yoga poses after this BA - I've researched a lot as I was afraid I would not be able to do the chaturanga in sun salutation but it should be okay to go down but feel weird to go from the floor and up, which is not a common part of yoga - so I'm really hoping this is the case for me as well. Cobra and upward facing dog should activate that implant movement as well - mine are small so hope it wont be too big a problem. I would be very grateful if there are any yogi's out there who will share their experience with this?

1 month post-op!!!

SO now it finally has been 4 weeks! I am so, so glad that I am beginning to have a completely normal everyday life. I can now sleep on my sides, tries lying on my stomach as well, which was not as uncomfortable as I have read many girls think. I did not have the feeling of lying on two hard balloons. I can almost take my arms completely overhead. It does not hurt to walk at all. It feels so good to be back on track. I do not feel like an 80 year old any more. I still haven't gone dancing yet, which I miss so so much! I also am not back on my lovely bike - can't wait!

The surgical glue finally did come off, after three weeks. My scars are much nicer than I feared. They definitely need to go down and they are very lumpy and hard below the skin. I have applied silicone sheets (scaraway) and are massaging them two times a day. Even though it is a little uncomfortable to massage them it feels quite good afterwards - like the skin is coming alive a little bit - still numb from the nipple down. Still my left nipple will not contract when it is cold. That bothers me only to have one stiff nipple at a time. The point of me doing this was to be able to wear sports bras and bralletts, and the nipples are often visible without padding, which is fine by me as long as they are both either stiff or warm at the same time. My PS has given me the green light for wearing whatever bra I like now. I have become so used to the sport bra that I think I will be wearing that a lot. But I am thrilled to be able to wear cute non-padded bralletts! I also do not need to sleep in my sports bra anymore.

I do enjoy not having a tight bra on so so much!!! It is incredibly freeing for me. My breast look so normal and real that I really feel they are a part of me now. They turned out the perfect seize for me! I am also really glad to think about the fact that when I get pregnant there will be more room for the milk so my skin does not stretch out as much as it would had I gone as big as my PS wanted me to. Not I can go a little bigger (300-350 mod profile) after my pregnancies to fill out the skin and still be fine with the seize.

Okay I think that was it. I am now really looking forward to week 6-8: yoga, dancing, biking, running! I still have to say that the healing is tough! Really take that into account before you do this!! Hope you are in a good place on your journey! xo

Scars arter 1 month

I am pretty pleased with the result but of course hope and expect them to go become whiter and more blended in with the skin. There are hard lumps under the incisions and they are numb and tender around. I use silicone sheets and massage them everyday.

Photos week 5

Week 5 - ups and downs

Hi ladies!
I just wanted to make an update. I am 5 weeks post-op and feeling good. My breasts have become very soft and they do not hurt anymore. They are still hard on the top and in the cleavage where I think the muscles are still tense. I went for a "power"-walk yesterday, which turned into a short, easy-going walk as my breasts tensed up and felt hard on my chest even with two sets of tight sports-bras. I was short of breath really quickly but it was so good to exercise again a little. Did 60 lunches and was sore in my thighs and bum the day after which felt good :) I do some yoga poses everyday that doesn't involve the pecs and that feels very good.

I still cannot stretch my pec muscles nearly as much as I used to - which makes sense with the increased pressure from the implants. I do hope however that they eventually adapt so that I can be just as mobile as before - I will update on this when I go back to yoga in some time. I have been out dancing lightly a couple of times now - it feels weird not to be able to just move as you like but at least it did not hurt when I just took it easy.
Maybe this is TMI but I still haven't had sex with my bf as I have been so protective of my breasts, haven't had excess energy mentally and he hasn't pushed me a single bit. I think he is being very patient with me and my healing! This is just to let you know that there can be certain quite big drawbacks from this surgery.

Lately I have also been freaking out a bit about not being able to move and eating more to comfort myself a bit when feeling sorry for myself ;) I really am trying to be patient and kind to myself and listen to my body and forgive myself when I eat too much, but I am still really hoping not to gain more wight. I have so far probably gained 2 kg. I would rather have small breasts and have a slim figure than bigger breasts but not feeling comfortable in a pair of shorts. But soon I can hopefully have both when I am able to move as I like again and I get completely back to my good, natural pre-op eating habits. Has anybody else struggles with this?

Some advice for 5 weeks post-op:
- Do not expect to be able to exercise more than walking slowly. If you do go for a long walk take on a couple of your tightest sports bras and try not to move your arms so much back and forth as this will tighten up your pecs.
- Try to listen to your body's signals of hunger or fulness and follow these signals as much as possible. When you cannot exercise you easily get into the head-frame of wanting to control you food intake and minimize this, but this is almost an impossible battle to win as you will eventually crave the stuff you think you must not eat even more than if you allowed yourself to eat it. So make the only food-rule to listen to your body and be good to your self. Helps me a lot!
- Meditation helps if you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated that you cannot move as you like and/or are having issues with your choice of seize etc. The app "Headspace" is a wonderful way to begin or enhance a meditation practice - there are all kinds of packs for appreciation, happiness etc.
- Enjoy you new breasts! I haven't been doing this enough - I have focused more on why I did this to my own wonderful body but also quickly focusing on new stuff I could improve about my looks (so typical of perfectionists like me ;) I will now focus much more on actually enjoying having had this done, playing with wearing the brallets and clothes I love, doing stuff I enjoy without thinking about my looks as much and being there for the people I love.

Hope this is helping somebody and hope you are in a good place! Xxx

6 Weeks FTW

Hi girls
I am so glad some of you are reading my long and detailed posts! I'm so glad if my experience can help someone in the same situation a little :)

I am now week 6 and feeling really good! I biked to work today for the first time without any issues! It was a bumpy ride through a lot of badly paved small roads but the girls were fine - luckily! :D I am very happy about that as I have been feeling so immobile without my bike! Went out dancing this friday as it was my birthday and I could do all the crazy moves I wanted and there was no tension or anything! Quite amazing if you ask me! Not even the day after!

I wore a see-trough (but classy ;) top and one of my girlfriends touched my boobs and were like 'your breasts are all big and hard'! I took it really calmly and just said I had big, sore period-breasts, which I really used to when I was on the pill. So she did not seem to think twice about it. I am looking forward to them being soft on the top and in the cleavage! They are very hard there still while they are soft like real breast in the lower pole. Does this soften up as well?

So I freaked out completely yesterday - I was hungover and have gained 3 kg since pre-op and I have suffered from an eating disorder for many years which I was afraid was coming back with all the negative self-critic thoughts. I have been quite afraid that the eating disorder would rear it's ugly head again now that I cannot exercise and have been eating more to comfort myself. But I had a really good talk with my boyfriend about it and he was so supportive. Even though is can be really challenging it just really helps to share hard thoughts with people you trust - it's like they evaporate. He told me how natural it is to feel anxious and frustrated in a situation so challenging as this healing period. Again; patience and self-acceptance and self-kindness are key.

My PS told me that light jugging and light biking is okay by now. I will try jugging this week (!!). Hope it's possible and will update you after. He told me to wait with push-ups for 2-3 months which makes yoga-classes a no-go :( Does anyone has any experience with yoga at this stage?

The scars are looking good (will post photos soon) and the hard lumps under are also slowly beginning to loosen up a bit - still massaging them twice a day with deep tissue pressure. I am sleeping in any position I want but am not completely back to normal as I still have to be a little careful when changing position due to light pain at the incision area and belly sleeping is stretching my pecs a little so it's not as comfortable as before.

Left nipple is still not contracting when cold as righty is - which sucks! Also still am numb from nipples down but am noticing some progress here as well. I am sure both things will come back eventually :) All in all I am feeling well but man is this a challenging process to go through! Thats why I still haven't put the review as being "worth it". But hopefully I will feel it is in a couple of months or so :) Happy healing ladies! Much love!

Photos week 7

Week 7

I am really starting to enjoy my new breasts! It's becoming hot summer weather now and I am really appreciating not having to wear a tight stiff and padded bra as I would have had I not gone through with this procedure! I feel very sexy. They are quite soft now when I stand up and sit down, but lying on my back they feel very hard and round and there is not much bounce to them at all. My pecs are still hard - harder on the left side and I cannot at all lie with my hands under my head with my elbows to the side. My pecs are simply too tight and inflexible. I don't know whether this will change over time - but I really hope my muscles will slowly stretch and expand. I think they are a little bit too big and my cleavage is very bimbo-like - but I think this is still some swelling - so after they drop I know they will be the perfect seize for me!

My scars look really nice already! They are a bit pink in the pictures above as I am wearing silicone sheets religiously and they just came off as I took the pics. I just bought and tried a dermaroller on my scars just now. It did prick a little on the skin and I did not want to overdo it, so I stopped quite quickly. But I think it will help with blending the scars in. I am planning on rolling every 2-3 weeks. How do you ladies think they look at this stage?

My nipple on the left is slowly beginning to improve on the contraction-mechanism. I am now confident that this will go back to normal eventually. My PS told me if I just saw a slight improvement that it would almost definitely go back to normal. They are not hypersensitive as a lot of women in here have complained about. They haven't been at any point actually. So I'm grateful for that!

I am still struggling a bit with being heavier and am not back to exercising again. But I went to my psychologist yesterday and talked with her about my self image and self worth. And I have to learn to love and respect my body as it is. I am too focused on changing every little flaw in stead of really appreciating my health and my fortunate life situation. I thought my operation would help me be more comfortable in my own skin. But turns out - surprise surprise - that this was not the golden key to being completely comfortable in my body. I even feel more self-conscious about having fake, hard boobs and having gained weight since the surgery. So if anything I have been feeling worse in my skin since then. But I am really trying to use this healing process to set my life and 'problems' in perspective and work with my mind and my attitude. Acceptance and appreciation are key - I cannot stress this enough! It's not looking perfect that makes my life worth living it's having loving and caring relationships and giving love and support to others. And it is being your own best friend! Learning to love yourself and enjoy this precious life despite all the small human flaws is really my goal!

Worth it!

Okay so I have to capitulate! I think it was worth it - I'm now changing my judgement on the review from 'not sure' to 'worth it'! I went for a run today - and boy did it go well!! No pain, no tightness and I did not even feel that out of shape. I only ran for like 20 minutes but I could have easily continued, but wanted to be careful. I also went into downward facing dog after, plank and side-plank and all went well!! I am so incredibly happy to get moving again and am happy that I waited until I was actually ready to exercise! I can't wait to go to my first yoga class soon!! :D

Okay I may be overexcited due to endorfines but I am just so glad to be able to exercise! I have missed it so so much and have not felt quite my self. My breast are cute, soft and pretty and I can't wait to enjoy the summer with them! SO thrilled right now!

Hope you are also gonna have this feeling in your journey! Xxx

More cute bras :)

Week 8 has finally arrived! Yos!

The day has finally come and I am beginning to be over-excited about the girls! I have successfully been to yoga yesterday!!! And out running with no probs! I'm able to do full dog-stretch but haven't done a chaturanga yet. I am both dreading and looking forward to that! Hope it's possible! Yoga means the world to me so I'm over the hills about being back in my yoga studio with good vibes and perfect workouts!

Went out dancing yesterday and it was awesome! Could jump and bounce around with no issues! AMAZING! So I'm now beginning to reap the benefits of this intense healing period and man I'm just as excited about being able to move freely again as I am about having new beautiful boobies! You really get to appreciate your health and youth after this.

Scars are looking great, nips are back to normal, sensation back almost everywhere on the skin now. So couldn't complain! Still hardness in the cleavage and above where my pecs are irritated and pushed up.

Wanted to update you girls on this as my last post was quite negative on this. But I am feeling GREAT now :D I am back to exercising and having a normal, natural eating pattern. Listening to my body and not denying myself anything but naturally just feel like I want to be healthy and not overeat. So I am just unbelievably happy and grateful about this! It has been such a challenge to be impaired like this and fearing my eating disorder would jump right back at me. But I managed to stay positive most of the time by taking it day by day and sharing my emotions with my close ones who helped me to be calm and patient.

So not much left to say than I am really really happy now and finally glad that I actually did this crazy thing and I will now be able to not think about my body all the time as I have been forced to do way too much over the last couple of months. Definitely on top 5 of the hardest things I have experienced in my life. So it's just a blast to be on the other side for me now!

So I really send all of you who hare planning on doing this and who are early in the healing process a lot of love and good energy!!! I hope you will have a smooth and instructive healing journey! All the best of wishes to you guys!

8 weeks pics - I'm in love with them!

I love the shape, size and feel of my new breasts! They are just as I wished for!!
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