24 Y/o 5'9" and 134lbs. 1 Child. Considering 325cc HP - Kansas City, MO

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Currently decided on finally getting breast...

Currently decided on finally getting breast augmentation. I have been so flat since middle school and I've always wanted to feel more like a girl. I have one child and breast-fed til he was one. My chest were a small C and I loved the size of them and I want that again. I felt beautiful and normal.
My current stats...
134 lbs
32A bra size
Waist- 24in
Hips- 37in

My body is very beautiful to me, I'm just missing breast lol I really want to be proportioned. I am stuck between 300cc and 325cc HP. My torso is very slender and I want to look natural without being too big. So this is the start of my journey to beautiful breast.

Appointment scheduled !

OMG ! I'm so excited to have my first consultation. I am going to see a plastic surgeon in Kansas City, Dr. Young. My husband will be accompanying me. I'm excited because I am taking the first step to making my dream a reality. I have been saving up and I'm half way to 5k. I'm waiting silicone. I want to be a full C when all is said and done. Wish pics ! I'm bottom heavy, so I'm looking to be proportioned.

More wish pics !

After doing more research, I think I've decided to increase my size. I've seen a lot of females with my stats who say their surgeons recommend them going bigger because of their height. I'm hoping the same will be for me. I don't want to be too small but also don't want to end up a DD. My max will be 400cc, but I'm leaning towards 375 now. I just can't wait to try some sizes on at my appt. 2 weeks until my consultation. I'm so impatient, I might have to switch my dates to August instead of October.

First consultation

Had my first consultation with Dr. Young. I really enjoyed his staff and his presence. He is qualified for the job and he seems to be the best fit for me. He had good reviews and his work is done well. He took my measurements and answered all of my questions. He suggested I go with 400cc to 450cc HP , exactly what I was wanting. I wanted moderate plus because I'm afraid of looking fake but he said HP would be best for my chest size and my frame. I'm super flat chested, as flat as you could imagine. So you can see why HP is scary because I want a natural look. But this was his suggestion for a full c to a small d. I should have took pictures but everything was so surreal. When I saw what a 350cc silicone looked like, I knew it was too small for me. He said that on surgery day, he will bring more sizes just in case he needs to go bigger because 400cc wasn't much different either. So I'm considering 500cc as well maybe. I have to go back to try on sizes which sucks but I need to put everything in perspective with my body. But for now, I'm set on 400cc silicone under the muscle. The cost came out to be 5,776. Which is what I've been saving up to, so I'm good on that. I'm setting my date in October (around my work schedule). So I can't wait. Will post before pics of me soon.

More wish pics

My surgeon said I would most likely end up looking like pic number six. Which is perfect. I want them natural looking like the fifth picture as well.


I went into Dr. Young's office to try on sizes. My mind has changed so much. At first I was set on 325cc MP and now I'm all the way up to 485cc HP. My doctor suggested 445cc MP or 450cc HP. I believe he choose MP because I said I didn't want to look fake but after trying on sizes, I really like the projection a HP gives. 450cc looks big and natural and 485cc looks just slightly bigger. I figured it would be okay if I went up 35cc since my implants are going under the muscle and I'll lose some of the CC's. The first four pics are 450cc HP and the last 5 pics are the 485cc HP. I'm completely flat, so I'm sure this is exactly what they'll look like. I'm excited. Due to some unforeseen events, I might have to push my date back to November or December. Sort of bummed but it will happen for me someday.
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