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Hi everyone! I am 2 weeks post-op now and thank...

Hi everyone! I am 2 weeks post-op now and thank goodness I have a job where I am able to take a month off. I am very active and am a letter carrier with the post office, so i walk several miles a day. Plus my husband and I are in a weekly bowling league and I have 3 kids. But no matter what I did, my stomach never changed. I had so much excess skin and stretch marks and wanted this surgery for 15 years, (my oldest is 15). My mom stayed and helped me for 2 weeks, but went home 2 days ago. Since then I have been very weepy and lonely. My kids are in school and hubby is at work.

I feel ok except for the tightness in my stomach. The compression garment helps alot, but it is hard to get comfortable in bed. I put pillows everywhere to support me. I had alot of bad bruising all around my sides and back due to lipo on my hips, but am amazed at how fast they disappeared. They were gone in about 1 week. I am very swollen in my abdomen, hips, and pubic region. That doesn't bother me too much because I know that is something I will have to deal with for several months to come. I was put on valium, vicotin, and antibiotics. The valium knocked me out and i slept alot the first several days. I hated that so I quit taking it after 6 days. I have been off of all pain meds for 3 days now.

My worst experience was the drain that was in me. The tube came out of my pubic region and I had to record and empty the suction cup a few times a day. It was awkward and I worried all the time about accidetally pulling the tube out. I got it and all my stitches out 2 days ago. Yay! What a relief!

I sure hope I can keep this weepiness to a minimum. I am looking forward to getting to know you guys and keeping up with everyone's progress.

I am 19 days post-op and feeling pretty good. I...

I am 19 days post-op and feeling pretty good. I want to start using lotions on my incision, but the nurse told me at my 2 week appointment to wait for about 3 more weeks. I am not sure why? Do you guys recommend Palmers Oil, or has something else seemed to work better? I can't wait to take a bubble bath, or heck, any kind of bath, but I have to wait on that, too. I go back to the doc in one week and maybe they will give the bath green light. :-) I am really surprised that i am not in any pain and not needed any kind of pain med for a week. I just have to finish my bottle of antibotics. Hope you guys are all feeling GREAT!

Just had my 4 week doctor appointment yesterday....

Just had my 4 week doctor appointment yesterday. They took pictures and are going to send me a copy. I was laying down on the exam table and my doc had me lift my head up. He felt my ab muscles and said that they are rock hard. That was so cool to hear. I have been really careful with eating light and healthy for the last few weeks, and managed to keep my swelling from getting too bad. But I totally blew it this past weekend, with the super bowl and a birthday party and eating out, etc. I am telling you............not worth it! I have been swollen big time for the last few days. I need to stay away from the salt. Last night I felt like I would pop like a balloon at anytime. I asked my doc if I could quit wearing my compression garment and wear spanx instead, and he said yes, so I ordered a pair this morning online. That will be good since I go back to work in 6 days and will need to fit into my uniform pants(letter carrier). He also told me I could take a bath. I took a long, hot bath last night and it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 weeks is a long time to not get to take a bath. Hope everyone is doing great and I will keep updating weekly. God Bless!

Okay, I have now made it to 5 weeks. I went back...

Okay, I have now made it to 5 weeks. I went back to work 2 days ago and it has been very hard. I went from not getting any exercise to being on my feet for 9 or 10 hours and walking for several miles delivering mail. I decided to wear my compression garment and am so thankful that I did! Hubby wrapped that thing around me nice and tight and my stomach didn't swell or hurt at all. My legs are another story, however. They are so sore from not getting their normal exercise for 5 weeks. I can get into my jeans now, so that is definately progress. I feel good and am even getting alot more comfortable sleeping in bed at night. I am trying to be patient, but can't wait for the day that I can go shopping for some new clothes that are alot smaller size. I am size 10 now, and the doctor said that I should easily be able to wear 6's after the swelling goes down. Hubby told me the other night when I was getting changed that my new belly button looked great and that he didn't think it would look that good. I haven't had a decent looking belly button for 15 years, since my 1st 9 lb baby was born. I am so glad that I did this! I hope everybody had a really nice Valentine's Day! Oh, yeah, I started using Mederma lotion on my scar today. It says to use it 3 or 4 times a day for 8 weeks. I will use it until I am 13 weeks post-op and see how the scar looks then. I will post more next week. Stay strong and positive everybody! :-)

Well, I made it to 7 weeks. Time sure flies by...

Well, I made it to 7 weeks. Time sure flies by fast. I went back to work 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been fine, not nearly as tired as I thought I would be. It feels great to be getting alot of exercise and fresh air again. My stomach is somewhat flat in the morning, but of course swell hell shows its ugly face by afternoon. My pants are still mostly tight or uncomfortable, and I hope that the swelling will start to diminish in the near future. I am very happy so far with the results and for the 1st time in 15 years I find myself wanting to look at myself naked in the mirror. I avoided doing that before the surgery because it was depressing. This is fun looking for the positive changes that are slowing transforming in my figure. Everybody who is reading this that are thinking about gettng a tt, do it! You will be so glad you did! I will update more later.

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