Subscison for Rolling Scars Done Today - Kansas City, MO

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I had my first subscison done today. After reading...

I had my first subscison done today. After reading for years on and now here, I decided it was the best option after the doctor confirmed what I already knew: most of my scars are rolling and lasers arent going to break the tethering anchoring the scar down. You have to surgically cut the binding. I am writing about my experience in hopes it will help someone down the line like others have helped me with their experiences. 

Okay, here it goes: The doctor came in and dimmed the light since rolling scars look lovely when they have an opportunity to cast a shadow for me to point out those that were troublesome to me. He circled them with a pen and then went over my face with what he saw. In all, I had 44 scars done today. They were close together so I never would have guessed there were that many. But, when you live with acne scarring for as long as I have, you eventually stop counting. I told him lets to them all. Why not. So then come the numbing injections. 44 scars x 2 injections or so do the math. Its very uncomfortable and I wanted to flinch a couple of times. It took about 30 minutes for her to do my entire face. She then took the needle and gently tapped my skin with it to see if I could feel anything sharp. The areas I could, she injected more. 
Once I was numb, the doctor came in and the procedure began. I could hear a slight popping sound - which is good. It means the bands are breaking which is what you want. It took him maybe 5 minutes to do my left side and 8 minutes to do my right. I am a bleeder so I needed to apply pressure to my face with gauze for a bit before I could leave. He said to wait at least 2-3 months before seeing me again because it will take that long for the collegen to rebuild and see what is left to do. He didnt want to do anything prematurely - I appreciated that! So I have my next appointment in August. I am very fair so I bruised immediately and tend to bruise easily so I expected this. I will post pictures because I know those speak louder than any words. I am very happy I got this done and am looking forward to seeing improvement since there really isnt anything that is going to recreate that preacne smooth skin.

I am now at Day 6. The bruising are fading, but...

I am now at Day 6. The bruising are fading, but they are still very visible. There are two spots that are still purple, but the rest have faded to the blueish-green color. The brusing is a good thing. The day after my face was little tender in some places, but I dont go around touching my face, so it was a non-issue. I was able to wash my face as normal without any problems. The needle marks are pretty much gone. I didnt have any problems associated with those fading. Here are pictures right after I left the office. Some are in the elevator, the others were right after I got home.

Its been little more than a month......

Its been over a month since I had my last treatment. Some days I see improvement, other days, I don't. I think that is the fun part of having acne scars. Short of drastic improvement, under the "right" lighting, you still get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that your skin is never going to look better. Then other days, I think my skin looks ok. Its far from perfect, but its still remodeling, so to speak. My doctor said he didn't want to do the second treatment until my skin had time to rebuild, which would take at least 3 months. I am only a month into it, so I am hoping my skin shows some pity and builds more collagen. Time will tell. I still feel like the procedure is worth it. I can't give you percentages of improvement since it varies on my mood. I will post photos soon and let them speak for themselves.
Overland Park Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. McCune is excellent. He is patient and answers your questions completely. He doesnt rush you in and out. There is a little bit of a wait time, but it doesnt bother me because I look at it as if he is giving his other patients the same attention he gave me....he is in Overland Park, KS, not Kansas City, KS.

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