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I have 6 kids. No multiples, all single births,...

I have 6 kids. No multiples, all single births, but after say 4 your muscles kind of give up. After the 6th even my skin gave up. So even if i get the rest of my body to a size 4 i have this huge roll upon a roll of a belly and i have to wear either super low rise jeans and huge shirts or size 8 pants to cover it. Been planning one for years, finally had the money and it wasnt needed for emergencies this year. I am due to have surgery in less than a day and a half and i can't sleep and am giving myself stomach upset from the nervous jitters. Reading information is not the same as KNOWING what to expect and little things are bugging me. How hard is it to go to bathroom after, how long will pain last, are the drains that awful? what about the belly button? Should i wear a bra to the hospital, i'm sure not gonna want to put it on afterwards . . . . blah blah blah, etc.

Sitting in hosputalbed got to spend the night...

sitting in hosputalbed got to spend the night grateful for the morphine though lol
i have no idea what resukts r very swollen binder is very thick and under i have a dressing the size of a car door . . . dont ciugh or sit or move without pressing down with something it is not pleasant finally got to eat some toast looking forward to real food tomorrow
drains are not as nasty as i thought they would be every now and then the sites feel burny though . . . wish id brought ipod but didnt know i was staying overnight

Ok so now that 'i;m not sleeping most of the time...

Ok so now that 'i;m not sleeping most of the time figured i'd share some new insights
first day it's hard to pee, you get congested in your chest from the anesthesia nad being under for so long so you need to deep cough and get it up and well that is really hard to do actually, it got harder to get out of bed every time, my back haad gotten stiff and my arms weak . . .
managed to eat tiny meals yesterday, mostly just lots of water
believe it or not i' did not need pain meds anymore i take 2 ibuprofin for inflammation and i did take 1 pain pill to make sure i slept well, i was startled awake at every noise the day before in the hospital so i really needed the sleep
the drains are not as nasty as i thought they'd be, output is already down today so here's hoping i dont have them in too long, with the huge dressing and stuff, i have no clue what i look like until i have follow up where they will take the dressing and drains out . . . . looking forward to and dreading the discomfort of that visit
i have not pooped, not surprised though, haven't eaten much of anything really
can't think of anything else off the top of my head, any questions just ask i'll answer no such thing as a silly question

Took off the small bandages for the lipo sites . ....

took off the small bandages for the lipo sites . . . bruises are vivid and yucky looking, after pics came out horribly fuzzy so i'll try again some other time, i was able to tighten the binder up a lot, saturday night sunday morning were definitely the swelling heights, i felt it bad for a few hours, now it's fine , i can feel the bandage adhesive and steri tape pulling sometimes if i turn too far to one side
went to the store, used a motorized cart fo the first store got kind of loopy headed
second store after lunch was fine i walked . . . i feel the need for a nap but am hoding off so i sleep through the night
have compression stockings on to prevent blood clots in legs for another couple of days, they keep you warm in bed that's for sure
put a sports bra on and tucked into top of binder, the fabric gave me a teensy rub mark under one boob where it was pinched when i slept, not pleasant feeling
movign around if fine, except right when yo uwake up, you've settle in so long that it's hard to get out of the position at all so i do need a push/pull then, but otherwise can do most everythign but put on shoes all by myself, no pain meds since bedtime last night and that half dose was precautionary so i didn't wake up miserable,
take ibuprofin for inflammation, helps anyway, got a nasty weird headache yesterday
bland food is a must, flavorful and esp. sweet is very gag inducing
peeing is hard, the binder is so tight and you sit stiff so it starts and stops like an old man with an enlarged prostate lol
again any questions just ask i'll answer anything you want to know

Call to see if drains can come out tomorrow, very...

call to see if drains can come out tomorrow, very low output, there is a pic didn't tell me that things can come out and that color would change, figured i'd share
indegestion is constant from the smooshing of the entire gut, switched to zero gravity lawn chair to recline and sleep in because i do not own a recliner and my couch is a narrow one and well, i'd fall off lol
i took a couple pics today so i coudl see if ther was a difference yet and i HAD to share, keep in mind i still have a huge bloated fat dressing across my entire front from pubic hair to just under boobs from hip to hip AND a three overlaapping layered binder on and i can SEE the difference through all that! there is a definite upper hour glass shape going on and my underboob is visible, before it rested on the belly which made them splay sideways, weird detail but trust me who doesn't notice stuff like that about themselves lol
i sneezed today, i felt every stitch in my belly button for the first time . . . kind of burny
after surgery you get chest congestion form the abnormal breathing while under anesthesia so you need to cough to work it out, yes it hurts, but what they don't tell you is that making yourself cough because you can feel the ick or blowing your nose for the same reason is impossible, you physically cannot put enough power and force behind them to expel a damn thing, so you do it 10 times. . . . it sucks, i couldn't press hard enough so i'd lean over a chair or table and lean in for support, it worked great
drains can get blood clots,duh, but also thin wormy looking of tissue and a greasy sheen from the loose "stuff" that looks gross, not gaggy if it's your own, but if someone elses' yeah i'd probably gag
can almost stand up completely straight, back muscles get tired easy, as do i
so want a shower so so so so so bad, crossing my fingers for removal of icky things tomorrow, shower sounds SOOOO good right now washing in a sink is not the same
now that i'm off the pain meds for a couple of days bowels let go with a vengence, not painful just very MUST GO NOW NOW NOW and it feels weird cause so much of hte abdomen is numb
saw bruises again from side lipo when i put bandaid on the dressing booboo and i suggest you dont' do it , resist the urge, it's yellow and lumpy and just so many shades of not right
they placed the tubes great and put the adhesive band at the bottom of dressing roughly 1.5 inches wide over top of the tubes themselves and not once have i felt the drains tug move or even the sites . . . good job there

again any questions ask, you want to see something specific like stitches or tubing or lipo bruising or wound spots ask i will show, god knows i tried to find this info over the years

Ok so drains are out, it hurt like hell, it burned...

ok so drains are out, it hurt like hell, it burned and they are really long flat tubes looking like irrigation hoses for a large garden run the length of the incision one on each side, it was unpleasant as hell
bb stitches i felt nothing numb there, it is still swollen so it looks weird not at all like a belly button
got to take my first shower, it was good/bad nice to feel totally clean water hitting the drain holes was mildly painful it sucked very tnder on side lipo areas so was extra super gentle washing there
was without binder a tad over the hour b/c it didn't want to dry out aftere it was washed, it shrank a bit but it feels great to have it back on, the back support is good
loads of pics some are on phone from docs so they will be added later when i find my cord
not thrilled with belly button but it is flat, i (excpet for boobs getting in way) could see straight down my body that was weird
and i have to say one more time, tubes being pulled out hurt like hell, different on either side but awful just awful on the right side burny and painful and just awful

So i decided that since it was a week after...

so i decided that since it was a week after surgery i should take my measurements again, to see just how much i had changed, ti's really hard to gauge that, for me anyway, because all i really noticed was the large loose bulges in the front, the rest was nevera concern in comparison
so waist at belly button level is 2.5 inches smaller, waistline where pants sit -7 inches, how's that for a big difference?!?!?
weight i knew wouldn't be much different the fluid retention and swelling. . . only -4 pounds, but the look is more important than the number
showering is not uncomfortable anymore, and i was able to sleep in my own bed lying on my side for the first time last night, let's hope that continues, i also needed no help to get out of bed in the morning yay!
still get tired and winded easy, but sit instead of napping, that way i can sleep through the night . . . . can't think of anything new, belly button is receding back in a bit thank god, that thing was weird looking lol
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