435 cc full projection gummy bear round smooth 34 yr old mom of 3 all breast fed sooo excited for boobiess finally!!!!!!!

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Hi so Im 34 have 3 kids 16 14 and my surprise baby...

Hi so Im 34 have 3 kids 16 14 and my surprise baby girl 4 :) .....me and my hubby have been together 18 yrs and we had our first son when I was 17 so since then my boobs have disappeared between breast feeding 3 children and losing 90 pounds finally getting back to my pre pregnancy weight :) .......Im so unbelievably excited as I know everyone else is aswell!!!
Stats are 5'6 130 and Im going with mod + silicone (gummybear) round smooth anywhere from 450 cc -500cc.......not sure I was leaning towards 500cc but my ps thinks for my frame 450cc so he said he would try some on me on the OR table and asked me if I felt comfortable with him deciding the more I think about it the more Im thinking 450- 475 is a good sz I don't want to be to big. .....I do alot of water sports and dirtbiking....:) cannot believe this is happening !!!!

better pics of sacs of skin!!! lol....450 cc or 475cc????

Back and forth on sz dont want to small dont want to big!!! Oh well at least thats my worry now..what sz. Cause this summer I will have some sexy boobs to fill out my bikkini!!!!...because my date is booked wooo hooooo

WHAT SIZE .........:S

So Im going kinda crazy on what size Im thinking 450 cc or 475cc not sure the exact measurements since Im getting natrelle implants the with the cohesive gel....smooth round my doc said moderate +...... then I look at women who went to my doc got in the 300 cc and look big.....I dont want to big or to small Im not sure....so confusing but I will take this bit of confusion over my itty bitty saggy skin sacs I call boobs....lol.....

so impatient!! lol hurry up June 16th!!

Im going crazy!! Im so impatient. ....lol all Im doung is looking at boobs and this site and confusing myself.....still not sure with size I guess I will figure it out on my next app......I also am trying to figure out what size of sports bra I wear an xs or sm regularly so do you buy a sports bra to fit ur rib cage???? Or your boob sz lol I have never owned a sports bra just major push up padded bras :) soon I will burn those ;) Im so excited! !!!

woot woot just had my second pre op!! size picked :) yay implants on order!!! natrelle inspira full projection 435cc!!!!!! omg s

So excited going with 435 cc full projection natrelle inspira...... ( smooth round gummy bear :) ) ......which makes me so freakin happy!!! 25 more sleeps ....oh well lots to do its the end of the year school stuff my teen boys have exams and my baby girl has pre school events and birthday parties. ....lol actually my daughters 5th bday is 2 days after my surgery :) and her preschool graduation is that day aswell......did I mention Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sports bras????? what is the best :)

So I have never ever owned a sports bra!! :) now I have to buy some .....my doc likes the ones that do up in the back he recommends lu lu lemon ta ta tamer...but I would have to order off line and I only got 24 sleeps:) also if Im changing sizes why pay almost 100 bucks for a sports bra right off the beginning or do you?????????????........I have a sport check in my tiny town thinking of checking it out ....lol then there is walmart.......but my doc recommends goung out the day of ur surgery so maybe a trip to the mall in the city for sports bras.....alao should I only buy like 2 for the first week then see.....any advise :)

ordered sports bra!!!

Just ordered my lu lu lemon ta ta tamer!! Dr recommended that one :) should be here in a couple days :) omg!!!! Time is going by!!!

less then 2 weeks !!!! I still feel in shock!! its happening :)

Holy time flies :) surgery was paid for yesterday.....Im so excited I have been waiting for this forever......I really catnt wait to be sporting my bikini oooo laaa laaa tee hee :) It's going to be nice being paportionat I work out 6 days a week major hard core right now since I will have recovery time.....but Im stoked for this I have had small saggy skin sacs for 17 yrs!!! My lu lu sports bra also only 1 day to arrive to my little town :) I will take some pics in it later and post some more pre :) have a great day dreaming of boobies .....lol


Holy so exciting 5 sleeps time has flew by thankfully omg soooooooo excited took a couple more pre pics the black sports bra is my lu lu lemon tata tamer the doc wanted me to get ....never knew how comfy sports bras are.....way better to work out in even with little skin sacs!!!!

finally feeling like s*#t got real its happening! !! got my time 8 am

Sooooooo excited got my time this am 8:00 am arrive!!! Sounds weird but it either hadn't sunk in or what but getting my time made it feel like I said its happening so freaking excited!!!!!

i have boobies!!!!

I have boobies yay!!! Just getting ready to go for dinner had surgery at 10 discharged by 1:30 had lunch went shopping to costco.....feel awesome no pain no nausea Im just taking a ketorolac which is a non narcotic so no yucky feeling :) pics soon!!! Love the size and look under my tensor ;)

some pics still with tensor on

Here's a few pics :)

bean bag magic bag amazing!!!!

So we are staying at my inlaws they live in the city we traveled to she has those bean bag rolls omg put them in the freezer they are the best ice packs!!!! Dont need to wrp them in a towel just palce on ur chest and it rests in all the best places!!!!! :)

some naked boobies day 1 post op

Omg I love them!!! They are perfect for me!!!! So happy!!!! So worth it!!! Right breast is a little higher then the left but its day 1!!!

day 2 :) Im in love ????

Loving theese tatas!!!! They feel awesome I feel absolutely awesome!!! SoI did have a shitty exexperience I guess when ur put under the anathesiologist puts lube in your eyes and tapes them well when I woke up thought I had an eyelash in there but nothing coming out the nurse looked seen nothing then she says hopefully we didn't cut ur eye but no one was looking into it got discharged and my eye was killing me at some points couldn't even open them!!! It was hell went to eye doc have a 3 mm cut along my cornia so I have antantibiotic drops and fake tears it sucks because my eye is the more painfull and hassle of the 2 it sucks today can finally look at the bright screen and type :) but all in all I have great tits!!! :)

so not sure why my last review the hearts are question marks.......but I was meaning I love my boobies!!!! with hearts!!!

My last update was hearts not question marks!! :) love my boobies!!!

day 4 of my new boobies that I love!!!

Soooo worth it day 4 and absolutely loving my new boobies!!! Left is ahead of right but I love em and can be patient :)

1 week :)

Well one week ago I was sitting in the waiting room at this time!!!! Absolutely worth it absolutely love it my right is a little higher still waiting for the drop on that side. We are on another heat wave here wish I could be floating in my pool :) in my bikini top :) but at least I found an adidas sports bra that cute and max support so my stand in bikini!! For now

a few more pics :)

So its going good cannot wait until 6 week mark to wear normal bras!! Never really have been a sports bra kinda girl or maybe its just because we need the max support one and they are alot of material.....I also really hope my right hurrys up to my left!!! Im scared I will start to form scar tissue and my right wont fall properly into place Im sure thats not the way it is seeing as how it can take a bit to D&f but your mind loves to give you ideas !! I do though totally still love my tatas!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and as all you know the pics we post even tho they look awesome I know mine are always way better in person!!

2 weeks tomorrow :)

So girls are awesome love them soooo much it is so worth it!!! Left is nice and squishy feels so real!! Right is getting there love the feel love the look love everything definitely recommend the gummy bear implant it feels just like boobs :) going camping for a week on Canada day :) so got to call doc and see when I can swim he did say I could fully submerge in water after 10 days not sure tho about a lake since Im out of town unless there is a problem he doesn't get you to book an appointment until 2 months......but we are always in kamloops so going to see about that.....

my bikini top I have been saving forever hoping it would look good one day

So here is a bikini top I bought because I loved the color...:) and hoped one day it would look good maybe with those chicken culet looking inserts or I alway did want a BA ......not sure tho if it looks like it fits good or do I look like Im spilling out....
Dr. Michael Jacoby

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