Juvederm Under Eyes, Worked Great

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I got Juvederm injections under my eyes to fill in...

I got Juvederm injections under my eyes to fill in the hollows. I'm 37 but am holding up well: no expression lines or wrinkles. I've always been very conscientious about sun exposer and not smoking. I work out regularly too and I think that helps. But I was sick of people telling me I looked tired when I wasn't because of the hollow areas under my eyes giving me a tired/older look. I was nervous about getting anything injected into my face, but I figured even if I didn't like the result, it is temporary. I researched doctors in my area, Chicago, and found a doctor who is very experienced and has all the recommended certifications. He gave me little numbing shots under my eyes and then a few minutes later, injected the Juvederm. The "popping" sound my skin made when the needle pierced me was unnerving and it definitely felt weird, but it wasn't painful at all. The whole procedure took very little time (minutes) and the results were immediate. He handed me a mirror and I just couldn't believe it. I was thrilled. I looked so much better: well rested and awake. There was some redness and a little swelling and discoloration, but nothing that lasted very long or looked really bad. I got the injection on a Friday late afternoon and pretty much looked fine on Monday morning at work. I had to use some concealer under my eyes to cover the slight discoloration but it was very minimal. He recommended that I message the area gently several times per day for several days to help the product lie smooth under the skin. I think that definitely helped give me a very natural result. I found that my evening moisturizer was excellent as a "massage" cream while I was doing this. I believe, after reading the bad reviews for Juvederm on this site, that a lot of the dissatisfaction comes from the skill and experience level of the doctor. My doctor did a great job and I am 100% satisfied with the result. I will get Juvederm again and again from this guy. Make sure you find an experienced cosmetic doctor who knows what he/she is doing. I think that people will be very happy with Juvederm if they find the right doctor.
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