Juvederm Under Eyes - Reading, PA

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I went in on April 8th of 08 to have Juvederm...

I went in on April 8th of 08 to have Juvederm injected in the hollows under my eyes as well as my upper lip. I got a nerve block and I would highly recommend that to anyone-there's no way I would have done this without one. The nerve block wasn't all that bad, and after that I pretty much felt nothing but slight pressure. It was fabulous. I was definitely nervous reading some of the bad reviews from people who have had their under-eyes done, but it's honestly one of the best thing I ever did. Ever since I was little I had deep indentions under my eyes that made them look "sunken in", and even when I piled on concealer people would ask me if I was ill or hadn't slept well. I had the smallest dot of bruising under my left eye but that's it, and it looks completely normal and smooth under my eyes. I love it, it's so nice to be able to look well rested. I expected to look like I had two black eyes for a week and instead was presently surprised at the lack of brusing. For my lips I just had my upper lip done since I was born with a very full lower lip, but a super thin top lip. He injected conservatively since this was my first time getting it done and we wanted to be sure I liked the results and didn't feel I looked fake. For the first 2 days my lips were a little sore, and there were tiny bruises where the needles went in. I had trouble eating and even more trouble drinking, especially from a straw since I couldn't pucker my lip. But by the 3rd morning the bruising was much less noticeable and the soreness had subsided and things were back to normal. They were swollen but they looked great, I could already tell I loved the shape. Since then they've gone down some, and next time I think I may even get a bit more injected there. It's made a huge difference for me-the lower lip is still slightly bigger so I kept that "pouty" look, but it's all more even looking. I would absolutely do this again in a heartbeat, I notice I don't even wear as much makeup now because I look so much better and I'm not compensating for anything.
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