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I have been debated fillers for over a year but...

I have been debated fillers for over a year but have always been so nervous about getting trout mouth or duck lipped. My lips are naturally very thin and from pictures I have always seen it looked like people with already full lips looked better with juvederm. I consulted with a few different doctors but decided to go with a doctor after reading a review on this site. He works at {edited} and he was very very good. After a consultation and a ton of questions, I felt comfortable enough to go ahead and have my nasal folds and lips done. I told him that I wanted natural not over the top and we decided I could get away with one syringe. He put a numbing cream on my lips and an ice pack on my nasal folds. I was freaking out because I thought the pain was going to be unbearable. Honestly...it hurts but nothing like I thought. The nasal folds were not bad at all and the lips were the worst but the pain is quick and I do think a dental block would have been worse. He spent a lot of time making sure everything was balanced properly and gave me the mirror. I had lips! Not crazy puffy pillows but just enough to give me a defined top and bottom lip. The cupid's bow area was still very visible. The nasal folds were filled in nicely. I had planned on taking the next day off not know what I was going to be up against in terms of bruising and swelling. By the time I got home any redness was gone and my lips were fine. I felt a little hardness in y bottom lip which made me nervous but it was not noticeable and was gone the next day. I highly recommend juvederm to people who have realistic desires. If you are just slightly enhancing or correcting I think you will be thrilled if you find a GOOD doctor. If you want to increase your lip size 3 or 4 times I think you will be freaked out and the recovery will be longer. Also, like the other reviewer said, the doctor strongly recommends AGAINST ever putting a filler of any kind in the eye area. He said the skin is way too delicate and the risk of screwing it up is way higher than other parts of the face. Anyway, I am happy with it and I would definitely do it again.
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